How Subscription Boxes Help Your Digital Marketing

What do subscription boxes and a Mississauga digital marketing agency have in common? Simple: At PSB Digital, we offer a variety of services for our clients to choose from; this includes creating subscription boxes for those interested in fitness apparel.

What are Subscription Boxes?

Subscription boxes can be defined as a variety of select products that are routinely delivered for a cost to new and current customers. Businesses use subscription boxes as part of their marketing strategy and product distribution. These boxes help to provide consumers with a unique experience and added value. The products in the subscription boxes are personally selected for each customer.

In addition, businesses use subscription boxes as part of their marketing strategy and product distribution. These boxes help to provide consumers with a unique experience and value added. Each product in a subscription box are also personally selected by the consumer.

Customer Benefits to Subscription Boxes

  • Items are custom picked based on preferences and your goals.
  • Convenience of having these products delivered to your customer’s doorstep.
  • Savings on future purchases towards products that a business offers.

Business Benefits to Subscription Boxes

  • Customers are highly exposed to your business and the fitness products you offer.
  • Building a network of relations between businesses that can benefit all parties involved.
  • Chances of reaching repeat and loyal customers increases by incentivizing through subscription boxes.

Businesses that use subscription boxes (versus ones that do not) also benefit from better customer retention rates and manageable stock control. They also begin running as an automated business, being more efficient and effective.

Subscription boxes take the guesswork out of customers taking a long time to decide on what to purchase. For instance, if they want to sample a certain product, that can be done through subscription boxes. Customers pay a small fee to receive these boxes on a routinely basis.  As a result, customers can also receive the benefit of trying out new products for a small price, while companies get the benefit of an increase to their revenues and customer base.

Here is a sample of what one of your subscription boxes could look like:

This image is an example of a subscription box
This image of a subscription box of athletic gear and useful items. It shows a variety of products a customer can receive.

As a digital marketing agency, how do we do it?

In short, we do it through our connections with Canadian fitness businesses. These subscription boxes will have been tailored specifically to your customer and their fitness goals. We work and partner with companies like Undersun Fitness Canada for resistance bands, RXBAR for protein bars, and personally select recipe cards based on your customer’s fitness goals and diets (keto, high protein, weight loss, muscle gain, and much more). Take a look at this video here to see how some of the recipes we offer are made.

Why do Subscription Boxes Work for Businesses?

By offering subscription boxes on company websites, businesses are able to build their CRM efforts and increase overall exposure. Also, it helps other small businesses that are looking for exposure. As well, it creates an incentive for customers to shop in stores. Overall, these fitness apparel companies will not just have the ability to sell clothing, but the ability to use subscription boxes to support themselves and other businesses.

Moreover, these subscription boxes represent a great identity for businesses, as well as a positive representation of what they stand for in working with other companies. It provides customers optimal service and care. Overall, a fitness company will excel if they care about their social responsibility and customer relationships. To sum up, these businesses deserve optimal reach, exposure, and returning clients, without breaking the bank.

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Digital Marketing Agency With Social Truck Mississauga

PSB Digital Marketing Agency

I bet your wondering what digital marketing agency in Mississauga has a social truck? Well, your in luck…

PSB Digital Marketing Agency is a new start-up business located in the heart of Mississauga and our mission it to provide small businesses with innovative digital marketing products and services.  Our agency is full of passionate fitness professionals with a strong background in digital marketing.   Our expertise and innovation puts us on-top of the competitors while providing our clients with top of the line service. Now, I bet your wondering what is a Social Truck? Well, your at the right place, do not stop reading here.

Now, I bet your wondering what is a Social Truck? Well, your at the right place, do not stop reading here.

Social Truck provides 3-Hour On-Demand Social Media Take-over

digital social marketingDigital agencies typically work remotely to deliver promising digital marketing results, but have you heard of a digital marketing agency that works physically inside your business too? PSB’s marketing agency essentially takes over clients social media platforms for a duration of 3 hours . We drive to the business location with a truck full of equipment ready to shoot quality videos and professional content. Our professionals will go live on Instagram filming themselves inside the store showing and promoting the latest products while communicating with the viewers. The live-videos are great for announcing in-store and online specials like “take 15% your first order” or daily giveaways to the viewers. This is an opportunity for your target audience to be apart of your brands social community.  Finally, our digital agency makes sure that all social content is consistently appropriate, fun, engaging and effective.

