How to maximize gym potential with Training Buddies

Not happy with your current workout routine? Training Buddies are always here to help!

So you’re not happy with your current workout routine and want to find the most efficient way to exercise, But you also don’t want to be bored and you also don’t want to injure yourself also. We have found the perfect solution to all of your problems!

Have you been feeling that the amount of work you’ve been putting in hasn’t shown the results that you’ve been wanting? Well, we have great news as PSB Fitness is now offering Training Buddies to help you with your goals!

Training Buddies are your own tailored Professional Personal Trainer that is here to understand you and understand how your body functions. Their only goal is to make you strive because that’s PSB Fitness Guarantee!

Our Training Buddy program offers our customers a unique experience of working out, allowing you to enjoy your workout and achieve the maximum gains that you’ve been craving!

At PSB Fitness, it is our goal to make you achieve your fitness goals in a sociable, fun, and efficient way to make you crave the gym. Providing a social and friendly environment that will make you come back for more.

So, what do Training Buddies actually provide?

Besides creating the environment that PSB Fitness takes much pride in, Training Buddies also are all about efficiency for you!

Training Buddies have the following roles:

  • Demonstrate Exercises and routines to achieve the maximum potential
  • Minimizing injuries during the workout
  • Creating exercises according to your own fitness levels
  • Monitoring your progress and push you for more
  • Always hungry to make you better

What does the session look like with Training Buddies?

We’re glad you asked that question! Training Buddies in your first session will take your weight, height, and fitness tests. Training buddies insist on doing this in the first session because to create your own exercise routine.

Once completed Training Buddies on your first two sessions will provide a circuit exercise in order to get your muscles ready for the gains to come. They will be taking notes to see how much they can truly push you and learn your personality to find new and creative ways to push you to greatness.

Training Buddies will accompany you on every exercise motivating, spotting, and making the workout exciting to never leave you bored. Only leaving you wanting more!

Feeling intrigued? Having questions? We are more than happy to answer all of your questions! Just stop by and you can meet your future Training Buddy!

Okay cool! But how does signing up work?

PSB Fitness likes to allow our customers to feel the freedom that we try to create in our environment. After activating your membership, you will have three free sessions with your own Training Buddy. They will assess you and get you started on your journey!

So, How much is it?

Training Buddies take time out of their day in order to study their customers because of their only focus on your progression and how to make you happy. Training Buddies charge $29.99 per session. That’s it! Paying so little for such high rewards!

But.. But.. COVID!!

Yes the COVID Pandemic has put a pause on our line of work for the safety of everyone. So that means you should give up and not attempt anything right? WRONG. That does not mean you are not able to be one step ahead of everyone else and get yourself set up before we fully re-open! Contacting us will allow you to have your account and membership ready for when you come in!  We provide information to all of our customers about our COVID planning according to the Government actions that have been called. Sign up for our newsletter and get the latest updates for our COVID plans and how we’re keeping you safe!

Intrigued in PSB Fitness? Well, that’s not all we have!

We also provide multiple activities throughout our facilities and if you would like to take part or to find information click on the links below.


PSB Fitness is located on all Sheridan campuses. You heard that right, we are available in Mississauga, Brampton, and Oakville giving you multiple options to chose what’s closest to you! So visit the nearest location for you below!

Mississauga Location

Brampton Location

Oakville Location

Contact Us:

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You can also find us on our email:

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Telephone: (647) 936-0494

Top Aerobics Classes in Mississauga

Top Aerobics Classes in Mississauga

Aerobics classes that you have been waiting for are finally here. If you are a student in Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, or anywhere else in GTA, we have good some news for you. Top Aerobics Classes in Mississauga.

Aerobics Classes Mississauga

Have you ever wished to squeeze in a workout out in your schedule, but all programs are either too expensive, too far, or just not for you?

Are you new to Sheridan or just looking to interact with more people?

We got you.

PSB Fitness is a gym run by fitness experts and professionals who understand student life challenges, and they have the solution for you.

