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Innovative Solutions Digital Agency: Real Estate & Digital Marketing


At Innovative Solutions Digital Agency, we’re driven to help realtors in need of the resources to build an online presence and diversify their marketing portfolio with the use of different digital marketing tactics such as developing a full annual marketing plan, curating a personal website, CRM tactics, and creating an overall online presence for the realtor to connect with possible target consumers. As we know, the real estate market is currently very saturated with many people trying to enter the industry. The current advertising standard in the industry is filled with people using the radio, flyers, billboards, and majority print advertising. We don’t want you to “fly with the flock” and be stuck in saturation with the rest of the competition, at Innovative Solutions Digital Agency, we thrive in helping you stand out against competitors by using the latest and greatest forms of digital marketing, keeping you up to date with all the latest trends of the digital advertising world.


Our Digital Marketing Team

Our team consists of many experienced & young digital marketers that are constantly updating their knowledge of the digital marketing world, whether its trends, new platforms, what’s hot & what’s not, who to follow, trends to avoid, etc. As a startup, with a smaller number of clients, this benefits you as our team will spend more time on your needs and keep up to date with you by scheduling regular check-in meetings to curate a specialized marketing plan for the week. This will keep your socials up to date and ensures that customers will be more attracted to following you and keeping up with posts by helping posts and stories stay engaging and interesting for potential clients.


With COVD-19, relators have come to a halt when it comes to advertising and selling homes as they find overall costs of advertising too high and see this pandemic as a hurdle when it comes to producing business. We want to get you over that hurdle and help you perform to the next level! This can be possible by creating unique solutions to overcome issues that the majority of Realtors face on a day-to-day basis. One big part of selling a home is the initial showing/open house and we understand that some consumers may feel uncomfortable with meeting people regardless of the protection and safety prevention used. This is why we want to introduce Virtual Reality tours! This is a great new solution for realtors to show a possible future home for their clients while ensuring utmost safety for the customer and their family.

Read the article below that explains the effects of COVID on the real estate market along with the benefits of virtual reality in the world of real estate:

Link: https://www.information-age.com/vr-the-most-needed-proptech-solution-in-a-post-covid-world-123494285/


The majority of the time, realtors and agents want to make a change in their online personas and feel helpless at times because they don’t know what to post and how to keep up with managing all of their different socials. Our team will personally meet up with you and create a personalized spreadsheet filled with the following, thus ensuring you the utmost organization and efficiency:

• Curated spreadsheet with all of your current clients
• Current socials and engagement numbers along with future goals
• Other services and clients that can help with the sale of your listings
• Future promotions that will be posted to your socials
• Your marketing plan for the month
• Many more services can be discussed after the initial meeting with our team


If you have any questions for us or would like to set up a meeting with our digital marketing team, click the following link to contact us

If you don’t want to miss out on future promotions or updates regarding our team/products/services, click the link below to sign up for our Team Newsletter

White paper is here

Automotive digital marketing agency in Mississauga 24/7

Automotive digital marketing agency in Mississauga 24/7

Do you own an automotive dealership and are looking for marketing agency that will generate leads and aid in prospect conversions rate? Here at PSB digital we offer that most personalized marketing plan for your business t best suit your needs and efficiently reach your target audience at the lowest costs. Our prices are very competitive and that is thanks to our strategy of narrowing down advertising expenditures specifically to your unique target audience. By doing so, your business will pay less for more.

Well, what information is the most valuable to your dealership? PSB Digital Marketing looks at current trends and recent purchasing patterns in order to collect data to provide insight into what your customers are interested in.

Our 24/7 Automated Helpline is great for time zone difference should you or your team be on the move abroad.

Recent Trends In The Automotive Industry

According to Autotrader, recent trends in the automotive industry include:

  • 78% of shoppers use a third-party site
  • 59% of consumers research vehicles online
  • 22% of internet shoppers are using social media as a source for shopping for a vehicle

With COVID-19 very present in everyday life, consumers have turned towards the internet for purchasing their vehicles, and are talking less to salespeople.

We are a collaborative team of industry innovators.

Whether you are in need of growing your online presence, web design, branding or even content creation, we have all bases covered. After several years of experiencing the do’s and don’ts, following trends and diving headfirst we have the perfect formula for your business success.

Ten Digital Marketing Predictions For 2019

Online Presence

In the current digital era, in order for your business to strive for success you will need an online presence to grow. We will help build this presence through social media platforms, engagement, and more — building the trust of your prospective customer along the way.

