Ergonomic Sit Stand Desk.

PSBDesk Ergonomic sit stand desk

PSBDesk Ergonomic sit stand deskThe ergonomic sit stand desk is a desk that is designed to be user-friendly. During the design stage of PSBDesk comfort, safety, durability, efficacy, and efficiency are all priorities. Not only will all these help save time, and effort. It will also reduce the money spent on replacing furniture in the long run.  Our desk provides a range of health benefits while improving workplace best practices.

Sit Stand Ergonomic Desk

Switch Between Sitting and Standing regularly.

There’s no denying that sitting for long periods is detrimental to your health. That does not, however, imply that you should stand the entire day.

Lower back pain has been linked to standing jobs such as bank tellers and production line workers, according to research. Long periods of inactivity are thought to harm your leg muscles, tendons, and other connective tissue, and may even lead to varicose veins. Fortunately, this can be avoided by just sitting and standing alternately.

A 1:1 or 2:1 ratio of sitting to standing time appears to be best for comfort and energy levels while having no negative impact on productivity. That means you should stand for 1 hour for every 1 to 2 hours you sit in your office. Every 30 to 60 minutes, alternate between sitting and standing.


Our whitepaper, go through the following topics in detail:

What is the best approach to maintaining PSBDesk in terms of functionality and durability?.

PSBDesk’s operating and assembly procedures are also another topic of interest.

Designing and safety measures considered during there manufacturing process of  PSBDesk were discussed extensively.

The benefits of PSBDesk to both the user and the workplace ergonomically are also another topic discussed in the whitepaper.

To get the complete details about the functionality, quality, ergonomics, and indestructible nature of PSBDesk.


The material and design method used in making the Desk. This is what makes PSBDesk Indestructible, giving it a longer than average life span, compared to every other desk out there. And these help save money in the long run. 

Additionally, PSBDesk makes use of some specific safety features, functionality, and mechanism (hydraulic suspension) to make the desk. Making it easier to operate, increasing ergonomics, and improving user productivity. Effectiveness and improved health of the user is another positive result of using PSBDesk. All these results in an ergonomically designed work environment. To see a video of the benefits of utilizing a Sit-Stand Ergonomic desk, CLICK HERE

Also, PSBDesk saves time and effort requested for assembly and adjusting. As it can be put together in three steps and can be controlled with the push of a bottom. Our brand’s main values are functionality, quality, and ergonomics. 

A Desk might suffer from a variety of minor issues. Legs may come free, a knob may crack, or a piece may completely break off. As a result of the material utilized, some desks are known to produce strange squeaks and creaking sounds over time. If the material is inexpensive or appears to shatter under stress on day one, it’s likely to be destroyed by day 500. PSBdesk, on the other hand, is made up of materials that are indestructible, long-lasting, and affordable. In the long run, providing you with the best in terms of quality and pricing.

See our top brands by CLICKING HERE

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Learn everything you need to know about PsbDesk’s ergonomic Sit Stand desk: Functionality: Ease of assembling and adjusting, which help saves time and effort.

Controls: These are vital, but the fewer and more intuitive the controls are, the better for the user. Ergonomic standards for desks and worksurfaces are included in the whitepaper. They go over the bare minimums for a seated workstation, as well as the bare minimums for standing work. Different heights are advised depending on the type of work to be done at a standing workstation. PSBDesk Ergonomic was designed with safety and industrial-grade reliability in mind.

Quality: high-quality standard as a result of several factors put in place during the design and fabrication stage.

Ergonomics: this desk was created to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of employees and students by enabling them to sit and stand occasionally without affecting their performance at work, or school and their overall health.

Cost-Effectiveness: The indestructible nature of PSBDesk makes it very cost-effective by reducing the among of changes required within a set period of years compared to another desk.

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The Desk That Changes Everything

The Desk That Changes Everything


Transform your office workspace using our adjustable ergonomic desk. Made with the highest-quality durable material to fulfill all your work needs


Durable Adjustable Desk

PSB Office is a family- owned business based in Toronto. Our new hydraulic test is the first of its kind. Designed to revolutionize any workspace through its durability and flexibility. The desk automatically adjusts according to the height of its user, ensuring the best possible work environment.

