PSB Ergonomic Study Desk

'Study Desk' is an important factor in providing high-quality education.

Are you looking for “Study Desks”? You have come to the right place. Because our customizable ergonomic study desks will meet your facility’s basic needs. The PSB desk will improve your service in providing quality education. Our hydraulic and ergonomic desks would be ideal for all of your educational facilities.

Our PSB study desk can be used as a standing desk. This will immediately allow your students to multitask while achieving numerous benefits.

Our Ergonomic Study Desk is an essential furniture for your Institute.

We understand that your educational institute is primarily committed on performance of your students. What if we tell you that the desk you have, has a direct impact on your students’ productivity? Our desks will encourage your students to focus more on their studies, which will result in greater engagement in education.

Meanwhile your “Professors,” will also benefit from PSB’s ergonomic desk. The standing desks will allow them to move around the classroom easily. This will subsequently increase their efficiency.

Our History, What We Do; Our Expertise

PSB Office founded by Edward Smith in 1980, is a family owned B2B office furniture company based in Canada. Furthermore, e we have a long history of producing high-quality office furniture. We made a name for ourselves as the first Canadian company to design and manufacture ergonomic furniture.

We have now refocused our efforts on creating ergonomic functional furniture. Thus, our study desks have a sleek design. Meantime it can also rise and lower according to the user’s preference. Our study desks are made of resistant materials which are sustainable.

Finally, if you need ergonomic study desks, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will provide you with customized ergonomic study desks for your students.  This will help your institute to boost student productivity.

OUR Premier customers

University of Toronto Brand

“As a procurement director, the PSB student desk was one of the wise investments I made. Nevertheless the new Mississauga facility is completely advanced. Of course, student productivity has increased. Specifically the main benefit is that all of the desks in various departments have been customized to meet our needs”.

John Hammock, Procurement head, Sheridan college

Choose the Best Canadian Desk on the Market to Become a Quality Education Provider! ​

Finally, it is the time to order your PSB ergonomic study desk. Because you will be able to boost your student’s productivity. Immediately for this reason you will be able to further establish your brand. Study desks are not a luxury item, but rather a necessity for your company. Therefore make the right decision right now!

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PSB ergonomic desk canada

Ergonomic Desks at your comfortability

Best customizable ergonomic desks: PSB’s ergonomic desks serves the best for all your needs.

Ergonomic desk

Why Ergonomics?

Your health is important. So, checkout this video to know how ergonomics plays the vital role in our health and comfortability while working.

PSB Ergonomic Desk - Walkthrough

PSB Ergonomic desk is one of its best version of completely friendly to almost all possible areas of work. It is completely customized according to your preferences, work nature and the desired height ranges that you prefer. Also, ergonomic desk is a one stop solution and stands best in the market. Advantageously, the power of hydraulic system in the ergonomic desk makes it very smooth and quiet transition in changing its position and height. Nevertheless the design plan, ergonomic desks are built to suit your floor plan. Therefore, huge orders can be processed and delivered with easy installations. For schools, colleges and universities on-time delivery with quick services are offered. Apart from this, PSB Office team would always love to provide the best solutions and unique services for each of the customers – Click Here to know more about our service

PSB Office Overview

PSB Office is a family-owned business that has proudly been building solutions for Canadian businesses offices since 1980. Edward Smith, founder of PSB Office had the aim of building simple office furniture and accessories. Apart from this, they also focused on using high quality materials spreading over all the industries. We were recognized as the first Canadian company to manufacture furniture that is ergonomic. Subsequently in 2022, Sara Smith took over running the business. Furthermore, with Canadian businesses facing new needs and demands, PSB Office led by Sara aims with modern approach to solve the current problems. PSB Office strives to provide the best in market. To know more about us Click Here

Trusted by leading organizations

Testimonial from customer using our Ergonomic desk

“PSB Office was one of the best choices that we as an institution chose to buy ergonomic desks for students and professors. Their Ergonomic desks were a perfect solution to suit everyone across the students and professors to have a comfortable workplace. Also, their customization offer was the best which really suited our requirements with a budget friendly option. PSB Office made sure to deliver the desks on time upon which we expect to continue our future orders with them.”