Web design

Web design is the backbone of a business whether you are offering a product , service or both. This is key to converting your prospects into customers. Our team studies your target market in order to tailor your site to them, increasing engagement, retention and conversion.

Content Creation

Content is vital to every business — it is what prospects will use to perceive you and your brand. That is where we come in we utilize our extensive research and techniques in order to make sure that all visuals we create, will connect & engage with your direct target market.

Branding Services

Brand Identity plays a key role when establishing a company’s online presence to differentiate from its competitors. Our branding process aids in defining a unique brand identity/strategy, content plan and marketing campaign to excel in the industry.

Take you dealership to the next level and conquer the market with increased revenue generated. Contact us today to get a free quote. We looking forward to working with you.

PSB Digital White Paper 

Crowdsourcing for Home Décor Businesses

Do you want to receive specialized help with marketing your home décor business in Mississauga? That is to say, What if you could improve your marketing efforts without the stress of hiring a whole marketing team? In need of a campaign idea or advertisement, yet don’t know where to start? With our team of professionals we make crowdsourcing for home décor Businesses in Mississauga easy.

Focus on the home décor aspect of your company, leave the marketing to us!

What is Crowdsourcing?

Crowdsourcing is a way to produce marketing ideas through collaborative brainstorming. This helps companies generate unique marketing ideas with a greater diversity of thinking. Crowdsourcing is the one of the best ways to go when marketing for Home Décor Businesses.

PSB Digital crowdsources a variety of different freelancers that specialize in the home décor industry including:
-Graphic Designers

In addition, we work closely with your home décor business to ensure your business goals are met.

Get marketing help from the home décor industry’s best!

men and women sitting at a table working on their Macbooks together

How does it all work?

1. The home décor business owner visits PSB Digital crowdsourcing website
2. The client is prompted to fill out a form explaining where they require specialized help: budget, timelines, etc.
3. Our team matches over 1,000 different specialized freelancers to the job
4. The various freelancers work on the project individually and submit their proposals to client
5. The client chooses that best proposal that fits their company’s goals
6. PSB Digital crowdsourcing will follow up with the home décor client to ensure their satisfaction

An appealing attribute that PSB Digital crowdsourcing offers to home décor businesses is that the client does not pay a dime until they are fully satisfied with the work. In other words, the client can make changes as many times as necessary until they are content with the final product.

Why Should I Use Crowdsourcing for my Business?

Crowdsourcing is beneficial for home décor businesses because:

• Generates unique marketing ideas
-Client will receive a variety of work from freelancers who specialize in the home décor industry
-Freelancers will create the customized ads and the client may choose which they prefer out from a diverse selection of choices

• Saves your company money and time
-Instead of spending time and money looking to hire marketing employees, clients can count on crowdsourcing to help achieve their marketing goals

• Customized to meet your company’s goals
-We work directly with the client to ensure they are meeting your expectations and ROI

• Offers a greater diversity of proposed concepts
-If the company solely relies on their marketing manager their marketing ideas may not be as unique
-Crowdsourcing involves over 1,000 different people collectively brainstorming to come up with the best solution for your home décor business

• Provides fast and effective problem solving
-Can be completed in a shorter time span, rather than hiring a marketing manager
-Our options allow clients to choose the timeline for their project
-Projects can be completed in less than one week if necessary

• Maximizes marketing ROI
-Effective advertisements will help increase sales, interactions, and views for the company

• Helps freelancers add to their portfolio
-By using our crowdsourcing for home décor businesses in Mississauga service, you are helping millions of freelancers gain experience and add to their portfolio

screen showing marketing reports

Crowdsourcing for Home Décor Businesses in Action

PSB Digital Crowdsourcing spoke with Stella Olsen, the owner of All That Décor, one of the first companies to utilize our crowdsourcing service for home décor businesses.

Ms. Olsen approached us looking for help to create an advertisement for her upcoming promotional giveaway. Firstly, she explained that she is currently the only employee at her company and doesn’t have time to focus on marketing. She further described that she required an advertisement that matched her company’s unique aesthetic, while also creating brand awareness. Finally, she stated that she needed the advertisement completed within one week, with an overall budget of $2,000.

PSB Digital Crowdsourcing took all of the requirements into consideration and began sourcing the most suitable freelancers for the project. With over 150 freelancers interested in the project for All That Décor the turnout was flawless. It only took 4 days for our freelancers to create exactly what Ms. Olsen was looking for.

