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An Office Desk that Adjusts to your Needs

PSB Desk is a hydraulic system desk with not only the feature of adjustable height but also customization of its look, feel, and function according to your needs and your office space.

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Why a Hydraulic Desk?

Employees spend the better half of their day in an office. So, it is important that we take care of them, physically and emotionally. And our surroundings play a huge role in that. Satisfied employees mean a productive environment.

The human body performs best when it is moving; but, in today’s world, especially in the workplace, constant sitting is the norm, and this all too often leads to stiffness or joint wear and tear. It has long been established that well-adapted, ergonomic office chairs are necessary in ordinary office life; but, standing up often throughout the working day, particularly for extended durations, is equally important.

This whitepaper explains the benefits of a pleasing workstation that can be customized to your employees and office.


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You won't have to Troubleshoot your Desk, we promise!

This whitepaper was created for employers looking to help their employees, so they enjoy their space in office a little more. The paper explains the benefits of a hydraulic desk and all its functionalities.

We have created something reliable and easy to operate system that benefits the individual employee rather than being a hinderance in their space. Therefore, an easy non-power operated system of hydraulics was installed so that you don’t need a power back for your desk too.

We give various customizable options to choose from according to your office aesthetic. Different options of counter top colors and textures allow you to custom build the table. Number of various add-ons are also available in your hydraulic desk because every office works differently. Different options of cable organizers, led lights and other personalizations to fit every employee to there own.


Benefits for employees

• An improved working environment

• Fewer chronic problems

• Better posture reduces back problems

• Prevention of muscle inactivity

• Much more comfortable for working

• Better comfort brings higher satisfaction.


Benefits for the company

• Increased performance and efficiency.

• Increased motivation and job satisfaction.

• Reduced absentees due to illness, aches, and pains.

• Improved service quality and corporation.

• Gives the company a good image.

• Improved internal communications.


• Better value proposition to get employees back



Hydraulic Height adjustable desks have many benefits including but not limited to:

While it is well established that regular exercise helps compensate for sitting during the workday, if you sit for a long period of time every day, sport alone will not be able to entirely compensate. Physical activity is critical in the job. You are doing your health a favour if you stand up while working: studies have shown that extended sitting has a bad impact on the cardiovascular system. 

A height adjustable desk is a modern and ergonomic solution for the spine, ankles, and knees: breaking the length of the sitting period not only keeps your body and mind busy throughout the working day – and beyond – but it also keeps you healthier in the long run, as the spine, ankles, and knees are significantly protected.


Employees will perform more efficiently if they can fully concentrate on their work and are not continuously distracted by fatigue, neck stiffness, or back pain. Employees and the company profit from this: according to a study conducted by the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering in Stuttgart, German companies lose 35 million Euros per year due to absenteeism and poor productivity caused just by back problems. Reduced absenteeism as a result of improved health benefits a company’s profitability. As a result, investing in height-adjustable desks saves money over time.


Hear it from our clients

“I was looking for height adjustable desk for our new office space which would allow our employees a little more freedom of choice and also match the office aesthetics. Well, PSB Desk fit the match perfectly. We deliver what they say.”

Shokran Salehi, Facilities Manager
Tech Busters

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Customizable Hydraulic Desk Toronto

Award Winning Hydraulic Desk Made Perfect for Everyone!

woman using hydraulic desk customizable ergonomic
Photo from Unsplash - TheStandingDesk

PSBDesk is the ultimate hydraulic desk that is ergonomic and customizable, proudly made in Toronto.

Benefits of Power Free Pneumatic Desks

YouTube Video By The Standing Desk.

Award Winning Design

PSB Office’s PSBDesk is designed by the owner, Sara Smith. Her designs have won many awards and, as a result, garnered many raving reviews. The PSBDesk brings back the core values of function, quality, and ergonomics that company prides itself on.

