Secure onboarding software for Fintech

Don’t compromise on security while hiring!

Looking for ways to securely streamline your HR process through a secure onboarding software for Fintech companies?
We’ve got you covered with our upcoming webinar ‘Cybersecurity 101: The benefits of a secure HR onboarding software’. Teaching you everything PSB Recruit software has to offer through its 4-layered security to protect your business from hackers! 


Our HR recruitment software is the only secure onboarding software for Fintech in the market that has been made by experts in data security and cybersecurity. This built 4-layer security protects your businesses from hackers and loss of data.

About the webinar

In this webinar we will cover the importance of having a secure and protected HR onboarding software for Fintech companies. Topics that will be covered in the webinar include:

·       Hacking and loss of data that impacts companies and organizations.

·       A deep dive into security measures, encryption methods, access controls, and data backup strategies that help keep your sensitive information safe and secure.

·       Company information that hackers can gain access to through HR recruitment software that are not well protected from cybersecurity.

·       How a secure and protected onboarding software not only helps management but also helps employees.

·       The effects of the pandemic and its transition into remote work made easy with secure recruitment softwares.

·       Best practices for data protection and security when working with teams in a remote environment.

·       Tips and tricks to choose the right HR software for your organization.

An overview on PSB Recruit’s software and its all-in-one cloud-based solutions that can be easily integrated into existing company system. This section will also cover what the software offers like candidate acquisition, onboarding, employee engagement and offboarding

Our Speakers

Secure onboarding software for Fintech

Chloe Williams – HR Manager, Mine Inc.    

Chloe is an HR Recruitment manager with over 8 years’ experience in human resources and talent acquisition. Known to be an expert in recruiting top talent and developing effective strategies for Fintech companies. She is knowledgeable in a wide range of hiring and onboarding practices and can share best practices and real-world examples that can be used in attendees’ companies.

Richard E Donovan – Cybersecurity software developer, UXG Inc.    

With over a decade of experience in the Fintech industry, Richard has established himself as a leading expert in his field. Extensive experience in designing, developing, and implementing HR software solutions to protect against hackers and cyber threats. He is also well experienced in integrating cyber security softwares with multiple business systems to ensure that companies are fully protected against loss of data


Secure onboarding software for Fintech

Trusted by leading brands

Dylan Smith
Dylan Smith
Senior Manager, Operations, ABC Recruit
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"Attending webinars by PSB Recruit has truly helped our company understand the importance of secure HR recruitment softwares. The webinars covered all the features and its importance when it comes to the hiring, onboarding and retiring process"

Revolutionize your insurance workforce with a secure onboarding software

Join us for our upcoming informative webinar ‘Cybersecurity 101: The benefits of a secure HR onboarding software’. Covering everything you would need to know from hiring to retiring at. 
Secure onboarding software for Fintech

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Fintech hiring bias and AI

Fintech Hiring Bias and AI Matching

Learn about how to tackle unconscious bias while hiring using AI Matching

PSB Recruit™ is conducting its webinar to educate professionals in the Insurance industry. Register for our webinar to catch our speakers talking about Fintech AI hiring bias. 



About The Speakers

fintech hiring bias and ai

Fintech hiring bias and AI 

ROBERT CODY is an experienced HR FinTech recruiter who has worked in the industry for 8 years. He possesses a strong understanding of the HR tech landscape and the specific skills and qualifications required for different roles in the industry. Beck is skilled at sourcing and attracting top talent in the field and has a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities in HR tech.

Fintech hiring bias and AI 

NAOMI LEILANI is an experienced HR fintech industry and AI expert who has a unique blend of skills and expertise in both areas. She has extensive experience in recruitment for the fintech industry and a deep understanding of the specific skills and qualifications required for different roles in the industry. Additionally, Beck is knowledgeable about AI technologies and their applications in HR, including AI matching, predictive analytics, and natural language processing.

fintech hiring bias and ai

How can AI Matching and Bias-Free Recruiting in the FinTech Industry Improve the Candidate Hiring Process?

The boom of Fintech hiring bias and AI Matching

The HR FinTech industry has seen a rapid evolution in recent years, with the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in the recruitment process. AI matching has become a critical tool for recruiters and hiring managers to identify the most qualified candidates for a job opening. However, with this new technology comes the responsibility to ensure that hiring processes remain bias-free. In this webinar, we will discuss the importance of AI matching and bias-free recruiting in the HR FinTech industry.

