Indoor Beach Gym : First of its kind in Mississauga

About PSB Fitness: Sun & Sand 

A friendly and welcoming one of a kind indoor beach gym. A place for the community to join a fun and active culture in a beach setting. We focus on healthy living and building fun & engaging environment, where everyone feels welcome. Hoping to foster a strong sense of a cohesive community and inclusivity. Home to activities such as sports tournaments, fitness challenges, and community events.

Facilities available: Indoor Beach, Pool, Sauna.

Indoor temperature-controlled rooms to resemble the climate like that of a tropical region. Featuring an indoor beach gym & volleyball court, sauna rooms, Olympic size pool, and a weight room.

Olympics Size Pool featured at PSB Fitness: Sun & Sand Indoor Beach Gym & Volleyball Court featured at PDB Fitness: Sun & Sand Sauna Room features at PSB Fitness: Sun & Sand

Additionally, we offer yoga and Pilates classes, held in our temperature-controlled beach setting rooms. Our on campus student run snack bar is always prepped with great healthy alternatives that make your workout worth it. We have personal trainers available to hire on a weekly basis. Our trainers are well trained and wholly dedicated to your well-being.

Why choose PSB Fitness: Sun & Sand?

We are home to Mississauga’s first ever indoor beach gym. These temperature-controlled rooms are a great place to ‘sweat it out’. They are exceptional stress relivers and make the cold Canadian winters a lot more bearable. These one of a kind temperature-controlled rooms make being motivated to work out in the cold winter months much easier.

We are a student focused gym, a place dedicated to the community but also determined to give students the best possible facilities to be their best selves. Our student rates for the facilities we offer are quite affordable.

We make working out fun, focusing on one’s entire well-being and not just the physical aspect of it. Aside from the facilities offered by any fitness club we also host sports tournaments, fitness challenges, and community events.

Here at PSB Fitness, we’re not just a Fitness Club, we’re a part of the community. Located at the heart of the city, we consistently strive to be a community hot spot. We pride ourselves on our mission to always make it feel like you belong. Everyone is welcome at PSB Fitness: Sun & Sand.


Package Access Pricing
Sheridan Students
  • All Facilities not including personal training.
*Price included in Tuition

*Additional Charges for Personal Trainer Facilities.

Students (Other Universities & Colleges)
  • Indoor Volleyball Court
  • Weight Room
  • Pool & Sauna Facilities
  • Yoga & Pilates Classes
$20 / Month


Sheridan Staff
  • All Facilities not including personal training.
$25 / Month

*Additional Charges for Personal Trainer Facilities.

Bronze Member
  • Indoor Volleyball Court
  • Pool & Sauna Facilities
$25 / Month
Silver Member
  • Indoor Volleyball Court
  • Weight Room
  • Pool & Sauna Facilities
  • Yoga & Pilates Classes
$35 / Month
Gold Member
  • Indoor Volleyball Court
  • Weight Room
  • Pool & Sauna Facilities
  • Yoga & Pilates Classes
  • 2 Weekly personal training sessions
$50 / Month

Promotions & Additional Offerings

Free trial classes available.

30% off memberships for a period of three months if you get a friend to register.

Children (5-15) of Bronze, Silver & Gold Members can use the pool facilities during free swim sessions.

Sheridan Students & Staff get 2 complimentary personal training sessions of 2 hours each every 6 months.

All members including students get 2 guest passes per month.


Hours of Operation

Days of the Week


Monday – Friday 6 am – 11 pm
Saturday & Sunday 8 am – 9 pm

The club will remained closed on Statutory Holidays


We are located in the heart of the City of Mississauga, in close proximity to Square One Shopping Centre. Our facility is adjacent to Sheridan College – Hazel McCallion Campus. Our central location makes PSB Fitness: Sun & Sand a prime community spot for both students and citizens of the City of Mississauga.

Address: 4180 Duke of York Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5B 0G5, Canada

Heart of the City of Mississauga - Prime Location

Contact Information & location

Phone: +1 905-845-9430

For more information you can visit us at Beach Fitness Socials, Mississauga, ON, Canada.

Helping students bridge the gap between academics and physical health

  Who are We ?


Here at Sheridan college, the staff really strive to make sure that the students really have the best experience in all aspects of their academic career no matter what campus the students are located at. But the only thing it lacked was a proper fitness center where students could not only improve their physical health but their mental health as well. Well, that issue has been fixed with the launch of PSB Fitness – a student gym at Sheridan college.


     Our Mission at PSB Fitness:  “ A Space where people can work out and maintain their social connections at school at ”.  This company prides itself on allowing students to ease the pressure on their mental state by giving them the ability to work on their physical health because it has been proven there is a correlation between the two of them. Our staff is here to provide motivation and advice when it comes to taking care of the students in terms of meal plans and personal training. 