  • PSBDesk is customizable with a plethora of finishes and materials.
  • PSBDesk comes with many options of cable management systems.
  • PSBDesk is made from sustainable materials that are extremely durable.
  • PSBDesk is renowned because of its ergonomic and sleek design.
  • PSBDesk has a state-of-the-art hydraulic suspension system.

Benefits of PSBDesk

Ease of Use

PSB Office’s PSBDesk is a pneumatic desk with a highly tuned hydraulic suspension. So, this makes adjusting the height of the desk effortless. An electric adjustable desk will be slower to adjust because the electric motor only goes a certain speed. In addition, electric desks are also more bulky and heavy due to their motors and power supply. Furthermore, electric desks have the burden of requiring to be plugged in to be able to adjust the height; a severe problem, should the power go out.

Ergonomics and Health

It is no surprise that people are more productive when they are comfortable and feeling great. Which is why a height adjustable desk is growing in popularity, because some people would rather work while standing or adjust the table to a comfortable height. In addition, studies show that people burn more fat while standing; than while sitting down.

Sleekness and Unique Customizations

PSBDesk offers unparalleled customizability from the amount of colours and finishes we offer. One of the most unique features of the PSBDesk is the cable management system. For example, in an office setting where monitors, computers, printers, etc. are all wired to each other and to the power outlet, things can look a little messy. So, that is why a cable management system can help organize all that clutter and make your workspace nice and tidy. Cable management comes in all varieties. Whether it be a box to store the cables, or a cable hook placed at the back; PSBDesk allows for multiple kinds of cable management systems that can be retrofitted into the desk whenever you want.

Trusted by leading brands

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Testimonials for PSBDesk

“PSBDesk is an excellent desk. I recommend it to anyone. The hydraulic suspension is faster than an electric desk and smoother than any other adjustable desks I previously used. It’s light and sturdy.”

Richard Hastings, VP, The Thinking COmpany

Learn More about PSBDesk with our White Paper

  • Discover the various finishes we offer on our desks.
  • More on all the different cable management systems.
  • The various sizes our desks come in.
  • Our environment-friendly approach to recycled wood.
  • Receive special incentives in our White Paper.
hydraulic desk customizable ergonomic
Photo from Unsplash - TheStandingDesk

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Ergonomic Standing Desks Canada

Making your office more comfortable

Learn about the best ergonomic standing desks in Canada for your workplace. Begin working comfortably today.

What's in this white paper

Working at the office can become uncomfortable, and as a result, your employees are less productive. Therefore, find out how an ergonomic desk can change your workplace’s productivity. 

In this white paper, you’ll learn:

The impact of an ergonomic workplace on productivity

The health benefits of an ergonomic desk

The flexibility of a standing desk for your employees

Tips for Transitioning to a Standing Desk

New to the standing desk trend?

Here are some tips from Mayo Clinic Minute on how to begin using your new ergonomic standing desks.

Play Video about Ergonomic standing desk Canada sleek standing desk

Break Bad Habits With a Standing Desk

While sitting at a desk has been the norm for years, people have developed unhealthy habits and bad posture unknowingly as a result. Offices are getting busier, and your employees need to keep up with all the customer inquiries. 

Encourage a healthier lifestyle. Provide comfort and flexibility to your employees with an ergonomic standing desk. Spend less time sitting and more time standing. Limit the risk of working-related health issues, like back pain and bad posture, while boosting productivity.

This white paper from PSB Office describes what you need to know about bringing an ergonomic standing desk to your workspace and all the benefit you’ll begin to see.

Trusted by leading brands

Ornamental Athletic Wear logo flower, satisfied Ergonomic standing desk user
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Ergonomic standing desk Canada sleek standing desk

“We transitioned our office to the PSB Office ergonomic standing desk and I began to notice an almost immediate change in the environment. Since then, several employees have felt more comfortable having the flexibility to stand, and more people were meeting their quotas. We are also so pleased with the design and customization features.”

DARYL Smith, VP of customer service, Vezzra

Don't miss out!