What is AI Matching? 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) matching is a technology that has revolutionized the recruitment process. With the use of machine learning algorithms, AI matching enables recruiters to quickly and accurately match job seekers with the most suitable positions. This process has become a critical tool for recruiters and hiring managers in the HR industry.

What are some advantages of AI Matching?

One of the biggest advantages of AI matching is its ability to reduce bias in the recruitment process. Bias is a significant problem in the hiring process, with hiring managers often being influenced by their own biases, consciously or unconsciously, when evaluating candidates. This can result in talented candidates being overlooked due to factors such as race, gender, age, or other personal characteristics that are irrelevant to the job.

Fintech hiring bias and AI

AI matching helps reduce bias by removing human judgment from the initial screening process. The technology uses objective criteria to evaluate candidates and determine which ones are the best match for a particular job. This means that candidates are evaluated based solely on their skills and qualifications, not their personal characteristics. As a result, the recruitment process becomes more transparent, fair, and objective.

Fintech hiring bias and AI webinar topics include:

  • How AI matching technology can improve efficiency by quickly analyzing large volumes of resumes and job applications to identify the most qualified candidates.

  • AI matching can help reduce turnover rates, as candidates who are a good fit for the job are more likely to stay with the company for a more extended period.

  • By using AI matching and bias-free recruiting, HR teams can provide a better candidate experience, as candidates are evaluated based solely on their skills and qualifications. This can help improve the employer brand and attract more qualified candidates in the future.

  • Traditional hiring processes can be time-consuming and costly. By using AI matching technology, HR teams can reduce the time and resources required to review and screen job applications, resulting in significant cost savings for the organization.

  • In the HR FinTech industry, AI matching and bias-free recruiting are critical to ensuring that the recruitment process remains fair and objective for all candidates.

Overall, AI matching and bias-free recruiting in the FinTech industry can significantly improve the candidate hiring process by increasing efficiency, objectivity, and diversity, reducing turnover, providing a better candidate experience, and generating cost savings.




As a FinTech company, we were struggling to find the right talent to fit our unique needs. The traditional recruitment process was time-consuming and often led to hiring bias, which resulted in a less diverse workforce. However, after implementing PSB Recruit, we have seen a significant improvement in our recruitment process. The AI matching technology has allowed us to quickly and accurately identify the most suitable candidates for each job, while the customizable interface has made it easy for us to navigate the software to our unique needs. Additionally, the integrated onboarding/offboarding feature has streamlined our HR process, resulting in a more efficient and productive workflow.

Fintech AI hiring bias

“As an HR professional, I have had the pleasure of using PSB Recruit in our organization for several months now, and I can confidently say that it has transformed our hiring process. The AI matching technology is incredibly accurate, and the customizable interface makes it easy to use and navigate.”


Revolutionize your HR processes with PSB Recruit!

Join us for our upcoming webinar on “Fintech Hiring Bias and AI Matching” to learn more about how our innovative software can help you achieve top-quality human resource service without any bias. Register now to secure your spot and take the first step towards transforming your hiring process!

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Accessible and Inclusive Recruitment

Improve Accessibility and Inclusivity using Hiring Software

Live Webinar

Thursday, February 23, 2023

10:30 AM (EST)/ 4:30 PM (BST)

Are you looking for simple ways to achieve accessibility and inclusivity in your recruitment task?

Hiring Software for Accessibility and Inclusivity 

Accessibility and inclusivity in hiring process.


One of the speakers in the webinar to discuss how to apply diversity, inclusivity, and equity in the hiring process.

Paulin Wanda Dean

Author of Disability, Inclusivity, Equity, & Diversity – a fictitious best-selling book that discusses the rights and benefits of people with disabilities. She identifies herself as a person with disabilities.

The current CEO of NODE (a non-profit organization for businesses who seek employees with disabilities. Accessibility and inclusivity.

Paul Walter Dewey

Chief Executive Officer of NODE (Network in Ontario for Disability Employment) – it is fictitious province-wide non-profit organization of businesses for job seekers with disability. He is identified as part of the people with disabilities.

