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Virtual reality personal training, now available at the Hazel McCallion (HMC) Campus, is an experience you will never forget.

PSB Fitness brings a whole new experience to exercise through the implementation of virtual reality, more specifically, virtual reality personal training.

Our fitness center provides an immersive and a more private fitness experience for both Sheridan College students and faculty.

Virtual Reality Personal Training

PSB Fitness gives its members an opportunity to immerse themselves in their fitness through virtual reality. One of it’s most unique features is that it serves as a personal trainer but at a significantly lower cost.Using Virtual Reality personal training for meditation

Our virtual reality personal training allows members to select through a variety of different fitness programs that have been designed by professional trainers. A few examples of programs available are yoga, meditation, cardio and strength training.

Moreover, our fitness programs guide the user through their workout. Each exercise is given a 360 demonstration and tips to be certain they are being done effectively. In addition, another neat feature is that the user is provided with real time feedback on their form. It also tracks the number of reps completed and the number of calories burned.

How it works:

PSB Fitness is divided into private work out rooms. Each of these workout rooms contain a virtual reality system and various workout equipment. A few examples of some of the equipment include weights, a treadmill, an elliptical and more. In addition, the room is equipped with sensors which enable the VR system. These sensors are what analyze the movements of the user and through that provide feedback on their form and keep track of the number of reps completed.

Do YOU fit in?

  1. Are you often stressed with school work and life responsibilities?
  2. Are you wanting to be more fit/active?
  3. Do you ever feel as if there is not enough time in a day to exercise?
  4. Do you have “gym anxiety”? (Afraid of being judged by more experienced gym members, feel clueless at the gym)
  5. Is obtaining a personal trainer outside of your budget?

If you answered yes to 1 or more of these questions, the virtual reality personal training at the HMC campus may be the perfect fit for you!

Why YOU should Join:

  • A personal trainer…but cheaper 

Virtual reality personal training replicates many features of a personal trainer. Members can benefit from this as it guides them to reach their goals while being significantly more affordable, especially for students.

  • Variety of exercises available

If you are wanting to destress with some yoga, or wanting a full body workout, PSB Fitness offers a variety of exercises to suit your wants and needs.

  • Easily accessible

Got extra time on campus between classes? Take a break and visit PSB Fitness which is conveniently located right on campus!

What others have said about PSB Fitness and Virtual Reality Personal Training:

“At first I was very skeptical about trying PSB Fitness because I was very self conscious and didn’t know what to do at a gym. PSB Fitness is unlike any other gym I have seen. Their private workout rooms made me a lot more comfortable. As I mentioned previously, I was very self conscious and a beginner. As a result, I thoroughly enjoyed the no contact personal trainer via their virtual reality personal training and benefited through their guided workouts. They are not lying when they say it’s an experience you will never forget. I’ve loved my time at PSB Fitness thus far.” – Sarah Malcom, Student.

“As a student it is very often that I feel stressed. I’ve always wanted to be more fit but I never found the time. When PSB Fitness first opened at the HMC campus, I had no excuse. PSB Fitness really did impact my life in the best way. I now exercise in between or after classes and I feel better than ever. Their guided workout programs have made me a lot less stressed and helped me reach my fitness goals. I’m now in the best shape of my life mentally and physically.” – Michael Swayze, Student

Immerse yourself in your workout! Experience virtual reality personal training along with other unique features for as little as $30.00 a month! Join today for a FREE week trial! 

More information:

Interested in finding out more about VR technology? This article by Technogym discusses its present stage and the future in respect to fitness.

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HMC Transport Anywhere Workout, Immerse Yourself!

PSB Fitness is bringing you something that you have probably never experienced before.

HMC Transport Anywhere Workout

PSB Fitness has incorporated virtual reality, and artificial intelligence to provide the most ideal workout and exercise experience. Located at Sheridan College in Mississauga or Brampton, at HMC or Davis Campus. Join us for a HMC transport anywhere workout!

Using Virtual Reality, Workout Anywhere in the World, at HMC!

At PSB Fitness, you are able to use virtual reality to do any workout or exercise anywhere in the world. Within seconds of starting your workout. Transform your surroundings into an accurate representation of any country, city, or landscape that you choose. It is like a mini getaway to destress. Take a break in a way that you’ve never done before. In addition to that, you will be able to use artificial intelligence to gain direction. You can also get feedback for your choice of exercise or workout. The artificial intelligence will respond to the way you are exercising. It will also provide appropriate comments on what to improve on. It will show you how to improve.

