Customized Ergonomic Desks For Work

Customized Ergonomic Desks For Work

PSB Office Ergonomic Desks: Customized Ergonomic Solutions To Ease Your Working Life

Ergonomic Desk For Work Life

Steps To Set Up PSB Desks At Home

What We Do?

We at PSB Office aim to provide comfortable ergonomic desks that are customized as per the requirements and working culture. Isn’t it amazing? A office desk that can solely be made as per your requirements which is comfortable, can solve your issues like back pain, posture and space and not only that, which is also SMART in technology and easy to use and durable.

How Ergonomic Desks Work?

Ever imagined that your work desks can also be customized? Not just with the home or work space but according to your body and work requirements which can solve your many health issues and are comfortable.

Wondering How?

PSB Office desks are made with ergonomic designs that can be adjusted as per your height and work lifestyle. This function help reduce the sitting hours at work as you can stand or sit while working.

It comes with ease of function with just one step, the height can be adjusted as per your requirements.

This help to overcome work stress, maintain your posture and reduce neck and back pain.

The desks we offer are:

1. Hydraulic

2. Highly Functional

3. Customized and advanced

PSB office desks come with sleek and minimal designs are modern in style which will give your home and work space a perfect look.

If you are someone who is tired by working from home or the same old desk at office and need something that can be customized as per your work requirements, ergonomic office desk is the solution for you.

This will help you to maintain your health and be efficient and productive with your work.

We are sure that you will not regret this.

What People Say About PSB?

““I just got my PSB Ergonomic Desk in April 2022, and I am in love with it. It is so comfortable and solved my issue of back pain that I have by working from home. I finally found the desk which is customized as per my work and body requirements. This desk is one solution for all your work-related issues, I will suggest everyone to invest and try it once.””

Muhamed Khatab – MK Media

Get Your Own Ergonomic Desks

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Customized Ergonomic Desks For Work

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PSB Ergonomic Study Desk

'Study Desk' is an important factor in providing high-quality education.

Are you looking for “Study Desks”? You have come to the right place. Because our customizable ergonomic study desks will meet your facility’s basic needs. The PSB desk will improve your service in providing quality education. Our hydraulic and ergonomic desks would be ideal for all of your educational facilities.

Our PSB study desk can be used as a standing desk. This will immediately allow your students to multitask while achieving numerous benefits.

Our Ergonomic Study Desk is an essential furniture for your Institute.

We understand that your educational institute is primarily committed on performance of your students. What if we tell you that the desk you have, has a direct impact on your students’ productivity? Our desks will encourage your students to focus more on their studies, which will result in greater engagement in education.

Meanwhile your “Professors,” will also benefit from PSB’s ergonomic desk. The standing desks will allow them to move around the classroom easily. This will subsequently increase their efficiency.

Our History, What We Do; Our Expertise

PSB Office founded by Edward Smith in 1980, is a family owned B2B office furniture company based in Canada. Furthermore, e we have a long history of producing high-quality office furniture. We made a name for ourselves as the first Canadian company to design and manufacture ergonomic furniture.

We have now refocused our efforts on creating ergonomic functional furniture. Thus, our study desks have a sleek design. Meantime it can also rise and lower according to the user’s preference. Our study desks are made of resistant materials which are sustainable.

Finally, if you need ergonomic study desks, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will provide you with customized ergonomic study desks for your students.  This will help your institute to boost student productivity.

OUR Premier customers

University of Toronto Brand

“As a procurement director, the PSB student desk was one of the wise investments I made. Nevertheless the new Mississauga facility is completely advanced. Of course, student productivity has increased. Specifically the main benefit is that all of the desks in various departments have been customized to meet our needs”.

John Hammock, Procurement head, Sheridan college

Choose the Best Canadian Desk on the Market to Become a Quality Education Provider! ​

Finally, it is the time to order your PSB ergonomic study desk. Because you will be able to boost your student’s productivity. Immediately for this reason you will be able to further establish your brand. Study desks are not a luxury item, but rather a necessity for your company. Therefore make the right decision right now!

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Customized Standing Hydraulic Desk

Take your workstyle to the next level

For the budding entrepreneurs and work from home enthusiasts, a comfortable desk means more productivity – our PSB office Hydraulic desks provide just that. We keep your fitness in mind and have designed our desks to let you either sit and stand according to your convenience. 