The brand ambassador for PSB Recruit who will discuss the revolutionary all-in-one HR management features of the software to discuss accessibility and inclusivity.

Robert Scott

Corporate Ambassador of PSB Recruit™ - he will introduce the software during the webinar proper with his broad knowledge of PSB Recruit™.

According to Statistics Canada, 22% of the Canadian population has a disability. As time passes, companies embrace diversity and inclusivity by looking at the workforce from a revolutionary perspective. The ever-evolving hiring process has opened opportunities for the world’s largest minority group –people with disabilities to showcase their talents in different fields, such as the insurance industry. The introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) in the recruitment process and even in applicant tracking systems (ATS) has impacted the ways of talent acquisition, good and bad. The good side of integrating AI for companies is that the process has been expedited. On the other hand, the major disadvantage is the biased and robotic approach to the process. Hiring software is available to improve inclusivity and accessibility in the recruitment process as well.

Job Bank- Government of Canada published some easy guides to creating a more accessible human resource management in your company:

Integrate Inclusivity in the Workplace

Disability is diversity; it comes in many forms, discernible and invisible. It makes a huge difference in using respectful language and taking training for disability awareness. An inclusive workplace policy can be simple by posting concrete guidelines on the company website. Finding and removing barriers, such as assessing the workplace and whether accessibility for people with disabilities is considered in the physical environment, can contribute to more productivity. Ensure that stereotypes and misconceptions are addressed as well.

Offer Accommodations and be Knowledgeable About It

Employers must offer accommodations to people with disabilities in their workplaces as the Canadian Human Rights Commission requires. The company rules and regulations should lessen discrimination and offer equal rights to people with disabilities when participating in the workplace. Often, non-complex changes and workplace improvement, including flexible work schedules and tasks and proper workplace equipment, can optimize equal opportunity among employees.

Hire Talents with Disabilities

Prospective candidates must know employers are interested in people with disabilities to send their applications to job postings. This lets the talents know that the company is inclusive. The simple and comprehensible language will also encourage candidates with disabilities to apply. Reaching out to publicly funded local organizations can help a company find the best talent in community support.

Initiate Inclusive Interviews

Provide options to candidates for a remote or online interview. If the interview cannot be done remotely, but in person, clear instructions regarding accessible transportation or parking spaces and accessibility features of the building or establishment must be conveyed to the interviewee. Adjustments must be made to provide accommodation to the applicant with a disability. In an interview, the perceived limitations should not be the focus but the ability of the person to perform the job based on their skill set. An open-minded approach should prevail over personal bias to create a welcoming environment in an interview. Assumptions about a person’s disability and limitations should likewise be avoided.

Consider Onboarding and Retention Among Employees with Disabilities

It is important to get support from a local community partner for consultation. The job description, benefits, safety procedures, and company policies shall be oriented to new employees in an accessible format. Co-workers and supervisors must know the needs of employees with disabilities. Ensure that issues regarding performance and disability shall be differentiated. Openness in the workplace, such as accepting and evaluating suggestions from employees, can make them more productive. Persons with disabilities can communicate their strengths and limitations with their managers so that they can perform their job more effectively.

There are more ways to create inclusivity and equity in the workplace.

The digital age has provided tested solutions to get the best candidates, such as AI matching. Recruitment software can perform human resource management solutions for companies to improve accessibility and inclusivity. PSB Recruit™ is a leading hiring software tried and tested by major players in the insurance industry. Aside from the integration of AI features, the candidate-focused application and human-involvement features allow companies to simplify the candidate selection process. These features can benefit companies in hiring highly-qualified people with disabilities.

Hiring Software for Accessibility and Inclusivity. Hiring Software for Accessibility and Inclusivity

Trusted by leading brands


Revolutionize Recruitment Process Today.

You can join the revolutionary recruitment process to promote accessibility, diversity, inclusivity, and equity for your company.

PSB Recruit is the all-in-one hiring software to revolutionize your HR management.

Hiring Software for Accessibility and Inclusivity

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Insurance Companies HRIS for Training

Revolutionize Your Insurance Workforce

Learn how PSB Recruit™, a cloud-based recruitment software, streamlines your recruitment process with built-in security features and candidate acquisition tools. Register for our upcoming webinar to learn more about insurance companies’ HRIS for training. 

