Looking for affordable beach fun time, workout, and socialization altogether? This cheapest indoor beach gym has got it all for you!




PSB FITNESS is a recreational and fitness center that offers an outdoor beach experience all year round. The goal is to help students to socialize, relieve stress, increase endorphins, stay fit and healthy while enjoying the beach the entire year. It provides a warm and welcoming environment for people to join a fun and active culture in a beach setting.

At PSB fitness, the ‘Fun in the Sun’ never ends! Be part of a community aiming to promote a fun environment providing physical and mental well-being activities for all. So come in, because summer is just around the corner!

It is a place offering a cozy environment to socialize with new people I


You do not have to wait for next summer to go to the beach. Yes, It’s true!  Because PSB fitness offers a variety of summer activities in a beach setting the entire year. Our members can enjoy outdoor team-based sports including beach volleyball, basketball, soccer, handball and frisbee.


PSB FITNESS offers the ultimate swim workout experience in a beach setting. Our members can have beach fun and save time, by giving their bodies full-body workout by a great swim workout. Swim workout is the best full-body exercise for building endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness.


Members can chit-chat while enjoying protein bars and drinks after work-out.


Our experts are available to offer the cheapest and affordable classes to help you achieve your fitness goals and engage you in group-based activities.


PSB Fitness is one and only to offer a unique beach setting at the fitness centre. The ‘Sun and Sand’ keeps summer the entire year for its loving members. It not only focuses on the well-being and fitness of members but cares about their privacy and socialization. Such a warming beach experience at surprisingly low rates can only be found at PSB fitness centre. It is the cheapest indoor beach gym in Mississauga, which is easily affordable for students.


Do you want to sign up online or meet us in person?  Your call!

We are only one click away from signing up.

To meet us in person, please walk-in to the welcome desk of Sheridan College in A Building. We will be happy to help you and get you started on your journey of fitness at the beach.


For our fun-loving customers, we are offering a 20% discount on our swimming classes for the first month. Members can collect points on the loyalty card for signing up for classes and purchasing snacks/drinks at PSB fitness. These points can be used for future purchases. Members can bring in more friends to participate in group activities and get 200 points towards their card. If you want to get a real experience before subscribing, we understand it. That is why we are offering you to get 3-day free pass to have fun at the beach gym and try swim workouts. Do not forget to follow and subscribe to our social media for cheap rates and exciting offers.


Indoor beach gym is conveniently close to getting your heart pumping ad burn calories in a variety of classes offered by us. We are located in Mississauga, close to Sheridan College and Square one mall. This location is easily accessible for all Sheridan students and the public.



7 AM- 7 PM

For any further information, please call at +1 905-845-9430 or consult with the information desk at Sheridan College.

Indoor Beach Gym : First of its kind in Mississauga

About PSB Fitness: Sun & Sand 

A friendly and welcoming one of a kind indoor beach gym. A place for the community to join a fun and active culture in a beach setting. We focus on healthy living and building fun & engaging environment, where everyone feels welcome. Hoping to foster a strong sense of a cohesive community and inclusivity. Home to activities such as sports tournaments, fitness challenges, and community events.

Facilities available: Indoor Beach, Pool, Sauna.

Indoor temperature-controlled rooms to resemble the climate like that of a tropical region. Featuring an indoor beach gym & volleyball court, sauna rooms, Olympic size pool, and a weight room.

Olympics Size Pool featured at PSB Fitness: Sun & Sand Indoor Beach Gym & Volleyball Court featured at PDB Fitness: Sun & Sand Sauna Room features at PSB Fitness: Sun & Sand

Additionally, we offer yoga and Pilates classes, held in our temperature-controlled beach setting rooms. Our on campus student run snack bar is always prepped with great healthy alternatives that make your workout worth it. We have personal trainers available to hire on a weekly basis. Our trainers are well trained and wholly dedicated to your well-being.

Why choose PSB Fitness: Sun & Sand?

We are home to Mississauga’s first ever indoor beach gym. These temperature-controlled rooms are a great place to ‘sweat it out’. They are exceptional stress relivers and make the cold Canadian winters a lot more bearable. These one of a kind temperature-controlled rooms make being motivated to work out in the cold winter months much easier.

We are a student focused gym, a place dedicated to the community but also determined to give students the best possible facilities to be their best selves. Our student rates for the facilities we offer are quite affordable.

We make working out fun, focusing on one’s entire well-being and not just the physical aspect of it. Aside from the facilities offered by any fitness club we also host sports tournaments, fitness challenges, and community events.