At PSB, we emphasize finding a program that works best for you because we believe it is the best way to achieve great results and stay on track.

We also know how important human interactions are.

We have been there too.

PSB Aerobics classes

PSB Fitness is there to support you with your fitness journey. Not only all of our classes have professional instructors, but we also have experienced assistants in class who are there to help you personally, so you never have to worry about falling behind ever again.

Some of our programs and classes include:

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Nutrition Advice
  • Counselling
  • Full Body Analysis
  • Cafe, Lounge, and Sitting area
  • Market Place
  • Spa
  • Workshops and Events

About Our Aerobic Classes

Our Aerobics classes are designed for busy students who want to stay active but don’t have enough time to commit to programs with long training hours. Or just aerobics lovers in general!

Each session is 20 minutes, and between each session, there is a 10-minute break. You can join the class whenever you want, and you can stay for as many sessions as you would like.

Each session has been designed differently, so you don’t have to do the same workout routine over and over again. No one likes that.

Our assistants will also be in each and every class to help you if you need it.

These classes have been designed in a way to offer you efficient and productive workout sessions in short sessions.

Let’s face it.

Working out is way more fun with friends and people who enjoy the same things as you. This is why we want to make sure you get every chance to get to know other people in your classes. Activities will be done in groups so you can meet new people and have even more fun!

You can also bring a loved one to our aerobics classes once a month for no extra charges to enjoy working out together.

You and your friends can visit our great cafe, lounge, or spa together for a little chit chat and shake off the stress. Nothing is better to bond over than a great cup of coffee and an amazing conversation.

So, make sure you stop by.

Top Aerobics Classes in Mississauga

What about COVID-19?

For the time being that all Sheridan campuses are closed, PSB remains shut as well. Should the COVID-19 restrictions be lifted, PSB will be more than happy to welcome you back. We make you a promise to follow the COVID_19 restrictions and regulations closely to ensure you and our team’s safety.

“I’m bored in the house, and I’m in the house bored.”

PSB Aerobic Home Workout

We get it.

But here is the thing.

You don’t have to stay bored.

It’s time to give your dark circles some rest from Netflix and boost that stamina.

And again, we got you.

PSB Aerobics Classes Mississauga

All you need is to check out our Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter accounts for workouts, recipes, and tips on how to survive the pandemic like a champion.

No! we have not forgotten the importance of good music to get you out of your pyjamas and get you in the right mood. Make sure to check out the PSB Fitness | Hype Playlist for the best workout remixes that 2020 has seen on Spotify.


Top Aerobics Classes in Mississauga

PSB Aerobics Classes Mississauga

The Ultimate Sign That You Have Been Waiting For

An offer that you absolutely cannot resist. For the very first month that you become a PSB member, you will be provided with unlimited access to all of our classes, services, and facilities. You can have all the fun you want and experiment with different options and classes to find out what works for you and what services do you want to keep using.

How to Sign Up For PSB Fitness Aerobics Classes

It is time to make peace with your busy school schedule and make your fitness dreams come true.

You sign up by either going to the front desk at any of our locations, or you could sign up online by clicking here.

Don’t worry. If you change your mind, you cancel your membership plan at any time.

If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call or send us an emailand we will get in touch with you.

Where to Find Us

We are not too far and not too close. PSB fitness is located in both Sheridan HMC (Mississauga) and Davis (Brampton) campuses. You could choose whichever location that is more convenient for you. Keep in mind that we are right here, looking forward to seeing you.

Find Us on Maps

Google MapsSheridan College | Hazel McCallion Campus | Mississauga

Google MapsSheridan College | Davis Campus | Brampton

Hope to see you.

Top Aerobics Classes in Mississauga

Watch Out!

Make sure you follow PSB Fitness on all social media platforms for updates, tips, delicious recipes, contests, and more. Also, don’t miss out on Fitness Dance Troupe Mississauga. What are you looking forward to the most from PSB Fitness aerobic classes? Make sure you comment down below at let us know.

Stay safe, and stay tuned.


