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An ergonomic desk is designed to shorten the amount of time you spend sitting down during your working day. In lieu of remaining seated for several hours, you can raise the level of the desk so you can work at standing height. So, these types of adjustable desks are often known as “sit stand” desks. 

Firstly, sitting for long periods of time can be harmful to your health. Secondly, research into this issue has shown that sedentary behavior can increase the risk of developing obesity, type 2 diabetes, hypertension(high blood pressure, musculoskeletal injuries such as back pain, shoulder pain and repetitive strain injuries(RSI).

However, using a sit-stand desk means you can switch easily (at the touch of a button!) between sitting and standing throughout the day and avoid remaining in the same position for too long—especially important if you don’t have very good posture. Above all, these desks also relieve musculoskeletal strain by providing proper support when you type on a keyboard or move between computer and paperwork.

Certainly, make the most effective use of a sit-stand desk, it’s important to consider the other factors that play into creating a fully ergonomic workstation, such as the height and tilt of computer monitors and stability of the flat working surface. In the same vein, you should also think about how the sudden change in physical activity might affect your body. On the other hand, going from sitting all day to standing all day means you could develop pain in your back, legs and/or feet. Likewise, the general advice is to make the transition gradually—subsequently start off with 30 to 60 minutes each day and increase it over time. 

Further to understand the importance of Ergonomic desks here is a video clip that explains why Ergonomic Desks are more beneficial


To begin with, poor workplace ergonomics can cost employees and businesses dearly. Consequently, employees who lack ergonomic office equipment can suffer a range of health complaints and workplace injuries, for example –

·   pain, tingling or numbness in the hands, fingers, or wrists

·   swollen or stiff joints

·   discomfort in the shoulders, neck or back

·   muscle cramps or tightness

·   problems with vision

Similarly, injuries such as work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WRMSDs) are very common that affects our muscles, joints, and tendons in all parts of the body. For instance, they can develop over time because of the following reasons- Firstly, working in a static position but there is little body movement and in doing repetitive movements for a long time. Also, Also, putting strain on one specific area of the body (such as the hand or wrist).

So, when we stand up, we move our legs and get the blood flowing throughout our bodies. In addition, some studies say that, people who sat for longer periods had shorter life spans due to poor cardiovascular health. In conclusion, standing often is part of a healthier lifestyle


To conclude whether you’re working from your home office or working from a busy shared space, a standing desk is a great option to improve your health during the workday. To sum up, here are some of the benefits of standing at work.

1. Burns Calories and gives You an Energy Burst

Firstly, standing burns more calories than sitting, even if you simply stand still. So, the calorie difference between standing versus sitting
isn’t huge. However,
standing burns about 100-200 calories per hour, while sitting burns 60-130 calories. But over time, it can add
up. Also, the other calorie-burning benefit of standing at work is the shift in your mindset. In short, when you’re standing up, you’re more likely to keep your mind in “wellness mode” and you’ll walk around a bit more often throughout the day.

2. Improves Posture

Secondly, using a standing desk with proper ergonomics can help you have good posture at the computer. So, your monitor should be at eye level, about 20 inches from your face at a 20-degree tilt, while you should bend your arms at 100-degree angles at your sides. Wrists should hover comfortably above the keyboard, with weight shifting between legs.

3. Reduces Back Pain

Thirdly, like poor posture, you may think back pain is caused by sitting, but it’s not something that you have to live with or accept as
part of work. But, if you have a comfortable chair designed with back and lumbar support and alternate with periods of standing. Similarly, you will likely remedy your minor back pain.

4. Helps with Wrist Position

Fourthly, you’re sitting with a laptop on your lap while typing, you’ve probably noticed your wrists start to fall and “rest” on your keyboard. However, this can lead to wrist strain and pain. In addition, sufferers of carpal tunnel syndrome, a pinched nerve in the wrist may notice more discomfort when wrists are held in the wrong position

5. Keeps Circulation Going

For instance, if we look back at human evolution, our bodies were made to move. So, when we stand, we improve our leg muscles, our balance, and our core strength. In addition, we also prevent blood clots from forming in the legs. Likewise, when people sit for a long time (such as on a plane), blood may slow and pool in their legs. Certainly, this can lead to a blood clot.