Shokran Salehi, Office professor at sheridan College

Upgrade your work desk today

Start building yours by availing our services according to your customizations. Discounts and offers are available for educational institutions.

teacher using ergonomic desk

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Ergonomics in the workplace – a customizable hydraulic desk is the future

Customizable hydraulic desks in Canada?
The future is here.

Are your employees experiencing pain, discomfort, or extreme tiredness after long-working hours at the office? If yes, their workstation desk might be the real problem. 

PSB Desk’s customizable hydraulic desks offer a new employee experience all accross Canada.

Are your employees comfortable?

In our report “Computer Station Ergonomics” we talk about why and how the different elements in your employees’ workstations might be affecting their health and productivity. Moreover, we’ll go over key aspects of how this might be affecting your business and why ergonomic desks are more than a simple solution for this growing issue.

Learn why customizable hydraulic desks are the future of Canadian workspaces

In our professional “Computer Station Ergonomics” report we’ll evaluate what makes a workstation a “good fit” for your employees. This guide will not only go through the functionalities of the different pieces of furniture that are currently being used by employees, but it will also explain how to set them up correctly for better comfort and posture. Furthermore, the document also explores how various accessories can improve employees’ experience in their workplace.

For example, did you know that your employees’ posture should constantly change as they alternate tasks? This is very important because it stimulates blood flow and reduces the possibilities of injuries.

By reading this report, you will find “why’s” and “how’s” off how workstations might be affecting your employees’ health and productivity. Moreover, we also offer a set of easy-to-do stretches that your employees can do while taking a quick break whenever they’re feeling stiff. 

PSBDesk offers customizable levels of comfort with its innovative hydraulic desk structure and award-winning design that will improve your employees’ customer experience in any workspace in Canada.

Trusted by leading brands IN CANADA

Our clients' testimonials

“We provide workspaces to all types of indsustries and job roles across Canada and PSBDesk did not only allow us to customize the desks to adjust them to any setting we needed in our operation, but also provided the apropriate guidance on how to better implement the desks for our customers’ comfort.”


Happier, more comfortable employees?

Start learning how to improve your employee customer experience now! Hydraulic customizable desks are the future and Canadian employees are slowly starting to ask their employers for them.

hydraulic customizable desk happy employee

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Customizable Ergonomic Desk Solutions – PSB Desks

PSB Desk:
Office Space

PSB Office presents The Best Customizable Ergonomic Desk Solutions

Why Ergonomics in your Workplace

Customizable Ergonomic Desk Solutions and Their Importance & Benefits of Ergonomic Workplace

About the PSB Desk

The PSB Desk is the modern office desk solution for any business. It is a fully customizable, ergonomic, hydraulic desk. Powered by the PSB Lift system, the PSB Desk is the quietest standing desk in the market. Regardless of your layout plan, each PSB Desk is built-to-order, with the specs best suited for your floor layout. In addition to the PSB Desk individual office desks, there are also custom Conference and Executive desk options. Above all else, large orders can be scheduled-to-order, and with the help from our PSB Office Services team, they can be shipped and delivered to fit within the time line of your office renovation or building projects.

If you would like to see all the wide varying custom options of the PSB Desk – Click the link below

About PSB Office

PSB Office is a family-owned business that has proudly been building commercial office solutions for Canadian businesses since 1980. It all started when founder, Edward Smith building simple office furniture and accessories, focusing on using high quality materials. Now with Canadian businesses facing new needs and demands, PSB Office is led by Sara Smith, Edward’s granddaughter, who is poised to build products for the modern workplace.

Trusted by our partners

Their PSB Desk was the perfect solution to all our desk needs for our latest creative-focused space.

