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A webinar to learn about the benefits of ergonomic design at workplace

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Hydraulic desks’
effectiveness and quality offer the necessary physical support while working.
As a result, there are numerous issues, including back and spine comfort and
reduced stress.

Organizations who
place a high priority on ergonomics in the workplace will build a reputation
for looking out for their employees while also raising the standard of work,
the employee experience, and productivity levels. Organizations that are
willing to accomplish this will definitely stand out in terms of success and
business strategies.

The aspects that affect workplace design will be thoroughly covered in this webinar, along with tips on how to discover concefrs and make needed modifications.

The Benefits of Ergonomics at Workplace

Since 1980, PSB Office has been the first manufacturer of ergonomic products in Canada. The PSB office is the top option for the majority of Canadian customers due to its knowledge, quality, and functionality that complement the business environment. A high-end product called PSB Desk with hydraulic suspension has just been released. We consistently receive positive comments from our customers.


We offer a variety of features for our desk, including a flexible power outlet that is attached to it. The desk is also height-adjustable and foldable, making it easy to move about. In addition to its capabilities, the hydraulic desk is quite inexpensive, making it accessible to any school or business to purchase for its workers, students, or teachers. Additionally, customers can purchase award-winning designs from our company with a 10-year extended warranty. We will sell our goods on social media and create a website for the business so that everyone may buy it. Along with the specifications and designs, we also provide a service in which a member of our staff is assigned to walk the customer through the desk’s features and operation when it is delivered. You can enjoy this product at a very low cost and with different kinds of features, The desks provided by other businesses come at a high price and offer fewer features and designs.


The idea that buying furniture is an investment instead of an expense will be covered in the webinar. Ergonomics should be a top priority when buying any office furniture because musculoskeletal diseases have such a significant impact on staff absence and expense to British firms. The true cost of an average employee over the short, medium, and long terms will be examined in the webinar. Without delving into specific product demonstrations, the guest speaker will provide examples of how much ergonomic furniture will actually cost your company and how quickly you may expect to recoup your investment.

Workplace Ergonomics

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What Will Be Covered in our Online Webinar on Ergonomics and Body Posture

Our objective is to reduce risks in the work environment while boosting efficiency, general comfort, and staff morale. Consequently, we want to offer our expertise through
a free webinar. You will learn about the importance of ergonomics in this webinar, along with how to set up a workstation for maximum comfort, productivity, and health.

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Ergonomics Improve Architect’s Productivity.

How Implementing Ergonomics Improve Architect's Productivity.

Enhance your Architect's performance by working on the core of the problem: Workspace Comfort and Environment

Ergonomics Improve Architecture's Productivity.
Architects Healthy Desks From Mississauga PSB Desk

Ergonomics improve Architect’s productivity by adding flexibility of working from different perspectives, as well as providing healthy posture for your staff during their work, you’ll be increasing their efficiency, while decreasing the medical reimbursement cost, and keeping your staff in the best physical and mental shape!


Join us on October 25, 2022 – 06:30 PM EST time:

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Architects, especially those working in huge spaces like commercial architects, or landscaping and common areas, need to look at things from “different perspectives”. Taking into consideration the fact that an architect need to move and see the designs from different angles, inspired office designers to create the most practical office furniture in order to cater those needs.
Architects who work for huge spaces, need to focus their eyesight on little details, as well as the “whole picture” of a design. giving your staff the flexibility and the liberty of working while standing will improve their productivity in many terms. Whether it’s due to the fact that standing during work help in correcting the wrong posture of long sitting hours, or due to the other factor which elaborates more about dealing with buildings and designs from different perspectives, or even creating more chance for the staff to communicate together on their desks by creating more open spaces that encourages engagement.

Poor ergonomics leads to irritated and exhausted employees that don’t do their greatest job. When the job task is too harsh on the physical body of the worker, they may not perform their it like they were trained. 

“When the culture and environment facilitate the stabilization of the physiological functions and reduced presence of musculoskeletal discomfort, we may see a decrease in worker absenteeism, decreased worker compensation costs, decreased prevalence of musculoskeletal discomfort, and other chronic diseases linked to a sedentary lifestyle.” (Ergonomics and the standing desk, Allison Mula, (May, 2018).

Healthy personnel are a valuable asset, that’s why implementing and nurturing the safety & health philosophy and environment at your company offices will yield better performance for your corporate.

In fact, Office spaces are being ergonomically structured and furnished by leading companies, as a result of Ergonomics Improve Architect’s Productivity.

Want to know more about how Ergonomics Improve Architect's Productivity? How about you hear it from our experts guests?!

male speaker ergonomics architect productivity
Mark Middlesworth is the founder of ErgoPlus, and still enjoys educating and motivating “workplace athletes” toward better health each and every day
woman headshot speaker about Ergonomics Improve Architecture's Productivity.
Mariya Mandelaz is a HR development consultant , with over 10 years of Human resources efficiency booster experience in North America.
Ergonomics Improve Architecture's Productivity. speaker woman headshot
Deborah Reyes is Architectural Project Manager at Debenhams Designs, supervising the team behind the Canadian pavilion in Expo 2020.

