Redefining the Hospitality Industry with AI Recruitment Software

The Future We Have All Been Waiting for in Recruitment for the Hospitality Industry is Here:
AI Recruitment Software

With an AI powered recruitment software you can make the recruitment process more efficient and seamless for your organization while recruiting the best and most qualified candidates for open positions.


AI Powered Recruitment Software Webinar

Ready The Webinar will go over how the future of recruitment in the hospitality industry, with a focus on hotels, is AI powered. The webinar will discuss what artificial intelligence is and what it does in the software. It will also cover benefits of using an AI Powered recruitment software. There will be a demo on how it is used to show you how seamless the experience is. At the end you will also have the opportunity to ask any questions so that you leave with no doubts in your mind. 

Ready to Experience a More Seamless and Efficient Recruitment Process Powered by AI?

Webinar Agenda: 

1. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its Role in Recruitment for the Hospitality Industry

2. Benefits of Having an AI Recruitment Software in the Hospitality Industry, With a Focus on Hotels 

3. A Brief Demonstration on How to Use the Software 

4. Q&A Session: Opportunity for Guests to Ask Questions About the AI Recruitment Software

Meet The Speakers:

Speaker 1 : ANGELA PALM

PSB Recruitment Advisor and Specialist 


PSB Developer and Engineer

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“Using AI Powered PSB Recruitment Software has made it easier for my team to hire the best individuals while saving time and resources.”

SHEni BRad, Hiring Manager, Delta Hotels

The Best Recruitment is AI Powered

Take the next step and jump into the future with AI powered recruitment software. It will make hiring quality candidates for open positions in your organization seamless and more efficient. You will also be able to eliminate human error and bias along the way. Don’t get left behind!

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Rethinking HR with AI software in hospitality industry

AI is a boon to the hospitality industry and help in redefining the leisure industry. 

Futureproof your recruitment with AI software in Hospitality Industry


Our speakers from PSB Recruit and Recruitee will highlight the key components of using AI software to make better recruits in this webinar. When it comes to candidate sourcing, the applicant experience, time to hire, and many other factors,  HR with AI software for hospitality industry  is crucial  Watch our virtual panel above to learn how to stay on top of the trends.

Key takeaways from the virtual panel include:
How the hotel business can use recruitment data in a far-off place. 
Using AI softwares in the hospitality industry to identify the best routes for talent sourcing and attraction. 
Data on the trends in hiring for 2023 
 Guidelines for building a clients’ recruitment KPI, data, and insights dashboard.


AI software in hospitality industry

At Recruitee, one of the most dynamic unicorn firms, Anastasia Thomas is the Director of Talent Acquisition. Her company has employed more than 750 team members in a single year, and she is constantly eager to share their experience and hiring best practises with the community.

Joe Hambleton is the PSB Recruit’s Recruitment Team Lead. Throughout the past year, he has worked to develop the Recruitment Team and put fair and consistent hiring procedures into place.

AI software in the hospitality industry is a BOON?

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AI software in hospitality industry

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Seamless Process with Affordable AI recruitment software

Seamless Process with Affordable AI recruitment software

Learn to use Affordable AI recruitment software for seamless recruitment process and save costs.


Affordable AI recruitment software

How to integrate Affordable AI recruitment software?

Join the webinar to learn more about the benefits of AI integration into your software and how it can create a seamless recruitment process.

Eliminate manual process with Affordable AI recruitment software

AI in recruiting webinar can be beneficial to recruiters, HR professionals, and anybody else interested in learning more about how artificial intelligence is transforming the hiring process and Recruit better with Affordable AI recruitment software.The webinar will include presentations from experts in the field, as well as discussions and Q&A sessions with participants. So the topics are:

  • The benefits and challenges of using AI in recruitment.
  • Best practices for implementing AI-powered recruitment solutions.
  • Real-world examples of AI in recruitment, including case studies from different industries.

