Customizable Ergonomic Classroom Desk

#1 Customizable Ergonomic Classroom Desk

Create the best study environment with the best-in-class customizable ergonomic classroom desk!

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Did you know that 1 in every 5 students in your class right now is unable to concentrate due to uncomfortable seating? The PSB customizable ergonomic classroom desk is the next-gen solution to this ever-growing uncomforted and back pain. However, you shouldn’t take our word for it. Read the FREE white paper which has extensive research on why your classroom NEEDS a Hydraulics desk!

PSB Customizable Ergonomic Classroom Desk: A Name Trusted By Leading Educational Institutions In Canada

PSBDesk brings with it a new era of customizable ergonomic classroom desks with 360* control on every aspect of the desk. Additionally, the desk offers a variety of choices that gives you the opportunity to make it truly yours. It seamlessly blends into the decor of the classroom without looking too bulky and mechanical. It is sleek, simple, and has a minimalist design that is tough and durable.

What is more? You even get control of how the desk looks. Its tabletop laminations can be customized and so can the size of the table tops. This makes it a great option for all kinds of institutions and every type of classroom. The desk heights can be set into presets in the Bluetooth-enabled app for a quick, noise-free and disturbance-free classroom atmosphere. This is the #1 customizable ergonomic classroom desk for you!


PSBDesk Benefits


  1. Ensures a disturbance-free classroom experience
  2. Table inclinations are made for all types of subjects like art, design and architecture sketching
  3. Ability to control all the desks in one click
  4. Laminations that complement the decor of the classroom with scratch-resistant technology so they always look new
  5. Desk always looks neat thanks to the secret slots to hide away cables
  6. High durable products that stay enact even after 5 graduated classes
  7. Naturally sourced materials that have a 50% lower carbon footprint
  8. Get them fitted for your classroom sizes
  9. Promotes flexibility through the long hours of school
  10. Helps focus with a secure phone slot so students are not distracted

Celebrity Physiotherapists Swear By PSB Desk

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Here's What Teachers Say About The Webinar

“This opened my eyes. I didn’t know how important having an ergonomic desk was for students. I wish all my fellow teachers see thsi!

Shokran Salehi, Professor, Physics

Why Wait?

Our Expert has revolutionized the learning experience of many students. Make yourself one among them and get started now!

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Ergonomic Furniture for Classrooms Mississauga

Ergonomics Designs for Classrooms

Enhance learning and safety in your classrooms with ergonomically designed furniture

Sign up for the PSB Office free webinar to learn how to make your classroom comfortable and safe. This webinar will discuss the benefits of ergonomics furniture for the well-being and learning of the children in classrooms, as this furniture is scientifically designed while keeping the human body in mind. It is proven that children are suffering health issues because of bad posture due to traditional furniture in classrooms.

Picture of children sitting in class and teacher standing facing them

Find out the importance of furniture in improving students’ performance and health.

Most schools do not give importance to the classroom environment, which is an integral part of learning and classroom furniture needs to be appropriate according to the needs of every child. The traditional classroom has the same chair-desk combo, which is not suitable for everybody in the class because every child has different needs according to their body and height. Using the wrong furniture results in poor posture, causing physical conditions affecting the neck, back, joints, and even eyesight. Scientific research has shown that bad seating disrupts attention and impairs cognitive function because it impedes neural connections in the brain.

PSB Office offers furniture which is designed according to the science of human body to suit different needs. The furniture with hydraulic suspension allows adjustments according to height, movement, and functionalities. The ergonomic design gives better postures, reduces health issues and strain on the body. It also increases productivity, concentration, and safety. PSB Desk offers many features in one desk, such as one-touch height adjustment, convertible table, lockable wheels, removable storage bin, and built-in charging port. It is like many products at one price. This free webinar will have guest speakers who are experts in ergonomics and an orthopedic to discuss the importance of good posture in child development and how furniture plays a vital role in giving a better posture.

Ergonomics for Kids

Trusted by leading brands

Interested in improving your classroom and learning?

If you want to find out more about ergonomics and how we can offer the best furniture for your students’ learning and well-being. Register now for this free webinar.

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PSB Hydraulic Desk

PSB Hydraulic Desks

Tired of working at regular desks? We have got it all covered for you. PSB Office offers hydraulic desks that would be perfect for your home and office. It not only makes you feel at ease but also makes sure that your posture is right too. 

Why PSB Hydraulic Desk?

PSBDesk is combined with the flexibility and comfort of hydraulic suspension. No cords or electricity is required to maneuver the desk into a comfortable position. The desk can be easily converted from sitting to standing position, without any disruptions and sound. It can be very disturbing when the chairs and desks are not flexible as it can result into back pain and bad posture if sitting for a prolonged period of time. 

Ergonomic Design

PSB Desk has been ergonomically built lowers health risks by enhancing performance, relieving physical stress, and supporting better posture. It lessens the chance of becoming hurt or exhausted. Postures, comfort, health, and the capacity to work and learn are all improved. Neck and back discomfort can be lessened by using the PSBDesk.