Wherever you dream to be, you can get there without the need of a car, plane, or ship. Let your imagination run wild! You can run in Catalonia, Spain or in Banff, Alberta. You can even practice mixed martial arts with Conor McGregor in Straight Blast Gym Ireland. 

Wondering about all the advantages and benefits of PSB Fitness and HMC transport anywhere workout?

  • Workout and exercise with virtual reality anytime.
  • Transport yourself to anywhere in the world within seconds, right from Sheridan College.
  • Access to artificial intelligence that can evaluate your workout form or exercise in real time.
  • AI will also offer an assessment, improvements, and positive reinforcements.
  • Create an online profile within each student’s personal account. This can track students’ goals, and current weight. It can also track muscle and fat percentage. This is done by using a full body scan.
  • Get healthy not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally.
  • The VR and artificial intelligence are set up in a way to ensure you can destress when using.
  • A large focus on students’ different time availability. Virtual reality glasses are designed with time-sensitive workouts.

To sum up, using virtual reality, workout anywhere in the world during any time at your heart’s desire without having to get in a plane, car, or ship.

Ready to join?

How do you gain access to the HMC transport anywhere workout portion of the gym?

You will need to have a premium membership. To gain a premium membership, firstly, you will need to register at Student Services at the Sheridan Hazel McCallion Campus. Secondly, you will need to pay a small fee of $30.00 per month.

We currently have a couple promotions going on!

Here is a coupon for one-time free use. In order to get the coupon, follow these steps:

  1. Firstly, open the link
  2. Secondly, register your information
  3. Thirdly, arrive at the gym with this coupon on your smart phone for one time free use.

Also, Sheridan students can get a one-week free trial. This free trial takes place when you register at Student Services. This is before you are charged the $30.00 fee. If you are not satisfied, during this one-week free trail, you can opt out at no charge.

HMC Transport Anywhere Workout

“I hate every minute of training. But I said, don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.” – Muhammad Ali

Check out how virtual reality is changing the fitness industry:

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Virtual Reality Personal Training HMC Campus

Immersive Virtual Reality Workout Mississauga Brampton

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Track Fitness Progress and Goals HMC

Do you need a way to track fitness progress and goals?

The new PSB Fitness is now open at HMC and Davis locations at Sheridan College. It will feature the ability to track fitness progress and goals at HMC and Davis. This gym will go beyond the average treadmill and weight equipment. Instead, it will feature a Virtual Reality experience with the ability to immerse yourself into an alternate universe. In addition, the use of artificial intelligence to integrate activities like basic exercises, yoga, and training programs while being in any landscape in the world! To illustrate, think about your ultimate dream vacation. Next, think about where in the world that landscape is. Now, next time you come to PSB Fitness, you can go to that dream location while working out! Not to mention, tracking your fitness progress and goals along the way. 

What we see:                                                  What you see:   

fitness progress and goalsWhat the customer sees when working out while using virtual reality

Going beyond exercising, every premium member will have their own personal virtual reality account! This will have the ability to track fitness progress and goals in HMC and Davis campuses. Here is what this account can do:

How we track your fitness progress and goals:

Upon entering the gym, our virtual reality professionals will set up your personal account through your Sheridan One Card. Next, we will use artificial intelligence technology to perform a full body scan. By stepping into our scanning room, we will use a series of pictures and videos to capture your body structure. After about 1 minute you will get your result! Check out what the process looks like here

What your results mean:

After your full body scan, our trained fitness expert will go through the results with you. During the scan we will take various body measurements such as:

  • Body fat percentage
  • Muscle percentages
  • Body weight
  • Waist, leg, and arm size
  • 3D body scan

After that, these results will be explained to you and what they mean. Above all, you can use this to track your personal progress and goals. Common goals and progress we often see include training for running. Overall, if this is an activity you want to improve on, our trained fitness expert will recommend goals for you! This is an example of what your personal account will look like:

fitness tracking shows progress and goals

This incudes, a weekly log of your body mass index. Additionally, ways to improve your fitness journey and a time frame. Lastly, you can record how you feel each week. This can help to track mood changes which can help the technology better adapt to your needs.

