Revolutionize your hiring process with PSB Recruit

Revolutionize Your Hiring Process with Our Advanced ATS System PSB Recruit

PSB Recruit welcomes you to the revolution of the talent acquisition process with our cutting-edge ATS platform. Our user-friendly software makes it easier than ever for job seekers to find the ideal job that matches their passions and career aspirations. 

We’re excited to announce that an industry expert will be joining us to share valuable insights and knowledge with our audience. This is an opportunity we’re incredibly grateful for and can’t wait to hear from our esteemed speaker.

Why PSB Recruit

Streamline Your Hiring Process with PSB Recruit's Advanced ATS System
Learn about the capabilities of our ATS software, which has been created to revolutionize the hiring process. Our simple-to-use software will assist you in finding the most qualified applicants for your open positions. Our applicant tracking system (ATS) optimizes your hiring process, saving you time and money, with cutting-edge features like resume screening, applicant tracking, and interview scheduling.

Save time and quality In addition to saving you time, our ATS system also enables you to make more educated hiring selections. With the help of our sophisticated features, you can easily filter resumes, keep track of applications, and set up interviews. You may find the most qualified candidates and choose the best hires by using this data-driven hiring technique.

Find your dream job
At PSB Recruit, we understand that finding the right job can be a daunting task. That's why we've designed our ATS system to be user-friendly, making it easy for job seekers to find the job that aligns with their career aspirations and passions. With our platform, you can quickly and easily apply for jobs that match your skills and experience. Join us today and take the first step towards finding your dream job.

Know our speaker

Ms. Eliza Simpson is a Talent Acquisition Specialist/ Recruiter at eFloor. She has joined our PSB Recruit family recently and with extensive experience in the recruitment industry. They have a proven track record of attracting top talent across various industries, with a deep understanding of the job market and challenges faced by job seekers and employers, now with PSB Recruit.

More on ATS

Solution to the search of quality employees and jobs

“An ATS system streamlines the recruitment process, making it faster and more efficient for both employers and job seekers”

John Smith

What are you waiting for?

PSb recruit is now offering a webinar for all of you where you get the chance to meet and hear about the experiences of our speakers like Eliza Simpson, Dr. Stephen Parker and many more. Register now!

Secure onboarding software for Fintech

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PSB Recruit Mobile Recruitment Software

PSB Recruit is a new software that simplifies the recruitment process, featuring mobile data-driven software that allows you to access niche industries to find the best candidates. This customized mobile niche candidate recruitment platform allows works directly with pre-existing programs and websites and can be completely customized to your needs. 

customized mobile niche candidate recruitment

Customized Mobile Niche Candidate Recruitment Made Easy


Our First Webinar. PSB Recruit: Modern Customized Mobile Niche Candidate Recruitment, Made Easy.

The “Modern Recruitment, Made Easy” webinar will look into PSB Recruit Software and its focus on customized mobile niche candidate recruitment. The webinar will take place on April 1st and feature, guest speakers, demonstrations, and a final panel discussion for viewers to ask questions to the makers of PSB Recruit and guest speakers.  This PSB Recruit webinar will be the first to go live showcasing the amazing features that PSB Recruit software provides for its users showcasing, the integrated diversity and inclusion features, it’s platform compatibility and unlocking potential within niche industry markets.


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Customized Mobile Niche Candidate Recruitment, Made Easy

PSB Recruit presents, the “Modern Recruitment, Made Easy” webinar taking place on April 1st. This online webinar will provide insightful discussions on recruitment, finding the best candidates for your team, diversity and inclusion in hiring and exploring niche industry markets for the best candidates. This webinar will directly interact with PSB Recruit software to showcases its features and benefits. Along with how it can benefit a variety of companies simplifying the hiring process. This webinar will feature guest speakers that will provide insight into how this new customizable niche candidate recruitment mobile platform has reinvented the hiring process. 

Guest Speakers

customized mobile niche candidate recruitment

Morgan James

Morgan James is author of Hiring in the Modern Age and CEO of the Markus Homes Company. He will provide insight into diversity and inclusion in the workforce.

customized mobile niche candidate recruitment

Gordon Blake

Acclaimed specialist Gordon Blake will provide insight into PSB Recruit software and current hiring trends. Gordon has become a crucial resource in hiring and human resource management.

