PSB Desk Ergonomics Work Station

PSB Desk Ergonomics Work Station

PSB Desk – Finest Ergonomics Solution for astir way of living

PSB Desk Ergonomics Work Station - Finest Ergonomics Solution for astir way of living

PSB Desk is introducing an Ergonomic desk. In other words, these are the standing adjustable heights table which has a lot of benefits. The table has been designed by keeping in mind the busy professional way of living. Also because the professionals are facing some healthy-related chronic problems, hence to solve all the issues and to evoke critical thinking PSBdesk is introducing Ergonomic Tables.

PSB office counters are made up of indestructible materials and are sustainable.  In addition, this will improve the work environment both at home and at the office. It will create better posture and prevent muscle inactivity. Do you know what the best part is ??? It will provide much more comfort to the professionals because they can adjust the height of the table. 

Talking about the mechanism of the table then it is highly functional which means one can adjust the height of the table manually or by using technology I.e. an App. The table is hydraulic and advanced in nature.

The design of the table has been created by keeping the customer’s special requirements. PSBDesk is focusing to provide the most amazing and trustworthy experience to our buyers.  Moreover, the tables are highly efficient and provide the utmost comfort.


So don't worry PSBCounter has got your COVERED

Some people ask me if ergonomic table worth it?

The answer to this question is Yes. The design of the table is sleek, and modern and has been designed keeping professionals in mind. It rides back pain. The main advantage is it helps to boost your mood and focus. Also, helps you in improving your posture. Let me also tell you one of the most important benefits which are standing burns more calories than sitting, even if you are simply standing. PSB Office workstations will help to reduce the amount of time spent sitting at work. PSBDesk table helps you to control the modifications and you will 100% want to make more modifications to get the best result. Talking about the pricing, it can be customized as per the quantity ordered

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Customer Quotes

Loving the PSB Desk experience, easy to use table and classy in looks. Worth every penny spent on it !

Luke Doe, Business Analyst, Scotia Bank

Want to hear more about Ergonomics Table from
PSB Desk?

Let’s get you comfortable and advanced technology counter from PSB Desk.

I bet you will enjoy the product!

Solution to your Busy workStlye
Solution to your Busy workStlye

Solution to your Busy work style - PSB Desk

Read this page for better understanding

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Ergonomic Sit Stand Desk.

PSBDesk Ergonomic sit stand desk

PSBDesk Ergonomic sit stand deskThe ergonomic sit stand desk is a desk that is designed to be user-friendly. During the design stage of PSBDesk comfort, safety, durability, efficacy, and efficiency are all priorities. Not only will all these help save time, and effort. It will also reduce the money spent on replacing furniture in the long run.  Our desk provides a range of health benefits while improving workplace best practices.

Sit Stand Ergonomic Desk

Switch Between Sitting and Standing regularly.

There’s no denying that sitting for long periods is detrimental to your health. That does not, however, imply that you should stand the entire day.

Lower back pain has been linked to standing jobs such as bank tellers and production line workers, according to research. Long periods of inactivity are thought to harm your leg muscles, tendons, and other connective tissue, and may even lead to varicose veins. Fortunately, this can be avoided by just sitting and standing alternately.

A 1:1 or 2:1 ratio of sitting to standing time appears to be best for comfort and energy levels while having no negative impact on productivity. That means you should stand for 1 hour for every 1 to 2 hours you sit in your office. Every 30 to 60 minutes, alternate between sitting and standing.


Our whitepaper, go through the following topics in detail:

What is the best approach to maintaining PSBDesk in terms of functionality and durability?.

PSBDesk’s operating and assembly procedures are also another topic of interest.

Designing and safety measures considered during there manufacturing process of  PSBDesk were discussed extensively.

The benefits of PSBDesk to both the user and the workplace ergonomically are also another topic discussed in the whitepaper.

To get the complete details about the functionality, quality, ergonomics, and indestructible nature of PSBDesk.