What the PSBDesk offers

The PSBDesk is the newest product offered by PSB Office. A Toronto-based leading company in the office furniture industry. The desk uses hydraulic suspension mechanisms which adjust according to any user’s height. This will improve the productivity any physical health of any employee, and therefore improve the work environment of any company, as a whole. The desk is made using indestructible material. This ensures durability and a long lifespan for the product. Rest assured, our clients end up spending less on furniture in the long run as they save on repair and replacement costs. Ergonomic functionality combined with durability means that PSBDesk is the go to workspace desk for various major corporations. Client satisfaction and building long-lasting relationships with buyers is our top priority.

Smaller sales are made at our office location in downtown Toronto. The desk will also be available at all BrandSource furniture outlets within Canada. The product can also be purchased online through the PSBOffice website. Various other large furniture retailers will also carry the product. Buying directly at the store will allow you to save on every purchase.

Our main promotional messaging is simply related to our quality. At PSB Office, we have full faith in the quality of our desk and feel we do not need to offer cheap discounts or promotions. Our client reviews and tests are enough to convey the quality of the product. The reputation of the product along with its lifespan will ensure that sales will be maximized for any retailer who carries the desk.

In summary, the two most important unique selling points of PSBDesk are as follows:

  • Long Lasting, durable, and sustainable due  to indestructible material used during manufacturing.
  • Hydraulic suspension that allows the desk to be adjusted to any height, ensuring employee health and a flourishing work environment.

Our product is the only one of its kind in the market since it offers the combination of durability along with flexibility.

Trusted by leading Corporations

“I can say without hesitation that PSBDesk is the single greatest piece of furniture I have ever bought for any of our offices. Comfortable, durable, and stylish. A real game-changer.”

Ali Asad, Operations Manager, bethebest marketing

Transform Your Workspace Now

Leave behind low quality, uncomfortable, and fragile office furniture.

Durable Adjustable Desk

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Ergonomic Standing Desks Canada

Making your office more comfortable

Learn about the best ergonomic standing desks in Canada for your workplace. Begin working comfortably today.

What's in this white paper

Working at the office can become uncomfortable, and as a result, your employees are less productive. Therefore, find out how an ergonomic desk can change your workplace’s productivity. 

In this white paper, you’ll learn:

The impact of an ergonomic workplace on productivity

The health benefits of an ergonomic desk

The flexibility of a standing desk for your employees

Tips for Transitioning to a Standing Desk

New to the standing desk trend?

Here are some tips from Mayo Clinic Minute on how to begin using your new ergonomic standing desks.

Play Video about Ergonomic standing desk Canada sleek standing desk

Break Bad Habits With a Standing Desk

While sitting at a desk has been the norm for years, people have developed unhealthy habits and bad posture unknowingly as a result. Offices are getting busier, and your employees need to keep up with all the customer inquiries. 

Encourage a healthier lifestyle. Provide comfort and flexibility to your employees with an ergonomic standing desk. Spend less time sitting and more time standing. Limit the risk of working-related health issues, like back pain and bad posture, while boosting productivity.

This white paper from PSB Office describes what you need to know about bringing an ergonomic standing desk to your workspace and all the benefit you’ll begin to see.

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Ergonomic standing desk Canada sleek standing desk

“We transitioned our office to the PSB Office ergonomic standing desk and I began to notice an almost immediate change in the environment. Since then, several employees have felt more comfortable having the flexibility to stand, and more people were meeting their quotas. We are also so pleased with the design and customization features.”

DARYL Smith, VP of customer service, Vezzra

Don't miss out!

Transform your office with an ergonomic set-up. Learn the three main benefits of transforming your office to be more ergonomic. Discover how ergonomic standing desks can boost your office’s productivity.

Happy woman using adjustable ergonomic standing desks Canada

Popov, A. (n.d.). Man working on computer at standing desk [Photograph]. Adobe Stock.
Popov, A. (n.d.). Woman using adjustable height standing desk in office [Photograph]. Adobe Stock.
TheStandingDesk. (n.d.). Black flat screen computer monitor on brown wooden desk [Photograph]. Unsplash.

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Excellent office computer desk in Canada from PSB Office

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Do you want to know about the popular computer desks for office work? Welcome to “PSB Office”!

The new computer desk for office works in Canada is here. For the computer office work desk and for the professional’s study table is very important to be safe. PSB Office developed excellent office computer tables for work! DEVELOP a new partnership with a strong office furniture brand for using new computer desks today. Also, the brand introduces a new premier table – PSBDesk, that is built with hydraulic suspension. In addition, it INCREASES SAFETY standards at work and REDUCES COST.