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T: 905 845 9430



How International Student Can Socialize in Mississauga?

How International Student Can Socialize in Mississauga

The world situation today has put businesses and individuals on their toes, fearing uncertainties, and challenges. So, you can’t predict or anticipate tomorrow’s restrictions and “new normal”. Therefore, planning has become extremely difficult. If making a pause in life for some people is not a big deal and can skip the yearly vacation or family gatherings. But, this pause might be detrimental to others’ future. There is a group of people who are somehow in society’s blindspot today – international students. How international student can socialize in Mississauga?

The silent challenge which international students face in 2020

Well, we often hear about occur difficulties among married people caused by the pandemic. The reason being is often relocating to the home office and spending an enormous time at home working side-by-side with your partner. Also, we also hear about those who are most vulnerable today, homeless and having no safe environment to protect themselves. Somewhere in the middle are international students. Unfortunately, facing extreme challenges impact their mental and physical health.



Well, according to Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada, there were 642,480 international students in Canada as of December 2019. More than half a million students are in a new country, many of them without family and friends in the new country. However, those who came in early 2020 have not had a chance to meet with their peers. They also couldn’t get familiar with the city they live in or the culture because they stayed home for the most part. Feeling lonely, isolated, and anxious from the new place is not a good way to start your college. So, if you feel this way, you might want to read to the end. This blog post will give you some great ideas. Then, you will know how international student can socialize in Mississauga.

Are you a naturally social person? If so, you feel energized just talking to people, it might be hard to cope with the pandemic’s isolation. And if chips and cookies aren’t helping either, look at these fun ways to get into a good mood, have fun and socialize.

How international student can socialize in Mississauga

PSB Fitness help you socialize through group exercises. Sounds like fun, eh?

Image by 272447 from Pixabay 

Register for the program “Fit, In Shape and Connected”

About the program

PSB Fitness is open at HMC and Davis Campus. There, you can find the unique workout program designed to help international students meet their peers. Have fun. Maintain good mental and physical health. Well, did you know that regular physical exercises have a significant effect on your mood, sleep, and self-esteem? 


Interestingly, an article by the US National Library of Medicine National Institute of Health shows that after physical exercise, a person feels happier and sleep better. So, experts say that this positively correlates with achieving higher grades at school. As a result, you feel rested. Also, you can stay focused for longer. Therefore, understanding this information, fitness experts from PSB Fitness created fantastic workout sessions. 


What to expect when you walk in?

You are no longer walking alone and shy into the fitness. Besides, we are here to help you get in shape. Have fun. you Enjoy college.

PSB Fitness staff greets students and supports them making sure that the sessions really help them integrate in Canada. Note, the Fitness follows strictly Covid-19 regulations to keep you safe.

Program details:

  • “Get to know me”– self-introduction of everyone
  • “Get social”– taking an Instagram story for PSB Fitness and exchanging profiles with others
  • “Sweat the stress”– cardio on a fast-paced music background
  • “Kick start your day”– quick 10 minutes of meditation to kick start your day

PSB Fitness locations

Fortunately, you can choose between HMC and Davis Campus. PSB Fitness is located on these two campuses only. Both locations are cleaned and maintained according to Ontario Covid-19 guidelines. Please, rest assured that you will be safe using them. The gyms are equipped with the latest cardio and weight lifting machines. Besides, the integrated technology allowing you to watch movies, track your progress, and personalize speed and intensity according to your goal. Moreover, PSB Fitness got you covered. You Just Show up and Have fun Training.

How a freshman can socialize during the pandemic in Mississauga?

Image by Irina L from Pixabay 

How other students feel about “Fit, In Shape and Connected”?