What Do We Offer?


At PSB Fitness, the amenities we offer personal trainers that will be able to motivate and relate to the student lifestyle, workout equipment that will rival other established gyms and other student gyms in the GTA and Ontario, and access to courts for sports such as basketball and squash. We also hold tournaments and recreational leagues for various sports. Th


Other things that we offer at the center is that we will offer refreshment stalls that allow students and clients to get recover drinks or just regular drinks during and after their workout centers.


Wel will also be holding group workout spaces held by our personal trainers in the large private spaces. Various lesions being taught in groups ranging from Kickboxing, Pilates, Yoga, e.t.c




The facility will be conveniently located at the heart of square one near the Mississauga campus of Sheridan College. This allows for the students to be able to commute between the three campuses pretty easily. 






For current students, the membership fees will already be included in the tuition fees.  the price for staff will be deducted out of their paycheck if they decide to opt-in and the price for staff will be at a discount of $30/month and for new customers, the price will be $45/month.


Join PSB Fitness Today and the road to a healthy lifestyle will start! At PSB Fitness, the improvement and encouragement of our members are one of our top priorities. To accomplish that our company will be posting progress pictures and posts on social media. This will encourage our clients and let people see the improvement in our clients. So follow us on all our social media platforms: Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook.


PSB Fitness is waiting, So what are you waiting for sign up now! 


Track Fitness Progress and Goals HMC

Do you need a way to track fitness progress and goals?

The new PSB Fitness is now open at HMC and Davis locations at Sheridan College. It will feature the ability to track fitness progress and goals at HMC and Davis. This gym will go beyond the average treadmill and weight equipment. Instead, it will feature a Virtual Reality experience with the ability to immerse yourself into an alternate universe. In addition, the use of artificial intelligence to integrate activities like basic exercises, yoga, and training programs while being in any landscape in the world! To illustrate, think about your ultimate dream vacation. Next, think about where in the world that landscape is. Now, next time you come to PSB Fitness, you can go to that dream location while working out! Not to mention, tracking your fitness progress and goals along the way. 

What we see:                                                  What you see:   

fitness progress and goalsWhat the customer sees when working out while using virtual reality

Going beyond exercising, every premium member will have their own personal virtual reality account! This will have the ability to track fitness progress and goals in HMC and Davis campuses. Here is what this account can do:

How we track your fitness progress and goals:

Upon entering the gym, our virtual reality professionals will set up your personal account through your Sheridan One Card. Next, we will use artificial intelligence technology to perform a full body scan. By stepping into our scanning room, we will use a series of pictures and videos to capture your body structure. After about 1 minute you will get your result! Check out what the process looks like here

What your results mean:

After your full body scan, our trained fitness expert will go through the results with you. During the scan we will take various body measurements such as:

  • Body fat percentage
  • Muscle percentages
  • Body weight
  • Waist, leg, and arm size
  • 3D body scan

After that, these results will be explained to you and what they mean. Above all, you can use this to track your personal progress and goals. Common goals and progress we often see include training for running. Overall, if this is an activity you want to improve on, our trained fitness expert will recommend goals for you! This is an example of what your personal account will look like:

fitness tracking shows progress and goals

This incudes, a weekly log of your body mass index. Additionally, ways to improve your fitness journey and a time frame. Lastly, you can record how you feel each week. This can help to track mood changes which can help the technology better adapt to your needs.

Benefits of a personal account:

In conclusion, this account will give you the ability to keep a log of your personal fitness progress. This progress will match up with corresponding goals. In addition, you can update your account by weekly scans of your body. By doing this, our artificial intelligence will automatically log your progress and update you on what to do differently and to keep doing! Above all, we want you to experience progress in your personal fitness journey, whether it’s big or small! 

How to Join:

PSB Fitness basic membership is included in your student fees for the semester. However, the premium membership that uses our virtual reality technology, is $30 a month. In addition to this service the premium membership will also feature:

Following this, PSB Fitness offers a free one week trial for our premium membership, which you can use before you opt out of Student Fees. Likewise, just let our fitness expert know you want to redeem your one week free trial! Our fitness expert would love to help you out to finally achieve your fitness goals! 

Want to know more? Check out our social media’s:









            PSB FITNESS is an Indoor beach fitness gym located in Mississauga. It is a recreational and fitness center for college students. The fitness center is beach themed which allows students enjoy summer pleasures all year round, especially in winter. The goals of our gym are to encourage social interaction and student community building through group fitness exercises and activities. Also helping students maintain or start living a healthy and active lifestyle.

    Fitness gym & Indoor beach

    30+ Beach Center ideas | indoor beach, beach volleyball, beach

    Why PSB Fitness?

    At our gym we offer an outdoor beach experience, variety of group and individual fitness activities which help students to meet their fitness goals.