Here at PSB Fitness, we’re not just a Fitness Club, we’re a part of the community. Located at the heart of the city, we consistently strive to be a community hot spot. We pride ourselves on our mission to always make it feel like you belong. Everyone is welcome at PSB Fitness: Sun & Sand.


Package Access Pricing
Sheridan Students
  • All Facilities not including personal training.
*Price included in Tuition

*Additional Charges for Personal Trainer Facilities.

Students (Other Universities & Colleges)
  • Indoor Volleyball Court
  • Weight Room
  • Pool & Sauna Facilities
  • Yoga & Pilates Classes
$20 / Month


Sheridan Staff
  • All Facilities not including personal training.
$25 / Month

*Additional Charges for Personal Trainer Facilities.

Bronze Member
  • Indoor Volleyball Court
  • Pool & Sauna Facilities
$25 / Month
Silver Member
  • Indoor Volleyball Court
  • Weight Room
  • Pool & Sauna Facilities
  • Yoga & Pilates Classes
$35 / Month
Gold Member
  • Indoor Volleyball Court
  • Weight Room
  • Pool & Sauna Facilities
  • Yoga & Pilates Classes
  • 2 Weekly personal training sessions
$50 / Month

Promotions & Additional Offerings

Free trial classes available.

30% off memberships for a period of three months if you get a friend to register.

Children (5-15) of Bronze, Silver & Gold Members can use the pool facilities during free swim sessions.

Sheridan Students & Staff get 2 complimentary personal training sessions of 2 hours each every 6 months.

All members including students get 2 guest passes per month.


Hours of Operation

Days of the Week


Monday – Friday 6 am – 11 pm
Saturday & Sunday 8 am – 9 pm

The club will remained closed on Statutory Holidays


We are located in the heart of the City of Mississauga, in close proximity to Square One Shopping Centre. Our facility is adjacent to Sheridan College – Hazel McCallion Campus. Our central location makes PSB Fitness: Sun & Sand a prime community spot for both students and citizens of the City of Mississauga.

Address: 4180 Duke of York Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5B 0G5, Canada

Heart of the City of Mississauga - Prime Location

Contact Information & location

Phone: +1 905-845-9430

For more information you can visit us at Beach Fitness Socials, Mississauga, ON, Canada.

The First Beach Fitness Socials In Mississauga



Who are we?

PSB Fitness is the first fitness center that offers beach fitness socials in Mississauga!

PSB Fitness is a one-of-a-kind fitness center that provides a unique experience of an indoor beach gym.

Our goal is to promote healthy and active living in a fun way that will provide a complete summer experience to our members all year round.

We dedicate our gym to create beach fitness socials in Mississauga for you and your friends to join an active, healthy, fun, and welcoming community.

At PSB Fitness our theme is the sun is always out! There are always fun and eventual beach fitness socials in Mississauga at the city’s first-ever beach fitness center. Enjoy the wide variety of activities that we offer from beach volleyball to tanning, to just enjoying a drink with friends after a workout!


What do we offer?

 At PSB fitness we have developed a state-of-the-art facility that has the same characteristics as a real beach by the water! This new and unique facility will provide you with relaxing beach-themed workouts so you can enjoy the feeling of the sun, sand, and water even in the winter months!

We also offer registration to participate in our fun team sports which include beach volleyball, beach soccer, and frisbee! Our vision is to use group activities to create a community that assists its members in living a healthy and active lifestyle and really embody that into their everyday choices.

After working out, members can enjoy some time by the snack bar and can enjoy their post-workout drinks

So be ready to be the best version of you and bring along your friends and prepare to meet many more!



We are conveniently located at Mississauga’s downtown core near Square One Mall, close to Sheridan College at the Hazel McCallion campus. This location is conveniently located near the college for students to have easy access from all 3 Sheridan campuses.

Click here to see our location


For Sheridan students, the cost of the membership is included in their tuition fee if they decide to opt-into it.

For others, the membership will cost $40/month without any commitment contracts and that includes everyday access to all of the services we provide.



To incentivize you to bring your friends, we are offering a $25 gym credit for each referral. The credit can be used at our snack bar or to buy our merch!


Why PSB Fitness?

You’ve read this far, now… why choose us?

PSB Fitness is a new, fun, and exciting way to work out and meet new people.

Unlike traditional gyms that are intimidating to go to, we are welcoming, and we want you to bring your energy to help us create a community that focuses on healthy and active living.

Ditch the old fashion of way of getting fit and become a part of the new wave of fun and social workouts that will help you improve your health and social life!


For more information, you can also visit PSB Fitness.

Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to see what we’re all about and to stay up to date on our latest developments.


