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PSB Travels Canada’s Travel agency


PSB Travels Canada’s Travel Agency


PSB Travels Canada’s Travel Agency believes that it’s the little things that count, and with thousands of identical travel services to choose from, our success is based on putting ourselves in your shoes while organizing your trip.

Every year, our travel experts visit a variety of destinations, inspecting each attraction, hotel, and restaurant to ensure that they match our high standards of service before recommending them to our clients. Their meticulous attention to detail and time spent learning about each client’s needs allows them to create tours that are tailored to the client’s specific interests and budget. 

WE ENCOURAGE YOU because Tourists and locals engage in cultural exchanges as a result of tourism. Foreigners are generally attracted to exhibitions, conferences, and events. Registration fees, gift sales, exhibition space sales, and media copyright sales are all common sources of profit for organising bodies. Furthermore, foreign tourists contribute to the cultural diversity and richness of the host country. Foreigners benefit much from tourism since it allows them to learn about a new culture, but it also provides many chances for locals. It enables young entrepreneurs to launch innovative products and services that would not be viable if they relied just on the local populace. Furthermore, residents reap the benefits of tourism that takes place in their own country.


Our Destinations


PSB Travel Canada's Travel agency

The Maldives is recognised for its beautiful white sand beaches, vivid coral fish, clear lagoons, palm-fringed islands, and exquisite water villas all over the world. The archipelago’s virgin beauty is defined by turquoise waves crashing against the coast with an incredible sound, as well as a gorgeous school of manta rays, reef sharks, and corals populating the archipelago’s underwater world.
The Maldives boasts a slew of world-famous attractions that are likely to interest honeymooners and leisure travellers alike. The premier diving locations include HP Reef and Banana Reef, while Mulee’age Palace and the National Museum provide insight into the Maldives’ rich history.



PSB Travel Canada's Travel agency

Over time, Istanbul’s strategic location has attracted various plundering armies. Before the Ottomans rushed in and decided to stay, the Greeks, Romans, and Venetians took turns ruling; tangible remnants of their reigns can be found throughout the city. The city’s location on two continents wasn’t its only selling point; it was also the last stop on the legendary Silk Road, which linked Asia and Europe, and many merchants who arrived wanted to stay. As a result, the city’s cultural diversity increased, which it still does today. Local banking and business families have rekindled the Ottomans’ big dreams in recent years, endowing a bewildering assortment of public galleries, museums, and festivals.


PSB Travels Canada's travel agency

In our five famous attraction excursions, we bring the Canadian Mountains’ most astounding experiences to life, from exploring on a glacier to summiting a mountain to searching for wildlife along the shoreline. Banff is a behind-the-scenes look at the park’s events and activities, brought to you by Banff & Lake Louise Tourism. Our goal is to have an article about pretty much everything there is to do in Banff, Lake Louise, and the surrounding area. We believe this is one of the most beautiful spots in the area, and it is ideal for an outdoor vacation. Our goal is to make your visit to Banff National Park and the surrounding areas as enjoyable as possible and we recommend to travel 



Eastern Newfoundland Tour  CAD 1,195-5 days / 4 nights

The Charm of Niagara Valley  CAD 345- 3 days / 2 nights

Bruce Trail North CAD 1,875-6 days / 5 nights

Cape Breton & PEI Road Trip CAD 1,271-8 days / 7 nights

For more packages please feel free to contact us on




Call us at : 647-864-7531 or Email: PSBtravel@gmail.com

Address: HMC campus, Mississauga.


Hudson’s Bay: Canada’s Iconic Department Store

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PSB Travel Packages Mississauga


Want to explore various PSB Digital travel packages for your preferred destinations and travelling preferences? You got us.

We strive to provide you with memorable and comfortable trips. PSB Digital is a platform that provides travellers more than just a journey or destination but also an enriching social experience.

We offer interesting packages with great deals for students willing to travel with their groups or peers. Whether you want to book luxurious 5 star hotels , resorts or you are looking for hiking and camping  experiences with adventure activities, one day picnics, short trips or a 8-10 days trip, we will have it all planned for you. We also make sure you have the meals of your choice, whether you are a vegan, vegetarian or non- vegetarian.

Check out our latest updates on upcoming events and offers to get great deals on bookings on Travel Packages and win a chance to earn reward points.

We also provide reward points which later can be used for any future bookings or for shopping at partner brands.

We have flexible refunds and cancellations policies included in the PSB Digital Travel Packages.

You can book your trip online with us or visit our office at Sheridan College, HMC, Mississauga.