“PSB Digital Crowdsourcing was a dream to work with. Their website made it easy for me to explain exactly what I needed to help my marketing efforts. I really like how they provided a diverse variety of advertisements to choose from in the end. In addition, I respect how the service is simultaneously helping freelance artists add to their portfolio and gain experience. As a business owner, I’m happy to say that I have saved over $5,000 by crowdsourcing with PSB Digital. Above all, the company offers a service like none other.”

-Stella Olsen, crowdsourcing user and owner of All that Décor

woman in a white dress shirt and blue jeans sitting on a black chair smiling

Other Services Offered

PSB Digital Marketing Agency offers a variety of other marketing services for your home décor company. For instance, a virtual showroom, Do-It-Yourself Playground, and Online Virtual Assistance. Visit our website and fill out our questionnaire to see which is right for your company and learn more about how these services can help improve your marketing efforts.

White Paper is here

Dealership Marketing Training in Mississauga

Dealership Marketing Training in Mississauga Will Help You Understand Your Customers

Looking for dealership marketing training in Mississauga? Well look no further. When it comes to understanding your customers, having a face-to-face experience is just one step in a long purchasing process. Learning what customers want in a vehicle is information that many salespeople use to their advantage. We are always looking at what customers do, buy, and want. In doing so, we can help beat your competitors; we change our approach to meet your needs, no matter the strategy.

Well, what information is the most valuable to your dealership? PSB Digital Marketing looks at current trends and recent purchasing patterns in order to collect data to provide insight into what your customers are interested in.

dealership training


Recent Trends In The Automotive Industry


According to Autotrader, recent trends in the automotive industry include:

    • 59% of consumers research vehicles online


    • 78% of shoppers use a third-party site


    22% of internet shoppers are using social media as a source for shopping for a vehicle

With COVID-19 very present in everyday life, consumers have turned towards the internet for purchasing their vehicles, and are talking less to salespeople.


Marketing Training and Dealership Dashboards


We collect data for you in the quickest and most accessible manner possible to give you the information you need. After we collect it, we offer specialized sales training, analytical dashboards with overviews, and multiple marketing services. In order to aim our efforts for your marketing campaign, we gather all the data possible. After that, putting our services into work and campaigns are always aimed to be effortless for your dealership. We look to ensure continuous business and constant updates to ensure goals are being met.

Our sales training includes mental tricks, business manners, improving word choices, and other programs. We teach salespeople how to show customers the value of your car make in a professional manner. With little dealership marketing training in Mississauga, our experts can give you the training needed in order to gain more sales for your dealership. Strategies used nowadays are old and don’t help a customer enjoy their purchase. So, PSB Digital takes a new and youthful approach to marketing towards new car buyers rather than the old methods. To do this, PSB Digital has done a large amount of research of their own to understand what customers are looking for when they enter a dealership. Once a target market is set for your dealership, we teach you the strategies. Our goal is to make your dealership reach your customers in the best way possible.

Alongside our training, PSB Digital Marketing will also offer analytical dashboards. We make these dashboards easy-to-read and quickly reachable in order to get a quick glimpse into your customers. By providing real time data, we stay up to date with the latest changes in what your customers are doing, saying, or buying. Each dashboard is changeable in order to suit your business need.

analytic dashboard


Photo/Video Editing and Social Media for Dealerships

Beyond just training and data collection, we also offer other marketing services as well. Any pictures your dealership needs will be taken with our Nikon D7500. Our agency specializes in photography and photo editing. We use different photo editing softwares like Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator to make your vehicles look as attractive as possible. Once we finish your photos, we can manage your social media postings as well. From Facebook, to Twitter, to Instagram, to LinkedIn; we make our posts based on your active followers in order to get the most engagement possible. With our expertise and your audience, we can continue to grow your dealership audience and persuade potential customers to engage with your social media and visit your dealership.
camera in hand

Let us help lead your salespeople to the right audience!

Drive Your Sales Now



PSB Digital Mississauga – AI Driven Automotive Marketing

What Is AI In Marketing?

Let’s be honest, there are two things that first come to mind when we think of AI, Siri and the end of the world. What if we said its not that simple, or scary. AI stands for Artificial Intelligence, essentially it is utilizing tech to work for you in a similar way a human would. This is usually utilized by businesses through the use of 24/7 chatbots available to assist customers whenever necessary. AI can also be used to track trends and sort data making marketing efforts both untestable and impactful. Recently there has been a rise in the use of AI to scan the surroundings and utilize augmented reality to put promotional materials directly into consumers lives. Choosing the right AI tools for your company is key to bringing your brand to the future.