    Also provides customers with a social environment and ambiance to socialize and meet new students. The perfect way to relieve stress from school. Enjoy all beach activities with fellow students. Our trainers help students set and meet specific goals by helping them choose the best activities for them the gym has to offer.

    Where are we located? 

    The gym’s location is a major and important aspect of the gym’s goals. It is located in close proximity to the college in Mississauga. This allows students to easily come to the gym and reduce travel time as they shuffle

    A student at our recreational centrebetween school and the gym. We also have Information regarding all aspects of our fitness gym is also available on our online website.

    Discounts & promotions

    We’d love to welcome new members every day. An in order to encourage as many people as we can we offer Loyalty point programs; Students can build their points each time they visit the gym and the number of points accumulated at the end of the year can be used as a discount towards their next membership.

    We also offer free one day trials for potential customers who want to know more about our indoor beach and experience it before they buy their membership cards.

    Want to enjoy our indoor beach? Sign up now!

    The gym is normally priced so student would be able to afford especially if they do not have part-time jobs. We want to welcome as many students as possible to enjoy our space and interact with other students, and we believe the cost of the gym membership should not be what’s stopping them. So, we focus on providing a low-priced gym membership for students. The membership fees are paid monthly at 20$ per month.


    PSB FITNESS has a lot more to offer compared to other gyms in the area.

    Social interaction
    Social interaction among students at our gym, a safe space for everyone.

    ·       PSB fitness is the first of its kind. It is a fun and relaxing environment where college students can come to after a stressful academic day. It is a warm, friendly engaging environment that fosters a community of students, helps and encourages them to expand their circle and meet fellow students.

    ·       Students can improve their social life as well as working to improve their health and fitness goals. At PSB fitness there are a lot of recreational activities and exercise students could choose from, we also have personal support staff to help students trying to create and start a healthy life.

    ·       With the large variety of Individual, group and recreational exercises offered at our gym at different times. Students are able to pick which one’s best suit them and fit their schedules. This makes a great way for students to balance school, work and gym.


    Purchase membership now and become part of a great social community while improving your fitness and wellbeing because it is a great opportunity to expand your social circle.

    Send us an email if you have any further questions about our gym and sign up for our newsletters to stay updated on all the activities and promotions happening at our fitness center.



❄️Frozen 3 is fully upgraded, it reveals human nature

Frozen 3 is fully upgraded, it reveals human nature

After a long wait, the Disney animated film “Frozen 3” will finally be unveiled. After the adventures in the North, what new obstacles will the sisters Aisha and Anna encounter in Frozen 3? The adorable Olaf, the honest Kristoff, and his sensible reindeer, will they continue to be with Elsa and Anna? Will there be other new characters? Are there more magical ice and snow fantasy? Will there be brainwashing pop songs in the new episode? Will it continue the previous box office miracle? As the third sequel to a phenomenal animation movie, I believe that the audiences couldn’t hold back all kinds of s, and can’t wait to walk into the theater and find out. Frozen 3 is fully upgraded now, and new characters reveal deep human nature. Let’s take a look at the content of frozen 3 together.

Seven years ago, “Frozen” set the highest box office record for the animated film at that time, followed by the sequel “Frozen 2“, Disney did not stop because of the success of the previous work and deal with the details finely. Although it did not break the myth created in the front, it has far exceeded Frozen in other places. The two “Frozen” not only gained at the box office but also the love of fans from different countries for the “Frozen” series. According to the content of the second part, the previous unfinished mystery has been completed, and Aisha and Anna have also completed the transformation from princess to queen. With regard to the new content, fans are very much looking forward to what the director will do.

In the trailer, a person similar to Elsa showed, but she controls the element of fire. It is said that this is another sister of Elsa, who is also a powerful queen but represents the evil side. She seems to have a deep relationship with Elsa. Disney team carefully designed the new character and she  has the same cool skills. I believe there will be a visual impact of ice and fire collision on the screen.

frozen 3 fighting
Elsa is fighting with her sister

The film explores a deeper human nature in the new plot, it more emphasis on self-examination and reflection. It is about human nature. Ice and fire are like two sides of a human being, and defeating the enemy may be defeating yourself. We all know that before, Elsa spent a lot of time controlling the abilities she possessed. Thanks to the support of her sister, she could grow up. But maybe not everyone will get help and support when they encounter difficulties. The new role makes people think, “Is the bad guy bad from the beginning? How does the bad guy get bad?”

frozen Elsa
frozen 3 Elsa

That is Frozen 3 is upgraded and reveal human nature. How should Elsa face the enemy calmly? How will she protect her important family and home? Do you also expect to be able to watch the movie to learn about the new Elsa-related plot? Comments let us know.

To learn more, click on the fan club and see what others say.





If it were you, what would you do?