The desk can raise and lower to the user’s preference in addition to having a modern style. More workspace is provided via the tabletop’s flexibility (extensibility). It has a variety of colours that can be matched to the style and concept of the room. From a basic hydraulic desk to an accessible one, it is easily adjusted to suit the demands of the user. As the user may make their desk lean in the direction they want it to, inclinable working tops will improve posture and prevent users from bending down their desks. The materials used to make the PSB Desk are unbreakable and sustainable as the steel powder material is eco-friendly and will prevent the frame from flaking, cracking, peeling, or rusting. The colour of the frame will be preserved, allowing for a longer product lifespan.

How to use Hydraulic Desks?

Watch the video below to know how to easily use the hydraulic desks.

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Major discounts are going on the PSB Hydraulic Desks. Get your PSB Desk now in Mississauga.

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Ergonomic School Safe Desks Ontario

PSBOffice Logo

How to Create an Engaging Learning Environment

Learn the benefits of using ergonomic school safe desks to transform classrooms into engaging and inclusive environments.

Looking for an ergonomic school safe desk in Ontario? Join us to learn more. PSB Office brings you an exclusive webinar hosted by CEO Sara Smith, which will be focused on the ergonomics within a classroom. 

ergonomic school safe desk ontario

Why are Ergonomic Desks Good for School?

PSBOffice is an award-winning Canadian company and pioneer in designing and manufacturing ergonomic furniture. This webinar is hosted by Sara Smith, the CEO of PSBOffice, to highlight the importance of using ergonomic desks to improve the quality of education for all students.

Currently, students sit in an uncomfortable position for prolonged periods of time reducing focus, resulting in learning hindrances. Another issue would be the early onset of back pain which worsens over time. Combatting this early is the key to stop issues from arising. There is a need to provide students a comfortable, safe, accessible, and efficient learning environment to preserve their health and well-beingTo resolve all those issues and learn about ergonomic school safe desks, learn from experts in the medical industry who are going to participate in our online seminar.

Some of the benefits and features of PSBDesk include a 360-degree adjustable top to fit the needs of any user, from usage to storage, and everything in between. The desk’s height is easily adjustable with one touch without disrupting fellow classmates as it has silent suspensionPSBDesk is unique and innovative while offering all the properties of an ergonomic desk to help influence the learning abilities of students so they can focus on what really matters, while making the classroom an inclusive learning environment for all. Watch this video to learn more.

Trusted by Many

"After having back issues from long time, my doctor recommended me to try an ergonomic desk. I was looking for a durable standing desk with unique design which will match my office theme without being heavy on the pocket. PSBOffice's desk seemed to have the best value with all those features. This desk is quite big and spacious and is easily adjustable. If anyone has to sit for long hours like me, needs to consider it. It can be raised up to stand and if you get tired you can easily lower it back down. The hydraulic suspension is quiet, smooth, and powerful. I started feeling a difference in my pain and my posture within a month. My work is more enjoyable, and I feel more energetic, and am able to focus more. I highly recommend this desk, it is a great product!"
Real estate agent

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To learn more about all the health benefits of using ergonomic school safe desks in detail from our experts in Ontario and gaining the insights about the impact of universal design within the classroom, sign up for our webinar today to reserve your spot!

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Hydraulic Desks for Schools Toronto

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Top 10 Classroom Design Techniques

Looking for hydraulic desks for schools in Toronto and the GTA, look no further!

Sign up for the webinar to learn design techniques to create an engaging classroom. Hosted by Sara Smith, the CEO of PSB Office, the webinar will include guest speakers with industry knowledge of designing efficient and inclusive classrooms.

Hydraulic Desks for School Toronto

Discover How to Design an Effective Classroom for Students

This webinar will do a deep dive into the factors that influence classroom design and how to recognize issues and adjust accordingly.

Sitting for a long period of time in an uncomfortable position is causing many physical and psychological health issues among students. Improper posture is increasing the risk of musculoskeletal problems as well as leaning on desks, which are causing eyesight problems among students. Children are unable to focus on their studies, resulting in poor academic outcomes. Children have growing bodies, and there is a need to provide them with the proper tools and environment which will be comfortable and aesthetically pleasing for them, where they will enjoy their day and learn new skills with their full potential. To combat this a  hydraulic desk can be used in the classroom. 

Keeping children in mind, PSBOffice CEO Sara Smith, with her brilliant team, combined technology with innovation and created the sleek design of PSB Desk, which will fulfil the needs of every student no matter what their needs are. PSB Desk has a one touch 360-degree convertible top and comes in a variety of colours. Inclinable working tops will help with posture as the user does not have to lean over their desk. PSB desk is made with indestructible, sustainable material and will last long. This ergonomic desk is combined with the flexibility and comfort of hydraulic suspension, converting it from sitting to standing position without any disruption and noise, just with one touch and no electricity required. To learn more about its benefits and what experts are saying about the universal design of PSB Desk sign up for the webinar today and watch this video!

The Benefits of Good Posture

Trusted by Leading Colleges and Universities

Had been thinking about a stand-up desk for a while for my company and finally took the plunge with this PSBOffice model as it is customizable. Very happy with my decision. Assembly included by the manufacturer. Very sturdy and stable once set up. Very impressive. My staff has been using it constantly since they got it. It helps keep their wrists and elbows in the right alignment to avoid strain while typing and I feel like standing while working has improved my workers focus and productivity. Good value. Would recommend.