Our Use Of AI

 Customer Service Chatbot

Utilizing a chat bot on your website is ideal for making customer service available 24/7. Chatbots allow standard level customer service requests to be processed without tying up staff. More complex requests will be filed or redirected to the necessary solution. At PSB Digital we offer a highly refined chatbot. Our bot is trained to respond in a natural manor rather than stiff robotic responses. If the bot encounters a problem beyond it’s capabilities, it will provided a list of resources based on chat history rather than just providing a default message. Our bot has the added benefit of learning from chats to better improve responses in the future. To utilize our chatbot is simple, we set-up the chatbot plug-in on your website and program it to utilize your webpage and resources. Once the chatbot has been made live, you are ready to go.

 Tracking Marketing Efforts

AI software is one of the most helpful tools in tracking marketing efforts. Looking at a sheet full of data can be a confusing headache to understand. AI can simplify and make sense of data for you. By running detailed analysis and comparing against current trends, AI can provide valuable insight into marketing efforts. We used cloud based data banks to provide you with full access to current marketing stats so that there is full transparency in our efforts and you can make informed decision on how to progress. Forget the days of sorting through numbers for hours, with our AI powered marketing tools you will have valuable data at a moments notice tracked in real-time.

 Rim Visualizer

Our augmented reality rim visualizer as a game changer in the automotive marketing industry and exclusive to us. Through the use of AI potential customers can scan a photo of their vehicle and see what different pairs of rim would look like before purchasing. This increases the likelihood of customer satisfaction as they have already seen what the end result will look like. Below is an example of a VW Golf with factory rims and then a pair of aftermarket rims.

Available as a website plug-in exclusively offered by PSB Digital, this AI tool provides an entirely unique experience to your customers. Customers will see the entire line of compatible rims you offer for their vehicle. By allowing them to scroll through and actually see the rims on their vehicle customers have a greater sense of confidence in their purchase and may be opt to spend more. AI can be intimidating but when properly utilized it will make your life easier and modernize your brand.


Learn about our Canadian Auto Show opportunities here

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/psb6digital?lang=en


With the current pandemic going on and many people with plans on moving or interested in buying property during these times while staying safe there have been many precautions in the real estate industry. Some of these precautions that have been taken included wearing masks for viewings, sanitization of every surface that is being touched and strict schedules with long waits to view a house. These things make the process of buying a house not so smooth and makes the process stressful on the clients who are looking and especially on first time buyers who are young and are not sure how to navigate through this whole process.

Here at Innovative Solutions Agency we are starting a service where you will be able to have a tour of your dream house from the comfort of your own home or at one of our offices where it will allow you to have virtual tours of multiple houses and properties in a safe sanitary environment that will eliminate the travel times, sanitizations processes of these houses and finally give you a new way to explore these houses on your own time and save time.

How does it work?
Our team goes into these houses and gets photos of every part of the phone leaving no part untouched along with a video of places where home owners may want to see such as beneath cabinets, behind walls etc. Furthermore, pictures of high-risk areas that are usually problems will be highlighted and displayed for the clients with our recommendations. These options will allow our clients to access our house database on their own timing so there’s no need for the long wait times and scheduling weeks ahead just to see a house you may not purchase. Another feature we have with our agencies is if you are walking by or driving by and see our sign and there’s no agent on location and you still want to take a look in the house there will be a QR code you can scan on your phone and be able to take a tour of the home on mobile.

Our marketing will be based around social media especially Instagram, Google and YouTube where we can reach the audience that we are targeting and the ads will be innovative and more than just an ad you look at. Some examples of this would be polls, video ads that utilize the gyroscope in your phone that lets you look around the scenery in these interactive videos to give a sample of our technology. Google ads will be displayed on the sidebars with keywords such as VR in order to capture the attention of potential clients that are looking for an alternate way of viewing houses during these times.

Why you should be part of our team?
Innovative Solutions Agency is a startup young company that has a lot of young adults that are eager to make purchasing houses easier for everybody while offering a new experience while also being safe during these times. Our values are customer oriented and technology oriented.

Innovative Solutions Agency is looking for young real estate brokers that have an interest in technology and are heavily customer oriented.

Digital Mobile App Marketing Agency Mississauga

Digital Marketing Agency, Mobile App & Web Development in CA,USA | Rockon I.T

Digital Mobile App Marketing Agency in Mississauga is dedicated to providing great service!


