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Your workplace with Ergonomics Since 1980

A game changer for your life


Productivity increases with the comfort. The aura in the company has a great impact on the performance of the employees. Desk from Ergonomics is the best partner to enhance the productivity of the employees.

How can we help

PSB office, since 1980, the first Canadian Ergonomics manufacturing company. The expertise, quality, and functionality that suit the corporate environment make the PSB office the first choice for most buyers in Canada. PSB Desk with the hydraulic suspension is launched, which is a premium product. Positive feedback we always get from our clients.

Long work without comfort may cause several health issues like lower back and spine pain, heart diseases, weight gain and obesity. Vascular problems If your lower legs and feet get tired, swollen, and achy, you could be experiencing blood and fluid pooling in those areas after a long period of sitting, says Britt H. Tonnessen, MD, a vascular surgeon. In the worst cases, you can develop deep vein thrombosis (DVT).  

Efficiency and quality of hydraulic desk provides physical support needed during the working time. Consequently, many problems like less stress and comfort to spine and back. 

Employers who prioritize ergonomics in the workplace will develop a reputation for taking care of their staff while also improving the caliber of work, employee experience, and productivity levels. Businesses that are willing to do this will probably emerge as the ones to watch in terms of success and business methods

The truth about Hydraulic Desk

Benefits for your body 

Trusted by leading brands

We believe in

*Proper sitting position

*Improve productivity

*Enhance comfort

A webinar for you and your employees

Why you can’t stop yourslef to this amazing product

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Ergonomic School Safe Desks Ontario

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How to Create an Engaging Learning Environment

Learn the benefits of using ergonomic school safe desks to transform classrooms into engaging and inclusive environments.

Looking for an ergonomic school safe desk in Ontario? Join us to learn more. PSB Office brings you an exclusive webinar hosted by CEO Sara Smith, which will be focused on the ergonomics within a classroom. 

ergonomic school safe desk ontario

Why are Ergonomic Desks Good for School?

PSBOffice is an award-winning Canadian company and pioneer in designing and manufacturing ergonomic furniture. This webinar is hosted by Sara Smith, the CEO of PSBOffice, to highlight the importance of using ergonomic desks to improve the quality of education for all students.

Currently, students sit in an uncomfortable position for prolonged periods of time reducing focus, resulting in learning hindrances. Another issue would be the early onset of back pain which worsens over time. Combatting this early is the key to stop issues from arising. There is a need to provide students a comfortable, safe, accessible, and efficient learning environment to preserve their health and well-beingTo resolve all those issues and learn about ergonomic school safe desks, learn from experts in the medical industry who are going to participate in our online seminar.

Some of the benefits and features of PSBDesk include a 360-degree adjustable top to fit the needs of any user, from usage to storage, and everything in between. The desk’s height is easily adjustable with one touch without disrupting fellow classmates as it has silent suspensionPSBDesk is unique and innovative while offering all the properties of an ergonomic desk to help influence the learning abilities of students so they can focus on what really matters, while making the classroom an inclusive learning environment for all. Watch this video to learn more.

Trusted by Many

"After having back issues from long time, my doctor recommended me to try an ergonomic desk. I was looking for a durable standing desk with unique design which will match my office theme without being heavy on the pocket. PSBOffice's desk seemed to have the best value with all those features. This desk is quite big and spacious and is easily adjustable. If anyone has to sit for long hours like me, needs to consider it. It can be raised up to stand and if you get tired you can easily lower it back down. The hydraulic suspension is quiet, smooth, and powerful. I started feeling a difference in my pain and my posture within a month. My work is more enjoyable, and I feel more energetic, and am able to focus more. I highly recommend this desk, it is a great product!"
Real estate agent

Save Your Spot Today!

To learn more about all the health benefits of using ergonomic school safe desks in detail from our experts in Ontario and gaining the insights about the impact of universal design within the classroom, sign up for our webinar today to reserve your spot!

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Comfortable Office desk Ontario

PSB Desk introduces a new era of flexible desks with freedom over every feature of the desk. The desk offers several customization options that allow you to make it uniquely yours. So, change it as you see fit and place as many orders as you like. And learn about a versatile, long-lasting desk. You can also save money by purchasing in bulk and receiving a discount. So go to a Canadian distributor in Ontario and order a comfortable desk. 