Benefits of a personal account:

In conclusion, this account will give you the ability to keep a log of your personal fitness progress. This progress will match up with corresponding goals. In addition, you can update your account by weekly scans of your body. By doing this, our artificial intelligence will automatically log your progress and update you on what to do differently and to keep doing! Above all, we want you to experience progress in your personal fitness journey, whether it’s big or small! 

How to Join:

PSB Fitness basic membership is included in your student fees for the semester. However, the premium membership that uses our virtual reality technology, is $30 a month. In addition to this service the premium membership will also feature:

Following this, PSB Fitness offers a free one week trial for our premium membership, which you can use before you opt out of Student Fees. Likewise, just let our fitness expert know you want to redeem your one week free trial! Our fitness expert would love to help you out to finally achieve your fitness goals! 

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Immersive virtual reality workout Mississauga Brampton

Immersive virtual workout with weight

PSB fitness: An immersive virtual reality workout in Mississauga and Brampton

The new PSB fitness is now open! A new gym with high-end equipment, certified trainers and immersive virtual reality workout programs on both campuses in Mississauga and Brampton.


What is an immersive virtual reality workout? 

Offered in both Mississauga and Brampton, it is a tool that provides club members personalized, customized and time-sensitive workouts. The virtual reality features can be matched with your fitness goals and wishes. The immersive virtual reality workout promises interactive and more effective training sessions with features designed to optimize the workouts. One of these features is the personal virtual reality account. It tracks members’ goals, current weight, muscle and body fat. It uses a full-body scan helping them to reach their fitness and health goals; virtual training plans; workout guidance (based on the individual progress); and immersive virtual reality workouts which allow you to choose what, where, how and for how long you want to work out. Immersive virtual workout assisted by a certified trainer

What possibilities does an immersive virtual reality workout provide me?
Immersive virtual workout Mississauga Brampton

The immersive virtual reality workout aims to please every different type of trainer while making your workout much more fun.  But, for many people workouts are boring and not motivating. However, immersive virtual reality is changing it. The possibilities allowed by virtual reality workout include short training for those days when you do not have a lot of spare time; interactive accounts that help you follow up your progress and your gym habits; a wide selection of classes such as Zumba, Boxing, spinning bike, running modes, circuit training and much more; execution guidance for when you need help with some exercise; and the immersive virtual reality place mode that transports you to anywhere in the world while working out.

How to use immersive virtual reality in my workout routine?  Himalaya yoga

The immersive virtual reality can be used as a complement to your workout or as a full training session. If you want to do a 15 min cardio to warm up, why not escape from the boredom of a regular treadmill? Try the virtual reality glasses to go to a nice run by the beach in Miami. But if lifting is not what you like the most, you can simply choose to go for a yoga class in the Himalayans. On the other hand, if the most important thing for you is reaching your fitness goals; what about having the full-time assistance of a personal trainer while you are at the gym without paying for one? Then, the immersive virtual reality workout can make it for you. Miami Beach run

What are the benefits of an immersive virtual reality workout program?

While The benefits are based on personal criteria. We have found some main points that address most of the concerns/expectations regarding workouts. Immersive virtual workout Mississauga Brampton

The first one is Time. For many people, time is a real issue. But the idea of lack of time is, in most cases, what stops people from working out. Either believed that they do not have time to work out or they cannot do a good workout in 15-30, so they do not even try. The second finding is stress. Workouts are well-known allies of hormones such as endorphin. Endorphin acts as a happiness booster, pain relief and helps to promote well-being. The last point is motivation. Either if you are a beginner or advanced level you might lack motivation for a different number of reasons. Being pushed hard is what motivates some people while others feel motivated by seeing results.

Whatever criteria fit you the most, an immersive virtual reality workout can find a way to suit you. If it is time, there are short workouts that can be done in 10 minutes. If it is the stress relief you are looking for, you can get it with virtual reality. It can take you to a meditation or yoga class anywhere in the world. It will make you distress your mind from your busy school routine in a few minutes. But if your case is motivation, you can track your progress and check up on your results.  It also provides you with workout guidance in both Mississauga and Brampton. Immersive virtual workout Mississauga Brampton

How can I take advantage of the immersive virtual reality workout?

To take advantage of the immersive virtual reality workout all you need is to join the premium membership. You can join the membership at the PSB gym in Mississauga or Brampton. For C$30.00 per month, you can enjoy the immersive virtual reality workout.  Its features will make your life easier and turn the workout into the best part of your day. Join us today for a free week trial!

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