The material and design method used in making the Desk. This is what makes PSBDesk Indestructible, giving it a longer than average life span, compared to every other desk out there. And these help save money in the long run. 

Additionally, PSBDesk makes use of some specific safety features, functionality, and mechanism (hydraulic suspension) to make the desk. Making it easier to operate, increasing ergonomics, and improving user productivity. Effectiveness and improved health of the user is another positive result of using PSBDesk. All these results in an ergonomically designed work environment. To see a video of the benefits of utilizing a Sit-Stand Ergonomic desk, CLICK HERE

Also, PSBDesk saves time and effort requested for assembly and adjusting. As it can be put together in three steps and can be controlled with the push of a bottom. Our brand’s main values are functionality, quality, and ergonomics. 

A Desk might suffer from a variety of minor issues. Legs may come free, a knob may crack, or a piece may completely break off. As a result of the material utilized, some desks are known to produce strange squeaks and creaking sounds over time. If the material is inexpensive or appears to shatter under stress on day one, it’s likely to be destroyed by day 500. PSBdesk, on the other hand, is made up of materials that are indestructible, long-lasting, and affordable. In the long run, providing you with the best in terms of quality and pricing.

See our top brands by CLICKING HERE

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Learn everything you need to know about PsbDesk’s ergonomic Sit Stand desk: Functionality: Ease of assembling and adjusting, which help saves time and effort.

Controls: These are vital, but the fewer and more intuitive the controls are, the better for the user. Ergonomic standards for desks and worksurfaces are included in the whitepaper. They go over the bare minimums for a seated workstation, as well as the bare minimums for standing work. Different heights are advised depending on the type of work to be done at a standing workstation. PSBDesk Ergonomic was designed with safety and industrial-grade reliability in mind.

Quality: high-quality standard as a result of several factors put in place during the design and fabrication stage.

Ergonomics: this desk was created to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of employees and students by enabling them to sit and stand occasionally without affecting their performance at work, or school and their overall health.

Cost-Effectiveness: The indestructible nature of PSBDesk makes it very cost-effective by reducing the among of changes required within a set period of years compared to another desk.

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Ergonomic Standing Desks Canada

Making your office more comfortable

Learn about the best ergonomic standing desks in Canada for your workplace. Begin working comfortably today.

What's in this white paper

Working at the office can become uncomfortable, and as a result, your employees are less productive. Therefore, find out how an ergonomic desk can change your workplace’s productivity. 

In this white paper, you’ll learn:

The impact of an ergonomic workplace on productivity

The health benefits of an ergonomic desk

The flexibility of a standing desk for your employees

Tips for Transitioning to a Standing Desk

New to the standing desk trend?

Here are some tips from Mayo Clinic Minute on how to begin using your new ergonomic standing desks.

Play Video about Ergonomic standing desk Canada sleek standing desk

Break Bad Habits With a Standing Desk

While sitting at a desk has been the norm for years, people have developed unhealthy habits and bad posture unknowingly as a result. Offices are getting busier, and your employees need to keep up with all the customer inquiries. 

Encourage a healthier lifestyle. Provide comfort and flexibility to your employees with an ergonomic standing desk. Spend less time sitting and more time standing. Limit the risk of working-related health issues, like back pain and bad posture, while boosting productivity.

This white paper from PSB Office describes what you need to know about bringing an ergonomic standing desk to your workspace and all the benefit you’ll begin to see.

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Ornamental Athletic Wear logo flower, satisfied Ergonomic standing desk user
Vezzra company logo
Build Co. logo, satisfied Ergonomic standing desk user
Ergonomic standing desk Canada sleek standing desk

“We transitioned our office to the PSB Office ergonomic standing desk and I began to notice an almost immediate change in the environment. Since then, several employees have felt more comfortable having the flexibility to stand, and more people were meeting their quotas. We are also so pleased with the design and customization features.”

DARYL Smith, VP of customer service, Vezzra

Don't miss out!