Transform your office with an ergonomic set-up. Learn the three main benefits of transforming your office to be more ergonomic. Discover how ergonomic standing desks can boost your office’s productivity.

Happy woman using adjustable ergonomic standing desks Canada

Popov, A. (n.d.). Man working on computer at standing desk [Photograph]. Adobe Stock.
Popov, A. (n.d.). Woman using adjustable height standing desk in office [Photograph]. Adobe Stock.
TheStandingDesk. (n.d.). Black flat screen computer monitor on brown wooden desk [Photograph]. Unsplash.

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PSB hydraulic workstation Canada

PSB hydraulic workstation Canada

The health effects of sitting in the same position for long periods of time, can be devastating. People who spend most of their day sitting are said to be at increased risk of developing cancer, cardiovascular disease, and type 2 diabetes, to name a few. PSB hydraulic workstation Canada prevents back problems, increase employee performance, concentration, motivation, and minimise downtime.

Benefits of Standing Desks​

Watch the video to know why the workstation desk is really worth it!

PSB Office steps in!

At PSB Office, we know how important it is for your employees to work comfortably and stay healthy in order to improve the company’s performance. Contact us now for more information on PSB hydraulic workstation desk. We will be happy to help you.

Why Hydraulic workstation desks?

As mentioned earlier, sitting for long periods of time affects your posture and increases your risk of illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes. Thus, by adding a PSB hydraulic workstation Canada to the office space, employees can reposition, increase mobility and improve circulation. To maintain a healthy spine, it is important to exercise and reposition regularly during working hours.

Did you know that 47% of people with PSB hydraulic workstation desk report significantly less discomfort in their upper back, shoulders and neck? In addition to that, 65% of people say that Hydraulic workstation desks have a positive impact on off-the-job health.

Another study found that people who used Hydraulic workstation desks were less stressed and tired than those who sat and worked all day. Therefore, the PSB hydraulic workstation Canada can be moved up and down, which is convenient because employees can sit or stand to switch between the two.

In everyday work, there are normal situations where important decisions need to be made quickly. Hence, to achieve this, the mind must be careful and focused. One study showed that employees using Hydraulic workstation desks in the offices improved their concentration, executive function, and memory. Moreover, studies have also suggested that standing desks increase brain activity by increasing blood flow. Therefore, adding a PSB hydraulic workstation Canada to your office can lead to similar results among employees. Height-adjustable desks have great benefits when employees are focused for extended periods of time where they need to stay focused and maintain leadership.

Don't believe us?
Read our customer testimonial here!

Exceptional Experience – Best Quality Frame – Superb Construction and Functionality – Could not be happier.

I have been using a Hydraulic workstation desk for 5 years. I have tried more than a few brands that were substantially more expensive costing 2- 5 times the PSB hydraulic workstation Canada.
Frankly, it is rare that I am so satisfied that I take the time to write a review. But I feel obligated to show my thanks for the exceptional experience I have had with this product in the hope that if anyone who was like me reads it, they will stop their search and just purchase this product. Thanks for creating a great product. Could not be happier!

Shokran Salehi, VP, 100Nine marketing

Invest in Hydraulic desk today!

This is your chance to help your employees achieve a healthy lifestyle while working and achieving the company’s goals! 

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Durable Office Desks Mississauga


PSB Hydraulic Desk is engineered with ergonomic material and a hydraulic mechanism to adjust for the comfortable height of the desk.

Durable Office desks

Picture by Reallywellmadedesks

Why it is important switching to hydraulic desks?

PSB Hydraulic desk is an excellent way to bring a live experience into your workplace. 

The hydraulic desk helps to work in different positions like sitting and standing. Changing posture makes blood circulation easy and avoids muscle cramps and stiffness. It also helps maintain energy and activeness.

Moreover, the hydraulic desk makes no cranky noise while adjusting the height.