In your office, having the right desk can increase comfort, productivity, and efficiency. Your office’s general tone and feel can be determined by the style and design of the furniture you use, whether it’s in your home office or at work. Choosing the ideal office desk is a critical decision whether you work from home or in a conventional office setting. There are numerous options available when choosing an office desk, which means there are also numerous choices to be made. You can be on the correct track if you exercise due diligence by investigating various brands and styles, reading reviews, and seeking advice from reliable peers and coworkers in Ontario

office desk ontairo


Our products are so flexible and comfortable that if a customer has a health problem like a backbone problem or can’t sit for long hours, this will help the customer and they will not face any problems like this, as many doctors also recommend our products. If anyone does their work by sitting for long hours, it is mandatory for them to use this product as it is very helpful#comfortable#desk#office


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Ergonomics in the workplace

Ergonomics in the Workplace

Do you know how this affects your work life?

We Know

It’s hard to be productive when you’re physically uncomfortable. Organizational productivity may be impacted by everything that makes employees uncomfortable, including chairs, desks, workstations, lighting, temperature, and noise levels. According to research, ergonomics in the workplace encourages employees to work harder and deliver significantly higher results. 

How We Can Help

PSB Office has been a trusted name since 1980 for being the first Canadian company to design and manufacture ergonomic furniture. The expertise, quality, and functionality that suit the corporate environment make the PSB office the first choice for most buyers in Canada. We have introduced a premium product “PSB Desk” in the market that is built with hydraulic suspension. The desk may raise and descend to the user’s preference in addition to having a modern style. We got great reviews from the clients as this is sustainable and durable too. 

As we know, numerous health problems are caused by inadequate ergonomic design. Tendonitis, lower back strain, and carpal tunnel syndrome are just a few of the musculoskeletal conditions that most commonly cause these problems. It is crucial to take into account the requirement for ergonomic furniture and equipment in the working space to prevent accidents like these. In addition to injury protection, placing these objects in a location has many advantages.

We believe in efficiency and quality. Our hydraulic desk provides employees with the physical support they need to protect their bodies while at work. As a result, the workers will feel less anxious and have better awareness, emotions, and attention. Everyone may now focus more intently on their task as a result.

Employers who prioritize ergonomics in the workplace will develop a reputation for taking care of their staff while also improving the caliber of work, employee experience, and productivity levels. Businesses that are willing to do this will probably emerge as the ones to watch in terms of success and business methods.

Trusted by leading brands

Our Belief

Reducing discomfort at workplace

Proper posture maintenance is necessary

Select appropriate safety equipments

Improve workplace performance and productivity

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Adjustable desks at Wholesale Prices – Ontario

Adjustable desks at wholesale prices- PSB Office

PSB Desk brings with it a new era of Hydraulic desks with a 360* control on every aspect of the desk. The desk offers a variety of choices that gives you the opportunity to make it truly yours.  So adjust it as you like and order as many as you want. And get the experience of a sustainable and adjustable desk. Moreover, save money by ordering in bulk and pay less price. So get an adjustable desk wholesale Ontario and Canada. Join our webinar to know more details!


Adjustable office desk

Looking for an adjustable desk?

What is more? You even get control on how the desk looks. Its tabletop laminations can be customized and so can the size of the tabletops. This makes it a great option for all kinds of institutions and every type of classroom. The desk heights can be set into presets in the Bluetooth enabled app for quick, noise-free, and disturbance-free classroom atmosphere. It seamlessly blends into the decorum of the classroom without looking too bulky and mechanical. It is sleek, simple, and has a minimalist design that is tough and durable. This hydraulic desk has all one can dream of!

You are at the right place.....

Our comfortable and adjustable desk will smooth your hectic life. Posture and back issues start young as students sit countless hours with their backs arched listening to lectures. There is no one size fits all when it comes to children as their heights and hence desk requirements vary. PSB Desk is here to eliminate posture issues as a juvenile age by bringing premium ergonomics straight to the classroom.

That’s right. Ergonomics need not be just a corporate office luxury but every educational institution’s reality.
The PSB Desk provides all round flexibility in customization, height adjustment, laminate customization and incline adjustment.