Transform your office with an ergonomic set-up. Learn the three main benefits of transforming your office to be more ergonomic. Discover how ergonomic standing desks can boost your office’s productivity.

Happy woman using adjustable ergonomic standing desks Canada

Popov, A. (n.d.). Man working on computer at standing desk [Photograph]. Adobe Stock.
Popov, A. (n.d.). Woman using adjustable height standing desk in office [Photograph]. Adobe Stock.
TheStandingDesk. (n.d.). Black flat screen computer monitor on brown wooden desk [Photograph]. Unsplash.

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Ergonomic Office desk Toronto

Ergonomic Office desk, Toronto .

Working Long hours now made easier. As PSB Office Desks are crafted with ergonomic design and vast array of customization.

This will help you organize your desk to your preference. Energize your workstation and enhance productivity with PSB hydraulic suspended ergonomic office desk.

Ergonomic office desk
Picture credit - Hero images

 Working or sitting too long brings uncalled issues like

 -back pain

 – obesity

 – bad posture

 – cardiovascular diseases and what else ?

We understand the office ergonomics because of 10 year of expertise in field of office ergonomics. We bring solution via our desk for all rising issue because of sitting too long. 

Also Check the video to learn more about how sitting has become a new smoking as it makes workstation unhealthy!

How does ergonomics improve productivity?

Ergonomics creates a well-designed workspace that promotes good posture.  Decreases exertion and eliminates awkward postures. It also decreases repetitive motions and improve reaches and heights. 

It also decreases the need for high-force activities.

All of these considerations create more productive employees. 

They are able to work faster and more efficiently while having a more positive outlook. By practicing ergonomics employees tend to make fewer errors. This leads them to have higher levels of energy.

 Employees that can enjoy an ergonomic office feel a greater sense of satisfaction. This makes them more engaged and productive. 

This results in higher morale and a better corporate culture.


Product description

  • Manual desk with Table Top Size:1200-1800X650-850mm (47.2″-70.9″X25.6″-33.5″)
  • Detachable crank for saving space.
  • Hydraulic suspensions
  • Sleek design which blends into various modern interior designs.
  • Also Cable management space.
  • Adjustable height an width  chord.
  • Large width fits a variety of desktop shapes and sizes.
  • Choose your own desktop style including size, shape, material and color.
  • 4 adjustable feet level and adapt to most any floor surface.
  • Soft foam layer and mat which adapts to the contours of feet.
  • Ergo cushion relieving fatigue by 50%.


Benefits Sought

  1. Relief from poor posture, backpain, Joint pain and other fatigue – Keeping it ergonomic.  Raise and lower the desk as per the preference as it comes with hydraulic suspensions.

    Relax your arms and elbows as it comes with large surface area.

   Easily move from sitting to standing.

  Also helps to keep spine in proper shape as it can be adjusted to partially stand or sit position.

– puts spine in natural S curve shape allowing even distribution of pressure on lower body.

  Keeping upright posture and providing back support.

  Stretch easily from any position.


  1. Work Surface-   –        Monitor, keyboard tray and mouse can be placed as per the elbow movement and posture preference.

       Keep document holder, phone, and other accessories as well as it comes with large surface area.

       Holds capacity to carry load up to 200 pounds because of strong and good quality of materials used.

       Give your foot some rest as it comes with Ergonomic cushion .

–    Relive pain and fatigue.

       Cable management space.

  1. Price effective        Manual desk as par the same benefits and quality of electric desk Quotations available here.

  1. No Power     Unlike electric desks no power is used to operate the desk, a step to conserve energy and environment.

  1. Sleek and stylish design –  Select your own décor and size.

       Catalogue available for
ideas click –

       Modern Décor available.

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Facility Manager, James Frank - Feedback

“The website was easy to navigate and the product turned out to be very good. I trust the brand with quality and its finishing. 

