Passive Recruiting Strategy Carpentry Instructors

Passive Recruiting Strategy Carpentry Instructor

How to Nail Passive Candidate Recruiting for Carpentry Professionals

Increase your hiring efficiency with exclusive passive recruiting strategy for carpentry instructors, with tips from industry professionals. 

Passive Recruiting Strategy Carpentry Instructor

Max Caldwell

Max Caldwell will be leading the webinar - along with some special guests. To be specific, Max is a renowned passive recruitment strategist - having worked in the HR recruitment industry for over 20 years. Additionally, Within his career he has successfully designed, implemented, and created recruitment strategy to maximize talent pipelines for various HR departments across the post-secondary education industry. Being said, join Max, alongside his special guests, to gain valuable insight into how you can create a talent pipeline of instructors.


Gain access to exclusive workflows, tips and tricks, and tutorials to increase the efficiency of your passive recruiting strategy . For example, here’s a teaser of relevant content that will be featured in the full webinar:


First, manually Building A Passive Candidate Pipeline Of Carpenters

Second, finding and Utilizing Unique Carpentry Passive Recruiting Channels

Third, platforms to Streamline Passive Recruitment Strategy for Carpentry Instructors

Fourth, how to ask Passive Candidates the Right Questions

Fifth, using Tools to Automate Data-driven Candidate Recommendations

Passive Recruiting Strategy For Carpentry Instructors - From The Ground Up

Passive Recruiting Strategy Carpentry Instructor



"PSBRecruit Webinars have revolutionized our approach to passive recruitment strategy. As a result, hiring instructors for niche industries such as carpentry, and electrical, has never been easier."
HR Manager
CRAFT Trade College

Become A Cut Above The Competition - With Passive Recruiting Strategy For Carpentry Instructors

Uncover exclusive industry approaches to passive recruiting strategy that will change the way you hire for instructor roles. Additionally, being applicable to other trade careers.

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