Customized Standing Hydraulic Desk

Take your workstyle to the next level

For the budding entrepreneurs and work from home enthusiasts, a comfortable desk means more productivity – our PSB office Hydraulic desks provide just that. We keep your fitness in mind and have designed our desks to let you either sit and stand according to your convenience. 

Customized Hydraulic Desk according to customers’ needs and budget

PSB Office has years of experience in B2B selling furniture which has cultivated great relationships with multiple businesses in Canada and all over the world.   

Why PSB Desk?

Premium quality and materials that provide a top line product that is sturdily built, long lasting and customizable. 

Customizable desk height with award-winning design that is ergonomic and helps worker health by decreasing sedentary time. 

Strong customer relationship with installation and full support throughout the buying process 

Unique combination of technological integration and quality in materials and craftsmanship 


PSB Office is an established B2B office furniture company since the 1980s, with a strong brand image and reputation. 

Product “PSBDesk” is a new premier product by the company that has been developed keeping in mind the original core values of the manufacturer such as function, quality and ergonomics. The product is a hydraulic desk with a sleek design and can also rise and lower to the user’s preference.  

Sara Smith, granddaughter of the founder, Edward Smith, has taken over the business. She is an ambitious leader with a creative team, collectively they have the vision to take the company back to its roots and produce furniture that is stylish and could fit any corporate office environment. 

PSB Office has years of experience in B2B selling furniture which has cultivated great relationships with multiple businesses in Canada and all over the world.   

Trusted by leading brands


“The Product is top quality with Chair and You would not want to got to  office. I specifically bough to use as Sitting Table.”

Nonita Tatz- Shimray
Art director, Haper collins

Get to know more about Hydraulic Desk

Sleek design elevates the standing desk’s aesthetic appeal to fit in any corporate environment. 

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Ergonomic Desks Undisputed for Work

PSB Office Ergonomic Desks - Best Ergonomic Solutions For Busy Work Lifestyles

Hello and welcome to PSB Office!

Ergonomic desks

Let’s get to know some really cool concepts that are made with careful and thoughtful consideration of your requirements from an ideal desk.

Heard about an Ergonomic desk before? In any case, we know you are going to be fascinated by these special desks, just like us!

Our Ergonomic desks at PSB Office are created using concepts to stimulate productivity at work. Be it uncomfortable postures or deadly back pains, these desks solve them all.

Wondering How?

Our PSB Office desks help minimize the sitting hours at work as you can raise or lower the heights of the desks as per your requirements.

The Ergonomic feature makes it exceptionally convenient to control the functionality of your own desks and set it up based on your style of working.

To know more, check out this video about how Ergonomics in the workplace has brought revolutionary changes for employees of 2022.

The desks we offer are

1. Highly Functional



You can find the sleekest, modern, and perfect desks of your choice with us.

In conclusion, if you are someone who has long working hours on desks, a concept like this can do wonders for you at your work!

You can be efficient, productive, and more in control of the adjustments to your work-station.

We bet you will love this!

Our Ergonomic Desks are Trusted By​

Let Our Customers Speak For Our Ergonomic Desks

“I love my PSB Ergonomic Desk that I got recently— it’s great for my 2022 work lifestyle considering my sitting postures. This desk is definitely a game-changer!”

Jeremy Jones, VP, Financial Advisor


Download the whitepaper to learn more! 

Standing ergonomic desk

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PSB Desk Ergonomics Work Station

PSB Desk Ergonomics Work Station

PSB Desk – Finest Ergonomics Solution for astir way of living

PSB Desk Ergonomics Work Station - Finest Ergonomics Solution for astir way of living

PSB Desk is introducing an Ergonomic desk. In other words, these are the standing adjustable heights table which has a lot of benefits. The table has been designed by keeping in mind the busy professional way of living. Also because the professionals are facing some healthy-related chronic problems, hence to solve all the issues and to evoke critical thinking PSBdesk is introducing Ergonomic Tables.

PSB office counters are made up of indestructible materials and are sustainable.  In addition, this will improve the work environment both at home and at the office. It will create better posture and prevent muscle inactivity. Do you know what the best part is ??? It will provide much more comfort to the professionals because they can adjust the height of the table. 