I was dissatisfied with use of my earlier desk and then I got these manual desks. My back and employees thank me for the decision made. 

This manual desk is worth the price and overall the product is good fit for workstation”.

James frank, facility manager-TORONTO - it expertS


PSB Office is a family owned B2B office furniture company created in 1980 by Edward Smith. 

The company has deep roots in creating office furniture and accessories
that use
high quality materials and made in Canada. PSB Office desk made its name by being the first Canadian company to design and manufacture furniture that is Ergonomic. This was unheard of in the 1980’s. The expertise of quality and functionality are the core of the business.

With customized and sleek and stylish features energize your workstation with our manual desk. For further more information about the

       health benefits.

       product specification.

    customization catalogue.

– productivity enhancement in IT corporations and much more.

kindly click on the button below to begin your journey with us.

PSB Logo

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PSB Office Ergonomic Desks

Have you ever imagined to adjust your workplace according to your needs?

Psb office Ergonomics desks
PSB Office logo

Finally, the PSB's whitepaper will clear all your queries and gives you proper insight to ergonomic world

Canada’s first company PSB Office Ergonomic Desks is in the market. Above all they give you better work experiences keeping your health as a priority. Moreover, The new desks are compatible with your work to increase efficiency. At this time join with PSB Office and be the first one to avail the new feelings on the work.

The benefits of Ergonomic Desks

Undoubtedly including the ergonomic to the workplace has many benefits :-

  • Reduces the back pain as it can be adjusted according to your comfortable posture
  • Increases the working capacity 
  • Helps to reduce extra weight
  • Increases employee engagement
  • Improves mental insight
  • Eliminates Hazards

Detailed insight into PSB Office Ergonomic Desks

PSB Office Ergonomic Desks are designed with sustainable and indestructible materials. In addition they offer customizable facilities to its customers.

  1.  Ergonomics desks are available in three sizes (42”*30”, 48”*30”, 60”*30”).
  2. The desks are designed in 19 different wooden colours which give you a wider choice to design your office.
  3. Hydraulic suspension and sensor can adjust the height of the desks with the user’s height.
  4. The desks are available in two models- Manual and Automatic

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PSB Office ergonomic desks
University of toronto
PSB Office Ergonomic Desks
Bank Of Montreal
PSB Office Ergonomic Desks

Bring the PSB  ergonomic desks to your workplace as soon as possible. As a result, make your work comfortable and enjoyable

Try the new styles,colours and feelings with PSB ergonomic desks to shape your work and life. Definitely you will feel the change in the life.

For more information about PSB Office Ergonomic Desks

Customer Reviews

Read More
“The PSBDesk has made it easier and more convenient for me and the employees of our company to work for hours at a stretch without straining our body. This has visibly increased the company’s efficiency. It is just astounding how a desk can help a company so much in increasing productivity. 2 thumbs up for PSBDesk and Sara!” VIRGIL ABLOH, PRESIDENT, JUMPMAN23 MARKETING
Read More
“We are so glad about our decision to install PSBDesk at our offices in Ontario. Our teams used to suffer from all kinds of posture-related issues due to long working hours sitting. It has only been 4 months and we have noticed our teams be more active and lively in the workplace.


Develop your business day comfortably with premium ergonomic desks in Ontario which are built to last, backed by industry-leading warranties, and adaptable to changing environments and needs.

Product lineup over endless customisations to help you save up to 50% compared to office furniture of comparable quality.

Future of Ergonomic Design

Check the video to know more 

Why choose us ?

Organisation was conceptualised to fill a gap between industry contributions and client needs. Currently it’s an main brand in work area improving frill. We comprehend that office furniture today isn’t really intended to be agreeable and ergonomic, prompting medical problems and pointless stress on the body. That’s why, we always aim to design and create products that will take care of such issues from the get-go.

Ergonomics Workplace – Worth?

Is improving productivity one of your company’s core business objectives this year?