Watch the Modern Recruitment, Made Easy Webinar on April 1st to interact with our guest speakers and our panel discussion of experts on the newest customized mobile niche candidate recruitment software  

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customized mobile niche candidate recruitment

“PSB Recruit has completely changed the recruitment and hiring process for our team. Our HR team has been able to access candidates within the service industry. PSB Recruit has truly reimagined how our company hires. “


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Learn more about PSB Recruit: Customized Mobile Niche Recruitment

Register for our upcoming webinar to access the benefits of PSB Recruit and how this customizable mobile software can help you access the best candidates within niche industries. 

customized mobile niche candidate recruitment

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Redefining the Hospitality Industry with AI Recruitment Software

The Future We Have All Been Waiting for in Recruitment for the Hospitality Industry is Here:
AI Recruitment Software

With an AI powered recruitment software you can make the recruitment process more efficient and seamless for your organization while recruiting the best and most qualified candidates for open positions.


AI Powered Recruitment Software Webinar

Ready The Webinar will go over how the future of recruitment in the hospitality industry, with a focus on hotels, is AI powered. The webinar will discuss what artificial intelligence is and what it does in the software. It will also cover benefits of using an AI Powered recruitment software. There will be a demo on how it is used to show you how seamless the experience is. At the end you will also have the opportunity to ask any questions so that you leave with no doubts in your mind. 

Ready to Experience a More Seamless and Efficient Recruitment Process Powered by AI?

Webinar Agenda: 

1. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its Role in Recruitment for the Hospitality Industry

2. Benefits of Having an AI Recruitment Software in the Hospitality Industry, With a Focus on Hotels 

3. A Brief Demonstration on How to Use the Software 

4. Q&A Session: Opportunity for Guests to Ask Questions About the AI Recruitment Software

Meet The Speakers:

Speaker 1 : ANGELA PALM

PSB Recruitment Advisor and Specialist 


PSB Developer and Engineer

Trusted by leading brands


“Using AI Powered PSB Recruitment Software has made it easier for my team to hire the best individuals while saving time and resources.”

SHEni BRad, Hiring Manager, Delta Hotels

The Best Recruitment is AI Powered

Take the next step and jump into the future with AI powered recruitment software. It will make hiring quality candidates for open positions in your organization seamless and more efficient. You will also be able to eliminate human error and bias along the way. Don’t get left behind!

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PSB Recruit Workshop

PSB Recruit Workshop-
One Stop Solution

PSB Recruit Software is a comprehensive software solution designed to help organizations and recruitment agencies manage their operations more efficiently. Our software provides features that enable you to streamline your recruitment processes, reduce manual data entry, and improve your overall productivity.

Join us to learn more about it!

Streamline your recruitment process with PSB Recruit Software.

PSB Recruit Software webinar! 

This webinar is designed to provide you with an overview of our software solution and the benefits it can offer your organization.

PSB Recruit Software is a comprehensive platform that streamlines your recruitment processes, saves you time, and improves your overall productivity.

This webinar begins in-


During this webinar, we will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to PSB and our mission
  • Overview of the recruitment process
  • Types of jobs and industries we specialize in
  • Tips for success in the recruitment process

Hiring process made easy with PSB Software.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from experienced professionals.


Trusted by leading brands

Unlock the full potential of your organization with PSB Recruit Software.

We hope that this webinar will provide you with a better understanding of PSB Recruit Software and the ways in which it can benefit your recruitment agency. Whether you’re a small agency or a large enterprise, our software is designed to help you optimize your recruitment process and achieve greater success.

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PSB’s AI-Powered Recruitment Software – Mississauga

Technology & beyond - AI powered Recruitment Software

PSB’s AI-powered recruitment software uses advanced algorithms to automate and streamline various stages of the recruitment process, such as resume screening, candidate ranking, and scheduling interviews. By leveraging AI, this software can help companies save time and improve the quality of their hires, while also providing a better candidate experience process. Register today to know more about our recruitment software.

Transform Your Travel & Tourism Recruitment Process with PSB's AI-Powered Recruitment Software

As a travel and tourism industry professional, finding the right candidates to represent your brand can make all the difference. PSB’s AI-powered recruitment software can help you find top talent, streamline your hiring process, and save valuable time and resources. With features automated resume screening and candidate ranking, you’ll be able to quickly identify the most qualified applicants and make best decisions. Plus, our software is tailored to unique needs of travel and tourism industry, so you can rest assured that you’re getting a solution that meets your specific needs.