April 21, 2023 | 11:00 AM EST

PSB Recruit™ Logo, Insurance Companies HRIS for Training

Register for this webinar

About the Speakers

Guest speaker for PSB Recruit's webinar about the Insurance Companies Insurance Companies HRIS for Training

Peter Chuck, the HR Evangelist at PSB Recruit™, is committed to removing the obstacles that frequently impede HR professionals in medium and large-sized enterprises across North America.

Guest speaker for PSB Recruit's webinar about the Insurance Companies Insurance Companies HRIS for Training

Lory Gilmore, a seasoned HR and tech recruiter, brings over 13 years of experience working with top companies such as LinkedIn, Bloomspot, Okta, and Jobvite. With expertise in recruiting for high-growth technology firms, she possesses a deep understanding of the skills and strategies necessary to attract and retain top talent.

The Vital Role of Employee Training in Business Success: Understanding its Importance and Benefits to Your Organization

To ensure career growth and development, it is essential to prioritize employee training. Understanding the significance of staff development enables organizations to plan and organize learning opportunities efficiently. Training is fundamental for success; hence it helps employees gain new competencies, knowledge and understanding of the company. Furthermore, providing adequate training during critical moments helps employees comprehend their roles within the organization. Using HRIS software for employee training can significantly improve program efficiency and effectiveness, particularly in industries like insurance.

What is the importance of training employees?

Giving employees training is a crucial factor for an organization to thrive. It provides employees with opportunity to acquire new skills, expand their knowledge, and gain a deeper understanding of the company. There are multiple reasons why employee training is a critical aspect of a prosperous organization, in which 3 were identified:
  1. Enhances Expertise and Abilities of your employees: To develop and enhance employees’ expertise and abilities, providing education and training is crucial. Not only does offering training programs create a learning environment that fosters growth and development, but it also expands employees’ knowledge and skills, leading to increased productivity and boosted staff morale. Additionally, training programs can be tailored to improve communication, team development, time management, technical skills, industry best practices, or safety protocols.
  2. Demonstrates your investment in your employee’s success and growth: By offering employee training programs, organizations demonstrate a commitment to supporting employee progress and development. This, in turn, enhances employee retention, productivity, and morale. Moreover, continuous training programs enable employees to acquire new knowledge and skills, as well as enhance existing ones. As a result, a mutually beneficial environment is created for both the organization and its employees.
  3. Creates consistency in work processes within your company: By offering industry-related seminars, product knowledge sessions, or skills development workshops, organizations can provide training opportunities for existing employees, which can increase morale and promote collaboration and support among teams or departments.

When is employee training crucial to your business?

There are specific situations where employee training is essential for an organization. Offering sufficient training during these instances helps new and current employees gain better comprehension of the company and their responsibilities. These instances include:

  1. When a new staff member starts working in your company. Providing appropriate onboarding training to new employees is crucial. This training serves as an introduction to the organization’s history, mission, and values. Additionally, it provides an overview of the company’s structure and their specific roles in relation to company goals. Furthermore, it acquaints them with procedures and policies, including how to request time off and performance evaluations.

  2. When you have a need to improve specific skills or refresh the existing knowledge of your existing employees. This training can be in the form of industry-related seminars, product knowledge sessions, or skills development workshops that focus on topics such as effective communication or team building. Providing training opportunities for existing employees can boost morale and create opportunities for teams or departments to collaborate and support one another.

To fully understand the importance of the training phase for the success of your business, there are several reasons to consider. To explore this further, attending a webinar on HRIS for training in insurance companies would be beneficial.

Why do Training and Development Matter?

Trusted by leading brands

Jennifer Smith, CEO & Founder, PSB Software, Insurance Companies HRIS for Training

“PSB Software had a competitive edge in cloud-based software when it launched in 2000. However, in the past five years, competing companies have caught up, making it challenging to attract new customers. To address this challenge, PSB Software is launching a new software, PSB Recruit™, which the company hopes will boost its success in the market.”


Unlock Your Business Potential

To learn more about PSB Recruit™ and its ability to support the success of insurance companies, it’s important to explore its HRIS training feature. This functionality can significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of employee training and development programs. By utilizing the software, insurance companies can provide customized training, ensuring staff acquire essential skills for optimal performance.

Hero Image - Insurance Companies HRIS for Training

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