Then establishing or improving upon your company’s workplace ergonomics process should be on the top of your to-do list.

Here are demonstrated advantages of major areas of strength for an ergonomics cycle:

 Ergonomics reduces costs

65% average reduction in incidence rate

75% reduction in lost workdays

53% reduction in restricted days

68% reduction in worker’s compensation costs

39% reduction in cost per claim

43% decrease in labor costs

Ergonomics improves productivity

The best ergonomic arrangements will frequently further develop efficiency. By designing something that allows to good posture, less exertion, fewer motions and better heights and reaches, the workstation becomes more efficient.

Ergonomics improves employee engagement.

Workers notice when the organisation is investing their best amounts of energy to guarantee their wellbeing and security. In the event that a representative doesn’t encounter. If an employee does not experience fatigue and discomfort during their workday, it can reduce turnover, decrease absenteeism, improve morale and increase employee involvement.

48% average reduction in employee turnover

58% average reduction in employee absenteeism

Ergonomics makes a superior safety culture .

Ergonomics shows your organisation’s obligation to somewhere safe and wellbeing as a guiding principle. Healthy employees are your most valuable asset; creating and fostering the safety & health culture at your company will lead to better human performance for your organisation.

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Client Reviews

The stand-up work area is truly advantageous for me, particularly in the wake of lounging around for quite a long time. With this arrangement, my lower back is thankful to the Management for giving these work areas to its representatives. It gives me alleviation from sitting at the work area and is compelling in easing pressure. It likewise makes it simpler to move the screen while projecting particulars showed on the screen to one more person in the room, without expecting to have the individual circumvent the work area to see the screen. Practically like a helpful work area brief inside the room

Natalie Grafals

Be a part of our growing community

Lift your ideas with new range of height-adjustable desks, that really impresses with their innovative and functional design and high product intelligence.

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Ergonomics Workstation

Ergonomics Workstation

Ergonomics workstation is the future in office industry. It is the practice of properly adjusting chairs, desks, computer spaces, etc., to best fit your physical stature during the performance of your work tasks. Proper workstation ergonomics is a proactive approach to reduce or prevent work related repetitive use injuries. Our company has recently introduced  a new hydraulic ergonomic desk which helps you keep mentally and physically fit.

What is an Ergonomic Desk ?

PSB Ergonomics Workstation Desk

PSB ergonomics workstation desk is designed to shorten the amount of time you spend sitting down during your working day. Rather than remain seated for several hours at a time, you can raise the level of the desk so you can work at standing height. This is why these types of adjustable desks are often known as “sit stand” desks. Workstation flexibility promotes healthy computing by turning a sedentary work environment into one with movement. We create each desk according to your height, which can be adjusted too. PSB office also gives you a chance to customize the desk according to the customer’s color choice and design. To see our designs and colors click here

Benefits of PSB Ergonomics Workstation Desk

1. Reduce Health Risks

Sitting for long periods of time has been linked to multiple health risks such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and in some cases, cancer. With a standing desk, you are able to add bouts of standing to your workday. Getting up on your feet, and even going for short walks, can help lower blood sugar and cholesterol which in turn, reduces your risk for heart disease.

2. Reduces Back and Neck Pain

If you are someone who sits all day, I’m sure you’ve experienced some type of back and/or neck pain. Sitting all day can cause a lot of stress on your spine and may even lead to disc damage. When staring at a monitor for a long period of time, you start to exhibit bad posture by arching our backs. If your monitor isn’t at the correct ergonomic position, causing you to tilt your head down, you can get neck strain.

3. Increases Energy and Improves Mood

When you are standing, your brain becomes more engaged which can increase your energy. Standing helps your blood flow easily which sends more oxygen to your muscles. When you sit for long periods of time, you tend to feel tired. Standing is a great way to boost your mood and energy, which can help prevent fatigue. With all of this increased energy, you are able to stay focused on tasks and be more productive.

