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Join your Sheridan Travel Community (Mississauga) buddies!

Warm welcome from Jessie and Matt, the founders and graduates of Mississauga PSB Sheridan College. In addition, We are so excited to have you in our Sheridan Travel Community (Mississauga)! Moreover, we know exactly what you need because we were once the new students in Canada.

PSB Travel Founder & Sheridan Mississauga Graduate - Jessie
PSB Travel Founder - Matt

What does PSB-type travel be like?

Firstly, PSB Travel has a unique style of travelling. Unlike other agencies, we emphasize your experience. Secondly, as an international student new to Mississauga, there may be 2 main goals to achieve apart from studying. Certainly, meeting new friends and exploring around are up on the list. So, PSB Travel is here to achieve your goals all in once! 

Go Different!

Looking for excitement? Embracing the unknowns? Let’s go on the adventure with us!

Toronto Maple Leafs Scotiabank Arena

Go Local!

Want to merge into Canada? Eager to know more about their lifestyle? Learn to be a Canadian together!

Exclusive Offers!

On the other hand, experiencing does not equals pricey! Stay tuned to our Community on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and grab the latest offers for you!

Your Travel Community!

Have you ever thought of coming alone but without being lonely? Meet your Mississauga buddies and experience something new together!

More about the Community

There are 7,500+ international students from 100+ countries in Sheridan College like you and me. However, being miles away from our hometown does not mean you are on your own! This is the greatest chance to adventure with your like-minded buddies! 

The Sheridan Travel Community of PSB Travel gathers your buddies here. By joining our local tours, you can know your buddies all over Sheridan! You can meet new friends and explore Canada together through this Community.

Firstly, the Sheridan Travel Community allows members to exchange travel ideas in-person and virtually. We love to hear voices from all of you. So, you can share your past travel experience, or give opinions on how the upcoming tours should work. We like seeing photos and videos with your smiley face. Your discussions in the Community are valuable. Just interact with us and your buddies!

Secondly, the Community also means the physical society we are currently in. We are all part of the Mississauga community. Above all, it is important for us to know the surroundings. In order to do so, the Sheridan Travel Community offers tours to get you familiar with Mississauga. For example, we have regular tours for our members showing you around the city. You can find Square One, Port Credit and Streetsville on the tour. Meanwhile, buying groceries is an irreplaceable part of your life in Mississauga. We can shop at Walmart, Canadian Tire and T&T together! You will expose more when you join us.

Certainly, what you want to do now is to grab a cup of Tims, share your experience and post your pictures in the Community. Don’t hesitate!

Exciting Places to Visit Together

Do you know how big Canada is? It is 9,985,000 km²! In addition, Canada is the second largest nation in the world. As a result, there are a lot of stunning places all over the 10 provinces plus 3 territories. 

For example, some popular travelling activities in Canada include watching aurora in Yellowknife and canoeing in Lake Louise. Nonetheless, you can be exposed to the historical city of St. John’s. 

Therefore, PSB Travel offers tours (all inclusive) to all the provinces. And most importantly, tours are at the most attractive price. So, all you need to do is pack your bag. Lastly, get ready to meet new people and embrace the adventure with the Sheridan buddies! 

In short, what are you waiting for?

Join our Community now!

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