Sedna’s Arctic wanders collection: Duo of Style and Function

For the Canadian winter, the footwear which not only keeps you warm but also aligns with your fashion sense. We are introducing the Arctic Wanders collection by Sedna to fulfil your dreams on having those winterboots with style and function, having the best sense of fashion. We know that you never refuse on style and comfort and we admire for having such qualities in you and getting us to reach the point of finding a product for you.

Empowered by Nature

Inspired from mythology, the goddess of Arctic seas, “Sedna”- We got the stylish boots which are equally powerful for the harsh winter. Our unique selling proposition is very clear- Stylish, empowered by nature, never before price. It’s just for you with style and function! The collection is set to be stood up by its nature of lightweight, insulated, durable, where we ensure you stay warm irrespective of how harsh the winter is.

Performance with style and function

We had you in our minds for the outcome of this collection to make it a great success. Now the question is How do we get successful with Arctic wanders collection? We had sense of style in mind initially, then we came on to the essentials of the snow boot like, lightweight, waterproof, durable, easy entry and exit with insualtion provided. We got all of them in one! We are now excited to know if we went wrong at any of these aspect mentioned above.

Shop here for style and function

We noticed everyone of us choose comfort. Not only after wearing the boot, also before buying the boot. You can reach us out on our official website. We are also available on the fashion marketplaces like Revolve and Farftech. Lets go grab them now and do let us know in case of any queries.

Sedna Movement

Join the Sedna Movement! We appreciate heartfully on taking your time and going through of the launch of Arctic wanders collection. We also thank you and show the gratitude to all for making us understand what is required by the best winter boots. Here is your promotion code for your first Arctic collection- (SEDNA143MOVE).

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