“PSB Office was the best partner to help us furnish our latest Coworking space in Victoria, BC. Their PSB Desk was the perfect solution to all our desk needs for our latest creative-focused space. Over 100 customized, hydraulic, ergonomic desks, built-to-order! They even worked with our facilities operators to make sure they were delivered at the perfect time during the project’s timeline.”

Irene Lionheart, Senior VP, WORK/space

Your Office
Space Today

Explore the wide range of customization the PSB Desk has to offer!

smiling young business colleagues using digital tablet and talking while walking at workspace

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Premium Customizable Ergonomic Desk

Why Ergonomics?

Comfort and Convenience: Ergonomics focuses on finding the optimal fit between a worker, their environment, and their tasks. Our goal is to provide the right desks to improve the working environment. As a result, employees can perform their tasks effectively and comfortably. Our ergonomic desks are designed to adapt to your changing needs.

Ergonomic Workplace

Would you like to learn how to set up your desk ergonomically to improve your workplace? Watch the video to find out!

Comfort and Convenience

All of us have been there: slumped over a computer, typing away, back aching, shoulders hunched, as the minutes go by. If you’ve ever been in this situation, you’ve likely wondered about the benefits of ergonomic desks. There is nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable at work. Sitting in the wrong position for long periods of time can cause lower back and muscle pain. We can improve this by investing in ergonomic products. Moreover, arranging our work environment to be more comfortable and safer for our employees. Making small changes and incorporating ergonomic desks into your office can have a huge impact.

Importance & Benefits of Ergonomic Workplace

Having a sedentary behavior at work can be harmful to your health. For example, sitting for long periods of time or laying in front of a computer screen all day. Studies have shown that people who spend most of their time sitting are more likely to develop obesity, cardiovascular disease, and musculoskeletal injuries. For instance, back pains, shoulder pains and repetitive strain injuries.

By reducing sitting time, ergonomic desks can prevent back problems and improve performance, concentration, and motivation. Most importantly, switching between sitting and standing throughout the day can prevent remaining in the same position for too long. This is especially helpful for people who don’t have a very healthy posture.

The purpose of this whitepaper is to discuss all the benefits of ergonomic desks and why they are essential for office layouts.

Standing while working increases productivity. Studies made by British Medical Journal showed that employees who normally had a sedentary work life and changed into a standing desk. Consequently, reported improved engagement in their work and had fewer muscular problems.

By adding height-adjustable desks to an office space. Accordingly, employees will be able to change their working position, increase mobility, and improve their circulation.

In addition, employees that used height-adjustable desks  experienced less stress and fatigue. As opposed to those who worked sitting all day.

To sum up, here are the benefits of ergonomic desks for employees and for the company:

Benefits for employees
An improved working environment.
Fewer muscular and chronic problems.
Better posture and reduces back pains.
Prevention of muscle inactivity.
Much more comfortable for working and higher employee satisfaction.

Benefits for the company
Increased performance and efficiency.
Increased motivation and job satisfaction.
Reduced absentees due to illness, aches, and pains.

Trusted by leading brands

Trusted Partners

“The perfect desk”

PSB Desk has exceeded my expectations! Excellent product, top quality in every detail, easy order processing and delivery very quick. Highly recommend this product and company.

Robert Smith, Operations Director

Premium Customizable Ergonomic Desk

PSB Office cares about the interactions between people and their environment. Our award-winning design is based on the study of the human body and how to design to improve health and productivity. The result is a premium customizable ergonomic desk that meets the needs of the human body and of course the workplace.

Best of all, our PSB desks offers customizable features such as sit-stand desk workstations, monitor arms, monitor risers, and an assortment of ergonomic accessories.

Ergonomic Desk

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PSB Office Ergonomic Desks

Have you ever imagined to adjust your workplace according to your needs?

Psb office Ergonomics desks
PSB Office logo

Finally, the PSB's whitepaper will clear all your queries and gives you proper insight to ergonomic world

Canada’s first company PSB Office Ergonomic Desks is in the market. Above all they give you better work experiences keeping your health as a priority. Moreover, The new desks are compatible with your work to increase efficiency. At this time join with PSB Office and be the first one to avail the new feelings on the work.