Business grows twice with happy employees. So, the employees’ basic needs should be fulfilled. For which the work environment makes a difference in their performance and health. A significant number of employees and business owners are sitting for hours to take their organization towards success. Therefore PSB Office has engineered a hydraulic desk to give a quiet and hassle-free experience to adjust the height of the desk. So they can work standing or sitting as per their need. Because sitting in the same position for a long time can cause physical and mental issues. Many people suffer from neck pain, ligament strains, and spinal injuries due to their sedentary posture at work. The Ergonomic PSB hydraulic desk is loaded with a height-adjustable feature to support employees in maintaining a correct posture and avoid such issues. How?

PSB OFFICE - Ergonomic Hydraulic Desks

PSB Office is a well-known company since the 1980s. It is famous for its ergonomic material that is used for making office furniture such as desks. Also, it has proven records in the market for sustainability. PSB office has always understood the need for making desks more comfortable. Today, many people are suffering from ligament strains, shoulder, and neck pain, spine pain, and migraines. People are taking piles of medicines, but still suffering because of their work which demands them to sit for hours in the same position. Their workstations desks are not compatible to change heights as per need so that they can work standing whenever they fill stiffness. 

PSB office’s new hydraulic desk has been equipped with a hydraulic height mechanism that can adjust the height of the desk without making any noise. Furthermore, the desk is made of ergonomic material to bear the weight of the workstation stuff. The hydraulic desk will easily move up and low to the positions. This will increase productivity and keep the employees healthy. Moreover, PSB Hydraulic desk is also waterproof and suitable for lab work, events, seminars, and expos. So, it is very easy to clean them. There are storage drawers attached with locks to safeguard important documents and files. Also, PSB hydraulic desk comes in three different sizes and 19 colors. 



PSB Ergonomic hydraulic desk will cater to multiple issues and needs. It will give a durable and steady experience. Easy height adjustment to avoid muscle injuries and enhance focus. Furthermore, it can be used for different events and expos. Therefore, it is quite portable, to gift yourself and your workplace a friendly desk that will adjust according to your needs. This will help to increase productivity and avoid health issues.

Trusted by leading brands

Durable desk customers

Proud Stories

Durable desk happy customers

“PSB desk have been awesome always. It was an excellent service and the people I dealt with were really friendly. Delivery came on time and the driver was happy to move the desks for me. Not to mention excellent value for money!

Daniel - Zimidar limited

A gift to employees an asset to you.

Make things easy with PSB Hydraulic desk and improve the work environment to get your employees profitable and healthy. The sustainability and features of hydraulic desk will organize the organization.

durable office desks

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Ergonomics Workstation

Ergonomics Workstation

Ergonomics workstation is the future in office industry. It is the practice of properly adjusting chairs, desks, computer spaces, etc., to best fit your physical stature during the performance of your work tasks. Proper workstation ergonomics is a proactive approach to reduce or prevent work related repetitive use injuries. Our company has recently introduced  a new hydraulic ergonomic desk which helps you keep mentally and physically fit.

What is an Ergonomic Desk ?

PSB Ergonomics Workstation Desk

PSB ergonomics workstation desk is designed to shorten the amount of time you spend sitting down during your working day. Rather than remain seated for several hours at a time, you can raise the level of the desk so you can work at standing height. This is why these types of adjustable desks are often known as “sit stand” desks. Workstation flexibility promotes healthy computing by turning a sedentary work environment into one with movement. We create each desk according to your height, which can be adjusted too. PSB office also gives you a chance to customize the desk according to the customer’s color choice and design. To see our designs and colors click here

Benefits of PSB Ergonomics Workstation Desk

1. Reduce Health Risks

Sitting for long periods of time has been linked to multiple health risks such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and in some cases, cancer. With a standing desk, you are able to add bouts of standing to your workday. Getting up on your feet, and even going for short walks, can help lower blood sugar and cholesterol which in turn, reduces your risk for heart disease.