6. Boosts Your Mood and Focus

Finally, if your workday seems long and you find yourself distracted, standing up can give you a focus and mood boost to increase your
productivity. In addition, a study at Texas A&M University found people who stood up at work in a call center were 
50% more productive. Similarly, standing helps us feel healthier, and when we feel well, we’re often in a better mood. However, participants in standing studies at work have reported improved mood as a peripheral benefit of standing at work. So, if you’re having a slow workday (or feeling down), get on your feet!

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John Doe
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Amazing product introduced by my favorite brand once again! Absolutely love this product!
Shireen Khan
Shireen Khan
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Purchased a desk here. Saved quite a bit compared to other standing desks in the market. I was also able to get my desk with same day pick up which is very convenient. Customer service was also exceptional!
Joanne D'Souza
Joanne D'Souza
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Really happy with the office desk that I ordered. The quality is excellent and the service was efficient. The two men who delivered my order and did the assembly were quick and extremely helpful.



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PSB hydraulic workstation Canada

PSB hydraulic workstation Canada

The health effects of sitting in the same position for long periods of time, can be devastating. People who spend most of their day sitting are said to be at increased risk of developing cancer, cardiovascular disease, and type 2 diabetes, to name a few. PSB hydraulic workstation Canada prevents back problems, increase employee performance, concentration, motivation, and minimise downtime.

Benefits of Standing Desks​

Watch the video to know why the workstation desk is really worth it!

PSB Office steps in!

At PSB Office, we know how important it is for your employees to work comfortably and stay healthy in order to improve the company’s performance. Contact us now for more information on PSB hydraulic workstation desk. We will be happy to help you.

Why Hydraulic workstation desks?

As mentioned earlier, sitting for long periods of time affects your posture and increases your risk of illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes. Thus, by adding a PSB hydraulic workstation Canada to the office space, employees can reposition, increase mobility and improve circulation. To maintain a healthy spine, it is important to exercise and reposition regularly during working hours.

Did you know that 47% of people with PSB hydraulic workstation desk report significantly less discomfort in their upper back, shoulders and neck? In addition to that, 65% of people say that Hydraulic workstation desks have a positive impact on off-the-job health.

Another study found that people who used Hydraulic workstation desks were less stressed and tired than those who sat and worked all day. Therefore, the PSB hydraulic workstation Canada can be moved up and down, which is convenient because employees can sit or stand to switch between the two.

In everyday work, there are normal situations where important decisions need to be made quickly. Hence, to achieve this, the mind must be careful and focused. One study showed that employees using Hydraulic workstation desks in the offices improved their concentration, executive function, and memory. Moreover, studies have also suggested that standing desks increase brain activity by increasing blood flow. Therefore, adding a PSB hydraulic workstation Canada to your office can lead to similar results among employees. Height-adjustable desks have great benefits when employees are focused for extended periods of time where they need to stay focused and maintain leadership.

Don't believe us?
Read our customer testimonial here!

Exceptional Experience – Best Quality Frame – Superb Construction and Functionality – Could not be happier.

I have been using a Hydraulic workstation desk for 5 years. I have tried more than a few brands that were substantially more expensive costing 2- 5 times the PSB hydraulic workstation Canada.
Frankly, it is rare that I am so satisfied that I take the time to write a review. But I feel obligated to show my thanks for the exceptional experience I have had with this product in the hope that if anyone who was like me reads it, they will stop their search and just purchase this product. Thanks for creating a great product. Could not be happier!

Shokran Salehi, VP, 100Nine marketing

Invest in Hydraulic desk today!

This is your chance to help your employees achieve a healthy lifestyle while working and achieving the company’s goals! 

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Develop your business day comfortably with premium ergonomic desks in Ontario which are built to last, backed by industry-leading warranties, and adaptable to changing environments and needs.

Product lineup over endless customisations to help you save up to 50% compared to office furniture of comparable quality.

Future of Ergonomic Design

Check the video to know more 

Why choose us ?

Organisation was conceptualised to fill a gap between industry contributions and client needs. Currently it’s an main brand in work area improving frill. We comprehend that office furniture today isn’t really intended to be agreeable and ergonomic, prompting medical problems and pointless stress on the body. That’s why, we always aim to design and create products that will take care of such issues from the get-go.