Affordable AI recruitment software  



Affordable AI recruitment software for companies

AI, or artificial intelligence, is being utilised more and more in recruitment to streamline and automate numerous operations. Some examples of frequent AI applications in recruitment include:

  • Resume screening: AI-powered systems may evaluate resumes for keywords, abilities, and experience in order to filter and shortlist individuals for further evaluation. Recruiters can save time by focusing on the most relevant prospects.
  • Chatbots: Artificial intelligence-powered chatbots can be used to connect with candidates, answer queries, and schedule interviews. This can help recruiters give a better applicant experience while also freeing up time for other activities.
  • Video interviews: During video interviews, AI-powered systems may evaluate facial expressions, tone of voice, and body language to assess a candidate’s soft skills and personality attributes. This can reveal insights that a resume or regular interview may not provide.
  • Applicant matching: Using data analysis, AI-powered systems can match job vacancies with people who have the necessary skills and experience. Recruiters may use this to discover the suitable applicants more quickly and efficiently.

While AI has the ability to improve the applicant’s experience and ease the recruiting process, there are also risks and ethical problems linked with its use. Bias, privacy, and fairness are among them. It is critical for recruiters and companies to use affordable AI recruitment software ethically and to deliver its benefits equally and equitably.

Webinar Speaker: Mrs. Dana Moskowitz

Affordable AI recruitment software

Know More from our speaker Ms. Dana Moskowitz, Well known AI Specialist with an Industry Expertise of over 14 years. Catch her live as she covers various topics:

  1. Benefits of AI in recruitment: AI-powered recruitment solutions can help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the recruitment process by automating tasks such as resume screening, candidate matching, and scheduling interviews. This can save recruiters time and allow them to focus on more strategic tasks such as candidate engagement and building relationships with hiring managers.
  2. Challenges of AI in recruitment: The use of AI in recruitment also presents some challenges, including the potential for bias and discrimination, privacy concerns, and the need for proper training and implementation. It is important for organizations to be aware of these challenges and take steps to mitigate them.
  3. Types of AI in recruitment: There are several types of AI used in recruitment, including natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, and computer vision. NLP can be used to analyze resumes and job descriptions to match candidates with relevant job openings. Machine learning can be used to identify patterns in candidate data to predict future performance. Computer vision can be used to analyze video interviews to assess a candidate’s non-verbal communication skills.
  4. Impact of AI on the workforce: The use of AI in recruitment may lead to some job displacement for recruiters who are responsible for tasks that can be automated. However, it may also create new job opportunities in areas such as data analytics and AI implementation.
  5. Ethical considerations: The use of AI in recruitment raises important ethical considerations related to bias, fairness, and transparency. Organizations should ensure that their AI-powered recruitment solutions are designed and implemented in an ethical and responsible manner to avoid unintended consequences.


Watch how to integrate Affordable AI recruitment software

Affordable AI recruitment software is Trusted by leading brands

"I recently tried out PSB Recruit's affordable AI recruitment software, and it has been a game-changer for my business."
- Kennez Pearce

I’ve been using PSB Recruitment software for a couple of months now, and I can’t believe how much easier it has made my job. The user-friendly interface makes it so easy to search for candidates and track their progress. Plus, the customer support team is always on hand to answer any questions or queries I have. All in all, PSB Recruitment is the best recruitment software available – highly recommended!


Jason Nedd VP, Browns

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Get effective results with Affordable AI recruitment software

The use of AI in recruitment is expected to continue to grow in the coming years, offering organizations new opportunities to streamline and optimize their hiring processes. Catch Ms. Dana Moskowitz with your questions at the Q&A round at the end of webinar.


Perfect hotel software packages which bring down costs

Reduce the expenses with our affordable hotels software Mississauga

Having our affordable HR hotels software with all  capabilities in one package will help you  reducing costs and expenditures associated with managing human resources 

affordable HR hotels software Mississauga
affordable HR hotels software Mississauga
affordable HR hotels software Mississauga
affordable HR hotels software Mississauga

Join us for an informative webinar on  affordable HR hotels software Mississauga and how to successfully navigate the challenges of the “new normal.” In this session, our expert panel of industry leaders, including John Smith, Regional Manager of PSB recruit  Company, will share insights and best practices for adapting to the rapidly changing landscape of hospitality and how to reduce the costs in this industry.