2. Reduces Back and Neck Pain

If you are someone who sits all day, I’m sure you’ve experienced some type of back and/or neck pain. Sitting all day can cause a lot of stress on your spine and may even lead to disc damage. When staring at a monitor for a long period of time, you start to exhibit bad posture by arching our backs. If your monitor isn’t at the correct ergonomic position, causing you to tilt your head down, you can get neck strain.

3. Increases Energy and Improves Mood

When you are standing, your brain becomes more engaged which can increase your energy. Standing helps your blood flow easily which sends more oxygen to your muscles. When you sit for long periods of time, you tend to feel tired. Standing is a great way to boost your mood and energy, which can help prevent fatigue. With all of this increased energy, you are able to stay focused on tasks and be more productive.

4. Increases Activity

This one is sort of a no-brainer: Standing is better for you than sitting all day. Although standing isn’t technically active, standing gives you the ability to move more while you are working. While standing at your desk, you are able to have more arm and leg movement. A lot of people who have standing desks use things such as standing mats, balance boards, treadmills, or even exercise bikes. 

5. May Increase Your Lifespan

Studies suggest that reducing your sedentary time will increase your life expectancy. Sitting for prolonged periods of time can increase your risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes. By reducing your sitting time, you ultimately are lowering your risk for these health issues and increasing your lifespan.

6. Ergonomics and Better Posture

Sitting can put a lot of stress on your spine, especially if you are not practicing proper ergonomics workstation desk. Proper ergonomics work hand-in-hand with reducing lower back and neck pain. By choosing to stand, your spine will elongate and become less strained allowing your back to be in a natural “S” shape. Standing will help promote better posture, while giving your spine some relief. 

7. Better Circulation

Another great health benefit is better circulation because it leads to other health benefits. When you choose to stand at your desk you will have better blood flow compared to sitting. Sitting can slow down your circulation which can lead to many health issues like swollen ankles, blood clots, peripheral neuropathy, and varicose veins. Standing promotes better circulation to your extremities, so you want to be sure to get up and stretch, stand, and walk around throughout the day to keep yourself healthy.

Trusted by leading brands

Customers Reviews

I’ve been using a PSB office ergonomics workstation desk for the past 6 months and it is one of the best, health, investments ever! I just love walking right up to my desk in the morning and getting started. I have a lot of back-and-forth tasks early on, and it somehow helps my energy and focus to be able to just walk away.

Arsene Wenger, Manager, Arsenal FC

About Us

PSB Office is a family owned office furniture company created in 1980 by Edward Smith.  The company has deep roots in creating office furniture and accessories that use high quality materials and are made in Canada. Our head office is in downtown Mississauga and they sell to corporate offices all over Canada.

Ergonomic workstation desk

Contact PSB Office

Address: 4180 Duke of York Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5B 0G5, Canada Hours: ⋅ Opens 8:30AM Mon Province: Ontario Phone: +1 905-845-9430

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Ergonomic Hydraulic Desk Mississauga

Bridget McLellan

Make the Switch to an Ergonomic Desk

Posture is the most important aspect when looking at workstation design.

There is an optimal posture that can be achieved through an understanding of ergonomics. Optimal posture can be difficult to achieve and sustain throughout the week. Adjustable workstations are utilized to keep up with changing posture. Good posture can increase productivity and decrease the risk of health issues. The workspace of today includes hydraulic office desk!
(Lund, n.d.)

Importance of Ergonomics in the Workplace

Watch this short video to see how ergonomic desks can increase productivity in your workplace! 

How Ergonomics Applies to the User

Is your current workstation accustomed to you and your posture? There are many benefits that an ergonomic desk can provide. Ergonomics is an important science that gives insight to the optimal posture to reduce the risk of health issues, increase circulation and overall productivity.There are many things that one should consider when creating a space that emphasizes ergonomics like the height of the desk, placement of the monitors, and the kind of chair being used. The downloadable document goes into greater detail about the specific heights and optimal distance of all of these. Regular desks and chairs can inhibit circulation and create long-term health complications such as musculoskeletal injuries. 