The benefits of Ergonomic Desks

Undoubtedly including the ergonomic to the workplace has many benefits :-

  • Reduces the back pain as it can be adjusted according to your comfortable posture
  • Increases the working capacity 
  • Helps to reduce extra weight
  • Increases employee engagement
  • Improves mental insight
  • Eliminates Hazards

Detailed insight into PSB Office Ergonomic Desks

PSB Office Ergonomic Desks are designed with sustainable and indestructible materials. In addition they offer customizable facilities to its customers.

  1.  Ergonomics desks are available in three sizes (42”*30”, 48”*30”, 60”*30”).
  2. The desks are designed in 19 different wooden colours which give you a wider choice to design your office.
  3. Hydraulic suspension and sensor can adjust the height of the desks with the user’s height.
  4. The desks are available in two models- Manual and Automatic

Trusted by leading brands

PSB Office ergonomic desks
University of toronto
PSB Office Ergonomic Desks
Bank Of Montreal
PSB Office Ergonomic Desks

Bring the PSB  ergonomic desks to your workplace as soon as possible. As a result, make your work comfortable and enjoyable

Try the new styles,colours and feelings with PSB ergonomic desks to shape your work and life. Definitely you will feel the change in the life.

For more information about PSB Office Ergonomic Desks

Customer Reviews

Read More
“The PSBDesk has made it easier and more convenient for me and the employees of our company to work for hours at a stretch without straining our body. This has visibly increased the company’s efficiency. It is just astounding how a desk can help a company so much in increasing productivity. 2 thumbs up for PSBDesk and Sara!” VIRGIL ABLOH, PRESIDENT, JUMPMAN23 MARKETING
Read More
“We are so glad about our decision to install PSBDesk at our offices in Ontario. Our teams used to suffer from all kinds of posture-related issues due to long working hours sitting. It has only been 4 months and we have noticed our teams be more active and lively in the workplace.

Durable Office Desks Mississauga


PSB Hydraulic Desk is engineered with ergonomic material and a hydraulic mechanism to adjust for the comfortable height of the desk.

Durable Office desks

Picture by Reallywellmadedesks

Why it is important switching to hydraulic desks?

PSB Hydraulic desk is an excellent way to bring a live experience into your workplace. 

The hydraulic desk helps to work in different positions like sitting and standing. Changing posture makes blood circulation easy and avoids muscle cramps and stiffness. It also helps maintain energy and activeness.

Moreover, the hydraulic desk makes no cranky noise while adjusting the height.


Business grows twice with happy employees. So, the employees’ basic needs should be fulfilled. For which the work environment makes a difference in their performance and health. A significant number of employees and business owners are sitting for hours to take their organization towards success. Therefore PSB Office has engineered a hydraulic desk to give a quiet and hassle-free experience to adjust the height of the desk. So they can work standing or sitting as per their need. Because sitting in the same position for a long time can cause physical and mental issues. Many people suffer from neck pain, ligament strains, and spinal injuries due to their sedentary posture at work. The Ergonomic PSB hydraulic desk is loaded with a height-adjustable feature to support employees in maintaining a correct posture and avoid such issues. How?

PSB OFFICE - Ergonomic Hydraulic Desks

PSB Office is a well-known company since the 1980s. It is famous for its ergonomic material that is used for making office furniture such as desks. Also, it has proven records in the market for sustainability. PSB office has always understood the need for making desks more comfortable. Today, many people are suffering from ligament strains, shoulder, and neck pain, spine pain, and migraines. People are taking piles of medicines, but still suffering because of their work which demands them to sit for hours in the same position. Their workstations desks are not compatible to change heights as per need so that they can work standing whenever they fill stiffness. 