Topics covered will include:

  • Understanding the changing guest expectations and preferences
  • Strategies for providing a safe and comfortable guest experience
  • Leveraging technology to enhance guest engagement and streamline operations
  • Adapting your revenue management strategy to maximise profits in a post-pandemic world
  • Recruiting and retaining top talent in a competitive market
  • Minimise the expenses  by using an affordable HR hotels software Mississauga

John Smith, Regional Manager of PSB recruit company, will provide his perspective and expertise on the hospitality industry in the current climate and how to use our  affordable HR hotels software .With years of experience leading successful teams and navigating industry changes, he will share valuable insights and practical tips for success using our HR software which has all of the capabilities that help to improve the performance and reduce the costs of the company in the fastest and easiest way possible 


Our clients

affordable HR hotels software Mississauga

affordable HR hotels software Mississauga

customer satisfaction is our goal !

Don't miss this opportunity to try our affordable HR hotels software

Whether you are a hotel owner, operator, or manager, this webinar will provide valuable insights and actionable advice for success in the hospitality industry by using our affordable HR hotels software  


affordable HR hotels software Mississauga
affordable HR hotels software Mississauga

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Recruitment made easier

PSB Recruit™ Logo, Insurance Companies HRIS for Training

Webinar- Benefits of Recruitment Software

In 2000, Jennifer Smith founded the Canadian B2B software company PSB Recruitment, a software to assist marketing teams with their recruitment efforts. The software is designed and developed by a group of highly qualified engineers and developers at PSB Software.

How does software make recruitment easier?

Recruitment software aids in the organisation and simplification of the hiring procedures for #HR teams. Watch this video to see how hiring managers can locate and employ top applicants more quickly, easily, and affordably with the help of recruiting software.

Why PSB Recruit?

Ideal for mid-sized and large organisations

Integrates with all PSB Software modules (Inventory, Finance)

PSB Software has won numerous UX and design awards;

The advantages of PSB Software include: a skilled staff of engineers and developers

Simple system integration

A devoted customer base for the company’s existing software modules

Cloud-based solutions.

Trusted by leading brands

History of PSB Recruitment

In 2000, Jennifer Smith founded the Canadian B2B software company PSB Recruitment, which is now family-owned. The business has a long history of developing software to help businesses run their operations, including software for inventory management, financial operations, and now its new recruitment software. They sell to businesses all over the world, and their head office is in the heart of Toronto.

One of the first Canadian businesses to provide cloud-based inventory software, which has made PSB Software famous internationally, the company earned a reputation for itself. When PSB Software first started off in 2000, there was no other cloud-based software on the market. 

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Through these Webinars, you can learn about the benefits and the practices of implementing PSB Recruitment Software and how it can help your organization to get the best team for its growth.

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HR software streamline automate workflow​

Embrace with: HR software streamline automate workflow

HR software streamline automate workflow. This software helps in sustainability in an adaptation of technology – saves paperwork. Better productivity and higher earnings influence the adaptation of software of minimal budget in the improvement of increasing workplace morale.

HR software streamline automate workflow


HR Software streamline automate workflow

HR software helps the corporate world as it is continuously evolving, and HR departments must be able to adapt rapidly in order to remain competitive. Yet, how can HR departments design themselves to be agile and adaptable to growing circumstances?

 PSB software holds the key to the solution. HR departments uses the HR software to automate procedures, measure workforce insights, train staff more efficiently, and strictly adhere with changing regulatory obligations. Using HR software streamline automate workflow.This allows organizations to respond promptly to shifting conditions in the department, and other variables influencing company performance. As a result, PSB is the only HR software streamline automate workflow.


HR software streamline automate workflow
Play Video about HR software streamline automate workflow


Our webinar will focus at how PSB software help institutions organize HR department so that it can adapt to shifting of demands efficiently. We’ll talk about how PSB software can help you streamline operations, get factual data on workforce data, manage employees more efficiently, stay consistent with changing rules, and increase interaction and teamwork. 