This 3 hour takeover is also helpful on busy, stressful days in the store because we are able to answer any questions or concerns from the viewers on social and physically inside the sore. Viewers listening or tuning into the live on Instagram can communicate with us through the live stream chat box or direct messages. This is intended to limit the amount of customers calling the store asking questions or wanting more information.  During our stay we are also available to assist employees with any digital related issues or concerns. We will also be shooting professional product photos and videos for your companies website and social platforms. Ultimately, our social truck is here to help small businesses increase sales revenue and customer engagement, while staying on-top of competitors.

Why You Will Benefit From Our Social Truck

Now that you know about our social truck service, you are probably wondering why this is necessary or useful for your business? PSB Digital Marketing Agency is here to support Business Managers and key employees that are faced with everyday challenges to ensure business runs smoothly.

Finding the time to stay innovative, create brand awareness and staying engaged with new and existing customers can be tough. Your business will benefit because we save you time, provide the essential resources and expertise. Our high-end equipment, experienced marketers and innovative techniques produce quality social content. Our social truck is very relevant, social media is how many small businesses survive and compete. It is evident that having powerful social media presence and engagement as a small business is a must.

We not only assist customers on social media but also ones who are present in the store.  This is an opportunity to help store associates manage their everyday tasks without being distracted. Our team is also available to help staff members with any needs pertaining to our digital strategies and technology.

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose PSB Digital Marketing Agency

PSB Digital is not your average digital marketing agency…

  1. We have solutions for the daily challenges key people in your business face
  2. We offer many unique products and services you wont find anywhere else
  3. Because there is a low risk and high reward
  4. Our agency goes above and beyond for our customers
  5. Because our team is passionate and professional
choose this agencyMore Unique Products/Services at PSB Digital

If you thought our digital social truck was cool what if I told you we have more unique products and services?

Check out our free audits that does a SEO scan to let you know where your business stands on the search engines.  Now that you know how important social media is, we also match your company with suitable influencers.  We also work on initiatives to produce eco-friendly products to become a more eco-friendly agency. 

And lastly, we know how important your businesses ROI is, so check out our unbeatable ROI.

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Unbeatable ROI for Fitness Apparel Mississauga

Who We Are

PSB Digital is a digital marketing agency that offers effective and efficient digital tactics with unbeatable ROI (return on investment) for fitness apparel businesses in Mississauga and the GTA. Our expertise in technology and small retail business will help our clients gain traction among their target consumers, while building our repertoire. We also provide different promotional and support methods for your business needs that will raise revenue. Here is what we offer:

Unbeatable ROI

Firstly, we offer the best and unbeatable ROI (return on investment) for fitness apparel in the market. Return on investment is important as it measures how efficient is an investment and how much profit would come out of it. For a single digital marketing tactic, you can earn $38 for every $1 spent. Imagine how much return on investment you would gain when you sign up for more than one digital promotional method with us! Not only that, but we also offer constant evaluation and tracking of your digital campaign success and can be changed or adjusted based on your business profit goals and desires. This makes us a very flexible digital agency as we are online and available 24 hours a day to ensure your objectives are being met and exceeded. At PSB Digital there are no restrictions.

unbeatable ROI

Lowest Customer Acquisition Costs

Not only we offer an unbeatable ROI but the lowest and cheapest customer acquisition costs (CAC). It will only cost you a dollar to acquire 100 new customers. Imagine paying only $5 to acquire 500 new customers. How cheap and affordable is that! Our costs are cheaper than a cup of coffee. We also use affordable but eye-catching content that will generate high customer reach and engagement. Therefore, ranking high through SEO. To further increase your customer base, we create customer relationship management (CRM) programs that will improve and increase loyalty through personalization. It includes personalized advertisements, messages, feedback and more. As a result, our CRM personalized programs will not only make your customer feel unique but will also generate an immediate purchase with a click of a button.