PSB office’s new hydraulic desk has been equipped with a hydraulic height mechanism that can adjust the height of the desk without making any noise. Furthermore, the desk is made of ergonomic material to bear the weight of the workstation stuff. The hydraulic desk will easily move up and low to the positions. This will increase productivity and keep the employees healthy. Moreover, PSB Hydraulic desk is also waterproof and suitable for lab work, events, seminars, and expos. So, it is very easy to clean them. There are storage drawers attached with locks to safeguard important documents and files. Also, PSB hydraulic desk comes in three different sizes and 19 colors. 



PSB Ergonomic hydraulic desk will cater to multiple issues and needs. It will give a durable and steady experience. Easy height adjustment to avoid muscle injuries and enhance focus. Furthermore, it can be used for different events and expos. Therefore, it is quite portable, to gift yourself and your workplace a friendly desk that will adjust according to your needs. This will help to increase productivity and avoid health issues.

Trusted by leading brands

Durable desk customers

Proud Stories

Durable desk happy customers

“PSB desk have been awesome always. It was an excellent service and the people I dealt with were really friendly. Delivery came on time and the driver was happy to move the desks for me. Not to mention excellent value for money!

Daniel - Zimidar limited

A gift to employees an asset to you.

Make things easy with PSB Hydraulic desk and improve the work environment to get your employees profitable and healthy. The sustainability and features of hydraulic desk will organize the organization.

durable office desks

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Customizable coworking office desks

Office Desks Customized For Coworking

Our top-of-the-line, ergonomic and fully customizable hydraulic office desk. Helping deliver efficient and optimal space management for your coworking space. Subsequently elevating user experience at the same time.

Setting up customizable coworking office desks

And why desk setup is so important!

About Us

PSB Office is a family owned B2B office furniture company created in 1980 by Edward Smith. With deep roots in creating office furniture and accessories using quality materials. All of which are manufactured in and supplied to every location around Canada. 

PSB Office creates ergonomically functional furniture. Our furniture is stylish and could fit in any corporate office environment.


Customizable Desks- Coworking's future

PSB Office desks in coworking space

With a hydraulic adjustable desk users can easily adjust its height. With the touch of a button the control panel raises and lowers the desktop surface. Additionally, shared workspaces ware going to outfit their offices with the sturdiest available hydraulic sit stand desks. Allowing it to be used by multiple people.

PSB Desks fully customizable desk builder helps coworking spaces build their desks based on the look and ambience of their offices. You can customize your desk your desk with numerous color options,
accessories, panels and height/lengths. Adjusting these dimensions can make the
desk fit any floor size.

The highest quality hydraulic adjustable desks feature dual motors—with a motor in each leg. This means quieter, smoother movement and a higher weight limit. In addition, they will also have a crossbar that connects the legs toward the middle of the desk frame for optimal stability. By adjusting the standing desk a crossbar mechanism is present. This ensures that the items on the desk surface won’t wobble or shake as the desk height moves.

PSB Desks fully customizable desk promotes a dynamic and collaborative work environment. Subsequently, this will enhance the value proposition of getting employees back into the office. Moreover, employees are increasingly looking for more flexibility. Companies are  making their offices more attractive so that employees will happily come in. The PSB Desk brings to you this height adjustable desk option as the solution.

Workspaces come in different sizes and forms. But to us the specifications do not matter. Customers and visitors are likely to appreciate having an ergonomically friendly desk option. This is what we will provide through our hydraulic adjustable sit-to-stand desk. 

Above all, a comprehensive buyer experience is the ethos behind our company.

Custom Space Transformations with PSB Desk

Today coworking spaces and corporate office layout planners are facing a major problem. Presently, this problem being desk management and secondly, figuring out the most optimal way of setting up desk spaces. The PSB Desk solves this problem by customizing office desks. This is done with measurements altered based on your office floor size. With our interactive design-sense AI offering solutions after studying your space requirements.

PSB Office also gives you complete creative freedom. Therefore, allowing you to customize your desks color scheme, accessories and even a custom desk scent. The PSB Desk will meet your every workspace need.

Trusted by leading brands