What are you waiting for? Visit our website now to complete your membership registration and join the gym that offers beach fitness socials for all!





            PSB FITNESS is an Indoor beach fitness gym located in Mississauga. It is a recreational and fitness center for college students. The fitness center is beach themed which allows students enjoy summer pleasures all year round, especially in winter. The goals of our gym are to encourage social interaction and student community building through group fitness exercises and activities. Also helping students maintain or start living a healthy and active lifestyle.

    Fitness gym & Indoor beach

    30+ Beach Center ideas | indoor beach, beach volleyball, beach

    Why PSB Fitness?

    At our gym we offer an outdoor beach experience, variety of group and individual fitness activities which help students to meet their fitness goals.

    Also provides customers with a social environment and ambiance to socialize and meet new students. The perfect way to relieve stress from school. Enjoy all beach activities with fellow students. Our trainers help students set and meet specific goals by helping them choose the best activities for them the gym has to offer.

    Where are we located? 

    The gym’s location is a major and important aspect of the gym’s goals. It is located in close proximity to the college in Mississauga. This allows students to easily come to the gym and reduce travel time as they shuffle

    A student at our recreational centrebetween school and the gym. We also have Information regarding all aspects of our fitness gym is also available on our online website.

    Discounts & promotions

    We’d love to welcome new members every day. An in order to encourage as many people as we can we offer Loyalty point programs; Students can build their points each time they visit the gym and the number of points accumulated at the end of the year can be used as a discount towards their next membership.

    We also offer free one day trials for potential customers who want to know more about our indoor beach and experience it before they buy their membership cards.

    Want to enjoy our indoor beach? Sign up now!

    The gym is normally priced so student would be able to afford especially if they do not have part-time jobs. We want to welcome as many students as possible to enjoy our space and interact with other students, and we believe the cost of the gym membership should not be what’s stopping them. So, we focus on providing a low-priced gym membership for students. The membership fees are paid monthly at 20$ per month.


    PSB FITNESS has a lot more to offer compared to other gyms in the area.

    Social interaction
    Social interaction among students at our gym, a safe space for everyone.

    ·       PSB fitness is the first of its kind. It is a fun and relaxing environment where college students can come to after a stressful academic day. It is a warm, friendly engaging environment that fosters a community of students, helps and encourages them to expand their circle and meet fellow students.

    ·       Students can improve their social life as well as working to improve their health and fitness goals. At PSB fitness there are a lot of recreational activities and exercise students could choose from, we also have personal support staff to help students trying to create and start a healthy life.

    ·       With the large variety of Individual, group and recreational exercises offered at our gym at different times. Students are able to pick which one’s best suit them and fit their schedules. This makes a great way for students to balance school, work and gym.


    Purchase membership now and become part of a great social community while improving your fitness and wellbeing because it is a great opportunity to expand your social circle.

    Send us an email if you have any further questions about our gym and sign up for our newsletters to stay updated on all the activities and promotions happening at our fitness center.



Indoor Beach Gym: Relieve Stress with Summer Activities!

Welcome to PSB’s Indoor Beach and Fitness Gym!

Relieve Stress with Indoor Beach Summer Activities

 Indoor Beach and Fitness Gym Summer Activities to Relieve Stress

Welcome to PSB Mississauga: Indoor Beach and Fitness Gym that provides Summer Activities to Relieve Stress! Our goal is to promote a friendly environment filled with fun activities and socialization to help ease your way into studies and enjoy some time for yourself.


At PSB fitness, the “Fun in the Sun” never ends! Mississauga’s Indoor Beach and Fitness Gym filled with summer activities to relieve stress! We promote a happy environment surrounded by physical and mental well-being for all. Come in, summer is just around the corner!


Where are we?

PSB FITNESS is an indoor beach and fitness gym for college students in Mississauga Ontario. We are close to Sheridan College HMC campus to help students juggle the college-personal life and have access to the gym easily and avoid extra transportation costs. Students are able to attend gym classes after classes, exams, or even just socializing with others when needed.

What is our goal?

The theme “Fun in the Sun” provokes a sensation for students to enjoy summer all-year-long and inspires students to stay active even during the cold winters. The goal for PSB’s indoor fitness gym is to help students socialize and build connections with others by joining fitness classes, summer activities, and enjoying the warm atmosphere with some cooling drinks and snacks that are healthy and promote a healthy lifestyle.

What are we and what do we do?