“Sadly, I used to be a shy person back home. Then, due to the pandemic, I felt super lonely, but after training at PSB Fitness and thanks to the program, things changed for me. So, I met new people and opened up towards others. Today, I feel more confident and part of a community. It’s a mixed feeling of acceptance and home”. – Lorena 

“Well, I personally think that there are various ways a freshman can socialize during the pandemic in Mississauga, but the best way is through fun activities. Surprisingly, when you do something as a team, the distance between people shrinks, and the awkwardness disappear, especially when you have PSB staff to support you.” – Penelope

How international student can socialize in Mississauga

Don’t miss the special offer

How a freshman can socialize during the pandemic in Mississauga?

How international student can socialize in Mississauga?

Today, PSB Fitness offers a chance to win a personalized meal plan by a nutritionist. In addition, according to your personal goal and desired body image, PSB fitness experts are there to help you get in shape. Please, register today via email. Get a chance to win. If you decide not to continue after the first session, you will get your money back. Lastly, please share “How international student can socialize in Mississauga” with other international students who might be interested. Interested in dancing?

Hence, check out Fitness Dance Troupe Mississauga for details.

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Fitness Dance Troupe Mississauga

The UpBeat Dance Troupe

fitness dance troupe mississauga


Looking for a fun fitness dance troupe in Mississauga where you can burn all those calories? Well, say no more, The UpBeat Dance Troupe has got you covered! Get your dancing shoes on because we’re doing it MJ Style. Working out can be sometimes exhausting but we have decided to make it fun for you through our various dance steps and genres we offer.

About Us

We are the best fitness dance troupe in Mississauga

The UpBeat Dance Troupe is a dance club that started in 2020 and is located in the heart of Mississauga and Brampton. We are affiliated with PSB Fitness to bring you the best workout session but with a twist. We want you to bring your dancing shoes and come have fun while breaking a sweat and saying goodbye to those calories.

Our club is also proud to offer you a variety of dance genres with the best choreographers in the game! and not to worry, we keep our prices at an affordable rate and have also provided you with a free trial dance class for two weeks that you can opt-out of at any time.

In ensuring that we are one team, we take pride in doing things together and coordinating our dance classes in groups. All our dance classes are recorded as we publish them on YouTube for entertainment and recognition purposes.

The most exciting thing about us? we have collaborated with a couple of your favorite celebrity dancers and they will be present every month at our dance sessions. So, get ready because it’s about to be fun in this building! We also created a common room for you to chat with your dance mates, have a good time, and cool off. Lockers and changing areas are also provided within the common room.

Oh! seems we left something out……to spice things up a little bit, we are taking things to the next level and have introduced dance battles into our classes. Believe us when we say this is going to be fitness made fun for you like you have never experienced.

Dance Genres 

The UpBeat Dance Troupe provides you with what is hot on the market because we play the latest songs by your favorite artists, learn the newest dances on the block, and of course, add our UpBeat flavor to it.

Our fitness dance troupe is proud to offer you these dance styles:

  • Hip-Hop: If you like street dance, this one is for you! Not only that but we also take you back to the old school dances such as the electric boogie but the “Upbeat” way. Take on freestyle dances, breakdance, popping, and locking and so much more.
  • Zumba: Get ready to break a sweat with this cardio activity combined with Hispanic and international music with outrageous dance moves. This class is especially good for weight loss and will help you tone your entire body. With this class, you can dance to music from the different music genres as well as the different dance genres, consider it a taste of everything. It could be salsa, hip-hop, afrobeat, just name it! Find out more about the benefits of Zumba here!
  • Latina: Serving you with the Latin ballroom styles such as the Cha-Cha as well as social Latin dances e.g. the Merengue. We’re going full Latin on this one and you don’t want to miss it. This is especially great if you like to have dance partners to make the experience more enjoyable. So, get your cha-cha shoes on.
  • Afro-fusion: Come out and have a taste of the African music style combined with western pop. It’s a two in one deal and you’re guaranteed to have a blast. The moves are like no other dance styles you’ve seen, it’s eccentric. The dance moves are fun and involve high energy rhythms. It includes dances such as Azonto, Gwara Gwara, Footwork, Poco dance, Zanku, and the list goes on.
  • Tik-Tok: This is why we’re different, we’ve added the famous Tik Tok as a dance category. Why? because it is what is trending as of now and we want you to feel among. This class would include a compilation of the different Tik Tok dances as well as adding our Upbeatness to it. It’s going to be so much fun and this is one class where you can be free and express yourself through dance.