Customized Hydraulic Desk according to customers’ needs and budget

PSB Office has years of experience in B2B selling furniture which has cultivated great relationships with multiple businesses in Canada and all over the world.   

Why PSB Desk?

Premium quality and materials that provide a top line product that is sturdily built, long lasting and customizable. 

Customizable desk height with award-winning design that is ergonomic and helps worker health by decreasing sedentary time. 

Strong customer relationship with installation and full support throughout the buying process 

Unique combination of technological integration and quality in materials and craftsmanship 


PSB Office is an established B2B office furniture company since the 1980s, with a strong brand image and reputation. 

Product “PSBDesk” is a new premier product by the company that has been developed keeping in mind the original core values of the manufacturer such as function, quality and ergonomics. The product is a hydraulic desk with a sleek design and can also rise and lower to the user’s preference.  

Sara Smith, granddaughter of the founder, Edward Smith, has taken over the business. She is an ambitious leader with a creative team, collectively they have the vision to take the company back to its roots and produce furniture that is stylish and could fit any corporate office environment. 

PSB Office has years of experience in B2B selling furniture which has cultivated great relationships with multiple businesses in Canada and all over the world.   

Trusted by leading brands


“The Product is top quality with Chair and You would not want to got to  office. I specifically bough to use as Sitting Table.”

Nonita Tatz- Shimray
Art director, Haper collins

Get to know more about Hydraulic Desk

Sleek design elevates the standing desk’s aesthetic appeal to fit in any corporate environment. 

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Hydraulic Desks Benefit Ontario

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Benefits Associated With Hydraulic Desks!

Hydraulic Desks benefit Ontario as a result they improve our posture and allow for active living while using the desk for work!

Want to learn more, click the link below…

Hydraulic Desks benefit Ontario

Hydraulic Desks benefit Ontario as they are designed to work alongside treadmills, which allow for one to enjoy an active lifestyle while doing work.

What is a Hydraulic Desk

What is a hydraulic desk you may ask…

To clarify, a hydraulic Desk is an adjustable desk that allows for the change of the desk’s height and ability to switch between sitting and standing. For example, this allows for the user to be able to access the health benefits which are not available on a common work desk.

Therefore, it can be used in conjunction with a treadmill to boost the health benefits it naturally provides to the consumer.

What benefits come with a Hydraulic Desk?

  • An improved working environment.
  • Fewer chronic problems.
  • Better posture reduces back problems.
  • Prevention of muscle inactivity.
  • Much more comfortable for working.
  • Better comfort brings higher satisfaction.

Amazing, you are at the end!

Feel like learning more about how Hydraulic Desks can benefit you , click the link below!

Hydraulic Desk for your office

Hydraulic Desk for your office

PSB Offers high quality office furniture and accessories that use good quality materials that are made in Canada. Our new hydraulic desk for your office is a super comfortable ergonomic furniture designed for providing great support to your body while working those long hours. The desk is functional and easy to use for the corporate offices.

PSB desk

                      Watch the video to learn about benefits of 

                                          an hydraulic Desk

Why Choose PSB's Hydraulic desk for your office?

PSB’s office desk is ergonomic in nature designed to provide comfortable and right posture for your back.

The desk is made with high quality and indestructible materials made in Canada.

This desk helps reduce chronic and back problems and prevents muscle inactivity.

More the comfort, higher the satisfaction.

The desk is super easy and adjustable to use. The height can be adjusted as per anyone’s height and use.

Improve your working environment with an hydraulic desk for your office


PSB Office is a family owned B2B office furniture company created in 1980 by Edward Smith. Their head office is in downtown Toronto, and they sell to corporate offices all over the world. Being the first Canadian business to develop and produce ergonomic furniture helped PSB Office gain notoriety. In the 1980s, this was unheard of. The core competencies of the firm are quality and functionality.

Post the covid-19 pandemic ,Sara Smith, Edward’s granddaughter, takes over as company president in 2022. The  newly launched hydraulic desk for your office has won awards for its functionality and the designs. The PSBDesk is a product that was developed with the company’s basic philosophy of creating high-quality, ergonomic goods. The desk is not only incredibly functional but also has a stylish and modern look. It is constructed from durable and environmentally friendly materials, and it has hydraulic suspensions that enable the desk to adjust, rise, and drop in accordance with the user’s needs, making working comfortable 

Trusted by leading brands

Happy Employee

“Our newly launched hydraulic desk is getting noticed and being liked in the market. The sleek and stylish design will also provide you with all the benefits that we promise. Using our desk will definitely bring a positive change in your long working hours..”