Parasite premiered at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival on 21 May 2019, where it became the first South Korean film to win the Palme d’Or. To be honest, my feeling is quite complicated. On the one hand, I fully recognize this film in my heart. Of the more than ten films I saw in Cannes this year, this one is almost perfect in terms of completeness, story creativity, and thought. Bong Joon-ho’s silent cultivation finally paid off.
Parasite Movie Poster
Of course, the significance of winning the award in “Parasite” is not limited to Bong Joon-ho alone. This is the first Palme d’Or in the history of Korean film. In recent years, Korean films have frequently been shortlisted in Cannes competitions and screenings. “Okja”, “The Handmaiden”, and last year’s “Burning” are actually only one step away from reaching the summit. This year finally achieved a big explosion and successfully won the championship.
Who is Bong Joon-ho, is no stranger to movie fans, in addition to ” Memories of Murder”, which is regarded as a god by everyone, he also has the popular “The host”, “Mother”, “Snowpiercer”, “Okjai” ,etc.
It is no exaggeration to say that I think “parasite” is another pinnacle of Bong Joon-ho after “Memories of Murder”. This is a very complicated movie, so complicated that each character can have a connected relationship, and this relationship is more ideological, that is, psychological activity, which highlights the script. A lot of mystery and thoughts are buried under the seemingly joking story.
Irony, anti-tradition, is always hidden in Bong Joon-ho’s works, such as “Memories of Murder”, around the misty murderer, you can’t distinguish between good and bad guys, because there are no absolute good and bad guys. In the whole story, all Because of the murder case of the female student, the character completely returned to human nature.
Bong Joon-ho ’s work has always adhered to the core point mentioned above. Bong Joon-ho never chooses to stand in front of the characters in his works, nor does it allow the audience to realize who is the vested interest and who is the victimized exploiter. The values ​​of all the characters in his works are complex and muddy, which makes them more real and cruel.
“The Parasite” is also a work with Bong Joon-ho’s strong personal style, but this time the story and discussion angle are more profound and metaphorical than his works in recent years. The plot has black humor and suspense. The composition also makes the film more pleasing, and thus is loved by a wider audience.
Class is a symbol of Bong Joon-ho’s many works. For example, the early “Snowpiercer”, under the packaging of a science fiction coat, uses the story of the train to explain the dependence and opposition between classes.
The same is true for Parasite. In the first half, we can use an extremely easy way to let us see the absurd parasitic story. It seems that the entire social form is actually a strange parasitic relationship in the film.
To be honest, in modern society, most of our office workers don’t just work for the bosses to earn money, and in the process, the survival of the fittest and even the use of some gray means to achieve their own goals, that is What is more normal, what we do, think about it, is not much different from what the parasitic family does.
In expressing these opinions, Bong Joon-ho has not favored any one side, but used restraint and ruthless lenses to let the audience make their own values ​​judgments.
In Bong Joon-ho’s works, metaphor and satire are the second characteristic.
The film puts the class represented by each family, the place where they live, the best representative. The people on the ground are bright and bright, the people on the ground are miserable, and there are even airtight rooms, which hides the greater hidden dangers of this society And uneasy.
Remember the stone used as a gift? The stone itself is part of nature, but as an ornamental stone used for decoration, it gives other meanings, such as luck. The film is also because the stone sent by the elder brother of the elder brother really brought fortune to the family and brought unexpected chaos. The brother’s last act of putting this viewing stone into the river seems to mean that the individual’s power cannot change the original restraint and return to his position. Perhaps it is the best choice.
Now comes this question, since neither party is a parasite, what is the cause of the tragedy? The family could stay together, like one of the billions and billions of families in the world, struggling and suffering their own pain, enjoying them as well. After all, they are alive, together. I don’t think there is a real answer in the film. This may also be the director’s blank creation method, showing a strong sense of powerlessness. That is, almost every moment in the movie is full of irony and power, but after watching it, we can no longer find the answer besides the stone that symbolizes desire.
In the end, in addition to violence, Bong Joon-ho still did not give a way to solve this problem. This may also be a chronic illness in human society. Criticism is possible, but it is really difficult to solve. Wise like you, can you help them? If it were you, what would you do?
At the end of the movie, I made a vague spot: very simply, the brother would go to the college and after graduation he would find a job and earn enough money to buy this mansion to reunite the family. Is that possible? Will he be successful? Is it really that simple? If it were you, what would you do? Perhaps the simplest way is the best way, how do you like it? Agree or not? Why?
The sequel of “Parasite” may answer your questions.
There are still many things worth exploring. Everyone’s understanding and feelings are different. In the end, I sincerely recommend you to take a look at this sequel to “The Parasite”. Between absurdity and reality, they often mirror each other.
Here I really recommend you again! If you love movies, you must find a way to see this movie!