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Our marketing team will provide you with the tools to have your business standout in a crowded sector.  

Growth Is The Key At PSB!

Here at PSB Digital we offer multiple services and plans for our customers. From graphic design to video production to website design, we do it all. Oh and did we mention 24/7 service for any emergencies your business runs into.

PSB Digital offers the whole package to customers. We are your one stop shop for anything marketing.

Our full scale marketing team will walk you through the options on how to improve your pet shop with frequent in person meetings, quarterly reviews, digital marketing  1 on 1 for your business’ needs. 

Paw-Tastic Marketing Solutions

PSB Digital’s driving focus is to provide quality customer service for pet stores to rise above the competition. Our full scale, 24/7 team is here to serve you and your pet store. With email campaigns sent out by our software system weekly and graphic design team, your pet store will be at the top of minds in you community. We will provide your team with a full marketing strategy after our initial consultation. This will go over how to cater to your audience such as developing a mobile app for customers to purchase your products from. 

     How can my pet shop benefit from PSB Digital Team?

Our marketing team has access to all digital platforms your audience would be using and continue to keep up to date on what new social media platforms are on the market. As of March 2022, PSB Digital will analyze data from Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok.

In addition, we will be tracking customer retention, SEOs, USPs, along with Google Analytics to further our strategy.

How do you increase traffic flow in your pet shop?

Hosting events at your pet shop is a great way to gain new customers and keep returning customers happy. In order to attack customers into the store put out banners outside of the store and the nearest entrance into the parking lot of your establishment. By having visuals at the front and entrances it will attack new customers to see what deals you have. On the banners you will have any new products or announce sales. Furthermore, hosting events for the sales will be a fun and engaging environment for your customers.

What can we do internally at our pet shop?

Research has shown when having knowledge and engaging employees, customers are more likely purchase and have a higher customer retention rate.

Make sure that your customer is top of mind with everything you do. Care about the business and the marketing will follow suit. Your customers will know if you only care about profits. If you care about your customers your profits will increase.

In order to attract the right customers, find out your target audience’s income. This can be through Google search websites to show income with geographical location and demographic. Having your audience’s income will then enable you to price effective. If your pet shop has premium products and will need to charge a higher price, look to targeting Oakville residents as historically Oakville residents have higher disposable income to spend on their pets.

If you want to learn more about how to increase your customer retention, optimizing your google search, and how to develop awareness of your brand, check out our free digital white paper copy now!

Client Testimonial

“We were lost on how to increase our SEOs and social media marketing. PSB Digital was able to give us solutions to solve all of our problems and help us feel more confident as a business with having them on our team.”

- Bark Pet Shoppe

Kick Start Your Marketing Journey 

Digital Marketing Firms Of Oakville Wants To Hear From You

Our full scale graphics and digital marketing team is ready to assist you in everything marketing related to your pet shop. We want to hear from you, contact us at: 

P: 123-456-7890


A: 1515 Rebecca St, Oakville, ON L6L 5G8 

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Event Marketing is Changing Pet Shops In Mississauga

How Event Marketing Is Changing The Pet Shop Industry In Mississauga

Event marketing is giving new meaning to promotions and customer connections in pet shops across Mississauga. By successfully planning, hosting and executing events for your customers in-person and online you can attract and keep your loyal customers feeling connected to your business. 

Event Marketing for Pet Shops Mississauga

What Is Event Marketing For Pet Shops?

Event marketing for pet shops is all about creating an experience that allows a company to directly connect with customers, new and old. It also creates a sense of community around a brand as customers can interact with one another. No company is too small to benefit from event marketing, even smaller events have the same impact and results. Companies can even host events online, which still helps increase customer interaction and brand loyalty.

Because of this new surge, event marketing for pet shops in Mississauga is becoming more and more common. This means that it is essential to understand event marketing and how you can utilize it within your business. However, don’t worry we have got you covered! If you want to know more about event marketing and what it can do for your business click below for more information.

How Can You Use Event Marketing For Your Pet Shop?

Now that we know what event marketing can do, let’s see how you can use it.🐶

Hosting events are great opportunities to connect with your customers and engage them into your brand. These events can connect owners, pets and employees. This trust allows the customer to feel more comfortable asking for advice and buying recommended items. This relationship is also essential to increase customer loyalty and positive word of mouth. Events can also be used to connect other businesses and support nonprofit commitments. A key thing to know for creating a successful event is that it is essential to create an experience even virtually. This allows your customers to interact with your products but also have fun. This fun feeling will transfer over to your brand and ensure customers feel positively and confident about you. By fully understanding your customers you can plan and execute any events you would like.

As a pet store you have a ton of advantages to use for creating events online or in store. Two of the events PSB has helped to facilitate in the last year can be seen below:

  1. PSB hosted an in-person dog carnival with activities and booths. These booths included pet food tasting and toy testing where each brand had their own booth. Then customers can bring their pets to taste test which foods they like the best and find their favourite toy. This event was designed to trial new product brands and test which stock was favourable. The carnival also had booths from local businesses with pet related products. This created a community and network of businesses while testing products.   
  2. PSB hosted an online event through their partnership with Hopin. It was a panel event with experts in pet care and pet training who answered questions and spoke about their experiences. Guests could attend and watch the panel on the virtual mainstage. Or they could attend the extra sessions where virtual groups were held and ran by community experts. There was a cats group, small dogs, big dogs, puppies, elderly animals, small pets, exotic pets, aquatic pets, reptiles, and more. Guests could pop into any session and chat with others and get connected. They could also attend the marketplace section which had virtual booths guests could visit to learn about leading brands and shop online. This event created a massive community online and engaged not only businesses but all pet parents.

These events were facilitated and designed for each companies’ goals. Company 1 wanted to improve their product sales and increase brand trials for new products. Company 2 wanted to engage their customers again during the pandemic. Each aspect, step, and design of these events was created between PSB and the company as a dual partnership. PSB facilitates events that support company goals and better customer connections. As well these events can offer many benefits for your company like brand trial, networking and community outreach. These connections are essential in marketing nowadays especially in the pet industry where community and trust is everything.

Want To Know More?

The key to creating successful events is planning and understanding your customers and goals. PSB helps support and facilitate these conversations with personalized consultations and campaigns for each company no matter how small. Our event marketing expert services can help you create successful events that help bring in new customers and help you connect more with your current customers online and in-person. We work with you to help guide and understand what you and your market want. You can learn more about us and how event marketing can be used to better your business in our white paper linked below.

Event Marketing for Pet Shops Mississauga

Contact Us

905 123 456

PSB Digital 309 Rathburn Rd W, Mississauga, ON L5B 4C1

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The Dog Whisper

The Dog Whisper

Puppy to Adult dog training: Here at The Dog Whisper we help all dogs and their families to achieve their perfect relationship to make it comfortable for everyone. We have professional dog training services for all levels of dog obedience. We are one the many Pet stores with dog training in Mississauga, in store.

Spend $50 or more and get your first hour of dog training with you and your dog for FREE!

"Pets are for life. Your K9 companion is a pet first, family second."

About Us

The Dog Whisper’s strives to help you improve your relationship with your dog through our intensive training programs. Our program starts with an evaluation as every dog is different and may require a different approach. Help your K9 live a happy life. We believe an obedient dog is a happy dog!

What We Offer

The Dog Whisper shop is pet store that specializes in dog training. We want to help families live comfortably with their pet. We train dogs from new puppies to adult dogs. We also provide families with tips and tricks that they can use to help them live a better life with their pets. Our product can help solve our customers problem by providing them an easy way for them to access dog training at a low cost. Our store provides in store training tips every time you come and shop with us. Our store provides our customers services when they are busy and are always out. We can take care of your pet while you are busy during the day while giving your dog the opportunities to socialize with other dogs.

Trusted by leading brands

Closing Call to Action

Call today and book your first dog socializing session for free.

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Pet Store Community Marketing Workshops in Mississauga

Pet Store Community Marketing Workshops in Mississauga

Are you worried about giving up all of your digital marketing reigns to an agency? Sign up for our pet store community marketing workshops in Mississauga to lessen the gap of digital marketing knowledge between agencies and clients. Let us help you learn and expand your understanding of the digital marketing landscape, with a focus on community and relationship marketing for pet stores.  

Pet Store Community Marketing Workshops

Need More Convincing?

PSB Digital understands the importance of digital marketing and strives to level up their clients knowledge on the subject. Educating is an important step to take to ensure long-term brand success. However, this is a step that many competitors and clients overlook as it takes time and exhausts resources. Our product’s intuitive workshops will help you to provide customers with value beyond your products and services through community and relationship marketing.

Why Community and Relationship Marketing?

Community offers a sense of belonging, consumer advocacy, customer experience, and emotional connection, differentiating YOUR customer relationship and brand offerings. Community is more important than ever in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Blurred lines now exist between customer experience and customer service. Therefore, it is important to approach customer experiences holistically and to begin exploring community and relationship marketing. 

With a natural need to belong, humans are highly motivated to be affiliated with and accepted by social groups. Brands and marketers that understand how paramount forming communities can be, can better establish sustainable competitive advantage.

What can you expect from our pet store community marketing workshops? 

  • A better understanding of what recommended digital marketing strategies there are surrounding community and relationship marketing
  • A hands-on integrated learning experience through YOUR brand’s digital marketing needs (learn as we work together)
  • Opportunity to acquire fundamental knowledge necessary to understanding the digital marketing landscape
  • Learn about the increasing importance of community-based marketing efforts
  • How to compete with big name brands through customer value rather than price
  • Where to begin building your online community, and;
  • How to engage with and know what your customers desire from YOU

How will our services benefit YOU?

PSB Digital’s specialization in pet store community marketing workshops in Mississauga will help you achieve online community execution excellence. Community is not only a retention mechanism but also an acquisition machine, as you “come for a product or service,” but you stay for the community. Our integrated workshops are designed to level up your digital marketing knowledge all while establishing your own pet store community. In an oversaturated industry, a small businesses ability to promote and foster community is key. This is YOUR competitive advantage over the Pet Smart giants.

  • Build trust with current and future customers
  • Be as authentic as ever
  • Establish outlets for customer feedback
  • Develop a consistent message, and;
  • Most important of all, understand why, what, and how we are doing what we’re doing through our pet store community marketing workshops

Trusted by LocaL Ontario Pet Stores

Client Testimonial

“After speaking with multiple digital marketing agencies, PSB Digital was the only one that made an effort to educate me on digital marketing. I can confidently say that their pet store community marketing workshops have leveled up my digital marketing knowledge from a beginner to intermediate level. Their integrated workshops greatly benefited the success of my brand’s online community, all while continuously including me every step of the way. You will not be disappointed working with them!”


Taylor West, Founder, Pet 'O' Pets

Pet Store Community Marketing Workshops in Mississauga

Take a chance on PSB Digital and expand your digital marketing knowledge today! Let us work together to lessen the knowledge gap between agencies and clients. Check out our digital guide for pet store community marketing workshops in Mississauga below.

Bull dog with glasses on

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PSB Digital Marketing Firm




Exotic pet branding Mississauga


SEO. UI Optimization. Website Optimization. Backend Code. Digital Marketing.


We are focused on connecting YOU with potential consumers that will value YOUR products and services.  Let us help you develop targeted goals and highlight ways you can achieve them.  With an emphasis on increasing consumer retention and directing your target market to specific landing pages, our AD copy, basic code and digital marketing efforts will help you increase sales while reducing your overall cost.


Creating a brand that holds value to consumers is a step a lot of small companies forget.  Selling a product is as easy as clicking three buttons, but having consumers remember their purchase journey, remember your company/brand and repurchase products is the ultimate goal.  
Why make your life harder than it needs to be?  Let the pro’s help you define your business goals, create milestones, develop a professional, fast and reliable website and create a dedicated marketing campaign that focuses on retention and consumer activity, not just “sales”.  Our pre built code helps us implement CPI metrics, fast load times and key SEO keywords that every website should have, but we don’t stop there.  We make sure to cater the website GFX to your style and liking, develop new code that is unique to your website, enable the SEO to capture search results and continuously place your website higher, and drive new ORGANIC traffic to your landing pages.
Ad copy can be a tedious and daunting task for many, so we have developed a system that bridges AI and our own knowledge, to help us create specific AD copy for you!  This relatively unique feature helps us in creating targeted ads for consumers of all markets.  We bring a plethora of positive elements to any business, regardless of their position in the market, and create value for our clients.  With a dedicated team, we are available at all hours and urge you to contact us and find out how we can help.

Trusted by leading brands

Professional, Reliable and Fast.

“I was thoroughly impressed by their work ethic, time management and work done on our website.  Upgraded the photos, layout, text and overall feel of the website.  Increased conversion by 7.5% over the last month too!”

Jane Fitch, Pet Distrib, CEO

We Can Help

We understand it can be hard to fully grasp the true competitive advantage we provide, so why not get a quote and 1 hour review of your current website from us for free! 

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Pet Industry SEO for Mississauga: So, it’s Time to Learn

Pet Industry SEO for Mississauga: So, it's Time to Learn

You a beginner in digital marketing?  Now you can learn common forms in the digital marketing trade.  You will be well versed in pet industry SEO for Mississauga.

Cats for Pet Industry SEO for Mississauga

SEO For Beginners

What We Do

Our service is building your companies digital marketing skills and your websites SEO value.  We will try to edit it because it will make it possible for your website to appear faster on search engines marketing and the pet industry market.  We will also teach the companies we work with what we do with SEO so they can do it themselves later for marketing campaigns.  Our services can sell to different stores and businesses across Mississauga and the rest of GTA.  It will help you all with their problem by gaining more marketing share and market brand acknowledgement.  This means that PSB will sell our SEO skills in the pet industry across the GTA that will help build your brand and marketing knowledge.

What We Can Do for You with Pet Industry SEO for Mississauga

PSB’s services is doing pet industry SEO for Mississauga and the GTA.  This means we will help change your company’s site so it increases its visibility when people search for products or services related to your business on search engines.  Some examples of those search engines would be Google and Bing.  This SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will be done towards companies and marketing firms set in the Mississauga and GTA area, hence “pet industry SEO for Mississauga”.  We will try to enforce better, more common keywords throughout your website.   We will do this because it will better reflect marketing to the pet industry.

Title Tags and Meta Description in Pet Industry SEO for Mississauga  

PSB will edit your title tag (clickable headlines that show up in search results and are extremely important for SEO).  We will also edit your meta descriptions, that are a summary of a page in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) shown below the title tag.  Our services will be about updating them to be more appealing to readers by showing a major piece of information used to decide which result to click on.  A pet industry SEO for Mississauga is an example of a good title tag.  We will make sure your meta descriptions will inform and interest readers when they see the tags (ex. pet industry SEO for Mississauga and other digital marketing tricks you can learn today).  

PSB Teaching and How we will Help with Pet Industry SEO for Mississauga

PSB can also teach pet industry SEO for Mississauga and the rest of the GTA.  This is because digital marketing skills (ex. SEO and building website/social media traffic) will be taught to you.  PSB will do this because you can learn what to do for marketing next time.  Our value proposition is our services sell to different stores across the GTA, so that includes Mississauga.  It will help your company gain more marketing share and market brand acknowledgement in the pet industry.  This means that pet industry SEO for Mississauga and other parts of the GTA will be easy use for anyone in the pet industry.  

Many people like you have the same problem.  You all want to do pet industry SEO for Mississauga and the rest of the GTA.  However, you and your team are probably in the beginning stages when it comes to knowing about digital marketing practices (ex. SEO and social media).  By helping build traction towards your website and social media pages, PSB will make sure your company website will increase in noticeability.  This is because most search results lead with major pet store brands like Pet Smart.  PSB can solve your problem because we will not just build your SEO, we will also teach you how to maintain it and do SEO yourself.  This way is good because you can build more skills in pet industry SEO for Mississauga and the GTA.  PSB will make sure you will build more experience in digital marketing and this pet industry.

You can also see examples of our work and learn from our formal clients.  Learn more from one of our clients here:  

Testimonial from Clients

“We were nothing but a small-time fish store before PSB Digital.  We were clueless to digital marketing and getting traction to our website.  Now because of PSB and their tutoring, we managed to increase webpage traction by 30%”

Retail Owner, Big Al's Aquarium, Mississauga

Want to Start off Right?

“The PSB Digital Guide to Pet Store Marketing: Everything you need to know to create pawsitive customer experience”.  Read this document and you will learn the best ways on how to perfectly market in the pet industry.  It is nothing but easy to learn for anybody, especially those new to digital marketing.

Animals on computer pet industry seo for mississauga

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Trying to grow your Local Pet Store? Try Digital Marketing!

Trying to grow your local pet store?

Trying to find out how to display your unique style for your Pet Store? We can help! Through our Digital marketing campaign we can help grow your business beyond your pets wildest dreams! Click below to check out PSB Digitals’ White Paper to find out more about how we strive to grow your business in Mississauga!

Cats, Pet Store, Digital Marketing, Mississuaga

What's PSB Digitals Guarantee?

At PSB digital we strive to find the most unique and tailored methodology to approach your business. Our low-cost, high-quality service will help us progress with you to create something you will be proud of by fabricating your imagination to reality! Want to know more about what we do? Check out our White paper to see the list of services that are right for you! Where we show our current strategies, which will help you choose the right path towards your business!


PSB Digital's Campaign, is it worth it?

Here at PSB digital we are committed to our clients’ ideas and try to bring their imaginations to reality. We provide services that will help increase traffic to your business with the use of Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Website landing page, social media influencing, and as well as YouTube videos. We are proud of our work and always aim for the highest quality towards your business needs. Have questions? You can ask us directly or look at our frequently asked questions below! 

Frequently asked questions

Who is PSB Digital marketing?

We are a new digital marketing agency founded in Mississauga, with a huge passion for cliental success and pets. We use our passion to create a unique environment between us and our customers to find the right path for them. It’s our guarantee to not leave until you’re satisfied with the work. 

Why PSB Digital Marketing?

Why not! We are a young, fresh-minded, and patient group that aims for your success. We provide a passion for your work that might not be found anywhere else, whilst providing the same services as the competition! You will be managing your costs while achieving maximum quality! You will be gaining a unique service tailored for you and make you our number one priority! We also provide a step-by-step analysis and inform you of how what, and why we are implementing changes to your website. As a result, this helps us create an environment for our clients to be comfortable with us and give you full decision-making power. 

What services does PSB Digital marketing provide?

PSB digital marketing starts off with an interview with our clients to have a full understanding of the picture they’re trying to paint. With this information, we add our professional opinion and build upon the clients’ ideas. Secondly, we then start organizing our ideas in order to achieve the clients’ wishes. We build a target persona for our clients, whilst providing them a landing webpage for their website, which includes Google Ads. We also provide Facebook advertisements to achieve engagement from our local community and reach our specific target audience. We then provide a YouTube instructional video for your business to also have an additional exposure source. Most importantly, throughout the entire campaign, the team dedicates its efforts to maximize efficiency by providing tailored keywords to distinguish you from the competition. To allow your website to distinguish and stand out from the millions of google searches!

How do we ensure success?

We provide full analytical data with the use of Google Analytics. Where we can see different elements that allow us to analyze and choose the right path for the business. We provide the data to our clients and propose a strategy to utilize or improve upon our current strategies. Here at PSB digital, we assure our clients with results that increase traffic for the business. 

Trusted by leading brands

Client Testominal

“Our time with PSB digital was quick, but never forgotten. They provided us with our new website, social media accounts, with an easy-to-use system for us to edit whenever is needed. They listened to our needs and wants and created something beyond our imagination! Thank you PSB Digital!”

Big Al's Aquarium

Still uncertain?

Checked our White paper and are still uncertain? Give us a call! Our agents are always ready to help and answer any questions you might have! Click the button below to get in direct contact with one of our agents!

Dog, Pet Store, Digital marketing, Mississauga

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Want to find us? Here is our location! Our Business hours are from 9-5 weekdays!





You can also check out and get in contact through our Social media accounts below!

Digital Marketing for Pet Store Startups Ontario

Digital Marketing for Pet Store Startups in Ontario

PSB Digital works with pet store startups in Ontario to build strong presences online through Digital Marketing. Our services are affordable for startups with any budget. Why wait to invest in Digital Marketing when you can now?


Custom Packages and Strategy Audits

 At PSB Digital, pet store start ups in Ontario can help their business grow with Digital Marketing at any budget – big or small. Our team of experts will conduct a free audit of your current digital strategy. Based on our analysis, we will work with you to create a plan in order to meet your goals. In addition, we offer custom packages. Custom packages allow you to pick and choose between services that you want and need the most for your business at a low cost.

Why Digital Marketing for you Pet Store Startup Matters

Every minute 3.8 million searches are made on Google, totaling to an impressive 5.6 billion searches per day. In addition, there are 4.95 billion people who use the internet. In other words, 62.5% of the world’s population are internet users. That is over half of the world’s population!

As a result, the digital space has become a gold mine for businesses. Now more than ever, it is crucial that businesses have a strong presence online. So, what after all, is digital marketing?

In short, digital marketing is a form of advertising. It uses the internet and many forms of digital communication in order to reach customers. For instance, Email marketing and videos are great examples of methods used and growing digital trends. Moreover, digital marketing helps businesses increase sales, leads, and brand awareness. Above all, it allows businesses to compete and survive.

In 2019, digital marketing surpassed traditional marketing spending by $19.96 billion. The sooner you start investing in digital marketing, the more successful your business can be. 

Digital Marketing for Pet Store Startups

PSB Digital’s priority is to help pet store startups get started and improve their digital marketing. Moreover, we believe that every pet store can benefit from digital marketing despite their budget. Our free strategy audits and custom packages allow your startup to incorporate effective digital marketing and achieve your goals at a low cost.

 Our team of experts will perform a free audit of your current digital strategy. Based on our review, we will determine where your business can improve and formulate a plan. We will create an optional package specific to your business with your needs and budget in mind. Most importantly, this plan is designed to help your business grow with an effective and strong online presence.

In addition, PSB Digital offers custom packages. Custom packages allow you to be in control by selecting the services you want, need, and can afford. Moreover, they are pay-per service. In other words, as a startup, you can begin building your online presence with your current budget by kicking off your journey with as little as one service.

Furthermore, custom packages are always customizable. For instance, as your business and brand develops, you can continuously add more services to create a stronger presence and lead to greater growth.

What We Can Do For You

  • SEO
  • SEM
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Website Design
  • Website Management and Optimization
  • Paid Advertisements
  • Content Marketing
  • Strategy Development
  • Tracking & Analytics 

Trusted by leading brands

See What Our Clients Have to Say:

“PSB Digital worked with my small budget and brought me great success. Their initial strategy audit demonstrated where and how my business could improve. Their custom packages allowed us to improve one step at a time while being budget friendly. When working with PSB Digital, it is clear they have a passion and drive to help pet store startups succeed”.