Customer Reviews

“This desk is so comfortable and so easy to use. We have been using the desk for more than 6 months now. In the beginning, the body posture benefits were not very evident but you will  definitely feel the change in the long run….”

– Steve


Office meetings-

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Modern Ergonomics PSB Desk

Modern Styled Ergonomics Desk

PSB Ergonomics Work Desk: Our modern styled ergonomics desk is the only one in the market that has a modern design structure with the qualitative features . A sleek and stylish hydraulic desk with a modern all-around design that’s ideal not only for work at the office, but also for studying and crafting at home. It gives you a perfect ergonomic position to work.

Office meetings-

How PSB Desk works?

Just touch the button and adjust the height according to your needs

Why Ergonomics Desk?

  Our modern styled ergonomics desk help you in staying fit and fresh after the long working hours in the office. Changing positions between standing and sitting helps you both feel and work better. Also, helps you in improving your posture. You can adjust the height of the tabletop from 22″ to 44″ to ensure an ergonomic working position.

WHY is it worth buying?

You can adjust the height of the table top electrically which will increase your body’s circulation by engaging your muscles more often and leading to a more productive day at work. 

It is made up of indestructible materials, therefore, you can enjoy your coffee and work for years. The deep table top gives a generous work space and lets you sit at a comfortable distance  from the computer monitor. Smart cable Management will give you to keep chords in place underneath.

Also, it’s surface is made up of melamine which is durable, stain resistant and easy to keep clean. It also comes with the detachable footrest part which you might need while the desk is at it’s upper position.

Trusted by leading brands

Michael Shaw, Marketing Manager -

“Our product is really helpful for all the people who spent most of their time working on desks. We ensure that your work efficiency will improve and you will able to get better result.PSB desk has a modern designed structure with qualitative features. We guarantee you that it will make a good change in your life.

Customer Reviews!

 I got this desk during a black Friday sale and I love it! Working from home has been so much more enjoyable being able to adjust the height, able to sit or stand….. I really wish I bought this desk earlier. I was torn in between buying the newer model and this one but for an average user like myself (I have dual monitor with a laptop), the single motor has been more than enough for me. There has been no issues so far and I highly recommend. The desk is not whisper silent, I don’t mind the noise. It isn’t loud or anything. The desk does what it’s supposed to do, it’s sturdy and it is able to go up and down easily. It’s definitely a product I recommend.   

                                             -Michelle Fernandez


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Customizable Hydraulic Desk

PSB Logo

PSB Office

An Office Desk that Adjusts to your Needs

PSB Desk is a hydraulic system desk with not only the feature of adjustable height but also customization of its look, feel, and function according to your needs and your office space.

Click on the button below to read more about workstations and the custom options available!

Why a Hydraulic Desk?

Employees spend the better half of their day in an office. So, it is important that we take care of them, physically and emotionally. And our surroundings play a huge role in that. Satisfied employees mean a productive environment.

The human body performs best when it is moving; but, in today’s world, especially in the workplace, constant sitting is the norm, and this all too often leads to stiffness or joint wear and tear. It has long been established that well-adapted, ergonomic office chairs are necessary in ordinary office life; but, standing up often throughout the working day, particularly for extended durations, is equally important.

This whitepaper explains the benefits of a pleasing workstation that can be customized to your employees and office.


Logo 1

You won't have to Troubleshoot your Desk, we promise!

This whitepaper was created for employers looking to help their employees, so they enjoy their space in office a little more. The paper explains the benefits of a hydraulic desk and all its functionalities.

We have created something reliable and easy to operate system that benefits the individual employee rather than being a hinderance in their space. Therefore, an easy non-power operated system of hydraulics was installed so that you don’t need a power back for your desk too.

We give various customizable options to choose from according to your office aesthetic. Different options of counter top colors and textures allow you to custom build the table. Number of various add-ons are also available in your hydraulic desk because every office works differently. Different options of cable organizers, led lights and other personalizations to fit every employee to there own.