Explore the PSB Digital Travel Packages…

PSB Digital Travel Packages camping

PSB Digital Travel PackagesOneday trip
One Day Trip

PSB Digital Travel Packages Weekend Gateways
Weekend Gateways
PSB Digital group packages
Student Group Packages

PSB Digital Travel Packages domestic packages
Domestic Packages

PSB Digital Travel Packagesinternational
International Packages


We offer special discounts to students and alumni from Sheridan college, existing and alumni additional discounts on PSB Travel Packages for referring our agency to their peers, colleagues and relatives. . Click below if you are a Sheridan college student or an alumna.

PSB Digital Travel Packages sheridan

Explore Accommodation and Additional Services at PSB Digital

PSB Digital Travel Packages Accomodation

PSB Digital meals

PSB Digital car rentals
RV and Car Rentals

PSB Digital Travel Packages adventures
Adventure Activities

PSB Digital Travel Packages book flights
Book Flights

PSB Digital Travel Packages Travel Insurance
Travel Insurance

PSB Digital Travel PackagesLocal guide
Local Guide

With PSB Digital Travel Packages, despite budget constraints, you can travel through good financing options.

Click here to know more.

” Travel Now, Pay Later” for PSB Digital Travel Packages

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Reward Points

Refunds and Cancellations

Our Policies




To know more about our services click on the link below-


PSB Digital Travel Packages covid updates

moneyback travel agency sheridan






flexible booking image
flexible booking image



About Us

PSB Travel agency offers a moneyback guarantee if the terms and conditions are fulfilled. We have our offices at the Sheridan college campuses .Lets talk about the promise of moneyback by travel agency at Sheridan. Also if the customer is not happy by spending their money on the travel which we provided to them. Our company policy states that people who face any kind of issues regarding services offered in the package are eligible for moneyback. Please not that our terms and conditions apply. girl swinging

The Sheridan community and moneyback guarantee

Sheridan students and professors get a 100% moneyback even if they cancel their travel plans 12 hours prior to departure. Other customers must cancel at least 5 days before departure if they want a full moneyback. 75% of the total amount of money is money backed If the customer cancels 3 days prior to travel. 50% of the total money is money backed when the customer cancels one day prior to travel. PSB travel agency is truly customer friendly. It provides moneyback guarantee to our customers. If our travel agency does not provide expected services to customer our travel agency assures moneyback to our customers.


boarding pass cancelled due to covid 19
boarding pass cancelled due to covid 19


Our values as travel agency and moneyback

we are a true friend of our customers because we understand our customers.  Knowing that in pandemic times, we may have to cancel our travel plans. PSB travel agency understands that nobody wants to waste their money which is why we provide flexible options to our customers. Travel agents of our company understand that it is disappointing if the money we spent does not seem to have given the expected happiness out of the travel. As a result, we provide money-back guarantee to our customers. Knowing that our clients need a platform which they can trust before making travel plans and spending their hard-earned money. we are willing to help our customers at their one call.



water bosy scene


city scene









We provide value to our customers by assuring them that their money is in safe hands. Travellers should rate their travel experiences are worth the price that they pay. The company also understands that our travel plans may change. That’s why why we provide flexible travel plans as well as postponement and reschedule options to our customers. According to survey, less than 30% of travellers got travel refund during the pandemic. Other resources also state similar figures. we  promise to provide complete money back to our customers in case they change travel plans . we prioritise our customer’s satisfaction and happiness.


travel scene







location and services of our agency

PSB travel agency has physical offices at Sheridan campuses and online presence for global users. Sheridan community has special advantage as they can get complete moneyback even if they change their plans 12 hours before travel. We aim to provide your customers with a sense of security that their money is in safe hands. Accordingly, we provide adjustable and flexible travel packages to our Sheridan students as well as global customers.  These are the services of moneyback at travel agency Sheridan. We provide a variety of travel options to choose from along with secure and safe travel experience.










snow image

Our travel agency provides additional consumer protection. This may not be available when booking with other travel agencies. A few of these protections include the compensation fund which is the moneyback guarantee . Travel complaint resolution, travel planning, customised packages and financial requirements for travel packages are also a part.

End Goal as a travel agency

We strive to provide best travel experience to our customers. But before that, we strive to provide best booking experience . Consequently  we provide travel complaint resolution services . All customers can directly speak to our customer service. customers can file an online complaint form to be eligible for moneyback.  Agency also give an invoice that is has descriptions of items. This is done so that our customers understand in detail what they are paying for. Also, The same invoice contains terms and conditions of booking/cancellation/ rescheduling etc. Customer hands over the same invoice while filing a complaint regarding a specific service. In the end, we respect the value of your money and promise moneyback.

money back logo

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For more information , please visit

PSB Travel Advisor

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Tours available for 3-5-7-15-30 days



India is one of the popular tourist destinations in Asia. India has fascinated people from all over the world with her secularism and her culture. Hence, India is a country with a great potential for tourism. Bounded by the Himalayan ranges in the north and surrounded, on three sides by sea (Arabian sea, Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean), India offers a wide array of places to see and things to do. The enchanting backwaters, hill stations and landscapes make India a beautiful country.