Our representatives will share their knowledge on how HR software may help your company remain on the leading edge and transform your HR department to be more adaptable and open to changing demands. Join us as we demonstrate how you can use HR software to develop a more productive and agile institution.


HR Software streamline automate workflow

  1. HR process streamlined to decrease manual labor.

  2. Deliver real-time workforce analytics data.

  3. Improved Talent Mangaement

  4. Maintain compliance with ever-changing regulatory standards.

  5. Increase communication and collaboration within the organization

Don’t pass up your chance to learn how HR software can help a business remain ahead of the competition. Join our webinar now to learn how to restructure your HR department with PSB HR software


Maximize HR Potential with HR software streamline management automate workflow Ontario

Experience how PSB SOFTWARE can level up your HR workflow

HR software streamline automate workflow

  • PSB HR software can automate the candidate experience, making it quicker and more efficient. Colleges use one system to announce job vacancies, maintain candidate data, and connect with contenders.

  • PSB HR software can simplify the onboarding process, minimizing the need for paper forms and tedious data entry. This lowers mistakes and allows new staff to get working smoothly.

  • PSB HR software may assist institutions in tracking and managing staff performance. Setting objectives, measuring progress, and offering feedback are all part of this. In addition, the system may provide reports and analytics to assist institutions in making data-driven choices.

Check out to see our other online feeds for more information
Follow this link, to know more up and coming stories of HR in workplace.

Trusted by leading brands

"Direct quote" from our testimonials about PSB Software

PSB's customizable workflows and powerful reporting tools enable you to tailor the software to your unique needs and goals.

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Colleges frequently fail to optimize HR operations to a level that enables them to progress and they frequently lag behind than large organizations in this respect. While concentrating on improved efficiency is necessary, attaining a substantial boost in productivity would almost certainly necessitate a fundamental adjustment in the HR operating paradigm. And this is where PSB software comes to be your rescuer. 


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Hire right person for the right job

Hire right person for the Right job

One Solution for all Recruiting Problems

join the Live webinar to get to know more about the PSB recruit software
12.00 pm and 6.30pm 

Hire right person for the right job has become way more easy with PSB HR recruitment software ,which will solve all the problems related to recruitment process. From beginning to ending the recruitment process consumes loads of time and efforts, but with the help of PSB recruit software companies can save their time as most of the work would handled by the software. From, finding a perfect fit for the job, to selecting the candidate with exact education or skills that a position demands everything can be done by just one PSB software. Therefore, Hire right person for the right job now with the help of PSB recruit.

Some of the benefits of using HR software for Hiring process

  • Save time and efforts

    – Management can save the time and effort by just simply using the PSB software. As, it will handle the initial step in the recruitment process, which basically includes finding  perfect fit for the job by selecting the candidate for the further steps. This step somehow become hectic task for people since a number of people apply for the same position. Therefore, using PSB software will save the time and efforts of the management ,and they can use the same time in other steps for excellent results. Thus, management can easily hire right person for the right job.  

  • Reduce paperwork-

    PSB recruit would help to reduce the paperwork as well, by storing all the data online. Thus, there is no need to store piles of papers as the software would save all the important data on it own.

  •  Hire right person for the right job and speed up the hiring process

    PSB software allows to speed up the recruitment process, by providing all the necessary information to the employer and the candidates. With the help of this. they can easily access the information from anywhere. Which,  helps everyone to save the time by collecting information easily and speed up the recruitment process.

“The recruitment process has become very easy, and all thanks to PSB Recruit software. The best and easy to use software in the market .Which is not only helpful for the HR department but for the overall management.

Sylvia jospeh,Hr manager , University of toronto.

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Register now for the webinar, where our special guest speaker will give you more information about the PSB Recruit software, and how companies can use this software for the hiring process. Our special guest speakers will be Mr. James Johnson, the director of PSB recruitment and Ms. Rabia jelly senior head of PSB recruitment. Click on the register now button to book your place in the webinar and take part in the webinar.

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