Ergonomics Workplace – Worth?

Is improving productivity one of your company’s core business objectives this year?

Then establishing or improving upon your company’s workplace ergonomics process should be on the top of your to-do list.

Here are demonstrated advantages of major areas of strength for an ergonomics cycle:

 Ergonomics reduces costs

65% average reduction in incidence rate

75% reduction in lost workdays

53% reduction in restricted days

68% reduction in worker’s compensation costs

39% reduction in cost per claim

43% decrease in labor costs

Ergonomics improves productivity

The best ergonomic arrangements will frequently further develop efficiency. By designing something that allows to good posture, less exertion, fewer motions and better heights and reaches, the workstation becomes more efficient.

Ergonomics improves employee engagement.

Workers notice when the organisation is investing their best amounts of energy to guarantee their wellbeing and security. In the event that a representative doesn’t encounter. If an employee does not experience fatigue and discomfort during their workday, it can reduce turnover, decrease absenteeism, improve morale and increase employee involvement.

48% average reduction in employee turnover

58% average reduction in employee absenteeism

Ergonomics makes a superior safety culture .

Ergonomics shows your organisation’s obligation to somewhere safe and wellbeing as a guiding principle. Healthy employees are your most valuable asset; creating and fostering the safety & health culture at your company will lead to better human performance for your organisation.

Trusted by leading brands

Client Reviews

The stand-up work area is truly advantageous for me, particularly in the wake of lounging around for quite a long time. With this arrangement, my lower back is thankful to the Management for giving these work areas to its representatives. It gives me alleviation from sitting at the work area and is compelling in easing pressure. It likewise makes it simpler to move the screen while projecting particulars showed on the screen to one more person in the room, without expecting to have the individual circumvent the work area to see the screen. Practically like a helpful work area brief inside the room

Natalie Grafals

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Hydraulic Office Desk Toronto

Hydraulic Office Desk Toronto

The Hydraulic Office Desk gives people a new way of office life which helps them be more efficient and effective at work without being strained due to their routine. These desks make the workplace more functional and easy to use.

Benefits of having a Hydraulic Office Desk

The main reason for us to introduce this product to the market was to create something that is strong, robust and can make the work life easier for the corporate employees all over the world; while saving them from a lot of health risks. Do watch the video below to see how you could benefit from the PSBDesk!

PSB Office's PSBDesk

The PSBDesk is PSB Office’s first step towards innovation after the company has come under the control of Sara Smith, the grand daughter of the founder of the company, Edward Smith.

The PSBDesk is a product that has been based on the original ideology of the company of the products being of ergonomic nature and high quality. The desk does not only have a sleek design but is also extremely functional. It is made with indestructible and sustainable materials, and it comes fitted with hydraulic suspensions which let the desk adjust and rise and lower according to the need of the user and making the experience of working very fun, effortless and extremely comfortable.

PSBDesk's Creation Story

The story of the creation of the PSBDesk begins in 1980 when Edward Smith, the founder of PSB Office created the company in the heart of Toronto and took his operations worldwide. Edward’s goal was to create the first Canadian brand which manufactured ergonomic furniture. The core ideology of the business was to manufacture products of quality and functionality.

In 2022, after the global pandemic, the company came under new leadership – Sara Smith, Edward’s granddaughter, and she came up with an idea to manufacture and launch a product that was based on the original ideology of her grandfather. To make her brainchild more functional, Sara brainstormed a solution for the problems faced by the people in their workplace; after which she came up with the idea of the PSBDesk. 

Since its launch the desk has created a hype in the market and has won many design awards and great reviews from users all around the globe, and similarly we wish to make your office a place you’d want to be at with the PSBDesk.

Trusted by leading brands

“The PSBDesk has made it easier and more convenient for me and the employees of our company to work for hours at a stretch without straining our body. This has visibly increased the company’s efficiency. It is just astounding how a desk can help a company so much in increasing productivity. 2 thumbs up for PSBDesk and Sara!”

VIRGIL ABLOH, President, JUMPMAN23 marketing

is here!

Contact us and invest in your company’s future today and we will help you make your workspace your second home!

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