Benefits for employees

• An improved working environment

• Fewer chronic problems

• Better posture reduces back problems

• Prevention of muscle inactivity

• Much more comfortable for working

• Better comfort brings higher satisfaction.


Benefits for the company

• Increased performance and efficiency.

• Increased motivation and job satisfaction.

• Reduced absentees due to illness, aches, and pains.

• Improved service quality and corporation.

• Gives the company a good image.

• Improved internal communications.


• Better value proposition to get employees back



Hydraulic Height adjustable desks have many benefits including but not limited to:

While it is well established that regular exercise helps compensate for sitting during the workday, if you sit for a long period of time every day, sport alone will not be able to entirely compensate. Physical activity is critical in the job. You are doing your health a favour if you stand up while working: studies have shown that extended sitting has a bad impact on the cardiovascular system. 

A height adjustable desk is a modern and ergonomic solution for the spine, ankles, and knees: breaking the length of the sitting period not only keeps your body and mind busy throughout the working day – and beyond – but it also keeps you healthier in the long run, as the spine, ankles, and knees are significantly protected.


Employees will perform more efficiently if they can fully concentrate on their work and are not continuously distracted by fatigue, neck stiffness, or back pain. Employees and the company profit from this: according to a study conducted by the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering in Stuttgart, German companies lose 35 million Euros per year due to absenteeism and poor productivity caused just by back problems. Reduced absenteeism as a result of improved health benefits a company’s profitability. As a result, investing in height-adjustable desks saves money over time.


Hear it from our clients

“I was looking for height adjustable desk for our new office space which would allow our employees a little more freedom of choice and also match the office aesthetics. Well, PSB Desk fit the match perfectly. We deliver what they say.”

Shokran Salehi, Facilities Manager
Tech Busters

Need more information on Hydraulic Systems desk?

Click the button below to read more about height adjustable office desks and it’s features and benefits.

Happy Employee

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Modern Ergonomic Office Desk Toronto

Ergonomic & Modern Office Desk

Whether you’re a company that is seeking to improve the productivity and wellbeing of your employees, or a worker looking forward to a more comfortable office space, our ergonomic modern office desk  can help solve your workspace challenges

At PSB Office we care about your company and your employees. Therefore we have curated a guide about Workplace ergonomics and its impact on employee satisfaction.

Health problems cost employers over $150 Billion Dollars Annually

Employers lose $ 153 billion each year due to employee obesity and other chronic health problems. These costs include loss of revenue due to illness, sick leave payments, insurance costs, and more

According to studies, the office environment plays an important role in employee productivity

Lack of productivity increases costs, wastes time, and reduces potential profits. One way to safely increase your productivity is to choose ergonomic furniture for your office space. 

Ergonomic desks also have many health benefits such as reduced risk of obesity, lower blood sugar, improving mood and energy, reducing the risk of heart disease, and of course reducing back pain. Sitting comfortably helps prevent distractions during work.

How to properly sit at your desk

  • The height of the employee’s desk should be about the height of the elbow when seated.
  • Place a monitor so that your neck is straight when the employee is looking.
  • Height of the top edge of the monitor should be eye level.
  • Monitor should be arm length.
  • Keyboard should be placed so that the arms, wrists, and hands are lined up when seated

About PSB Office

PSB Office is a family owned Canadian company. We have been building quality office furniture since 1980 for Businesses so that they can flourish. We are known to offer modern ergonomic office desks and chairs to businesses in Toronto and all around the globe.

Quality and Functionality are at the core of our business. We have received many accolades and awards for our furniture designs and strive to fulfill the needs of all our customers as per their specific needs.

We at PSB Office are your friends and guide in the journey of buying office furniture. We have created a guide to help you understand the importance of ergonomic office furniture and have provided tips to help improve office productivity of your employees.

Customizable Hydraulic Desk Toronto

Award Winning Hydraulic Desk Made Perfect for Everyone!

woman using hydraulic desk customizable ergonomic
Photo from Unsplash - TheStandingDesk

PSBDesk is the ultimate hydraulic desk that is ergonomic and customizable, proudly made in Toronto.

Benefits of Power Free Pneumatic Desks

YouTube Video By The Standing Desk.

Award Winning Design

PSB Office’s PSBDesk is designed by the owner, Sara Smith. Her designs have won many awards and, as a result, garnered many raving reviews. The PSBDesk brings back the core values of function, quality, and ergonomics that company prides itself on.