Our product is the only one in the market that provides adjustability in every aspect of the table, be it the tops, legs, height, inclination or size! PSB Desk’s unlimited adjustability will help you bring premium ergonomics into the classroom with 360* control on every aspect of the hydraulic desk, like never before.


Trusted by leading Institutions and others

Testimonial from Finance Head at TMU

” These adjustable desks changed our lives. Highly recommended purchase. Loved the Bluetooth enabled control feature as well “

JULIA, Finance Head, TMU

An Adjustable Desk That Works for You

Noise-free ergonomic hydraulic desk with smooth adjustable height and incline. Premium Ergonomics for premium flexibility!

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PSB Desks for Fashion Designers

Fashion Designer's Dream Desk by PSB

Ergonomics Desk

Having trouble adjusting your desk? Do you feel obligated to work according to your desk? Do you get back discomfort when working?

If you answered “Yes” to all of the questions, don’t worry since PSB has Smart Desk solutions to all of your difficulties. Sign up for the webinar to learn more.

Why go for Ergonomics Desk?

An ergonomic desk is intended to decrease the amount of time you spend sitting during the course of your workday. Rather than sitting for numerous hours at a time, elevate the level of your desk to work at standing height. Long durations of sitting can be damaging to your wellness, and the NHS recommends that individuals attempt to sit less during their day. Which is why these flexible workstations are commonly referred to as “sit stand” desks.

Sitting for too long can be harmful for your health and it can lead to:

1. Being overweight
2. Diabetes type 2
3. Elevated blood pressure (high blood pressure)
4. Back discomfort, shoulder pain, and repetitive strain injuries are examples of musculoskeletal injuries (RSI)

What are the benefits of Ergonomics Desks?

Students use their workstations to complete assignments, compose  documents, send emails, develop designs and execute other duties. Fortunately, there is a technique to keep them active and healthy even in a difficult setting. Colleges can influence how students work by investing in ergonomic tables such as standing desks. In short, standing tables are desks designed to be used while standing or sitting in a high chair.

PSB Office is a good spot to start looking for a standing desk. The desk features hydraulics that allow it to be adjusted to the user’s preference. Power strips and a USB port are included in for a better charging experience. Monitor stand that is movable, so that you don’t feel like stuck at one place and be productive throughout the day



Standing workstations with ergonomic designs help mitigate many of the above-mentioned harmful effects of sitting in fixed positions for extended periods of time. Fortunately, PSB OFFICE has height-adjustable workstations that may accommodate employees of various sizes. 



Unfortunately, many places do not provide enough room for students to take regular walking breaks. As a result, standing desks are a part of the answer. When looking for standing desks, you’ll find that even the smallest PSB Office desks have enough space in the corner for a potted plant or two and come with inbuilt power strips and USB ports for a better charging experience. Larger desks provide an employee with even more space to be efficient and joyful



From the correct sources, you can find several greener tastes in trendy ergonomic standing workstations. The carbon-negative flexible standing desk is fashioned from 10,854 recycled chopsticks and looks great.


Creative students are more likely to find innovative solutions to challenging challenges, which can improve efficiency and productivity. However, forcing students to sit for nearly the entire workday might stifle innovation. In Harvard Business Review, podcaster and health writer Patrick J. Skerrett discusses the benefits of standing at your work, saying, “I feel more aware while standing. And when I’m stuck on a problem or bored, I can just step away from my desk and pace.”


The more effectively you use ergonomics, the pleased your students will be. They will love coming to college more now than they did previously, and this will have an effect on people around them. You’ll notice an improvement in your personal happiness. When your college students are happy, their creativity levels will rise. The better they perform, the better your college performs. All of these things contribute to keeping everybody happy and secure.

What is an Ergonomics Desk?

And how it will help you make your life better!

Trusted by leading brands

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Student Testimony

I was reading the perks of a standing desk and opted to give this one a shot. However, I don’t believe I’ll need to explore any farther. This is strong enough to hold my huge monitor and keyboard, and there is an opening below that expands the overall room. I’m more active and less exhausted, with less headaches and an overall better, more enthusiastic mood. In terms of height, I am 5’7″ and it fits me perfectly.

