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An Office Desk that Adjusts to your Needs

PSB Desk is a hydraulic system desk with not only the feature of adjustable height but also customization of its look, feel, and function according to your needs and your office space.

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Why a Hydraulic Desk?

Employees spend the better half of their day in an office. So, it is important that we take care of them, physically and emotionally. And our surroundings play a huge role in that. Satisfied employees mean a productive environment.

The human body performs best when it is moving; but, in today’s world, especially in the workplace, constant sitting is the norm, and this all too often leads to stiffness or joint wear and tear. It has long been established that well-adapted, ergonomic office chairs are necessary in ordinary office life; but, standing up often throughout the working day, particularly for extended durations, is equally important.

This whitepaper explains the benefits of a pleasing workstation that can be customized to your employees and office.


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You won't have to Troubleshoot your Desk, we promise!

This whitepaper was created for employers looking to help their employees, so they enjoy their space in office a little more. The paper explains the benefits of a hydraulic desk and all its functionalities.

We have created something reliable and easy to operate system that benefits the individual employee rather than being a hinderance in their space. Therefore, an easy non-power operated system of hydraulics was installed so that you don’t need a power back for your desk too.

We give various customizable options to choose from according to your office aesthetic. Different options of counter top colors and textures allow you to custom build the table. Number of various add-ons are also available in your hydraulic desk because every office works differently. Different options of cable organizers, led lights and other personalizations to fit every employee to there own.


Benefits for employees

• An improved working environment

• Fewer chronic problems

• Better posture reduces back problems

• Prevention of muscle inactivity

• Much more comfortable for working

• Better comfort brings higher satisfaction.


Benefits for the company

• Increased performance and efficiency.

• Increased motivation and job satisfaction.

• Reduced absentees due to illness, aches, and pains.

• Improved service quality and corporation.

• Gives the company a good image.

• Improved internal communications.


• Better value proposition to get employees back



Hydraulic Height adjustable desks have many benefits including but not limited to:

While it is well established that regular exercise helps compensate for sitting during the workday, if you sit for a long period of time every day, sport alone will not be able to entirely compensate. Physical activity is critical in the job. You are doing your health a favour if you stand up while working: studies have shown that extended sitting has a bad impact on the cardiovascular system. 

A height adjustable desk is a modern and ergonomic solution for the spine, ankles, and knees: breaking the length of the sitting period not only keeps your body and mind busy throughout the working day – and beyond – but it also keeps you healthier in the long run, as the spine, ankles, and knees are significantly protected.


Employees will perform more efficiently if they can fully concentrate on their work and are not continuously distracted by fatigue, neck stiffness, or back pain. Employees and the company profit from this: according to a study conducted by the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering in Stuttgart, German companies lose 35 million Euros per year due to absenteeism and poor productivity caused just by back problems. Reduced absenteeism as a result of improved health benefits a company’s profitability. As a result, investing in height-adjustable desks saves money over time.


Hear it from our clients

“I was looking for height adjustable desk for our new office space which would allow our employees a little more freedom of choice and also match the office aesthetics. Well, PSB Desk fit the match perfectly. We deliver what they say.”

Shokran Salehi, Facilities Manager
Tech Busters

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Ergonomic Office desk Toronto

Ergonomic Office desk, Toronto .

Working Long hours now made easier. As PSB Office Desks are crafted with ergonomic design and vast array of customization.

This will help you organize your desk to your preference. Energize your workstation and enhance productivity with PSB hydraulic suspended ergonomic office desk.

Ergonomic office desk
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 Working or sitting too long brings uncalled issues like

 -back pain

 – obesity

 – bad posture

 – cardiovascular diseases and what else ?

We understand the office ergonomics because of 10 year of expertise in field of office ergonomics. We bring solution via our desk for all rising issue because of sitting too long. 

Also Check the video to learn more about how sitting has become a new smoking as it makes workstation unhealthy!

How does ergonomics improve productivity?

Ergonomics creates a well-designed workspace that promotes good posture.  Decreases exertion and eliminates awkward postures. It also decreases repetitive motions and improve reaches and heights. 

It also decreases the need for high-force activities.

All of these considerations create more productive employees. 

They are able to work faster and more efficiently while having a more positive outlook. By practicing ergonomics employees tend to make fewer errors. This leads them to have higher levels of energy.

 Employees that can enjoy an ergonomic office feel a greater sense of satisfaction. This makes them more engaged and productive. 

This results in higher morale and a better corporate culture.