Low customer acquisition costs

Don’t chase the numbers, let them come to you

We offer 24/7 automation program where financial data of forecasts and current performances will automatically be entered and updated right front of your eyes without any calculation or effort needed from your side. This will save you time and allow you to focus on other aspects of the company. To make it even easier, we are providing an online cloud-based accounting software called QuickBooks where all finances, bills and expenses can be viewed, stored and easily managed at one place. This program is complementary and comes in a permanent life-time license. Therefore, we are not only making accounting easy but lowering your costs to invest further in your business and expand.

Why Invest in Us

We are not a typical digital marketing agency you see every day. If you are looking for efficient measures to save money and achieve high profit, we are the company to choose. Because we have experience in programs that generate instant purchase and improve loyalty through a click of a button. We offer unbeatable ROI for fitness apparel in Mississauga and CAC rates that will increase your profit and lower your expenses at the same time. Also, we provide an accounting software that inputs data and does calculations on its own. This is not offered by many companies. In conclusion, you are gaining more than what you are investing. Not only we offer cost-saving tactics but also provide attention grabbing and effective promotions like digital trucks and influencer marketing as well offer free audits, online store setup on Shopify and use eco-friendly products.

Now you know what PSB Digital offers. What are you waiting for? Book a meeting with us at 416-111-6666 or email us at to get the most cost-effective offers now!

The Best Ethical and Eco Friendly Digital Marketing Agency in Mississauga Toronto

Are you a company looking for digital marketers to help turn your business into a more eco friendly operation? Are you a fitness retail company in the Mississauga/Toronto area? Look no more. Our experts at PSB Digital will maximize your companies efficiency while reaching a larger audience through the use of more eco friendly practices and procedures. In addition, our team is eager to use their knowledge to maximize your companies potential.

PSB Digital is a digital marketing agency that uses their expertise to exponentially grow your company while implementing eco friendly practices. These practices minimize your companies carbon footprint while growing your profitability.

Why Should your company become eco-friendly?

It is no secret that the world is changing and that global warming has serious affects on our planet. Therefore, it is each companies responsibility to act in the best interest of the planet while minimizing their carbon footprint. Many companies such as google, apple, Patagonia etc have implemented strategies to become more eco-friendly which have been proven effective and raise profit margin. Consumers are also willing to spend more on clothing brands that they believe align with their beliefs. If companies can find ways through social media to reach these consumers, profits will sky rocket.
Clothing companies produce a large amount of waste weather its the overuse of fabric or excess paper. If these simple problems are solved, companies can decrease their carbon footprint as well as costs by a large margin. There are several benefits in becoming eco friendly, these benefits are as follows:
– It can save you money
– Improves Longevity of your company
– Helps attract customers

How we make your company Eco- Friendly

There are several steps we take in guaranteeing that your company is eco-friendly and doing their best in changing their carbon footprint. Our first interaction with your company is a 1-6 day company scan in which we take part in your day to day operation taking notes on positives and negatives. We then compare our notes with our digital marketing team and brainstorm areas your company needs improvement in.
Something common in our solutions is the elimination of paper products used within the company. As a Company our goal is to turn your companies operations into paperless. Our next step is finding better eco-friendly product alternatives that bring the same quality but are better for the environment. The next step is finding substitutes in the work space that minimize the companies carbon footprint, this ranges from LED light bulbs to switching to renewable energy.

The last Step is telling consumers about the eco-friendly changes to the company and how the company is making strides in becoming better for the environment. This is where our digital marketing expertise comes in…The best way to grow a company is through social media engagements and impressions. One of the ways to do this is by partnering with social media pages that have a large following and can reach your companies target audience. At PSB Digital we partnered with eco friendly social media pages to ensure we can grow your impressions and push consumers to your page. The pages we have partnered with are as follows:

Greenpeace (@greenpeace)

As a result of us partnering with Greenpeace it provides companies with a massive opportunity to grow twitter engagements. Greenpeace has over 1.8 million twitter followers and does a great job of growing their brand as well as others. Here is a break down of their twitter analytics:
Followers: 1.8 million
Tweets: 68.2k
Photos and Videos: 20.5k