 Indoor Beach and Fitness Gym Summer Activities to Relieve Stress          Indoor Beach and Fitness Gym Summer Activities to Relieve Stress

Students love our indoor beach gym! Our gym gives students a slice-of-life when looking for an outdoor beach experience. The gym also offers group activities that are enjoyable in the summer, such as volleyball, beach ball,  tanning, and more. We also help students establish their fitness goals and inspires fitness activities and sand workouts. Students can socialize in a friendly environment by meeting new students and enjoying healthy snacks and cold drinks, such as lemonade, protein shakes, and flavoured ice cones to help students have energy during or post workout!

 Indoor Beach and Fitness Gym Summer Activities to Relieve Stress

             Live Stress Free; have a lemonade!         


Want to look good for graduation day?

Our gym’s personal trainers are there to support your fitness goals and help you achieve them. These trainers are professionals who offer advice and plans for students who are limited on time. These students can ask for advice from a trainer and set goals that meet their needs and requirements. The following article provides you with tricks to living a healthy lifestyle and methods to reduce stress:


Membership Pricing:

The gym is made for students who work part-time or have no income. As a result, our gym is  targeted as a low-priced gym membership to help students keep their active lifestyle and enjoy the outdoors when needed. The gym aims to help students de-stress and focuses on mental health, therefore, the membership are affordable for students and can provides students the opportunity to become part of an active community that helps them collaborate with others.

The membership price is $15 per month and can be included in tuition with (Opting In) during enrolment. After graduation, students can keep their memberships as long as they were graduates from Sheridan at the discounted price of $20 per month.

We also offer loyalty programs that help promote our diverse community and provides students with exclusives, such as free months, discounts, and win a week for a friend! The program works as follows:

  1. Students scan their cards upon their visit 1 visit=10 points
  2. Once students reach 10000 points, they are able to win an exclusive reward as mentioned above.
  3. Students can redeem these points by signing into our website.

Students who are unsure about our gym can also have free trials by signing up for the first time and will win a week free trial as a “Welcome” gift.


Convinced Yet?

Our Mississauga Indoor Beach and Fitness Gym provides Summer Activities to Relieve Stress; therefore, students can collaborate with others through fitness classes, summer activities, and snacking!

Socializing with others

What are you waiting for?

Begin your journey with us and enjoy long-lasting days of your favourite season.


Summer is Always Around the Corner






Good Morning from PSB Fitness!

Indoor Beach Gym workouts. A button that leads to a workout routine page.
Come take a breath of warm air in the middle of winter!

Hello Mississauga! Let’s play indoor beach volleyball together!

Hello Mississauga! We’re PSB fitness, an indoor beach volleyball gym opening soon in Mississauga! Are you as excited as we are about our new location opening near Sheridan College in January? We will bring you the very best in therapeutic beach-themed workouts so you can enjoy the feeling of sun, sand and water, even in a Canadian winter! We have an indoor pool and sand pits that mimic the sea shore with infrared lights heating our classes from above. Our aim is to build an inclusive community focused on healthy living right here in our indoor beach volleyball gym in Mississauga. Our classes will focus on group activities on sand and in water, so feel free to invite some friends and get ready to make a lot more new ones! After hot workouts, you and your new friends can cool off with a icy treat from our snow cone bar!

Summer fun even in winter!

Here at PSB Fitness we believe in building a sense of camaraderie while we all progress towards our fitness goals together. Support is offered by instructors and peers as you engage in fun group activities both on the sand and in the water! Although our volleyball games can competitive from time to time, there’s always activities available that are less intensive and more casual. Join one of our hot yoga sessions if you want to stretch out your worries thin! Having a slow day? You’re always welcome to grab a book and relax by water while catching a tan. This space is to have a good time with peers where you leave feeling better than when you came in. PSB aims to accomplish that by offering a judgement free zone and great company!


Click for more information about our beach parties
Come celebrate life at our monthly Charity Beach Party!

Swing by for a game of beach volleyball during our monthly beach parties to help us raise funds for charity! Supporting Water Aid and the Coral Reef Alliance helps us give a little something back to the world. We believe in being a socially responsible business. We want to use our position to try and make the world a little better where and when we can. So please join us in creating an inclusive and welcoming environment where we can practice mental and physical wellbeing together. Please remember to follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to stay updated on our latest developments! Remember PSB Fitness! An indoor beach volleyball gym that hopes to brighten your days with joy of a day in the sun!

It’s always beachy at PSB Fitness!

For more information regarding our membership pricing structure please click here.

If you are interested in setting up an appointment with one of our instructors or dropping in for a complimentary introductory class please click here. We always welcome newcomers to see how they acclimatize to our climate, before committing to a membership!

Want to find out more about our partnered charities and what they do around the world? Sign up for our monthly newsletter to stay current!

Come have a splashing good time!