PSBDesk is computer desk office works
computer desk office works from PSB Office
Example of computer desk in office office
PSB Office
Photo of computer desk in office office

Something, that you need to know about the new computer desk for office work!

Consultants are ready to help everyone to learn more about computer office desks and the brand. In addition, experienced consultants aim to support customers in their decision about the right choice as well as help them gain new experiences with computer desks for office work. As well as introduce a new product – computer table PSBDesk for office work.

PSBDesk is a computer desk for office work, which can solve many problems in a business environment. Moreover, with high-end computer office desks, it will be easier to achieve any work goals.

Also, the PSB Office is focused on the benefits of ergonomics for employees in the workplace. In addition to this, the brand concentrates on the health benefits of computer office ergonomic desks.

Apart from this, the PSB Office computer desks are the only in the market that has the durability offered by virtually indestructible material. It is combined with the comfort and flexibility of hydraulic suspension. Furthermore, PSB Office focuses on workplace safety in the office.

Get your information today. Learn more about “Computer Workstation Ergonomics” now.


Dozens of research articles summarized the current state of the literature in this video.


City view of offices with computer desk office works
computer desk office works

Our story is about a computer office desk for work.

PSB Office is a family-owned furniture company created in 1980 by Edward Smith. The head office is in downtown Toronto, Ontario. The company has deep roots in creating office furniture and accessories that use high-quality materials. For example, office and home desks. Further, all products are made in Canada. Additionally, the brand sells computer desks for office work to corporate offices all over the world.

Too, the brand is focused on the benefits of ergonomics for employees in the workplace. Mainly, a brand directed on the health benefits of ergonomic desks. 

Equally important, the unique points of PSBDesk:

1. First of all, use indestructible material. A computer office desk for work can last way longer than any other available in the market.

2. Second, hydraulic suspension and sensor. Can adjust the height of the office desk with respect to the user’s height.

3. Lastly, sustainability of computer PSBDesk.

4. The company has won many design awards for its new desk and has received rave reviews from users.

PSB Office reviews
PSBDesks for computer office works

In addition to the above, all important information about the product is available on the website of the brand. Secondly, everyone can learn more about the service from  “Computer Workstation Ergonomics”

Trusted by leading brands


computer desk office works
computer desks in the office

Then, Our Mission:PSB Office is pursuing to specialize in making the best healthy office desks in Canada to exceed customer expectations. As we have designed and manufactured work desks that are ergonomic for over 40 years. Then, we focus on preparing the best computer furniture for customers and making it universally accessible and healthy for any work environment.”

Equally, Our Vision: “Of course, in the next 5 years, PSB Office seeks to open new modern factors in Peel Region. Also, to improve fast delivery in the GTA. Equally, successful cooperation with business partners and loyal customers.”


Looking for a new computer desk alternative?

Then make the work environment safer and better with PSB Office.

Get “Computer Workstation Ergonomics” now

Office desks example
computer desk office works


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Ergonomic Hydraulic Desk Mississauga

Bridget McLellan

Make the Switch to an Ergonomic Desk

Posture is the most important aspect when looking at workstation design.

There is an optimal posture that can be achieved through an understanding of ergonomics. Optimal posture can be difficult to achieve and sustain throughout the week. Adjustable workstations are utilized to keep up with changing posture. Good posture can increase productivity and decrease the risk of health issues. The workspace of today includes hydraulic office desk!
(Lund, n.d.)

Importance of Ergonomics in the Workplace

Watch this short video to see how ergonomic desks can increase productivity in your workplace! 

How Ergonomics Applies to the User

Is your current workstation accustomed to you and your posture? There are many benefits that an ergonomic desk can provide. Ergonomics is an important science that gives insight to the optimal posture to reduce the risk of health issues, increase circulation and overall productivity.There are many things that one should consider when creating a space that emphasizes ergonomics like the height of the desk, placement of the monitors, and the kind of chair being used. The downloadable document goes into greater detail about the specific heights and optimal distance of all of these. Regular desks and chairs can inhibit circulation and create long-term health complications such as musculoskeletal injuries. 

The PSB Desk is the only ergonomic hydraulic desk that uses high-quality and sustainable materials that will stand the test of time to ensure the user can use it over a lifetime. The PSB Desk allows the user to adjust the height as needed to create a more comfortable workstation. Having a more comfortable workstation has been shown to promote productivity in users. With better productivity and reduced health risks the user can stay at their desk longer with less aches and pains they may endure, overall giving the user a more enjoyable experience while being more productive.