Nature conservancy @nature_org)

This page has a mission to conserve our planet while promoting ways in which we can do so. As a result of us partnering with this company it helps you reach a large audience and can push consumers to your website. Here is a breakdown of their analytics:
Followers: 987.1k
Tweets: 31.2k
Photos and Videos: 8618

Now its time to turn your dreams into realities. Give us a call at 416-111-6666 or email us at

Free Website SEO Audit For Mississauga Businesses

How much do you know about your website’s search engine optimization performance? Do you want to increase your website’s exposure online but have no idea where to start? If you’re a small business in Mississauga, you are eligible for our free Search Engine Optimization (SEO) audit of your company’s website! PSB Digital is a digital marketing agency that offers a wide range of services catered to your company’s specific needs and goals. Not only does our agency deliver excellent results in a convenient timeframe, but we give you an opportunity to experience our services first-hand for free!

What Makes Us Different?

Before you decide to work with us, we will provide you a free evaluation of your website’s SEO capabilities. As well, we give you a summarized view of what is, and isn’t working in your favour. We take this opportunity to show you what our digital agency can do for you. This is a completely free, no obligation trial service that PSB Digital offers to local small businesses. Small business who will benefit most from this are those who may not currently prioritize their online presence, or have attempted to unsuccessfully.
We understand that many small businesses may not have the expertise or means available when it comes to optimizing your website to adhere to Google’s algorithm with its many changes and tweaks. This is where we come in! Before you expend on a digital agency that makes empty promises and unrealistic claims, allow us to show you exactly where your company stands. Further, proving that we have the knowledge and capability to bring excellent results!

Graphic of Website SEO Audit

How We Conduct The Website SEO Audit

PSB Digital offers a variety of communication channels including face-to-face, virtual meetings, and even a digital truck that comes right to you. We will schedule a brief initial consultation where you explain your company and present your website. This is also when you provide us with some of your challenges and goals. Then, we will conduct our free audit of your company’s SEO performance and compile a summarized overview for your convenience. We simplify this analysis for your convenience and key metrics and insights will be emphasized that are the causing the most success or damage to your rank results.
Once we present our analysis, we will outline our agency’s typical process of working with a client. This process is a just an outline, as our process may differ based on the business’ standing and current goals. If, at any point during the initial consultation you are not interested in hiring our agency – don’t worry! Until you sign an agreement with PSB Digital, you are not obliged in any way to continue with our services. However, we must say that it’ll be hard to leave once you hear what we can do for you!

SEO Audit Report Photo

Our Goals For Your Small Business

Once you sign with PSB Digital, we’ll outline the metrics that will bring the best results for your business. We cater our execution to suit the needs of your company. Throughout our process, we continually monitor the results carefully. We also utilize the initial free SEO audit as a means of comparison and proof of progress. Also, pulling insights from industry averages to make sure we are not only on-par with the rest of the industry, but surpassing them.

What Else Does PSB Digital Offer?

If this hasn’t convinced you yet, PSB Digital has even more unique services to offer. Our other services include Influencer Marketing, a Digital Social Truck, as well as an Unbeatable ROI!

So, would you like to find out how you can improve your company’s SEO performance? You have nothing to lose with our free trial service! Your Mississauga small business will benefit from this free website SEO audit to see where you stand. Schedule a consultation with us today at (416) 111-6666 or email us at

Fitness Influencer Marketing Agency Mississauga

Are you looking for well-experienced marketers to connect you with suitable influencers to create the ultimate connection with your target audience? Are you a fitness retail company in Mississauga? Look no further. We here at PSB digital is a Fitness Influencer Marketing Agency based in Mississauga that offers the best services to market your business innovatively and creatively. Moreover, our marketing experts are eager to turn your ideas into reality.

PSB Digital provides the most cutting-edge services to help you grow your business like no other. Additionally, Our technical expertise in creating influencer matching will also help your company gain traction with target customers.

Why Influencer Marketing Is Important?