Julia Bridge, fashion designing college student


What you can get out of the webinar:

  • Listen to experienced individuals who have been in the industry for more than 15 years.
  • Discover the advantages of ergonomic desks.
  • Learn how it aided others.
  • PSB Desks vs. Others
  • Hear firsthand from users of the desk.

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Ergonomic PSB Desk

PSB Desk logo

Ergonomic Desks: Because precaution is better than cure

Let our PSB desk’s adjustable height and flexible features take care of your posture at work while you design the world

Efficiency with a desk! Is it possible?

PSB desks are your one-stop solution for a product that will help further support your spine posture while you work hard by providing adjustable height and greater flexibility. In general working at the cost of health is the worst outcome that one can endure. Our PSB Desk adjustable height enables you to work at your efficient best significantly by helping you adjust the desk up and down and allowing you to negate the side effects of poor posture.

Who are we?

employees discussing work

PSB office is in the industry since the ’80s churning out products that focus on ergonomics and its potential to hamper a workplace and its productivity. Employees work a huge number of hours every day at their desks and try to do their best but in the process, they often neglect small aspects such as maintaining a good posture in their zeal to fulfill their dreams.

Firstly quality and functionality are the core of this business and since 2022 Sara Smith the equally ambitious daughter of the founder Edward Smith has taken over the business and has redirected the company’s commitment to providing ergonomically functional furniture at a competitive price and yet be that stylish addition to any corporate office environment.

Fixed-height desks are now a thing of the past since they are rigid and cause more stress, the major problem is the effect of such desks on the posture of the person using them. PSB office aims to educate on the importance of an ergonomic design of desks in the workplace through a free webinar as well.

We are here for you

PSB office specializes in creating office furniture that is properly built to be ergonomic, highly durable, and of uncompromised quality that promotes got osteo health and long hours of sitting or standing. The premium ergonomic design of PSB desk supports a highly effective workspace where the employees are energized and inspired to work in their best mode throughout the day.

Reduced focus and productivity are already plaguing workplaces, especially after the pandemic since work from home had disrupted the usual norm, with a dynamic and feature-rich PSB desk businesses can be well assured that their employees would return to good productivity. PSB Desks adjustable height is enhanced with lift speed using hydraulics helping employees land in a comfortable seating position seamlessly, stainless steel frame enhances the durability and resistance to breakage.

Some more salient features that make the desk unique:-

  • Anti-collision feature – the desk detects any hindrances in its path while it is being moved up or down, preventing accidents at the workplace.
  • Anti-Slip Wedge – This stops any laptop or wires from falling off the edge of the desk.
  • Electric twin motor system – This helps the desk move up and down more quietly and helps in reducing noise inside office from other similar desks on the same floor.
  • Stationary holders – This help keep everything required for architects at arm’s distance and the employee’s concentration levels are not interrupted.

Ergonomics makes you efficient

Endorsed by experts

The image is bllack color logo representing Dr. Russel's clinic
round logo with blue green color representing spine

User testimonials says it all

“Never thought this desk can be a life changer for me at work. PSB desk is the product to go for.”

Juliana Silva, Senior Architect

“Never thought this desk can be a life changer for me at work. PSB desk is the product to go for.”

– Francois Mercer

Join us for free webinar

PSB Office has lined up an enticing webinar that demonstrates the effects of good posture and effects of bad posture at workplace and the tools required to negate those effects. These are conveyed by a leading orthopedic surgeon and through this webinar you are also free to ask questions during our exclusive Q&A Session at the end of the webinar. 

image showing a professional attending to a video call

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The Ergonomics design that maximizes productivity.

Getting more work done from your staff has always been a burden for businesses, but this is no longer the case when you have ergonomics desks installed in your offices. Employers miss out on potential when they think of ergonomics in terms of only a keyboard or a mouse. It is due to a failure to anticipate long-term objectives. Ergonomics is all about people and finding innovative ways to help each member of your team achieve, be, and do their best. It is about revitalizing culture and changing work habits with an investment that will pay for itself many times over. The PSB Ergonomics desk which is based in Mississauga will benefit you in following ways: - 1. Higher productivity levels 2. Increased employee engagement 3. Spend less on workers compensation

Things That you could benefit from PSB desk

Ergonomics, defined as the science of adapting a workplace to the demands of the user, seeks to promote efficiency and productivity while decreasing pain. Consider the height of your desk or the angle of your computer monitor. Consider whether your eyes are strained at the end of the day or whether typing causes pain in your wrists. Most industrial accidents may be avoided by modifying instruments to the user’s needs and emphasizing correct posture to decrease the effect of repetitive actions. The modern workplace’s usage of computers and fast changing technologies has substantially enhanced the requirement for ergonomics.

