Indian Theatres and Bollywood

Indian Theatres and Bollywood


India, as we all know is known for its different art and cultures. In the arts field, comes, India’s film industry, popularly known as Bollywood. Bollywood is the world’s second-largest film industry in terms of revenue and the number of production houses involved. Indian theatres and Bollywood go hand in hand which means it has become generic for the world to call Bollywood the Indian film industry.

Major production houses include:

1. Dharma Productions

Indian theatres and Bollywood

2. Yash Raj Films

Indian Theatres and Bollywood

3. Red Chillies Entertainment, etc.

Indian theatres and Bollywood

Cinema and theatre are the purest form of entertainment for the Indian demographics, which means it is one place, where the industry has put in a lot of effort and money to make the cinematic experience reach new levels which even developed countries like the USA have failed to do so.

Types of offerings

There are two types of theatres in India.

1. Single Screen Theatres; and

2. Multi-Screen Theatres (Multiplexes)


India majorly is a price-sensitive market even for moviegoers.
Having said that, single-screen theatres are often found in regional districts and cities where the population does not explode (like in metro cities), whereas Multi-screen theatres are found in metro cities, like Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, Delhi, etc. because of the number of films increasing and population growth rising.

Films Showcased

Single Screen Cinema only includes Bollywood and regional films in the respective languages.
Multiplexes launch films from all over the world like China, the USA, Europe, etc. since the metro consumer behavior suggests there are many people who like to watch international films.


Prices of the tickets in India are based on the time of the show and the location of the cinema.

Location: For example, a posh area (town) of a locality will have almost 1.5x the price of a suburban area.

Time: For example, a show in the morning, called matinee show, is often at a subsidized rate than the show in the evening (It is the same concept as the 
“surge pricing”) where weekends are expensive than weekdays.

Major Players

Major players in the cinema are:

1. For Single Screen:

a. Movie Time;
b. Galaxy Theatres; and
c. Chandan Talkies.

2. For Multiplexes:

a. PVR Cinemas;
b. INOX Theatres and Entertainment Ltd;
c. Cineplex Theatres.


The cinemas in India are expected to generate 2x more revenue in the upcoming year 2020 than the previous year.
There has been an increase in the funding levels and many producers find it interesting in funding short films and documentaries today.
The biggest trend observed today are filmmakers taking stories from real life-based events in the history of India.


Multiplexes situated in metro cities have seen a trend of making it a more luxurious experience right from offering in-seat food ordering to having a full buffet all you can eat menus at select theatres where prices are 5x the general ticket.
There are theatres like INOX who even offer 270-degree screens to showcase the highest level of cinematic experience. It also includes,

1. Dolby Atmos

2. IMAX Screen

3. 4D experience cinemas.

Indian theatre and Bollywood

Indian theatres and Bollywood are like none other, and by far the best looking and feeling theatres and industry in the world in my opinion.

Want to Learn The Business Side Of Arts

Creative Industry Management program, developed by Sheridan College.

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It is an Ontario College Graduate Certificate

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Opportunities you can find

Creative Industries in Canada and worldwide have a deficiency of individuals. It is hard to find professionals, who have technical as well as Image result for creative industry images freeBusiness knowledge. As film, activity and gaming businesses keep on developing, more openings for work are relied upon to open.

After the course you can work as :

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Learning Outcomes

The graduated class has constantly displayed the ability to:

  • Develop a long-expand plan that meets the imperative and operational goals of the relationship just as production(s).
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  • Budgeting, Scheduling, time-management, creative team handling skills improvement.



Creative, innovative learning is at the core of all of Sheridan’s courses. Here are the courses you’ll take in this program.

BUSM 54578 Creative Industries Environment 3
FINA 51593 Creative Industries Budgeting 3
MKTG 58661 Audience Development 3
LAWS 50333 Entertainment Law & Negotiation 3
HRMT 58907 Managing People in the Arts 4
MGMT 58727 Production 1: Development 4
Total: 20
FINA 54593 Funding Creative Works 3
MKTG 56228 Digital Audience Development 3
BUSM 53762 The Creative Enterprise 3
MGMT 56007 Strategic Arts Management 3
HRMT 58437 Leadership and Influence 4
MGMT 51813 Production 2: Planning 7
Total: 23


Program Fees

Please visit :


For Admission

Program Eligibility

Postsecondary recognition propelled certificate or degree in any order, or proportional (paid work full or low maintenance, extra-curricular exercises or network inclusion).