4. Increases Activity

This one is sort of a no-brainer: Standing is better for you than sitting all day. Although standing isn’t technically active, standing gives you the ability to move more while you are working. While standing at your desk, you are able to have more arm and leg movement. A lot of people who have standing desks use things such as standing mats, balance boards, treadmills, or even exercise bikes. 

5. May Increase Your Lifespan

Studies suggest that reducing your sedentary time will increase your life expectancy. Sitting for prolonged periods of time can increase your risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes. By reducing your sitting time, you ultimately are lowering your risk for these health issues and increasing your lifespan.

6. Ergonomics and Better Posture

Sitting can put a lot of stress on your spine, especially if you are not practicing proper ergonomics workstation desk. Proper ergonomics work hand-in-hand with reducing lower back and neck pain. By choosing to stand, your spine will elongate and become less strained allowing your back to be in a natural “S” shape. Standing will help promote better posture, while giving your spine some relief. 

7. Better Circulation

Another great health benefit is better circulation because it leads to other health benefits. When you choose to stand at your desk you will have better blood flow compared to sitting. Sitting can slow down your circulation which can lead to many health issues like swollen ankles, blood clots, peripheral neuropathy, and varicose veins. Standing promotes better circulation to your extremities, so you want to be sure to get up and stretch, stand, and walk around throughout the day to keep yourself healthy.

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Customers Reviews

I’ve been using a PSB office ergonomics workstation desk for the past 6 months and it is one of the best, health, investments ever! I just love walking right up to my desk in the morning and getting started. I have a lot of back-and-forth tasks early on, and it somehow helps my energy and focus to be able to just walk away.

Arsene Wenger, Manager, Arsenal FC

About Us

PSB Office is a family owned office furniture company created in 1980 by Edward Smith.  The company has deep roots in creating office furniture and accessories that use high quality materials and are made in Canada. Our head office is in downtown Mississauga and they sell to corporate offices all over Canada.

Ergonomic workstation desk

Contact PSB Office

Address: 4180 Duke of York Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5B 0G5, Canada Hours: ⋅ Opens 8:30AM Mon Province: Ontario Phone: +1 905-845-9430

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Ergonomic Hydraulic desk

Ergonomic Hydraulic desk

Ergonomic hydraulic desks help in improving body posture and reduce back pain and the adjustable desk height feature gives comfortable and flexible working space which improves work efficiency and increases the overall productivity of the company.

Hydraulic Desk

PSB Office

Watch the video to learn more about the health benefits of using adjustable standing desks and come back from sitting disease caused due to long sitting hours.

PSB Office: Ergonomic Hydraulic desk

PSB desk is the bridge between better posture, better health, and a work environment. The desk allows multiple sitting and standing positions according to one’s comfort and requirement of the job, which can be showing products to customers or finishing tasks at the office. A comfortable environment gives the opportunity to work with more efficiency and increase productivity. To learn more about the benefits of an Ergonomic Hydraulic desk, click on Download.

PSB Desk: Functions & Offers

PSB office is the trusted Canadian company created in 1980 by Edward smith; the head office is in downtown Toronto. PSB Office has deep roots in creating office furniture and accessories that use high-quality materials. The PSB Desk is the only ergonomic hydraulic desk in the market that uses high-quality and sustainable materials that will stand the test of time while having a timeless design style that will improve productivity. The desk not only has a sleek design but also can raise and lower to your preference.

PSB desks offer adjustable desk height which gives comfortable space and improves efficiency. Ergonomic functional furniture will helps in improving body posture, and reduce back pain. Customized features will help to choose the table sizes, shape, material, and colour.

The desks are highly Sustainable and are made of indestructible materials so they can support weight up to 150 lbs. excluding frame weight. PSB Desk provides employees with the opportunity to stay active while tied to their desks. When the PSB Desk is positioned at higher heights, employees can comfortably stand, which encourages more blood flow while maintaining and increasing productivity for taking customer inquiries and/or corporate functions. It encourages a healthier lifestyle, improving physical, metabolic, and mental health. Lastly, the motorized feature allows the height to be adjusted to allow a more comfortable workspace, and built-in electrical outlets on the desk ease the process of giving power to the desktop, LAN, and landline for international calling, and other devices.