Looking for a recruitment solution that’s tailored to the unique needs of the travel and tourism industry? Our recruitment software is designed to help you find the best candidates for your business, whether you’re looking for front-line staff, hospitality professionals, or travel experts. With a user-friendly interface and exceptional customer support, you can rest assured that you’ll have everything to succeed.

Take your recruitment process to the next level with PSB’s AI-powered recruitment software! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to optimize your recruitment process and gain a competitive edge.

Look into the glimpse video about the Recruitment Software webinar!

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Unleash the AI tool with remote recruitment process.

Attend our webinar session on 5th March from 5pm – 7pm EST to explore the advanced AI technology used in our recruitment software, its ease of using and inputing technical aspects of specific recruitment roles. Register for webinar at Misssissauga if you want to reduce the recruitment process without compromising the hiring standards.

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Rethinking HR with AI software in hospitality industry

AI is a boon to the hospitality industry and help in redefining the leisure industry. 

Futureproof your recruitment with AI software in Hospitality Industry


Our speakers from PSB Recruit and Recruitee will highlight the key components of using AI software to make better recruits in this webinar. When it comes to candidate sourcing, the applicant experience, time to hire, and many other factors,  HR with AI software for hospitality industry  is crucial  Watch our virtual panel above to learn how to stay on top of the trends.

Key takeaways from the virtual panel include:
How the hotel business can use recruitment data in a far-off place. 
Using AI softwares in the hospitality industry to identify the best routes for talent sourcing and attraction. 
Data on the trends in hiring for 2023 
 Guidelines for building a clients’ recruitment KPI, data, and insights dashboard.


AI software in hospitality industry

At Recruitee, one of the most dynamic unicorn firms, Anastasia Thomas is the Director of Talent Acquisition. Her company has employed more than 750 team members in a single year, and she is constantly eager to share their experience and hiring best practises with the community.

Joe Hambleton is the PSB Recruit’s Recruitment Team Lead. Throughout the past year, he has worked to develop the Recruitment Team and put fair and consistent hiring procedures into place.

AI software in the hospitality industry is a BOON?

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AI software in hospitality industry

Sign up now !

Watch the webinar now or watch it at your leisure by using the link automatically sent to you upon registration.

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“Revolutionize Your Onboarding Process with PSB Recruit: The Recruitment Tool to Streamline Your HR Functions”

recruitment tool which can streamline onboarding

"Revolutionize Your Onboarding Process with PSB Recruit: The Recruitment Tool to Streamline Your HR Functions"

If you’re struggling to streamline your recruitment process and improve your onboarding experience, look no further than PSB Recruit! We invite you to join us on April 1st, 2023, for an informative webinar that will showcase the many benefits of our comprehensive recruitment tool. Also, during the webinar, our keynote speaker will delve into the details of how PSB Recruit can optimize your HR functions and enhance employee retention through efficient onboarding. With PSB Recruit, you can revolutionize your recruitment process and make onboarding a breeze. So don’t hesitate and fill out the form today to reserve your spot.

Resitration form for Webinar

Webinar in next


What You'll Learn:​

During the webinar, attendees can expect to learn about the benefits of implementing PSB Recruit for a streamlined recruitment process, including improved HR functions and increased employee retention. It would also cover the best practices for using recruitment software to optimize the onboarding process will also be covered, including pre-boarding, orientation, and scheduling. The webinar will highlight how PSB Recruit’s user-friendly experience and time-saving features can provide businesses with the tools they need to succeed in the competitive logistics and warehousing industries.

Guest Speakers For the Webinar

As the CEO and Founder of PSB Software, a family-owned Canadian software company, Jennifer Smith has been a driving force in revolutionizing the software industry for over 20 years. With her extensive background in computer science and a deep passion for innovation, Jennifer has led her team in creating cutting-edge cloud-based software solutions that have set the standard for both user experience and functionality. Notably, Jennifer’s expertise has earned her recognition in Forbes and Canadian Business magazines, making her the ideal speaker to share invaluable insights on how PSB Recruit can transform your recruitment process.