Group Formation

Fitness Dance Troupe Mississauga

Fitness dance troupe mississauga group

We must ensure you feel comfortable in your respective dance groups, so we have created a few groups to meet your desires and enjoy your time here.

Listed below are the groups:

  • All Females dance group
  • All Males dance group
  • Male and female dance group

Programs & Sessions 

Monday – Ladies Latina:

(10 am -11 am) (3 pm -4 pm) (7 pm -8 pm)

Tuesday: Tik Tok Tuesdays:

(10 am -11 am) (3 pm -4 pm) (7 pm -8 pm)

Wednesday: Happy Hip-Hop

(10 am -11 am) (3 pm -4 pm) (7 pm -8 pm)

Thursday: Zumba Zumba

(10 am -11 am) (3 pm -4 pm) (7 pm -8 pm)

Friday: Afro-fusion

(10 am -11 am) (3 pm -4 pm) (7 pm -8 pm)

Saturday: Dance battles/Happy Hip-Hop

(10 am -11:30 am) (3 pm -4:30 pm) (7 pm -8 :30 pm)

*Dance battles are optional and only run for the last 30 minutes of class, they will include a mix of all dance genres from the week.


Fitness Dance Troupe Mississauga

Sign up today for a fun fitness dance class in Square One Mississauga

As we want to be a team, we also encourage you to sign up and register to become a member of our club. Members receive exclusive deals and are entitled to perks with PSB Fitness. To become a member of The Upbeat Dance Troupe, we are offering a regular membership at a monthly rate of $29.99, however, with our golden membership, you also gain exclusive access to all PSB Fitness facilities and activities for a monthly fee of $49.99.

As a member, you are entitled to one free guest to the dance club for the entire year. We send you promotional offers and you receive invitations for exclusive dance events with your favorite celebrities. Each member is also given a membership card for easy identification.

If it’s your first time at The UpBeat Dance Troupe, we have given you the option of a two-week free trial that you can opt-out of at any time. You can always sign up/register with us on our website or at our PSB Fitness locations. After that, you will receive a PSB Fitness gym package to make your journey with us enjoyable. Above all, fitness is important and so is your mental health and that’s why we have made this class especially fun just for you.

Our fun fitness dance troupe located in Mississauga will take your fitness journey to the next level. That being said, what are you waiting for? Join the family!


COVID-19 Adjustments

How is our fitness dance troupe responding to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic in Mississauga?

The Upbeat Fitness Dance Troupe follows all COVID-19 regulations placed in Mississauga as we care about the health and safety of our customers.

Due to government restrictions, our campuses remain closed for the time being but be rest assured once things open up, we will be more than glad to welcome you back! To keep up with the latest updates concerning COVID 19 regulations and how we will be adapting to the new rules or any future changes, sign up for our Newsletter here.

Contact Us:


Telephone: 905-566-269

Location: Sheridan College PSB Fitness: HMC Campus, Mississauga & Davis campus, Brampton

Follow us @Theupbeatdancetroupe

Fitness dance troupe twitter  Facebook

* Also, feel free to take part in any of these PSB Fitness activities below:



Are you ready to embark on a fitness journey? Are you ready to make new friends? Do you like cute puppies? And finally, do you like to have fun? Are you looking for cheap beginner puppy yoga classes at the Sheridan College Mississauga campus? If you’ve answered YES to all these questions, look no further! PupFitness has got you covered!

About Yoga

Originating in India, yoga has been around for centuries and has been used as an exercise to improve both physical and mental wellbeing. There are many different types, ranging from spiritual to meditative to fitness (hot yoga). From improving flexibility to reducing anxiety, practicing yoga has a range of health benefits. Because of this, it is not surprise that an increasing number of people are doing yoga in all parts of the world. According to the International Yoga Federation, 300 million people around the world practice yoga today (Yogi Times). Although the yoga statistics show that women are more involved in this ancient practice than men, yoga is suitable for all genders and ages.