Determination Process for Applicants

Possibility of the program is chosen based on scholarly accomplishment and the assessment of a Letter of Intent, which incorporates volunteer/work experience that shows their association in the inventive businesses or creation.

Postsecondary transcripts, showing courses finished to-date, must be submitted at the hour of use.

Candidates who don’t meet the affirmation necessities for this program will be evaluated and exhorted exclusively and might be considered for other, related projects.

English Language Proficiency

All candidates whose first language isn’t English must meet Sheridan’s English capability necessities.

Tina Yu and Her Fairy Tale Wonderland

 Inspiration Makeup Art created by Ins:kimberleymargarita_
One of the inspiration makeup art by Canadian artist Kimberley Margarita

You might recognize the name of  “Tina Yu” showing up a lot on social media especially in the art community. There are tones of artists such as makeup artists and other talented people who are posting works that claiming inspired by her. But who is she? What is so special about this girl? We will be digging in and find out

Yu is a Chinese raised New York-based sculptor and artist. She was graduated from Pratt Institute in 2016, surprisingly, her major was not sculpture nor anything related to sculpture. “I used to collect Barbies when I was little and growing up I was always fascinated with unique and one-of-a-kind ball-jointed dolls. I never thought I would have the ability to make something like that but I also like to challenge myself. Luckily, instead of failing and giving up, I found a new passion.” She said during an interview with an online magazine. As a professional sculptor, she always uses professional materials. There are two materials she loves to use to build her pieces:

  • Aves Apoxie Sculpt
  • Fimo Soft Polymer Clay

“I highly recommend using Fimo clay if you are a beginner.” Said by Tina in one of her tutorial videos on Youtube, “I used it a lot during 2016-2017 when I started to create my sculpture, but now I use Apoxie sculpt most of the time because it can save you a lot of time.”

Throughout her works, many of them have an adorable and twisted vibe that combining with fairytale and fantasy elements. Some say that her works are ‘enjoyment of eyes’. But she never satisfied by only being the “eye candy” on social media, later she combing Chinese and Japanese elements such as myths and tales into her works. In her work, she connects with her personal experience and shows the audience a multi-cultural visual feast. 

1. 月Yue (the Moon Goddess)

月Yue Moon Goddess 2017
Tina Yu’s artwork Yue

The piece was created in 2017 and inspired by the mid-Autumn (Moon Cake) Festival and the myth about the moon goddess named Chang’e.  It’s a custom piece requested by one of her clients.

2. Kainalu


Tina Yu's artwork Kainalu
Tina Yu’s artwork Kainalu

With a Hawaii name, Yu created with this self-eating tail mermaid in 2016, she wrote on her social media that she will not expose the concept of this art piece, instead, she wants her audience to freely discuss because there are no right or wrong answers and appreciating a piece of artwork is purely subjective and beautiful.


3. Goddess Tara

Tina Yu's artwork Goddess Tara
Tina Yu’s artwork Goddess Tara

According to the Tibetian myth about Tara, Tibetans usually think of Tara as having 21 manifestations. Of these 21 Taras, the two most popular are Green Tara and White Tara. And Tina’s art was inspired by the white Tara. White Tara is often referred to as the Mother of all the Buddhas. She represents the motherly aspect of compassion. People usually pray to the White Tara for health, healing and longevity.


Tina Yu doing her art work.
Tina Yu and Her Fairy Tale Wonderland

Right now, Tina Yu already established over eighty-eight thousand followers on her Instagram account (@tina.yu.artist). And she has over 339k subscribers on her Youtube Channel (Tina Yu). She also posts her tutorial on her Patron along with her podcast. Speaking about her future plan, she always being very optimistic, “I know I will figure everything out as I go,” She says.