Product description

  • Manual desk with Table Top Size:1200-1800X650-850mm (47.2″-70.9″X25.6″-33.5″)
  • Detachable crank for saving space.
  • Hydraulic suspensions
  • Sleek design which blends into various modern interior designs.
  • Also Cable management space.
  • Adjustable height an width  chord.
  • Large width fits a variety of desktop shapes and sizes.
  • Choose your own desktop style including size, shape, material and color.
  • 4 adjustable feet level and adapt to most any floor surface.
  • Soft foam layer and mat which adapts to the contours of feet.
  • Ergo cushion relieving fatigue by 50%.


Benefits Sought

  1. Relief from poor posture, backpain, Joint pain and other fatigue – Keeping it ergonomic.  Raise and lower the desk as per the preference as it comes with hydraulic suspensions.

    Relax your arms and elbows as it comes with large surface area.

   Easily move from sitting to standing.

  Also helps to keep spine in proper shape as it can be adjusted to partially stand or sit position.

– puts spine in natural S curve shape allowing even distribution of pressure on lower body.

  Keeping upright posture and providing back support.

  Stretch easily from any position.


  1. Work Surface-   –        Monitor, keyboard tray and mouse can be placed as per the elbow movement and posture preference.

       Keep document holder, phone, and other accessories as well as it comes with large surface area.

       Holds capacity to carry load up to 200 pounds because of strong and good quality of materials used.

       Give your foot some rest as it comes with Ergonomic cushion .

–    Relive pain and fatigue.

       Cable management space.

  1. Price effective        Manual desk as par the same benefits and quality of electric desk Quotations available here.

  1. No Power     Unlike electric desks no power is used to operate the desk, a step to conserve energy and environment.

  1. Sleek and stylish design –  Select your own décor and size.

       Catalogue available for
ideas click –

       Modern Décor available.

Trusted by leading brands

Facility Manager, James Frank - Feedback

“The website was easy to navigate and the product turned out to be very good. I trust the brand with quality and its finishing. 

I was dissatisfied with use of my earlier desk and then I got these manual desks. My back and employees thank me for the decision made. 

This manual desk is worth the price and overall the product is good fit for workstation”.

James frank, facility manager-TORONTO - it expertS


PSB Office is a family owned B2B office furniture company created in 1980 by Edward Smith. 

The company has deep roots in creating office furniture and accessories
that use
high quality materials and made in Canada. PSB Office desk made its name by being the first Canadian company to design and manufacture furniture that is Ergonomic. This was unheard of in the 1980’s. The expertise of quality and functionality are the core of the business.

With customized and sleek and stylish features energize your workstation with our manual desk. For further more information about the

       health benefits.

       product specification.

    customization catalogue.

– productivity enhancement in IT corporations and much more.

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Customizable Tech Desk Mississauga

Introducing the Customizable Tech Desk

A customizable desk, tailored to your tech preference

Customizable Tech Desk

Customizable Desk accessories in Mississauga for the perfect Tech set up!

Built by you, for you.

Here are 10 cool desk accessories you never knew your desk needed!

World's First Customizable Tech Desk


Adjust the height of your desk to predefined positions to switch between heights quickly


Select colours based on your preference, office space, etc


Select your own material to get better strength and sturdiness of your desk

Desk Accessories

Add different accessories to your workspace to smoothen your workflow

PSB: Customizable Tech Desks in Mississauga

Based in Mississauga, PSB strives to give you the best possible customizability to your desk requirements.

Firstly, at the core of every business is its people. Which is why we work directly with you to create the best possible workplace environment for you, your employees and your customers.

We offer a vast range of customizable desk services in Mississauga to help you plan the optimal working environment. In addition, simplify the management process, seamlessly deliver and install your solution, and help you maintain your commitment towards working efficiently. In conclusion, continue reading to find out how we can collaborate and build your perfect tech desk together.

Are you getting tired of back pain? Or maybe you just want to burn some extra calories while you worked. Whatever it was that made you look into standing desks, rest assured you’re making a great choice.

No doubt you have a lot of questions but luckily, we have a lot of answers. In this way, we can help ensure you make the best decision for your office when selecting a work desk.

PSB's customizable standing desk is uniquely not powered by electricity. Most importantly, what makes this desk so unique is that it’s a one stop shop. In other words, you won’t have to shop around for a tabletop. Everything you need is already personalized and included. It is great for people who like to have their tech working together.

PSB's objective is to provide desk solutions to the Tech industries in and around the Mississauga area with sit-to-stand desks and modern ergonomic office accessories that contribute to a healthy and productive work life.