Therefore, hydraulic desks are the new modern solution to problems that employees are facing while working. To learn more about the benefits of an Ergonomic Hydraulic desk, click on “Download“.

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Customer Testimonials

“Love the new ergonomic hydraulic desk. It is much more comfortable and gives relief from my back pain. Even my co-workers are using the desk for the past few months and their complaints are resolved and are happy with the desk and smiling employees provide great customer service which improves the overall performance of the company. I am glad to get PSB Desk at our office. The best thing is I can customize the length and color of the desk based on our office interior. It is stylish, sustainable, and adjustable; all features in one. I simply love the desk and would highly recommend others to switch to an ergonomic hydraulic desk from the traditional desks.”

Palak Palak, VP, Lululemon marketing

Elevate your workplace

Don’t miss the chance to read the document and learn more about the use and health benefits of the stylish Ergonomic Hydraulic desk. Click on the below “button” to download the document for the benefit of the Hydraulic desk in the corporate office environment.

Standing Desk

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Sustainable Ergonomic Desks Canada

Sustainable Ergonomic Desks Canada

An in-depth look at how you can use the PSB Office’s hydraulic sustainable ergonomic desk to improve employees’ productivity and the overall workplace health of employees.

male and female using an adjustable standing desk
Photo by TheStandingDesk on Unsplash

PSB Sustainable Ergonomic Desk

Key Highlights

This talks about how and why a PSB’s sustainable ergonomic desk can benefit employers and employees in your organization. It also describes the potential of PSB desks and how to overcome unproductive challenges in your business. As a result, it also shows how effective PSB desks can be in improving the health of employees’ workplaces. Lastly, what they can expect from PSB desks in the future.

PSB Desk provides the employees with everything they need. They can be adjusted to fit the needs of the user. They can utilize the ergonomics of the desk to improve their own posture and be active at work.

PSB Desk provides employees with the opportunity to stay active while tied to their desks. When the PSB Desk is positioned at higher heights, employees can comfortably stand, which encourages more blood flow while maintaining (or increasing) productivity to taking customer inquiries and/or corporate functions. 

PSB desks offer a hydraulic ergonomics desk which helps in improving the posture which will reduce back problems and gives them more comfortable for working and better comfort brings higher satisfaction in the working environment.

PSB Office White paper

PSB desk is customizable ergonomic functional furniture made out of sustainable and indestructible materials. It has a sleek design built-in with electric outlets that have received design rewards. Its adjustable height can boost productivity when standing and working therefore it can last a long time because of the indestructible material.  PSB desk will be the bridge between better posture, better health, and a work environment. For instance, the desk allows multiple sitting and standing positions according to one’s comfort and requirement of the job, which can be showing products to customers or finishing tasks at the office. 

Above all, It provides comfort for working which brings about higher productivity for instance the ergonomics of the desk will benefit users by limiting the risk of health issues such as muscle pain from slouching.   

In addition to the Improved working environment, its sleek design benefits the user by having a nice-looking piece of furniture that can accommodate most color schemes and layouts.

Similarly, it improves the quality of work and concentration of employees within the department as well as Increases the motivation of employees within the department. In addition to, exceeding the company expectations, as well as oversee customer service operations in a comfortable workspace and generating results

PSB Office explains the need to increase employees’ productivity and improve overall employee workplace health. The unique function element of the PSB desk is its sustainable ergonomic motorized function. Overall, it helps provide a comfortable workspace that promotes higher productivity and limits the risk of health-related issues. 

To conclude, it is a well-structured whitepaper that describes how employees can improve employees productivity and workplace health. It features research data gotten from employees who want to improve their productivity and workplace health.

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