Firstly, influencer marketing will assist you in increasing brand awareness. One of the major reasons why advertisers use influencer marketing is to raise brand awareness. Influencers with large followings have a lot of power to boost brand exposure by reaching a large number of people with a single post. Moreover, If their followers are genuine and they have a high engagement rate, the recommendations and products they promote will likely be noted and considered. Secondly, working with influencers will help to get more people to engage with your brand.

Increasing the number of likes, comments, and shares on social media posts can be difficult, especially if your company is new to the market. Therefore, working with influencers will help you create some really interesting and unique content. This will increase engagement on your social media channels. Most importantly, Working with influencers will help to improve your search engine rankings. Collaborating with influencers will help to improve your search engine rankings by expanding your reach. If an influencer posts a direct link to your website on their blog, it is expected to increased traffic and, increase search engine rankings drastically.

Influencer Marketing Services at PSB Digital

Analyzing the businesses’ theme and target audience and then strategically matching them up to suitable influencers. Influencers will then be making posts on their social media pages talking about fitness clothes once a week. Moreover, we will create diversity campaigns with various niche influencers such as people with disabilities, pregnant women, etc. It will assist you in locating the specific market to which you wish to sell your goods. This is made possible through collaboration with niche influencers. They will also assist in the humanization of your company’s image. When niche influencer recommends your products, their followers are more likely to trust them.

Sophie Butler

Sophie Butler on the Gym Accident That Paralyzed Her

We will be matching them with influencers such as- Sophie Butler (@sophjbutler), who is known for promoting fitness apparel while being disabled. Sophie Butler, a 21-year-old, had been using the same squatting machine for nearly two years when she lost her footing, causing the weight to fall on her. In an interview with Women’s health, Sophie said, “I knew that no matter how hard I tried, I would never be able to fit into the box of what traditional beauty standards. I had to detach my self-worth from how my body looked or functioned; I had to love my body just as it was”. This led her to make an Instagram page to inspire other women to love their bodies and feel confident in themselves. She quickly gained fame and currently has over 100k followers on Instagram.

Woody Belfort

Woody Belfort photoshoot for URBANIA

Similarly, Woody Belfort (@woody_belfort) is a Montreal-based athlete and aspiring bodybuilder. He is an ambassador for Motion Composites, a Canadian wheelchair manufacturer that specializes in ultralight carbon fibre chairs. Though you can usually find him doing wheelchair handstand push-ups or coming up with new ways to do his tricks on Instagram, his goals are bigger than just posting photos and videos. Woody wants to change the way people think about wheelchair users by stressing the importance of seeing the person in the chair, not just the wheelchair, and not treating them like objects rather than people. He gained popularity through viral videos of him competing in weightlifting competitions. Currently, Woody has over 64K followers on Instagram.

Influencers like Sophie and Woody would help your business to position themselves as EDI friendly. This will help them in generating more profits, target a larger group of customers, aligning diversity practices with unique organizational goals and much more.

Additional Services Available at PSB Digital 

On the client’s first visit, we will provide free graphic design consultation to help them improve their promotions and produce eye-catching visuals. Fitness clothing companies will then pay our company to design new logos, business cards, and promotional materials for their products.

Additionally, we will create promotional designs for each influencer to use for the brands they represent. Furthermore, we provide professionally designed loyalty programmes to help businesses increase sales. This would make it easier for fitness brands to track the success of their loyalty programme year after year. This will help in better targeting consumers by gaining a better understanding of their patterns and behaviours. Moreover, we offer a digital marketing truck that would allow us to work closely with you, at your choice of location for your convenience. We also offer eco-friendly products as taking care of the environment is one of our main priorities. And finally, we offer consultation on clients’ ROI to improve their performance.

Create The Ultimate Connection And Engagement 

In conclusion, we develop dynamic marketing strategies to fully understand the marketing needs and trends in order to push results. Following that, we conduct in-depth market research into consumer and industry insights to identify challenges and opportunities. We guarantee to match our clients with the most suitable influencers to deliver the best results.

Turn your ideas into reality with PSB Digital today! 

Click Here to visit our home page for more information to get in touch with us. You can also call us at (416)-111-6666 or email at Make sure to take advantage of the free consultation during your first visit to PSB Digital!