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If you are looking for hydraulic desks for schools in Toronto and the GTA, look no further!

This will be a very informative session, discussing essential design techniques for an effective classroom environment. Learn from the professionals and industry experts in our webinar.

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Adjustable desks at Wholesale Prices – Ontario

Adjustable desks at wholesale prices- PSB Office

PSB Desk brings with it a new era of Hydraulic desks with a 360* control on every aspect of the desk. The desk offers a variety of choices that gives you the opportunity to make it truly yours.  So adjust it as you like and order as many as you want. And get the experience of a sustainable and adjustable desk. Moreover, save money by ordering in bulk and pay less price. So get an adjustable desk wholesale Ontario and Canada. Join our webinar to know more details!


Adjustable office desk

Looking for an adjustable desk?

What is more? You even get control on how the desk looks. Its tabletop laminations can be customized and so can the size of the tabletops. This makes it a great option for all kinds of institutions and every type of classroom. The desk heights can be set into presets in the Bluetooth enabled app for quick, noise-free, and disturbance-free classroom atmosphere. It seamlessly blends into the decorum of the classroom without looking too bulky and mechanical. It is sleek, simple, and has a minimalist design that is tough and durable. This hydraulic desk has all one can dream of!

You are at the right place.....

Our comfortable and adjustable desk will smooth your hectic life. Posture and back issues start young as students sit countless hours with their backs arched listening to lectures. There is no one size fits all when it comes to children as their heights and hence desk requirements vary. PSB Desk is here to eliminate posture issues as a juvenile age by bringing premium ergonomics straight to the classroom.

That’s right. Ergonomics need not be just a corporate office luxury but every educational institution’s reality.
The PSB Desk provides all round flexibility in customization, height adjustment, laminate customization and incline adjustment.

Our product is the only one in the market that provides adjustability in every aspect of the table, be it the tops, legs, height, inclination or size! PSB Desk’s unlimited adjustability will help you bring premium ergonomics into the classroom with 360* control on every aspect of the hydraulic desk, like never before.


Trusted by leading Institutions and others

Testimonial from Finance Head at TMU

” These adjustable desks changed our lives. Highly recommended purchase. Loved the Bluetooth enabled control feature as well “

JULIA, Finance Head, TMU

An Adjustable Desk That Works for You

Noise-free ergonomic hydraulic desk with smooth adjustable height and incline. Premium Ergonomics for premium flexibility!

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Best Ergonomic Office Desk Mississauga


Optimizing your workplace: Beyond Ergonomics

By implementing ergonomic solutions, workers can become more productive and comfortable. Learn from the expert how to make your workplace productive collaborated with the best ergonomics office desk in Mississauga.

Emily Clarke : Director of Ergonomics Services: Ergonomics Centre, Toronto

Office desk best ergonomics Mississauga

Why PSB Desk?

What’s better than identifying ways of improving efficiency, productivity, and the performance of your employees to drive your business a success? Ergonomics plays a vital role in helping your employees to perform in a work-friendly environment that reduces health risks and fatigue. PSB Desk offers flexibility in every aspect of the table, from tops, legs, height, inclination, or size. With 360* control over every part of the hydraulic desk, our product’s limitless flexibility gives you exceptional ergonomics in the classroom like never before and this why PSB desk is the best ergonomic office desk in Mississauga. 

Features of the PSB Hydraulic Desk

Our PSB Desk is the “Desk that works for you”:

360* Control Like Never Before In A Hydraulic Desk-

The desk provides range of options, giving you the chance to completely personalize it. 
It blends in well with your classroom architecture without making a huge deal in the design.
It boasts minimalist design that is sleek, uncomplicated, robust, and long-lasting.


Premium Ergonomics For Premium Flexibility-As students spend countless hours listening to lectures with their backs arched, posture and back problems develop early. When it comes to youngsters, there is no one size fits all because of the differences in their heights and workstation needs. By bringing top-notch ergonomics directly to the classroom, PSBDesk aims to eradicate posture problems at a young age.

PSB Desk provides all-round flexibility:

  • Customization 
  • Height adjustment
  • Laminate customization 
  • Incline adjustment
Office desk best ergonomics Mississauga

Importance and Benefits of Ergonomics at Workplace

Did You Know Ergonomics?

Reduces cost:

  • 59% average reduction of Musculoskeletal Disorders
  • 65% average reduction in incidence rate
  • 75% reduction in lost workdays
  • 53% reduction in restricted days
  • 68% reduction in worker’s compensation costs
  • 39% reduction in cost per claim
  • 43% decrease in labor cost.

Improves employee engagement:

  • 48% average reduction in employee turnover
  • 58% average reduction in employee absenteeism.

Creates a safety culture: The use of ergonomics demonstrates your business’ dedication to safety and health as essential values. The culmination of the previous four ergonomics advantages is a more robust safety culture for your business.

Develop quality: 

  • 67% average reduction in scrap/errors

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