The PSB Desk is the only ergonomic hydraulic desk that uses high-quality and sustainable materials that will stand the test of time to ensure the user can use it over a lifetime. The PSB Desk allows the user to adjust the height as needed to create a more comfortable workstation. Having a more comfortable workstation has been shown to promote productivity in users. With better productivity and reduced health risks the user can stay at their desk longer with less aches and pains they may endure, overall giving the user a more enjoyable experience while being more productive.

“The PSB Desk has made my office a more enjoyable place to work!” – M. Cooper, V.P. of Customer Relations

“My staff was so excited to switch to a hydraulic desk for our office, we have never been more productive!” – J. Smith, V.P. of Sales and Marketing

One size does not fit all!

Learn more about how ergonomics can revolutionize your workspace!


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Adjustable Ergonomic Desk Canada

Why a standing adjustable ergonomic desk is the best option for office workers in Canada

Your desk is slowly killing you

As a result of sitting for long periods of time, the chance of getting many health conditions goes up. With a few simple changes, you can thus improve your posture and comfort throughout the day. An adjustable ergonomic desk in Canada is therefore a great option. It will instantly improve the health and wellbeing of office workers. Download PSB Office’s guide to ‘Computer Workstation Ergonomics’ to learn more.

Woman at standing ergonomic adjustable desk with computer screen

Get your free guide to 'Computer Workstation Ergonomics'

Enter your information below and have our guide sent directly to your inbox.

Benefits of an adjustable ergonomic desk

Computer Workstation Ergonomics Canada

Do you want to learn how you can make simple changes to your office’s workstations?  Our guide, “Computer Workstation Ergonomics” consequently offers practical solutions. The contents include facts such as position and height of furniture, correct posture, and the best number of movement breaks. With clear visuals and diagrams showing exact measures, all tips are therefore easy to apply. It also features the newest designs and technology in office furniture

In our guide, you will find information on:

·       Hand and wrist posture

·       Desk height

·       Chair height

·       Computer height

·       Lighting

·       Foot placement

·       Screen placement from eyes

·       Back support

·       Posture for sitting vs standing

·       Head position

Quality adjustable ergonomic products in Canada

 Since 1980, PSB Office has been a leader in producing high quality ergonomic office furniture. We were accordingly one of the first companies to use the concept of ergonomics. Our newest product, the PSB Desk, has won multiple design awards. Additionally, it has received amazing reviews from its users. Made in Canada with long-lasting materials, it is not only is sleek and stylish, but functional. The desk is built with new technology that as a result, provides the ability to adjust to the users desired height.

Risks of sitting for long periods of time firstly include obesity, but also poor mental health and musculoskeletal disorders. These are caused by staying in the same posture for too long, high screen time, and additionally having few chances to take breaks. Studies show that standing for periods of time can improve focus and productivity. Furthermore, standing desks have been shown to improve stress management abilities. They can also uplift the overall mood at work.

Trusted by leading brands in canada
Here is what some of our customers have to say about our ergonomic products:

“I immediately noticed a major shift in the happiness of our employees. Above all was the 20% increase in productivity we saw in the first month after purchasing these desks”

-Krista Chen, Procurement Manager from Google

“We would see such high turnover with our old office layout at work. Now that we have standing desks, I sit less during the day as a result. The back pain I used to have is gone as well!”

-Ally Reed, Call Centre Executive from Bell Canada

“I was glad to buy such high-quality furniture for our office. Not only do my employees rave about the design and ease of use, but they are more comfortable and focused during the day.”

-Michael Scholten, Buyer from Flipp

You are now one step closer to an adjustable ergonomic workstation

Learn tips on how to consequently change how you and your colleagues work. Read our guide to workplace ergonomics now!

Man at standing ergonomic desk in office Canada

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