Talking about the mechanism of the table then it is highly functional which means one can adjust the height of the table manually or by using technology I.e. an App. The table is hydraulic and advanced in nature.

The design of the table has been created by keeping the customer’s special requirements. PSBDesk is focusing to provide the most amazing and trustworthy experience to our buyers.  Moreover, the tables are highly efficient and provide the utmost comfort.


So don't worry PSBCounter has got your COVERED

Some people ask me if ergonomic table worth it?

The answer to this question is Yes. The design of the table is sleek, and modern and has been designed keeping professionals in mind. It rides back pain. The main advantage is it helps to boost your mood and focus. Also, helps you in improving your posture. Let me also tell you one of the most important benefits which are standing burns more calories than sitting, even if you are simply standing. PSB Office workstations will help to reduce the amount of time spent sitting at work. PSBDesk table helps you to control the modifications and you will 100% want to make more modifications to get the best result. Talking about the pricing, it can be customized as per the quantity ordered

Trusted by leading brands

Customer Quotes

Loving the PSB Desk experience, easy to use table and classy in looks. Worth every penny spent on it !

Luke Doe, Business Analyst, Scotia Bank

Want to hear more about Ergonomics Table from
PSB Desk?

Let’s get you comfortable and advanced technology counter from PSB Desk.

I bet you will enjoy the product!

Solution to your Busy workStlye
Solution to your Busy workStlye

Solution to your Busy work style - PSB Desk

Read this page for better understanding

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Ergonomic Office Desk Ontario

An Ergonomic solution for your office desk needs.

Invest in employee wellness with PSBDesk. An ergonomic office desk designed in Ontario that helps end users STAND up against health dangers of sitting for long hours with limited movement. Download our “Ergonomic Desk guide” below to know more about our hydraulic desk.

workers working on a hydraulic office desk in Ontario

Watch this short video to know more about ergonomics with attention its value in the office

Ergonomics: A key element for increased health and productivity in your office

Investment in ergonomics for your office is certainly a great way to contribute to not only worker wellbeing but also productivity. Research has found out that successful application of ergonomics in the office in addition to proper participation from all employees can lead to many benefits. As per multiple studies, some of them are mentioned below. 

– Improvement in physical and mental health of workers.
– Increased Productivity
– Decreased pains in the body as ergonomics keeps it safe at workplace.
– High quality of work.
– Increased employee motivation and engagement.
– When happier employees enjoy coming to work it helps fight high turnover rates by increasing job satisfaction levels.

PSBDesk: an ergonomic transformation for your office

Our Vision behind PSBDesk is to stick true to our core values of quality, functionality and ergonomics. As a result, we created an ergonomic office desk with sustainable materials in Ontario. The hydraulic desk enables a positive environment at your workplace by contributing to employee wellbeing. The height of the office desk can rise along with lower as per user preference, as a result, giving an option to sit or stand. In conclusion, our office desks help your employees avoid negative health implications caused by long hours of sitting.

The office desk supports better posture significantly, fighting back pain and wrist circulation. Coupled with mental health benefits such as good morale and focus, our office desk is indeed a great supplement to employee wellbeing. Studies have shown employee wellness as one of the reasons for an overall boost in mood and productivity.

Trusted by offices of leading companies

One of the many rave reviews we have received for our ergonomic office desk

Give your office desk the ergonomic boost it needs

Learn more about the finer details of our product at length including ways to easily implement our ergonomic desk at your workplace.

Coworkers happy using a hydraulic office desk in Ontario office

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comfortable ergonomic diy desk

Stay comfortable at Workplace

Experience our premium quality comfortable ergonomic diy desk in mississauga which  improves your health and efficiency! Its DIY- you adjust it as you wish. Its also the most stylish ergonomic desk !

Ergonomic Desk!DIY!Comfortable!

The PSB Desk not only fulfils the basic need of a desk but also maintains your health by being adjustable and comfortable. Its DIY! You no longer must work in the same pose or stand for long hours. PSB desk makes your work life a lot easier because it increases your productivity by keeping you healthy and active. More than that, it adds style to your workplace because it is made of award-winning design and top-quality material.Its the most comfortable and ergonomic diy desk in Mississauga!