Places to visit Taj Mahal, , Jama Masjid Delhi, Qutub Minar, Charminar, Red fort, Humayun Tomb, Fatehpur Sikhri.


The United States of America records approximately 50 million tourists annually. With many of them originating from Europe and Canada. Majority of the tourist who visit the United States of America can be categorized as; those on holidays, those who are interested with indoor and outdoor US sports, sightseeing, while others do so for business purposes.

The United States of America should enrich its indoor and outdoor sports so that to attract more visitors who visit the State to participate in these games and particularly the Canadian and European young men and women. Similarly, there are also other youths that move from as far as Asian and African countries to go and participate in the United States indoor and outdoor games. Some of the indoor activities that are common in United States of America include gambling and dancing.

Places to visit Miami, New York, Las Vegas. Los Angeles



Civilization in Europe has been around for many years and the continent has the buildings to prove it. The cities are old, REALLY old. Some of the buildings date back around 2000 years, especially in places like Rome. Take note of the buildings around you, visit the museums and take loads of pictures! These cities are living, breathing reminders of the past. They are filled with stories just waiting to be heard. Europe culture has so much to offer. You can walk up the Acropolis and think as Socrates once did. Or, you could get lost along the cobblestone walkways of Prague’s Old Town. Why not hike among the UNESCO-accredited Italian fishing villages of Cinque Terre in Italy? Wherever you choose to go, you’ll enjoy a historical experience like no other.

choose any 5 countries from 26 countries to visit for 30 days.

Student Travel Packages By PSB Travels

Middle East

Middle East has a very long history of Civilization, in it was the 1st civilized nation of the world known as Babylon and the famous Roman and Persian empire there lies the  rise of Islamic civilization from the deserts of Arabs the starting place of modern scientific civilization, which gave the world the idea of balance of human culture,

Places to visit: Saudi Arabia, Turkey, UAE, Qatar, Oman. to go to previous page Click here

PSB World Tour

About us.

Two graduates, Jessie and Matt founded PSB. PSB established itself as a market leader by offering great deals, competitive airfares, entirely private discounts, and an effortless online booking experience to all of its customers. Booking your flight tickets, hotel stay, and vacation package through our desktop site can be done with utmost convenience with little to no hassles. We often provide amazing offers such as Instant Discounts, Fare Calendar, and many more, which we upgrade on a routine basis to better satisfy our customers’ evolving needs and demands.

Why PSB World Tour?

By booking your tickets on our website or, you can find the best deals and the cheapest air tickets to anywhere you want. PSB, as one of the best websites for hotel, flight, and vacation bookings, assists you in booking flight tickets that are affordable and customized to your needs.


We are to serve you the best vacation.

We are delighted to help people realize their dreams of finding cheap airline tickets quickly and easily. You can book the cheapest flight of your choice today while also taking advantage of the other available options for your travel needs through us. With customer satisfaction as our ultimate goal, we also have a dedicated helpline that is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to address our customers’ questions and concerns.

Book, Travel and Enjoy

Domestic Travel:


Canada is a country in North America consisting of ten provinces and three territories. Located in the northern part of the continent, it extends from the Atlantic to the Pacific and northward into the Arctic Ocean. Covering 9.98 million square kilometers in total, Canada is the world ‘s second-largest country by total area and the fourth-largest country by land area. Its common border with the United States forms the world ‘s longest land border. Nearly all Canadian travelers have travelled in Canada during the past 10 years.

Wide range of factors motivate Canadian to buy tourism products, such as choosing holiday destination. Generally, there are two range of motivators which is motivate a person to take a holiday and those which motivate a person to take a particular holiday to a specific destination at a particular time. The type of motivation can be divided into several factors, which is cultural, physical, emotional, personal, personal development, and status.

Places to visit: Niagara falls, Banff National park and rocky mountains, Toronto CN tower, Polar bears, Vancouver island.

Student Travel Packages By PSB Travels

There are a tons of places for you to choose Internationally, to find more Click Here 







Why your businesses digital marketing strategy, is your only strategy for growth.

Establish a simplistic, relevant, and analytical based digital marketing, and social media, approach for your business.  

Small businesses amount for a huge amount of the Canadian economy and with that comes newer industries, companies, and products. In some cases, markets are over saturated with thousands of different companies taking an aim at the same market. Success here, comes down to competitive advantage over one another. In today’s digital day and age, every customer is online and actually looking for your business whether they realize it yet, or not. How? PSB’s innovative digital marketing strategies.