Benefits of a Customizable Standing Desk

1. Standing while working can boost your productivity
“Boost your productivity” are words any boss will like to hear. In simple terms, this benefit could help persuade your company to invest in standing desks.

2. Standing can lower your risk of weight gain and obesity
Weight gain is attributed to the simple premise of if you intake more calories than you burn in a given day, you will put on weight.

3. Standing could reduce back pain
Back pain is one of the most common complaints from workers in the UK. Moreover, our sedentary lives have set this pandemic in motion with now 4 out of 5 adults in the Canada experiencing some sort of back pain in their lives.

4. Standing can help tone muscles and improve posture
It's to no surprise that we use more muscles to stand for an hour compared to sitting. Hence, standing intermittently during your working day can help strengthen your core, leg, ankle and foot muscles.

5. Standing could improve mood and energy levels
Sitting has been linked to both an increased risk in depression and anxiety. On the flip side, standing has been attributed to increased levels of mood and energy levels.

Trusted by leading brands

What Tech Guru Mr. Noronha has to say about it

“PSB’s customizable tech desk is one of a kind. The world’s first desk designed especially for the IT industry”

Vineet Noronha, CEO, Mississauga IT Solutions

Still in doubt?

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Tetsuaki Asano

Customizable standing desk

Powered by PSB Office – Providing standing desk with customizable options, offering corporate service.

The perfect solution for your office environment



Five different sizes are available for semi-custom orders and even more for full-custom orders!


Eight different colors available for semi-custom orders, and a larger number of colors can be selected for full custom orders by selecting pantone colors.


We offer a wide selection of wood-based durable materials. In addition to fiber wood and solid wood, reclaimed wood is also available.

Tech Green
standing desk customizable corporat
standing desk customizable corporat
Cloudy Force

The benefits of customized standing desks for businesses

Standing desks are widely known to be good for our health and also bring higher levels of productivity among employees. You might know that there are many major companies that have prompted using standing desks such as Google, Facebook, and Apple to name a few. That is to say, standing desks are on the rise, no doubt. Now it’s time to think beyond their basic value, adjustability, to find the best standing desk. Think about what a standing desk can do for your business and your employees.

Customize the size

You can design a desk that matches each employee’s body type and work style by specifying their height, width, and height. Additionally, it’ll be possible to get rid of wasted space in the office if you design and then cater to the office space. At the PSB office, there are five sizes available for semi-custom orders. For full-custom orders, however, You can build desks up to 15 meters long.

Customize the color

In order to create a more consistent look, you can design desks that are of the same color as other pieces of furniture in the office. The most common orders we’ve received during the past few months have been for desks whose color matches the service, product, or campaign a company is running. There are a total of 8 colors available in semi-custom orders. Furthermore, when you make a full-custom order, you will be able to select from more than 2,000 different colors.

Customize the material

When you choose materials that have different textures, it is possible to make standing desks that are truly unique and that suit your needs. Wood is the main material we use to make our products. The materials we use for our products go through a quality check before they are used. Aside from fiber wood and solid wood, reclaimed wood is another unique material that is upcycled from old furniture corrected around the Mississauga area.

To sum up, the benefits of standing desks could go even further with a customizable option. Here is a video that gives you an idea of what it’s like to have a standing desk at your workplace.

How does a customizable standing desk change office environment?

Customizable standing desk as your corporate solution

As we explained above, many companies installed standing desks as a solution to improve employees’ health and productivity. Nowadays, more and more businesses are interested in standing desks. However, installation could be a major hurdle for the person in charge. This is because there are many things to consider. For instance, which desks are the right fit for the office and how much? This would be the major question. At PSB’s standing desk, customers can create an ideal standing desk out of a variety of options available rather than searching on the internet. The price can also be adjusted by choosing semi-custom or full-custom. In semi-custom orders, there are predefined options that allow lower prices and faster shipping. Full-custom orders, however, allow far more customization options. 

Growing awareness of sustainability

In recent years, the reclaimed wood option has gained popularity as more and more companies are opting to use it as part of corporate social responsibility.

Expert in customizable standing desk, Specialized in corporate service

standing desk customizable corporate

The PSB office has provided ergonomically friendly office furniture to numerous businesses in Mississauga since when the concept of ergonomics was little known. Our mission is to provide ergonomic products to those who need them most, and we believe those people are business people who work hard every day.  PSB desks are designed for business people with many years of experience in ergonomics.Our service at PSB office is specialized to meet various business needs. We are located in Toronto, making communication easier and allowing you to see actual desks in our showroom.