What Are the Benefits of Puppy Yoga?

PupFitness combines the health benefits of yoga with the added bonus of being accompanied by cute puppies! We understand during these difficult times, finding ways to de-stress have become more important than ever. Studies have proven that just 10 minutes with a dog can significantly impact your mood by reducing stress levels.

If you’re curious, here’s a video to learn more:

Top Reasons to Try Puppy Yoga

There are so many reasons to enjoy yoga with a furry companion, but here we’ve highlighted the top reasons you should get into your leggings, pack your mat, and give it a go:

  • Fitness: Yoga is amazing for the body and mind, and puppy yoga can be a great way to get into fitness in a fun, lighthearted, and un-intimidating environment.
  • Mental wellbeing: Whether you enjoy yoga or not, being around puppies is sure to increase your happiness and make you feel warm and content.
  • Meeting people: Is there any better ice breaker than having a puppy steal your sock or fall asleep on your mat during puppy yoga? It’s a great way to meet a community of like-minded pup lovers just like you and, who knows, form lasting friendships!
  • Puppy wellbeing: Puppies love cuddles too, and puppy yoga is a great opportunity for them to get out of their normal environment and meet new people.

Why should I take classes at PupFitness?

Dog yoga can be an amazing way to work out, make friends and feel balanced and content. Given the popularity of yoga in Canada, it’s no surprise that Canadians already love puppy yoga. With so many opportunities to enjoy yoga with a puppy all around you, there’s no better time to get involved.

At the affordable price of just $30 for a 1 hour puppy yoga session, we provide convenient access to our locations across all three Sheridan College Campus locations (Brampton – Davis, Mississauga – HMC, Oakville – Trafalgar). We are outfitted with modern equipment and a clean and organized space to work out. All of our instructors are certified and have the skills, knowledge, and experience to cater to yoga students of all levels! In addition, we have a limited-time offer of 10% off the first class for new members (use code 10OFFYOGA at checkout).

New to yoga? Not to worry! At PupFitness we have certified yoga instructors that can help guide you throughout the entire lesson and provide additional clarification if needed. You can find a list of yoga essentials here.

But don’t take it from us! Here is what some of our current members have to say about PupFitness:

“I always had trouble committing to the gym. It was always a chore forcing myself to go and when I’d get there, I’d get bored easily and not feel satisfied. I started doing puppy yoga with PupFitness and it was a complete game changer. I am able to achieve my fitness goals because the instructors are super nice and knowledgeable, as well as cuddle with cute pups! This is a must try for everyone and I highly recommend doing this with friends or family!” – Helen R.

“I am an international student from Ukraine and when I came to Canada, it was hard for me to make friends, especially with the language barrier. I felt really lonely and I think that also had a negative impact on my mental health. I came across PupFitness and it’s honestly so much fun. They offer cheap beginner puppy yoga classes at the Sheridan College Mississauga campus and I’ve been able to make so many new friends and I’m really happy after each class. I love how affordable each class is too.” – Alexandra L.

Okay… How do I sign up?

You can sign up by going to the front desk at any of our locations, online by clicking here, or reach us through our contact info below.

Our Response to COVID-19

We take the safety and well-being of our staff members, current members, and community very seriously. We are following government restrictions closely. Some additional measures we have taken include:

  • A reservation for a 1h time slot must be made in advance using our online booking system
  • Prior to every visit you must complete a health attestation
  • Physical distancing (2m) is to be adhered for the duration of the workout session
  • Masks will be required at all times while in the exercise rooms
  • Wash hands or use sanitizer upon entering the facility and when leaving

Follow us on our socials for behind-the-scenes sneak peeks and prize giveaways!

You can also shoot us a message at:

Want to speak to us directly? Give us a call at (905) 897-9622


Want to try something different? These fitness classes might also be of interest to you: