❄️Frozen 3 is fully upgraded, it reveals human nature

Frozen 3 is fully upgraded, it reveals human nature

After a long wait, the Disney animated film “Frozen 3” will finally be unveiled. After the adventures in the North, what new obstacles will the sisters Aisha and Anna encounter in Frozen 3? The adorable Olaf, the honest Kristoff, and his sensible reindeer, will they continue to be with Elsa and Anna? Will there be other new characters? Are there more magical ice and snow fantasy? Will there be brainwashing pop songs in the new episode? Will it continue the previous box office miracle? As the third sequel to a phenomenal animation movie, I believe that the audiences couldn’t hold back all kinds of s, and can’t wait to walk into the theater and find out. Frozen 3 is fully upgraded now, and new characters reveal deep human nature. Let’s take a look at the content of frozen 3 together.

Seven years ago, “Frozen” set the highest box office record for the animated film at that time, followed by the sequel “Frozen 2“, Disney did not stop because of the success of the previous work and deal with the details finely. Although it did not break the myth created in the front, it has far exceeded Frozen in other places. The two “Frozen” not only gained at the box office but also the love of fans from different countries for the “Frozen” series. According to the content of the second part, the previous unfinished mystery has been completed, and Aisha and Anna have also completed the transformation from princess to queen. With regard to the new content, fans are very much looking forward to what the director will do.

In the trailer, a person similar to Elsa showed, but she controls the element of fire. It is said that this is another sister of Elsa, who is also a powerful queen but represents the evil side. She seems to have a deep relationship with Elsa. Disney team carefully designed the new character and she  has the same cool skills. I believe there will be a visual impact of ice and fire collision on the screen.

frozen 3 fighting
Elsa is fighting with her sister

The film explores a deeper human nature in the new plot, it more emphasis on self-examination and reflection. It is about human nature. Ice and fire are like two sides of a human being, and defeating the enemy may be defeating yourself. We all know that before, Elsa spent a lot of time controlling the abilities she possessed. Thanks to the support of her sister, she could grow up. But maybe not everyone will get help and support when they encounter difficulties. The new role makes people think, “Is the bad guy bad from the beginning? How does the bad guy get bad?”

frozen Elsa
frozen 3 Elsa

That is Frozen 3 is upgraded and reveal human nature. How should Elsa face the enemy calmly? How will she protect her important family and home? Do you also expect to be able to watch the movie to learn about the new Elsa-related plot? Comments let us know.

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Frozen 3: The Mystery of Fire and Ice

Overview of  Mystery of Frozen 3


The amazing mysterious journey of Elsa is going to start in search of her twin Lisa: the queen of fire, in the another upcoming blockbuster movie of Disney Frozen 3: The mystery of Fire and Ice. After the huge success of frozen 2 on the box off and winning various awards. Disney is coming up with another sequel of frozen movie. frozen 3: The mystery of fire and ice. Disney has a surprise for the fans of frozen movies. The movie frozen 3: The mystery of Fire and  Ice is going to be an adventurous journey of Elsa, OlafAnna and Kristoff.

Frozen 3: The Mystery of Fire and Ice
               First Cover Picture of Disney’s Frozen 3

Who is fire new in sequel of Frozen franchise

Frozen 3: The Mystery of Fire and Ice
Lisa: The Queen of Fire

After getting so much love for frozen 2 from the audience. Another adventurous movie is coming up with a brand new character “Lisa”. Lisa is Elsa’s twin sister and is as strong as Elsa. Elsa was born with the power of ice on the other hand Lisa possess the power of fire. Lisa is a corrupt soul and she wants to rule over the world. In order to achieve this she started with burning the beautiful kingdom of Elsa. In order to save the rest of the world and stop Lisa to achieve her dream of ruling over the world Elsa starts a journey to find Lisa.

Release date of Frozen 3

The audience of frozen had to wait for almost 6 years to  watch the sequel of frozen 2. However, Disney has a good new for their fans as Disney had started working on frozen 3: The mystery of Fire and Ice somewhere around 2017 and fans can expect to watch movie somewhere in the mid of 2021.

Frozen 3: The Mystery of Fire and Ice                                                                                  Second Cover Picture of Disney’s Frozen 3

However, Disney haven’t officially announced the exact release date of the movie frozen 3: The mystery of Fire and Ice. But as it is well said better late then never fans will be still eagerly waiting to watch this mysterious adventurous journey of Elsa finding her twin Lisa with supernatural powers of fire.

What do Fans think about Frozen 3’s Fire and Ice

After some time the release of Frozen 2 and online discussion for frozen 3 started immediately. Many persons were seen discussing on various websites if Elsa is going to get a boyfriend in Frozen 3 or questions like when frozen 3 will be releasing. It was very interesting to see that many trailers were made by fans to show their love toward the movie. Additionally, many fans are hoping that Elsa will be getting a girlfriend in the next sequel. Click here to read the full article

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Thanos: The Mad Titan on Disney+

Marvel is not only giving us a look into our beloved superheroes lives but also into the evilest villain ever. Disney+ is set to release THANOS: THE MAD TITAN, in the early 2021.

Disney+ logo

Marvel is not unfamiliar with web series, it had quite a moment on Netflix. But now with the launch of Disney+ we will be served with great content. The Marvel fans were all excited when webseries on LOKI, WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier were announced and all set to release in 2020-2021. But no one was expecting the announcement of a limited webseries on the life of Thanos. The ultimate MCU villain. Since the release of Infinity War and Endgame there were a lot of speculations on why Thanos did what he did? Looks like Marvel is here to answer our questions!

Marvel Cinematic Universe expansion, with the announcement of new web series
Nothing is too much content when it comes to Marvel


THANOS: THE MAD TITAN, is majorly based on the comics. There is not much revealed about the series. Other than it being a prequel of Endgame & Infinity War. THANOS: THE MAD TITAN, is going to take us through Thanos’s life. It will show us everything from what lead Thanos to go on a hunt for Infinity stones to his theory of balance. It will also give us a look of how he destroyed Titan and was exposed to cosmic rays. Yes, yes! there will also be scenes from Guardian of the Galaxy and Infinity War plus Endgame. We don’t know if the rumours are true? but we should definitely expect cameos of our favourite Marvel stars.

Thanos on his throne with the infinity gauntlet
Thanos’s helmet looks like he’s all about that safety while maintaining ‘THE BALANCE OF THE UNIVERSE’

Fans of the movie are really excited about the launch of new Marvel mini web series and they are showing it by creating some amazing fan arts, fanfiction, fan theories. Even you’ll can take a look at it here…

With multiple web series about our favourite superheroes and the deadliest villains, Marvel is trying to give the audience something they have never seen before and something they will never see again.  Marvel knows their audience the best and they love to provide banger content. Lets see what Marvel has in store for us…

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