PSB Office has deep roots in the furniture industry of Canada since it first started its business in 1980. We are the first company to produce DIY ergonomic desks in Canada and we have always fulfilled the promise of quality and functionality in our products. The PSBDesk is our premium DIY desk specifically designed for the comfortable corporate workplace.


The PSBDesk is made of True Canadian premium quality material which is sustainable and long-lasting. Made of the award-winning design, it adds the most up-to-date corporate style to your office along with the provided health benefits for the workers. Its the most comfortable ergonomic diy desk in Mississauga.The DIY desk adjusts according to the needs of workers and its height and makes the office work easier. Indestructible material used in the making of the desk and the award-winning design make the desk a lifelong treasure for the companies. It is the only hydraulic task within the award-winning design that is long-lasting and sustainable.


Upgrade your Office with the PSBDesk as it brings style and comfort to everyone in your office and also boost the productivity of your team with the PSBDesk.

Trusted by leading brands

trusted brand- diy desk user
diy desk user brand

“The PSBDesk in my office is one of the best things I have there because it makes my life so much easier.I don’t complain of back pain anymore and I have improved efficiency at my work.The same is true for my team and staff !”

Karen Sandhu, Operations Manager, Skyot Telecommunications

Get the ultimate workplace comfort now!

Buy the ultimate ergonomic office desk which is comfortable and stylish. The sleek design and functional ergonomic features keep your body at peace and brain at best. This brings the best out of you. Bring success to your business and satisfaction to your employees.

ergonomic desk users who are comfortable

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Adjustable Ergonomic Desk Canada

Why a standing adjustable ergonomic desk is the best option for office workers in Canada

Your desk is slowly killing you

As a result of sitting for long periods of time, the chance of getting many health conditions goes up. With a few simple changes, you can thus improve your posture and comfort throughout the day. An adjustable ergonomic desk in Canada is therefore a great option. It will instantly improve the health and wellbeing of office workers. Download PSB Office’s guide to ‘Computer Workstation Ergonomics’ to learn more.

Woman at standing ergonomic adjustable desk with computer screen

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Benefits of an adjustable ergonomic desk

Computer Workstation Ergonomics Canada

Do you want to learn how you can make simple changes to your office’s workstations?  Our guide, “Computer Workstation Ergonomics” consequently offers practical solutions. The contents include facts such as position and height of furniture, correct posture, and the best number of movement breaks. With clear visuals and diagrams showing exact measures, all tips are therefore easy to apply. It also features the newest designs and technology in office furniture

In our guide, you will find information on:

·       Hand and wrist posture

·       Desk height

·       Chair height

·       Computer height

·       Lighting

·       Foot placement

·       Screen placement from eyes

·       Back support

·       Posture for sitting vs standing

·       Head position

Quality adjustable ergonomic products in Canada

 Since 1980, PSB Office has been a leader in producing high quality ergonomic office furniture. We were accordingly one of the first companies to use the concept of ergonomics. Our newest product, the PSB Desk, has won multiple design awards. Additionally, it has received amazing reviews from its users. Made in Canada with long-lasting materials, it is not only is sleek and stylish, but functional. The desk is built with new technology that as a result, provides the ability to adjust to the users desired height.

Risks of sitting for long periods of time firstly include obesity, but also poor mental health and musculoskeletal disorders. These are caused by staying in the same posture for too long, high screen time, and additionally having few chances to take breaks. Studies show that standing for periods of time can improve focus and productivity. Furthermore, standing desks have been shown to improve stress management abilities. They can also uplift the overall mood at work.

Trusted by leading brands in canada
Here is what some of our customers have to say about our ergonomic products:

“I immediately noticed a major shift in the happiness of our employees. Above all was the 20% increase in productivity we saw in the first month after purchasing these desks”

-Krista Chen, Procurement Manager from Google

“We would see such high turnover with our old office layout at work. Now that we have standing desks, I sit less during the day as a result. The back pain I used to have is gone as well!”

-Ally Reed, Call Centre Executive from Bell Canada

“I was glad to buy such high-quality furniture for our office. Not only do my employees rave about the design and ease of use, but they are more comfortable and focused during the day.”

-Michael Scholten, Buyer from Flipp

You are now one step closer to an adjustable ergonomic workstation

Learn tips on how to consequently change how you and your colleagues work. Read our guide to workplace ergonomics now!

Man at standing ergonomic desk in office Canada

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