Our digital marketing services and innovative strategies at PSB digital media bring a creativity and innovation to an entirely new level. We effectively build your brand awareness, marketing effectiveness and relevance, and enhance the customer experience altogether. 

We provide you with data that is analyzed from your target market and audience as well as industry data. This includes digital marketing data is filtered down so that you understand key data relevant to your goals. This data is valuable and can be utilized repeatedly. It adopts current market trends, used to attract younger demographics, and builds brand loyalty.


“Our business has always had the best customers that tell us about their experiences constantly. They tell their friends, families, and colleagues constantly. They said we were the best pet store in town, but we were tired of banking on what if’s. After consulting with PSB we recieved complex business analytics and understood how low our customer engagement truly was. Also how small our presence was within the local market especially when up against larger competitors. In just 2 weeks we built an entire social media presence where we can now chat with all our clients. We post local sales, discounts, testimonials and popular product line availability. Our store revenue has already jumped more than 25%! PSB saved our business for good.”


        Daniel Kim (Owner of PetDynasty inc.)

What can we do?

Often social media engagement or digital marketing is neglected with small businesses as your business may have already been in operation without it for many years. However, industry experts would say you were not operating at maximum capacity or reaching enough of the market. How a business can grow today is much different than how it could have grown 10 years ago. Now it can be done with cost effectiveness, much more creatively, and quickly at that. 

With the right digital marketing strategies in place, this allows your brand to gain exposure from greater markets and recognize customer segments that were otherwise not available. Although, we like to let the data speak for itself. If you’re business could capture just 5% more of the market share next month, wouldn’t you, do it? If you’re sales could grow by more than 50% next quarter, wouldn’t you take the path toward that? Our consultants seek to understand your business so that together we can understand what your business needs to achieve to get there. Leveraging your social media awareness in a pet store for example sets the bar amongst competitors. 

Contact us at our social media webpages or through direct contact at:


(905) 888-9999

Travel Packages for Students – PSB Travel

To Travel Is To Live
PSB Travels
One Day Trips
Get a new experience every time with our short one-day trip at affordable prices
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Experience the unexplored places with our customized travel packages
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PSB Travels for Sheridan Students

Customized Travel Packages for Students By PSB Travels

Who We Are?

PSB Travels is founded by two travel enthusiasts and former Sheridan students, Jessie and Matt to provide budget-friendly travel packages for college students.

The goal of starting this travel agency within Sheridan College is to provide students with unique, uncharted experiences. We provide exclusive travel packages for Sheridan students. The idea is simple, to make student’s life cheerful with customized packages made for them. Being former students, We know how important a short trip is or how a day tour can be refreshing and can help students to make new friends. When we were in the college, we wished if we had such travel agency or group travel offers from within the college that could help us to network and talk to other students and travel at the same time.

We strive to provide student-friendly travel packages that are affordable and easily customizable to meet student’s needs. All our packages are carefully planned by considering student’s schedules.

We provide many services for students and their families which are: 

  • Hotel Bookings
  • Car Rentals
  • Group Holiday Packages
  • One Day Trips
  • Professional Tour Guides

Are You A Sheridan Student?

Bring your Sheridan One-Card to avail Sheridan Community travel discounts for students and get up to 10% discount on travel packages for you and your family members.
Why PSB Travels for students

Why PSB For Student’s Travel Packages?

PSB Travels offers great discounted rates and value added deals on car rentals, hotel bookings, and other personalized travel services. 

A tour service to give you a complete experience of the areas you visit, along with history and other information about the place. 

We take care and follow complete Covid-19 precautions and hygiene rules for you to be safe and secure.

Easy customized options, so that you can STOP PLANNING AND START DISCOVERING! 

We understand the travel needs of students and their families because we are a student-run travel business. So, you do all of the saving while PSB performs the planning. You’ll have more money to discover and explore places if you spend less. 

Vacations are meant to make memories!  And a well planned itinerary  makes a vacation for a lifetime. Students are always busy with their studies and jobs while parents are busy with their work. To ease this and to bring life into your lives, we have come with short trips that can help you relax, be stress-free and have some time with each-other.

Do you want to go on a hike and make new friends? Try the ones here, which provide stunning views of the surrounding mountains and winding paths through steep valleys and woods. The cherry on top is, of course, the delectable local cuisine and superb lodging deep within the woods.

Choose an adventure heavy trip, best suited for those craving an adrenaline rush, and try your hand at offbeat activities like camping, kayaking, parasailing, and more.

So, what are you waiting for? Explore these fantastic holiday ideas and plan your next VOYAGE.


For More Travel Updates

We are located in Mississauga, Ontario within the Sheridan College Campuses – David Campus and HMC Campus

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