“The PSB Desk has made my office a more enjoyable place to work!” – M. Cooper, V.P. of Customer Relations

“My staff was so excited to switch to a hydraulic desk for our office, we have never been more productive!” – J. Smith, V.P. of Sales and Marketing

One size does not fit all!

Learn more about how ergonomics can revolutionize your workspace!


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Ergonomic Hydraulic desk

Ergonomic Hydraulic desk

Ergonomic hydraulic desks help in improving body posture and reduce back pain and the adjustable desk height feature gives comfortable and flexible working space which improves work efficiency and increases the overall productivity of the company.

Hydraulic Desk

PSB Office

Watch the video to learn more about the health benefits of using adjustable standing desks and come back from sitting disease caused due to long sitting hours.

PSB Office: Ergonomic Hydraulic desk

PSB desk is the bridge between better posture, better health, and a work environment. The desk allows multiple sitting and standing positions according to one’s comfort and requirement of the job, which can be showing products to customers or finishing tasks at the office. A comfortable environment gives the opportunity to work with more efficiency and increase productivity. To learn more about the benefits of an Ergonomic Hydraulic desk, click on Download.

PSB Desk: Functions & Offers

PSB office is the trusted Canadian company created in 1980 by Edward smith; the head office is in downtown Toronto. PSB Office has deep roots in creating office furniture and accessories that use high-quality materials. The PSB Desk is the only ergonomic hydraulic desk in the market that uses high-quality and sustainable materials that will stand the test of time while having a timeless design style that will improve productivity. The desk not only has a sleek design but also can raise and lower to your preference.

PSB desks offer adjustable desk height which gives comfortable space and improves efficiency. Ergonomic functional furniture will helps in improving body posture, and reduce back pain. Customized features will help to choose the table sizes, shape, material, and colour.

The desks are highly Sustainable and are made of indestructible materials so they can support weight up to 150 lbs. excluding frame weight. PSB Desk provides employees with the opportunity to stay active while tied to their desks. When the PSB Desk is positioned at higher heights, employees can comfortably stand, which encourages more blood flow while maintaining and increasing productivity for taking customer inquiries and/or corporate functions. It encourages a healthier lifestyle, improving physical, metabolic, and mental health. Lastly, the motorized feature allows the height to be adjusted to allow a more comfortable workspace, and built-in electrical outlets on the desk ease the process of giving power to the desktop, LAN, and landline for international calling, and other devices.

Therefore, hydraulic desks are the new modern solution to problems that employees are facing while working. To learn more about the benefits of an Ergonomic Hydraulic desk, click on “Download“.

Trusted by leading brands

Customer Testimonials

“Love the new ergonomic hydraulic desk. It is much more comfortable and gives relief from my back pain. Even my co-workers are using the desk for the past few months and their complaints are resolved and are happy with the desk and smiling employees provide great customer service which improves the overall performance of the company. I am glad to get PSB Desk at our office. The best thing is I can customize the length and color of the desk based on our office interior. It is stylish, sustainable, and adjustable; all features in one. I simply love the desk and would highly recommend others to switch to an ergonomic hydraulic desk from the traditional desks.”

Palak Palak, VP, Lululemon marketing

Elevate your workplace

Don’t miss the chance to read the document and learn more about the use and health benefits of the stylish Ergonomic Hydraulic desk. Click on the below “button” to download the document for the benefit of the Hydraulic desk in the corporate office environment.

Standing Desk

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Sustainable Ergonomic Desks Canada

Sustainable Ergonomic Desks Canada

An in-depth look at how you can use the PSB Office’s hydraulic sustainable ergonomic desk to improve employees’ productivity and the overall workplace health of employees.

male and female using an adjustable standing desk
Photo by TheStandingDesk on Unsplash

PSB Sustainable Ergonomic Desk

Key Highlights

This talks about how and why a PSB’s sustainable ergonomic desk can benefit employers and employees in your organization. It also describes the potential of PSB desks and how to overcome unproductive challenges in your business. As a result, it also shows how effective PSB desks can be in improving the health of employees’ workplaces. Lastly, what they can expect from PSB desks in the future.

PSB Desk provides the employees with everything they need. They can be adjusted to fit the needs of the user. They can utilize the ergonomics of the desk to improve their own posture and be active at work.

PSB Desk provides employees with the opportunity to stay active while tied to their desks. When the PSB Desk is positioned at higher heights, employees can comfortably stand, which encourages more blood flow while maintaining (or increasing) productivity to taking customer inquiries and/or corporate functions. 

