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A webinar to learn about the benefits of ergonomic design at workplace

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Hydraulic desks’
effectiveness and quality offer the necessary physical support while working.
As a result, there are numerous issues, including back and spine comfort and
reduced stress.

Organizations who
place a high priority on ergonomics in the workplace will build a reputation
for looking out for their employees while also raising the standard of work,
the employee experience, and productivity levels. Organizations that are
willing to accomplish this will definitely stand out in terms of success and
business strategies.

The aspects that affect workplace design will be thoroughly covered in this webinar, along with tips on how to discover concefrs and make needed modifications.

The Benefits of Ergonomics at Workplace

Since 1980, PSB Office has been the first manufacturer of ergonomic products in Canada. The PSB office is the top option for the majority of Canadian customers due to its knowledge, quality, and functionality that complement the business environment. A high-end product called PSB Desk with hydraulic suspension has just been released. We consistently receive positive comments from our customers.


We offer a variety of features for our desk, including a flexible power outlet that is attached to it. The desk is also height-adjustable and foldable, making it easy to move about. In addition to its capabilities, the hydraulic desk is quite inexpensive, making it accessible to any school or business to purchase for its workers, students, or teachers. Additionally, customers can purchase award-winning designs from our company with a 10-year extended warranty. We will sell our goods on social media and create a website for the business so that everyone may buy it. Along with the specifications and designs, we also provide a service in which a member of our staff is assigned to walk the customer through the desk’s features and operation when it is delivered. You can enjoy this product at a very low cost and with different kinds of features, The desks provided by other businesses come at a high price and offer fewer features and designs.


The idea that buying furniture is an investment instead of an expense will be covered in the webinar. Ergonomics should be a top priority when buying any office furniture because musculoskeletal diseases have such a significant impact on staff absence and expense to British firms. The true cost of an average employee over the short, medium, and long terms will be examined in the webinar. Without delving into specific product demonstrations, the guest speaker will provide examples of how much ergonomic furniture will actually cost your company and how quickly you may expect to recoup your investment.

Workplace Ergonomics

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What Will Be Covered in our Online Webinar on Ergonomics and Body Posture

Our objective is to reduce risks in the work environment while boosting efficiency, general comfort, and staff morale. Consequently, we want to offer our expertise through
a free webinar. You will learn about the importance of ergonomics in this webinar, along with how to set up a workstation for maximum comfort, productivity, and health.

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Lesser The Price Higher The Quali

As a company that provides the PSB desk to the customer at a wide range of prices, it can be a benefit for the company. As nowadays people expect quality over price and the standard of living is rising still people expect to pay less price to save some with better quality and features. So being a company who is providing the desk with a variety of features we also focus on the price. Price is an important aspect when it comes to any furniture as some people believe the higher the price higher the quality but here we are giving them the same or better quality at a cheaper price than our competitors. Not all customers have the same standard of living and can not afford the high price range so we are providing the same. The main goal is a lesser price but higher quality that can be afforded by all and which is easily available to all. Our other goal as a company is to provide a desk with a wide range of features at an affordable price. When it comes to the feature of the desk or the material used to make the desk the customer usually thinks that it will be higher the price range and which will affect their budget set to the particular thing but when we provide the desk so it comes with the accessible feature as well as the less price and from the very starting range. And even the customer can match the price with the competitor which can be proven as a benefit. Nowadays people tend to compare the price of the smallest product. So our company offers the PSB desk which is at cheap rate. So the main moto is to keep our customers happy with the prices they can afford.


Adjustable Work desks with footrest in Canada

Hello designers! Give your legs some rest!!

With PSB desk’s adjustable work
desks fitted with footrest in Canada.

Join us for the webinar to get exclusive details of Canada’s first adjustable work desks with footrest

                                             Hello creative minds, you are already stressing all your creative juices into                                 designs, and we are here to save you from stressing your legs too!

                                           The most ergonomic design of our work desks will bring the best out of you and your fellow designers. 

                                             6 hours or 10 hours of work on our desk feels like 1 hour of work for you, such is                                                the comfort of our work desk. The longer you use it, the longer you will feel like                                                     not moving away from it. We can proudly say that our work desks are as comfy                                                  as your beds. We are elated to announce that we are the first “adjustable work desks with footrest in Canada”

An adjustable work desk with footrest in Canada built for the people by the people!

We have got your

Yes literally, we
have got your back!

Our adjustable work
desks with footrest are a first of its kind in Canada which supports your legs
which in turn keeps your back in good shape and hence the productivity of you and
your fellow workers are going to improve exponentially.

Our dynamic and flexible
footrest helps you relax and keeps the back away from stiffness. 
The angle in which it
is placed improves the blood circulation. 
More reasons on why
footrest can improve the productivity of your work is shown here

Still not convinced?

 What if we say you can customize our stylish work desks for the comfort of your height and posture with just a pull or push. Best designs can’t come out of stressful environments, and moreover comfort isn’t a luxury it’s the basic requirement for any work and that too for a creative workplace like interior designs comfort is of the utmost importance, which will improve the output manifold

Ergonomically built desks like PSB desks are proven to give employees the much-needed 

break, by break we mean the break from the prolonging stress and fatigue.





Productivity improver!

Whatever you name it,
we give it via PSB desk, the one and only adjustable work desk with footrest in

Trusted by those who are the best in the business!

Our desk speaks through the mouth of our clients:

"I didn’t feel I am sitting and working on a desk, the more I sit on it the more it keeps me wanting more. I almost spend 1/3rd of my day with this and it has given me comfort, it has given me creative ideas, it has given me love, it has given me the output I was craving for in my company, forever indebted to the comfort of PSB desks"
corporate women
Operations head, ACDF, Montreal

Add 360 degrees of comfort to your office desks

Wanna see a detailed presentation of how PSB desks can improve your business?

Have a look at how an ergonomically balanced office looks like:

Check if your office is ergonomically balanced, if not you may need us!

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Benefits of Affordable Hydraulic PSBDesk.

Hydraulic PSBDesk
Hydraulic Affordable PSBDesk

Many features are included in the PSBDesk that we provide. A student benefits from it just as much as a professional or teacher does. Beyond comfort, the Desk has a lot more to offer. A flexible power outlet that is attached to the desk is among its features. A footrest that is particularly adaptable for a student is also included with the hydraulic desk. It gets exceedingly challenging for pupils to sit correctly and comfortably for a few hours straight as a result of how long they must spend stationary. The desk has an integrated footrest that may be used to improve posture and provide a place to put your feet on while you work. The desk also comes with a 10-year warranty and a variety of styles to select from. The desk features technology that allows the height to be modified following the comfort and height of an individual. The desk is relatively flexible, and it can be easily moved. It has a very long lifespan. The desk facilitates work because it is very comfortable for an individual. PSBDesk is a very affordable desk, making it easy for anyone to purchase. And, as we all know, greater comfort leads to greater satisfaction. This desk is relatively inexpensive and comes with a plethora of features that we have to offer an individual. The best feature of this desk is that it prevents muscle inactivity. It also provides a much better working environment. The desks are made of solid handcrafted wood and have a nice touch of style to them. We also provide a service in which a member of our staff is assigned to explain the features of the desk and how it works to the customer when it is delivered. In short, our desk is not only feature-rich but also affordable, and comfortable.