Emily Brown, an experienced HR Director in the logistics industry, has a wealth of knowledge on optimizing recruitment processes and enhancing onboarding experiences. Thanks to her track record of successfully implementing HR software solutions, Emily will provide valuable insights on how businesses can achieve their HR goals through efficient onboarding and employee retention strategies. Joining us as a guest speaker at the upcoming webinar, Emily will share her first-hand experience of working with PSB Recruit, highlighting how its features and functionality have helped her company to stay competitive in the industry.

recruitment tool which can streamline onboarding
About PSB Recruit
PSB Recruit, the revolutionary HR solution, offers a range of benefits for businesses looking to streamline their recruitment process and improve employee retention. To begin with, the software provides a comprehensive set of tools designed to simplify HR functions and make the onboarding experience more efficient. In addition, with its user-friendly interface and time-saving features, PSB Recruit enables businesses to optimize their HR functions and achieve their goals in a competitive logistics and warehousing industry. Developed by PSB Software, a trusted and experienced Canadian software company, PSB Recruit is the latest addition to their suite of innovative and award-winning software products.

Recruitment made Easy

Brands Working with us


Special Offer

To show appreciation for attending our upcoming webinar, we’re offering a valuable incentive. A free 3-month trial of our PSB Recruit software. This HR solution streamlines recruitment, optimizes onboarding, and enhances employee retention. With its user-friendly interface and time-saving features, PSB Recruit can help take your HR functions to the next level. Don’t miss this limited-time offer to experience the benefits of PSB Recruit firsthand. Register for our webinar today and take advantage of this exciting opportunity!

recruitment tool which can streamline onboarding

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Secure onboarding software for Fintech

Don’t compromise on security while hiring!

Looking for ways to securely streamline your HR process through a secure onboarding software for Fintech companies?
We’ve got you covered with our upcoming webinar ‘Cybersecurity 101: The benefits of a secure HR onboarding software’. Teaching you everything PSB Recruit software has to offer through its 4-layered security to protect your business from hackers! 


Our HR recruitment software is the only secure onboarding software for Fintech in the market that has been made by experts in data security and cybersecurity. This built 4-layer security protects your businesses from hackers and loss of data.

About the webinar

In this webinar we will cover the importance of having a secure and protected HR onboarding software for Fintech companies. Topics that will be covered in the webinar include:

·       Hacking and loss of data that impacts companies and organizations.

·       A deep dive into security measures, encryption methods, access controls, and data backup strategies that help keep your sensitive information safe and secure.

·       Company information that hackers can gain access to through HR recruitment software that are not well protected from cybersecurity.

·       How a secure and protected onboarding software not only helps management but also helps employees.

·       The effects of the pandemic and its transition into remote work made easy with secure recruitment softwares.

·       Best practices for data protection and security when working with teams in a remote environment.

·       Tips and tricks to choose the right HR software for your organization.

An overview on PSB Recruit’s software and its all-in-one cloud-based solutions that can be easily integrated into existing company system. This section will also cover what the software offers like candidate acquisition, onboarding, employee engagement and offboarding

Our Speakers

Secure onboarding software for Fintech

Chloe Williams – HR Manager, Mine Inc.    

Chloe is an HR Recruitment manager with over 8 years’ experience in human resources and talent acquisition. Known to be an expert in recruiting top talent and developing effective strategies for Fintech companies. She is knowledgeable in a wide range of hiring and onboarding practices and can share best practices and real-world examples that can be used in attendees’ companies.

Richard E Donovan – Cybersecurity software developer, UXG Inc.    

With over a decade of experience in the Fintech industry, Richard has established himself as a leading expert in his field. Extensive experience in designing, developing, and implementing HR software solutions to protect against hackers and cyber threats. He is also well experienced in integrating cyber security softwares with multiple business systems to ensure that companies are fully protected against loss of data


Secure onboarding software for Fintech

Trusted by leading brands

Dylan Smith
Dylan Smith
Senior Manager, Operations, ABC Recruit
Read More
"Attending webinars by PSB Recruit has truly helped our company understand the importance of secure HR recruitment softwares. The webinars covered all the features and its importance when it comes to the hiring, onboarding and retiring process"

Revolutionize your insurance workforce with a secure onboarding software

Join us for our upcoming informative webinar ‘Cybersecurity 101: The benefits of a secure HR onboarding software’. Covering everything you would need to know from hiring to retiring at. 
Secure onboarding software for Fintech

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Be sincere! Get hiring management software for your organization.​

Be sincere! Get hiring management software for your organization.​

A recruitment software for shortlisting candidates could be your game changer.  A recruitment software can help your workforce operate efficiently and smoothly, with automation that does the administrative work you can focus on what’s important and attract even higher quality candidates. 