PSB desks offer a hydraulic ergonomics desk which helps in improving the posture which will reduce back problems and gives them more comfortable for working and better comfort brings higher satisfaction in the working environment.

PSB Office White paper

PSB desk is customizable ergonomic functional furniture made out of sustainable and indestructible materials. It has a sleek design built-in with electric outlets that have received design rewards. Its adjustable height can boost productivity when standing and working therefore it can last a long time because of the indestructible material.  PSB desk will be the bridge between better posture, better health, and a work environment. For instance, the desk allows multiple sitting and standing positions according to one’s comfort and requirement of the job, which can be showing products to customers or finishing tasks at the office. 

Above all, It provides comfort for working which brings about higher productivity for instance the ergonomics of the desk will benefit users by limiting the risk of health issues such as muscle pain from slouching.   

In addition to the Improved working environment, its sleek design benefits the user by having a nice-looking piece of furniture that can accommodate most color schemes and layouts.

Similarly, it improves the quality of work and concentration of employees within the department as well as Increases the motivation of employees within the department. In addition to, exceeding the company expectations, as well as oversee customer service operations in a comfortable workspace and generating results

PSB Office explains the need to increase employees’ productivity and improve overall employee workplace health. The unique function element of the PSB desk is its sustainable ergonomic motorized function. Overall, it helps provide a comfortable workspace that promotes higher productivity and limits the risk of health-related issues. 

To conclude, it is a well-structured whitepaper that describes how employees can improve employees productivity and workplace health. It features research data gotten from employees who want to improve their productivity and workplace health.

Trusted by leading brands

Man at Work
Photo by 🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič on Unsplash


“PSB’s sustainable ergonomic desk has greatly improved the overall health of my employees as well as helping to increase the productivity of employees in my company…. “

Tom Haverford, VP, 720 marketing

Maxzimize your Employees. Get More Results.

Reach your organisation goals with sustainable ergonomic functional furniture that improves the productivity and workplace health of all its employees.

Woman working on a desk
Photo by TheStandingDesk on Unsplash

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Functional and stylish hydraulic desk in Mississauga

Functional Hydraulic Desks

Ergonomic functional Hydraulic desks that are manufactured in Canada, stylish, and could fit in any office setting.

Woman working on desk

PSB Desks

Learn more about PSB Desks and how they can improve your workplace. 

PSB Ergonomic Desk

The PSB desk is a functional Hydraulic desk that provides comfort and flexibility to the employees. Its ergonomic features allow the human body to work for long hours without damaging the muscles and bones of the user. Moreover, the desk gives employees the chance to work in a relaxing environment while effectively contributing to the overall performance of the organization. Therefore, Ergonomic desks are the new way to help employees in the workplace. 


To read more on the benefits of ergonomics for employees in the workplace, click here to download this document.

PSB Desk: Functional and Stylish

The PSB desk is an ergonomic functional desk that is stylish and could fit in any corporate office environment. Secondly, PSB office has won multiple awards for its new desk and has received many positive reviews for the design and the functionality of the PSB desk.  Thirdly, the materials used in the PSB desk are indestructible. As a result, the desk is built to be sustainable and contribute to a better greener world.  Moreover, it is built in Canada with Canadian hands. The desk is also built with hydraulic suspension. Its unique design allows the user to raise and lower the desk based on their personal preference. The desk positively contributes to the health and well-being of the employees. It allows their muscles and bones to be relaxed even when working for long hours. For instance, it also allows them to change position so they can stand, sit, or even bend if needed. The benefits of ergonomic furniture in the workplace are unlimited. Furthermore, it is like an investment in the organization and the health of the employees. Overall, the stylish design of the desk also contributes to the overall theme of the office.

 For more information on the importance of having standing desks click here

 Finally, refer to this link to download the document on the benefits of ergonomics for employees in the workplace. 

Trusted by leading brands

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Company 3
Company 2

Customer Testimonials

My employees have been using this desk for the past few months and we have been delighted with this experience. For instance, everyone has started feeling a lot better. They do not complain of boredom or bone pain anymore. I cannot explain how grateful we are to make the switch from traditional desks to ergonomic desks. Overall, the desk is just functional and stylish.

Batoul Assal, VP of Marketing

Ergonomic desks: Functional and Flexible

Finally, do not miss your chance to read this enjoyable
and beneficial document on the benefits of ergonomics in the workplace. 

Woman on desk


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