ANA DAVIS, CEO, paws & claws


PSB Digital has created a free guide to pet store marketing. This guide includes information on how to build your brand online and create a positive customer experience. In addition, in this guide you will find a basic digital strategy outline that your business can start incorporating today. Get your right foot in the digital space by getting your free guide below.


Let's Get in Touch!

A:4180 Duke of York Blvd, Mississuaga, ON L5B 3W3

P: (905) 845-9430


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Digital Marketing and Mentorship for Luxury Pet Stores in Mississauga

Digital Marketing Services that Luxury Pet Stores Deserve

Mississauga’s #1 marketing agency now offering top-notch long-term digital marketing solutions exclusively for luxury pet stores in Mississauga.

Digital marketing services for luxury pet stores in Mississauga - Dog wearing a crown Picture of a golden retriever in nature wearing a crown -Digital Marketing and Mentorship for Luxury Pet Stores in Mississauga

Supporting Your Luxury Pet Stores Every Step of The Way

PSB digital is Mississauga’s top user-first agency providing digital marketing services to luxury pet stores across Mississauga, Toronto, Oakville, and other Canadian businesses across the country. 

Our goal is to bring your visions to life and use our expertise to represent your luxury pet store the way it deserves to be presented. We understand that your audience and customers demand high-quality services which must be reflected in your store’s marketing efforts as well. 

Our agency is the only agency that you will ever need to work with since we offer long-term business support and mentorship on existing and future projects to our clients ensuring that your luxury pet store becomes an industry leader and successfully maintains its position in the long run. 

What We Do Best

Branding  |  Graphic Design  |  Website Audits  |  Web Design |  Content Marketing  |  Niche Marketing  |  Photography  |  Social Media Marketing  |  Email Marketing  | Business Consulting and Leadership Mentoring

Digital marketing services for luxury pet stores in Mississauga - Photo of a cat and a dog playing and cudidling

Everything You Need to Grow Your Luxury Pet Store

How We Can Help Your Luxury Pet Store

Every business needs a well-planned marketing strategy that outline its path to achieving high customer engagement and building a successful customer base. But as a small business it can be hard to do all that in-house. Especially for luxury pet stores, how your business is represented to customers has a direct impact on their decision and perception of your brand. Which why that as a premium business, digital marketing is even more important. 

We continue to explore the latest developments and trends in marketing so you don’t have to. As a luxury pet store, your business requires an agency that not only understands how your luxury store differentiates from other local stores but also uniquely understands your audience and their expectations. And we are here to do just that. 

Interested to learn about the benefits of digital marketing for your pet store? Here’s a helpful article we recommend you check out.

Our Approach

Our team of experts specialize in services such as branding, graphic design, advertising, photography, social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, web design, and business mentorship. Through identifying unique aspects of your business and outlining the right audience for your business and designing an effective strategy for reaching your niche. Our agency has all the specialties you need to promote your luxury pet store the way it deserves to be seen. 

We will start with a thorough onboarding session during which we discuss your goals and vision for your pet store. With your objectives in mind, we will then conduct a full analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your business to gain a better perspective of how we can help you achieve your goals. With the full picture of your business and the industry in mind, our team has everything it needs to get started.

Our Commitment to You

For any future projects, you can always trust us to guide you through your new journey. We understand and recognize the workload that small businesses handle on a daily basis and we are fully equipped to make this process easier for you. Our team will be available for any consultation or mentoring sessions that you might need when starting a new project. We will use our expertise to complete your new project in-house or work with other industry experts for bigger projects on your behalf. 

You can always rely on us to find answers to your entrepreneurial questions and navigate your business journey. 