Check out the New PSB Digital Marketing Agency in Mississauga!

In addition, our agency creates apps that have multiple features and benefits for our users! Did we forget to mention is compatible with all smartphone platforms IOS & Android. The entire world has gone digital, and it’s become a hassle to search your information why not just have it stored on your phone in the form of an app. We offer to create Digital Mobile Apps for small businesses

Why Us? – Hoger Parts Supply

What is A Digital Mobile App?

Digital Mobile Apps are direct lines to interacting with a company on the go. Not everyone has the time to go to the company’s website. Apps can be tools consumers can use to help find a product regarding the Home and Décor website. The app will be very easy to use and will also have a tutorial consumer can use if they ever get confused on how the app work.

Digital Mobile App Marketing Agency Mississauga

Why should businesses have Digital Mobile App?

When user’s login to the app they will be welcomed by a message that will greet the customers. They will then be shown sales, new products, or the latest trends of the Home and Décor industry. The app will also have the capability to be paired with the business e-commerce if one is available from their end.

Businesses are using Apps to enhance their processes and increase the accessibility that customers have with them. The main idea behind and mobile app is to easily connect and interact with their customers.  In addition to making the app a valuable tool for modern business in the year of 2021

Cracking The Black Box of Digital Measurement: Mobile Apps

Our Promise

Our App will allow customers to interact with your webpage seamlessly without any problems. A well-designed app is all it takes to separate your company from the competitors. Our Marketing Agency is in fact the best one hands down!

In addition to us being the best, we offer efficient and effective service for both ends of customer and business side. We have developed a system to directly keep consumers in the Home and Décor industry hooked! As well as help boost our overall effectiveness. Next is our goal to boost efficiency.

Our Promise Stock Illustrations – 56 Our Promise Stock Illustrations, Vectors & Clipart - Dreamstime

Digital Mobile App Benefits

  • Mobile Apps are Faster
  • Mobile apps tend to be 1.5 times faster than mobile websites and will be able to perform actions much faster. But could take a few seconds or minutes depending on internet speeds. In fact, what gives mobile apps fast load times is the fact the apps are downloaded on the devices itself
  • Personalized Content
  • Users love highly tailored content based on what the customer likes and dislikes. It’s like speaking to the customer in their own languages they speak and understand. Personalization is based on behaviours, location, culture. Mobile apps allow it to be easier to cater to customers unique experiences in the Home and Décor Industry
  • Instant Online and Offline access
  • Not 24/7 people are able to stay connected online, allowing users to consume the content quickly and make it an easy experience by storing vital data which can be accessed offline.


Please Click The LInk Below This Video - YouTube

Finally, if this webpage helped you click the link below to find out more about our DIgital Mobile Apps


Digital Marketing Agency for coffee shops in Toronto

About Us

In an age where digital marketing is king, it’s important for businesses to stay up to date in order to stay relevant. Here at PSB Digital Marketing, we’re focused on improving, developing, and designing digital campaigns for your business. We can accomplish this by utilizing techniques such as SEO, using keywords, phrases, first page rankings as well as other approaches that will raise overall brand awareness, as well as increase meaningful traffic for your business. Our goal is to provide you with digital solutions that will help your business reach a larger audience. In conclusion, with our expertise, experience and dedicated team of marketing specialists, we can help you exceed your goals.

Marketing professionals


Why Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is very relevant in today’s world and it’s a broad term that is passed around a lot these days. If you would like to learn more and get a better understanding of it, please visit:


The digital age

Operating locally

Our team is located in the heart of Toronto and our focus is to help small businesses get exposure within the GTA.


The process

First, we’ll generate a complete analysis of your business from top to bottom and review digital activities.
Next, we’ll create a detailed digital roadmap together that will accomplish your business objectives and ambitions.
Then, we will help set an effective strategy that will fulfill the your plan and bring the best possible results.
Once the strategy is in place, we will monitor and keep up to date with the data with weekly reports.
Finally, we measure and evaluate the results and rinse and repeat.

What we do

  • Social Media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Google & Facebook ads
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Increase time spent on website
  • Increase number of unique visitors


Affordable pricing

We offer our clients with a wide variety of packages: Beginner, standard, premium and premium plus. Each one varies on components and features, depending on your business needs.If you’re hesitant about our bundles, we can offer you a free 30-day trial. And if you’re still unsure about our services, we also offer an in-depth, analysis of your business for free.

Well, what are you waiting for? Register online today and we’ll get you started!

If you would like to learn more about our marketing agency, please visit: