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Is your business looking to take its showroom to the next level? Then an Online Virtual Showroom in Mississauga might be the exact upgrade your looking for!

Find out how an online virtual showroom in Mississauga can help your business reach a different level by bringing a rich experience to your customers. It all starts with our PSB Digital Marketing Agency.

What is PSB Digital?

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PSB Digital is a marketing agency located in Mississauga that specializes in the Home Décor industry. We are a team of digital marketers that take your personal business to the next level. Our team consists of digital marketers that have previous experience with other home décor businesses to help them establish a stronger digital presence. Above all, PSB Digital Marketing Agency offers many different unique ways that can help your home décor business. Our digital program includes online virtual showroom, virtual assistant, and DIY virtual playground. The focus for our agency is to develop your home décor business with our AI technology and enable your brand to stand out in the market compared to other competitors. The first step in our plan is implementing a online virtual showroom for your home décor business.

What is Online Virtual Showroom?

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Virtual showrooms are the new trend in the business world, many new businesses are starting to understand that there are two ways to buy products that offer two completely different experiences. In other words, customers can buy products both offline and online and have different experiences each time. Virtual showrooms are a 360 immersive space that allows the business a 3D product display and a rich brand experience. Above all, the online virtual showroom is a digital environment that has 3D product replicas along with detailed product information. This is a virtual staged environment where customers can mix and match their favorite items.

How Does Virtual Showroom Work For A Business?

Virtual showroom is an excellent tool for your business that allows the brand to develop on many levels:

  • Gather & Analyze data
  • Plan the current and future inventory for the store
  • Create additional touchpoints that include animations to interact with customers
  • Create full customized virtual environment

Why Should A Customer Use A Virtual Showroom?

There are many things that a customer can do in a virtual showroom:

  • Try on products in a real space
  • Measure actual size of the product to see if it fits in their desired location
  • View marketing information on products that include sales and discounts
  • Buy products virtually by engaging in sales and promotions

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Benefits Of A Online Virtual Showroom

Virtual showroom is the future of digital business, this tool takes both business and customer experience to the next level in various ways:

  • Provide shopping assistance through virtual assistants
  • Reduce costs for showroom maintenance and facility space
  • Create additional interactions & touchpoints with your products
  • Explain information in a virtual way
  • Differentiate the market

Price Of A Online Virtual Showroom For Your Business

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First, cost of the service varies depending on what is included in the available package. Clients will be available to pick what sections of the digital marketing consulting services they specifically need for their business. The price range for our marketing services are within $2000-$10000 and customers can pick between the 4 packages we have to offer (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum).

On the top of that our agency also offers a 15-day free trial for your business to test out the virtual showroom and see how it works for your brand.

In addition, our digital marketing agency will offer the lowest price in the market and we will negotiate the price to fit your business needs.

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