All you need to do is fill out the form below

In this Webinar you will learn:

  1. Understanding the benefits of using PSB RECRUIT as a recruitment software for your business
  2. How PSB RECRUIT can streamline your recruitment process by automating tasks such as job postings, candidate screening, and interview scheduling
  3. Best practices for using PSB RECRUIT to shortlist and manage candidates effectively, including how to use its features to create custom application forms, track candidate progress, and collaborate with hiring managers.
  4. How to analyze the candidate journey using PSB RECRUIT’s data analytics and reporting tools, and use this information to optimize your recruitment strategies
  5. Developing a recruitment framework that aligns with your acquisition objectives and business goals, and how PSB RECRUIT can help you implement this framework.

Now that time has changed, we must change our techniques.

Many have been wondering what their professions actually mean to them during the last couple of stormy years, and many are even finding it too taxing to keep going. Every firm has been impacted by this. So what does all of this mean for hiring in your company, and how can you modify your hiring procedure to meet the demands of your applicant pool? Can hiring software be of assistance? And how can you narrow down the field of applicants using hiring tools or other techniques? We have all the information you require, plus more. Find out with our professionals on February 28 at 10:30 a.m. Obtain hiring management software for your company by attending a totally free webinar from PSB Recruit.


Our Speakers

Thomas Jeffrey- Human Resource policy & Research Specialist

Thomas Jeffrey is a Human Resource policy and research specialist with extensive experience in the field of recruitment and talent management. With a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the recruitment process, Thomas is passionate about helping organizations find the right talent to achieve their business objectives. He has conducted numerous studies and research projects in the field of HR policy and recruitment, and his insights have helped organizations to develop effective HR strategies and policies.

Thomas is now organizing a webinar for PSB recruit, where he will be sharing his knowledge and expertise on the topic of recruitment best practices. This webinar is a valuable opportunity for HR professionals and recruiters to learn from Thomas’s insights and to gain a better understanding of the latest trends and techniques in recruitment. With Thomas’s guidance, participants will be able to improve their recruitment strategies and attract top talent to their organizations.


Keri Fleming- Recruitment Specialist

Keri Fleming is an experienced Recruitment Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the staffing and recruiting industry. With a passion for connecting great talent with exceptional organizations, Keri has honed her skills in developing and executing successful recruitment strategies across a variety of industries and job types. She has a proven track record of delivering top-quality talent to clients while providing an exceptional candidate experience.

Keri is excited to be hosting a webinar for PSB recruit, where she will be sharing her expertise and knowledge on recruitment best practices. In this webinar, Keri will provide insights on the latest recruitment trends and techniques that can help organizations attract and retain top talent. Participants will learn about the importance of creating a strong employer brand, developing effective job postings, and conducting successful candidate interviews. With Keri’s guidance, attendees will be equipped to improve their recruitment strategies and attract top talent to their organizations.

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It goes beyond just being a tool for recruiting and screening potential hires, providing a holistic approach to managing the entire talent acquisition process.

“PSB Recruit proved to be a game-changer for our organization, as it enabled us to significantly expand our pool of potential candidates, resulting in a 4x increase in the number of highly qualified applicants. This not only saved us valuable time but also helped us reduce costs associated with traditional recruitment methods.”

Denis Keenan, vp , scotiabank

If you're serious about recruitment, it's time to invest in top-tier recruitment software and start recruiting smarter, not harder.

Discovering how to effectively lay the foundation for your recruitment and candidate shortlisting process has never been more accessible and straightforward.

Integrated HR software for colleges in Mississauga

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Template Elementor -Webinar

Onboarding and Up-skilling: A Virtual Revolution with PSB Recruit.

Developing internal talent for the workplace of the future requires a variety of tactics, including onboarding, upskilling, and reskilling. Also, it is crucial to cultivate internal talent during periods of rapid transition. There’s a good chance that as job demands and environments change, so do your employees’ roles and responsibilities. We’ll talk about cutting-edge approaches and teaching styles in this webinar to help you revamp your existing training programs and increase staff productivity.

Join us and our professionals to upgrade your skill
On March 26, 2023
11:00 A.M. EDT

Register Here.

In this webinar, we will examine:

  • How organizational change is impacted by skills intelligence
  • How do fast-growing organizations manage their employees’ skill sets?
  • Why skill evaluations are crucial for staff development
  • How to get managers and leaders ready for retraining and upskilling their staff
  • How human interaction counts when it comes to skills, from skill development to assessment


Customers share their success with our platform

“While your platform is excellent, the outstanding customer service was the highlight of my visit. Throughout the entire event, Gaurav and the crew that assisted us were always approachable and supportive.”

Andres P. Travel Influencer.

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