Here’s What You Can Expect By the End of Our First Project

The goals of the projects will be set during the very first phase to reflect your business goals specifically. We are proud to be working with Mississauga’s luxurious pet stores and you can trust us to:

– Increase conversion rates
– Increase customer engagement 
– Improve SEO and rank higher in local searches
– Increase brand awareness 

We understand that your luxury pet store might require other specific marketing needs and PSB Digital is the right agency for that. Our experience in working with numerous Canadian businesses and many luxury pet stores has prepared us for offering you the high-end services and experience that you deserve. 

Trusted by leading brands

What Our Clients Think About PSB Digital

“After our first project with PSB Digital, our website and branding and social media efforts now truly reflect what type of pet boutique we are. PSB digital experts were thorough and ensured that our vision and business goals were achieved by the end of this project. We have noticed a significant increase in customer engagement and customer loyalty as well as a 40% increase in conversion rates over the past year and we have never been more satisfied with how our luxury pet store is presented to local customers. It is a relief to know we can always rely on PSB Digital for future projects as well.”

Anastasia manning, founder and ceo of royalty pet store, Mississauga

Let's Get Started

Our team is looking forward to working with you to map out how PSB Digital can help your luxury pet store grow and bring your luxurious vision to life. Contact us today; we would love to have a chat.

P. +1 234 567 8900


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Innovative Solutions Digital Agency: Real Estate & Digital Marketing


At Innovative Solutions Digital Agency, we’re driven to help realtors in need of the resources to build an online presence and diversify their marketing portfolio with the use of different digital marketing tactics such as developing a full annual marketing plan, curating a personal website, CRM tactics, and creating an overall online presence for the realtor to connect with possible target consumers. As we know, the real estate market is currently very saturated with many people trying to enter the industry. The current advertising standard in the industry is filled with people using the radio, flyers, billboards, and majority print advertising. We don’t want you to “fly with the flock” and be stuck in saturation with the rest of the competition, at Innovative Solutions Digital Agency, we thrive in helping you stand out against competitors by using the latest and greatest forms of digital marketing, keeping you up to date with all the latest trends of the digital advertising world.


Our Digital Marketing Team

Our team consists of many experienced & young digital marketers that are constantly updating their knowledge of the digital marketing world, whether its trends, new platforms, what’s hot & what’s not, who to follow, trends to avoid, etc. As a startup, with a smaller number of clients, this benefits you as our team will spend more time on your needs and keep up to date with you by scheduling regular check-in meetings to curate a specialized marketing plan for the week. This will keep your socials up to date and ensures that customers will be more attracted to following you and keeping up with posts by helping posts and stories stay engaging and interesting for potential clients.


With COVD-19, relators have come to a halt when it comes to advertising and selling homes as they find overall costs of advertising too high and see this pandemic as a hurdle when it comes to producing business. We want to get you over that hurdle and help you perform to the next level! This can be possible by creating unique solutions to overcome issues that the majority of Realtors face on a day-to-day basis. One big part of selling a home is the initial showing/open house and we understand that some consumers may feel uncomfortable with meeting people regardless of the protection and safety prevention used. This is why we want to introduce Virtual Reality tours! This is a great new solution for realtors to show a possible future home for their clients while ensuring utmost safety for the customer and their family.

Read the article below that explains the effects of COVID on the real estate market along with the benefits of virtual reality in the world of real estate:



The majority of the time, realtors and agents want to make a change in their online personas and feel helpless at times because they don’t know what to post and how to keep up with managing all of their different socials. Our team will personally meet up with you and create a personalized spreadsheet filled with the following, thus ensuring you the utmost organization and efficiency:

• Curated spreadsheet with all of your current clients
• Current socials and engagement numbers along with future goals
• Other services and clients that can help with the sale of your listings
• Future promotions that will be posted to your socials
• Your marketing plan for the month
• Many more services can be discussed after the initial meeting with our team


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