  • PSBDesk is customizable with a plethora of finishes and materials.
  • PSBDesk comes with many options of cable management systems.
  • PSBDesk is made from sustainable materials that are extremely durable.
  • PSBDesk is renowned because of its ergonomic and sleek design.
  • PSBDesk has a state-of-the-art hydraulic suspension system.

Benefits of PSBDesk

Ease of Use

PSB Office’s PSBDesk is a pneumatic desk with a highly tuned hydraulic suspension. So, this makes adjusting the height of the desk effortless. An electric adjustable desk will be slower to adjust because the electric motor only goes a certain speed. In addition, electric desks are also more bulky and heavy due to their motors and power supply. Furthermore, electric desks have the burden of requiring to be plugged in to be able to adjust the height; a severe problem, should the power go out.

Ergonomics and Health

It is no surprise that people are more productive when they are comfortable and feeling great. Which is why a height adjustable desk is growing in popularity, because some people would rather work while standing or adjust the table to a comfortable height. In addition, studies show that people burn more fat while standing; than while sitting down.

Sleekness and Unique Customizations

PSBDesk offers unparalleled customizability from the amount of colours and finishes we offer. One of the most unique features of the PSBDesk is the cable management system. For example, in an office setting where monitors, computers, printers, etc. are all wired to each other and to the power outlet, things can look a little messy. So, that is why a cable management system can help organize all that clutter and make your workspace nice and tidy. Cable management comes in all varieties. Whether it be a box to store the cables, or a cable hook placed at the back; PSBDesk allows for multiple kinds of cable management systems that can be retrofitted into the desk whenever you want.

Trusted by leading brands

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Testimonials for PSBDesk

“PSBDesk is an excellent desk. I recommend it to anyone. The hydraulic suspension is faster than an electric desk and smoother than any other adjustable desks I previously used. It’s light and sturdy.”

Richard Hastings, VP, The Thinking COmpany

Learn More about PSBDesk with our White Paper

  • Discover the various finishes we offer on our desks.
  • More on all the different cable management systems.
  • The various sizes our desks come in.
  • Our environment-friendly approach to recycled wood.
  • Receive special incentives in our White Paper.
hydraulic desk customizable ergonomic
Photo from Unsplash - TheStandingDesk

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PSB Hydraulic Desk in Toronto

PSB Hydraulic desk in Toronto

The office-friendly and dynamic PSB Hydraulic desk in Toronto for office use is all that one needs in this era, for reliability and comfort. Post pandemic people are moving towards the hydraulic desk even more as they have long hours of a desk job but with our Hydraulic desk, it seems much easier and comfortable.

Benefits of having a Hydraulic Office Desk

A hydraulic Desk gives comfort and is reliable in the long run. It suits people of different body sizes and heights and is adjustable to one’s needs. 

PSB Hydraulic desk for you in Toronto

PSB Hydraulic desk that you can find in Toronto is what your employee needs for work. If you have a desk job this is exactly what you need. The desk is designed in a way to maintain the right posture while working it is adjustable according to your employee’s height and is reliable. Once you get this all you will have around are happy employees.

PSB Brings You Reliability

PSB Hydraulic desk is reliable and long-term it is beneficial for your business as it does not have any recurring expenses. Once you buy it, it lasts for a long time and the customer service we provide at PSB is unmatched. Any difficulty with the product or setting it up we will be at your doorstep to help you out. It is not just the product that you buy from us but we are also reliable in terms of our service. Most companies have had a long-standing relationship with us for years as they have joined the PSB family and we don’t let them down. We provide the best desk for your comfort and we value your employees just like you do. We are not here to make a profit but to make a change in the industry by providing the best outcome post-pandemic. Many offices are still using the old-fashioned desk but here at PSB we know it’s important to change with time and innovation is the key. Believe in us because we believe in your employees.

Trusted by leading brands

“The new Hydraulic desk has been an absolute game-changer. Working for long hours with no back or body pain is a blessing in disguise. PSB hydraulic desk is a revolutionary product that will make corporate life easier.

Brett Mathew, Web developer

Deals and Discounts available NOW!

Call now to get exciting deals and offers. Special discounts for bulk orders and much more. The limited Time frame for all the limited edition office desks with a custom design.

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