Ergonomics also considers the necessity for mobility throughout the day. Traditionally, office furniture has favored rigid, inflexible postures and limited mobility. A balance between sitting and standing, which may be facilitated by a height-adjustable desk, is, on the other hand, a proven approach to fight the impacts of sedentary office behavior. PSB adjustable desks are all ergonomic by design. They are designed to be intuitive and easily adapt to the user. Our goods are designed to encourage everyday movement and physical exercise. Anti-collision, electric dual motor, retractable measuring tape, and anti-slip wedge are some of the exceptional features that enable the architects to efficiently work according to their freedom.

Things that you can expect after installing PSB hydraulic desk: –

  • Improved mental Insight
  • Decreased pains
  • Higher quality work
  • Encourages safety
  • Improved physical health

How ergonomics design benefits you?

Understand how small design changes in your workspace can benefit your health in the long term

Trusted by leading brands

User Reviews of PSB desk

“PSB ergonomics desk are furniture specialist, this place isn’t big but they have quite a bit of new office furniture. I was just window shopping but after talking to the staff, I found out that they have a ton of options. Jeremy was super helpful! He really knew his stuff and all the prices by heart. Even the little things. Answered all my questions competently! Great place.”

Christina Fernandes, VP, JAckpine architecture

Women stressed while working

Investment that pays a dividend to you for a long time!
Sign up now to learn more about the PSB desk and obtain a detailed document about PSB ergonomics desk

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Ergonomic desks for college | Flexibility on your finger tips | PSBDesk

We care for Students!

That’s why we create high-tech ergonomic desks for college
 with flexible and customizable features

ergonomic desk for college

PSBDesk : Ergonomic and Flexible

PSBDesk is the most flexible and versatile desk introduced to the education industry, especially for colleges and universities. It brings with it a new era of Hydraulic desks with a 360* control on every aspect of the desk. The desk offers a variety of choices that gives you the opportunity to make it truly yours.

  • Ergonomic desks that promote flexibility through the long hours of school
  • Table inclinations that suit all subjects like art, design and architecture sketching
  • Made of Naturally sourced materials that have a 50% lower carbon footprint
  • Sleek, simple, and has a minimalist design that is tough and durable.
  • Customizable scratch-proof tabletop lamination with a 15-year warranty

Attend a free webinar to know more about ergonomic desks and get exciting offers

Posture and back issues start young as students sit countless hours with their backs arched listening to lectures. There is no one size fits all when it comes to children as their heights and hence desk requirements vary. PSBDesk is here to eliminate posture issues at a juvenile age by bringing premium ergonomics straight to the classroom.

That’s right. Ergonomics need not be just a corporate office luxury but every educational institution’s reality.

The PSBDesk provides all-round flexibility in Customization, Height adjustment, Lamination, Incline adjustment and much more! 

Our product’s unlimited flexibility will help you bring premium ergonomics into the classroom with 360* control on every aspect of the hydraulic desk, like never before. PSB Desk is made up of naturally sourced materials (50% lower carbon footprint) and is flexible enough as anyone can remain seated for a longer period of time.

The key benefits of PSBDesks:

  • Ensures a disturbance-free classroom experience
  • Table inclinations are made for all types of subjects like art, design and architecture sketching
  • Ability to control all the desks in one click
  • Laminations that complement the decor of the classroom with scratch-resistant technology, so they always look new
  • Desk always looks neat thanks to the secret slots to hide away cables
  • High durable products that stay enact even after 5 graduated classes
  • Naturally sourced materials that have a 50% lower carbon footprint
  • Get them fitted for your classroom sizes
  • Promotes flexibility through the long hours of school
  • Helps focus with a secure phone slot so students are not distracted

Watch how our desk can transform your Teaching environment

Trusted by leading universities