Take a moment to think about it..

Cluttered desks and work counters are one of the major factors of why corporates have high absenteeism and low morale at their workplace. Office design should be aimed to cater the architects' need rather than trying to fit them the office furniture design. A worker friendly ambience should be implemented in a work place, by arranging the  chairs and desks in an office. This will eventually yield with optimal results, coming from  healthy mental and physical environment in a Corporate Workspace. That's the benefit of Ergonomics in Improving Architect's Productivity.

Why Ergonomics Improve Architect's Productivity?

Is it worth the investment? what would my company get in return?

Some of the Corporates that use Ergonomics in their offices to improve their Architect's productivity

Eye-opening facts that make you figure out the "missing piece" in your team!

After attending the webinar, I suddenly I Figured out what was I doing wrong the whole time. It turned out that the physical posture of my team was really uncomfortable, making them focus less on their work, and spend less time in the office.

Eva Collingwood, Project Manager- FPI

Hurry up! limited spaces!

Although it’s an online event, we definitely believe that the capacity of attendance does matter, in order to get the best out of the event! 

Don’t miss out what other leading companies already know! It’s your last chance to catch up!

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Although it’s an online event, we definitely believe that the capacity of attendance does matter, in order to get the best out of the event! 

Don’t miss out what other leading companies already know! It’s your last chance to catch up!

Ergonomic desks for college | Flexibility on your finger tips | PSBDesk

We care for Students!

That’s why we create high-tech ergonomic desks for college
 with flexible and customizable features

ergonomic desk for college

PSBDesk : Ergonomic and Flexible

PSBDesk is the most flexible and versatile desk introduced to the education industry, especially for colleges and universities. It brings with it a new era of Hydraulic desks with a 360* control on every aspect of the desk. The desk offers a variety of choices that gives you the opportunity to make it truly yours.

  • Ergonomic desks that promote flexibility through the long hours of school
  • Table inclinations that suit all subjects like art, design and architecture sketching
  • Made of Naturally sourced materials that have a 50% lower carbon footprint
  • Sleek, simple, and has a minimalist design that is tough and durable.
  • Customizable scratch-proof tabletop lamination with a 15-year warranty

Attend a free webinar to know more about ergonomic desks and get exciting offers

Posture and back issues start young as students sit countless hours with their backs arched listening to lectures. There is no one size fits all when it comes to children as their heights and hence desk requirements vary. PSBDesk is here to eliminate posture issues at a juvenile age by bringing premium ergonomics straight to the classroom.

That’s right. Ergonomics need not be just a corporate office luxury but every educational institution’s reality.

The PSBDesk provides all-round flexibility in Customization, Height adjustment, Lamination, Incline adjustment and much more! 

Our product’s unlimited flexibility will help you bring premium ergonomics into the classroom with 360* control on every aspect of the hydraulic desk, like never before. PSB Desk is made up of naturally sourced materials (50% lower carbon footprint) and is flexible enough as anyone can remain seated for a longer period of time.

The key benefits of PSBDesks:

  • Ensures a disturbance-free classroom experience
  • Table inclinations are made for all types of subjects like art, design and architecture sketching
  • Ability to control all the desks in one click
  • Laminations that complement the decor of the classroom with scratch-resistant technology, so they always look new
  • Desk always looks neat thanks to the secret slots to hide away cables
  • High durable products that stay enact even after 5 graduated classes
  • Naturally sourced materials that have a 50% lower carbon footprint
  • Get them fitted for your classroom sizes
  • Promotes flexibility through the long hours of school
  • Helps focus with a secure phone slot so students are not distracted

Watch how our desk can transform your Teaching environment

Trusted by leading universities

What our clients say about us...

“This is the most comfortable desk with all the tech features. The flexibility and design is awesome for universities and colleges. My students love them for it’s amazing one click features”

saira kowatsi, dean

Still Confused?

Register free for a detailed webinar and get exciting offers on this amazing ergonomics desk!


ergonomic desk for college

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Ergonomics in the workplace – a customizable hydraulic desk is the future

Customizable hydraulic desks in Canada?
The future is here.

Are your employees experiencing pain, discomfort, or extreme tiredness after long-working hours at the office? If yes, their workstation desk might be the real problem. 

PSB Desk’s customizable hydraulic desks offer a new employee experience all accross Canada.

Are your employees comfortable?

In our report “Computer Station Ergonomics” we talk about why and how the different elements in your employees’ workstations might be affecting their health and productivity. Moreover, we’ll go over key aspects of how this might be affecting your business and why ergonomic desks are more than a simple solution for this growing issue.

Learn why customizable hydraulic desks are the future of Canadian workspaces

In our professional “Computer Station Ergonomics” report we’ll evaluate what makes a workstation a “good fit” for your employees. This guide will not only go through the functionalities of the different pieces of furniture that are currently being used by employees, but it will also explain how to set them up correctly for better comfort and posture. Furthermore, the document also explores how various accessories can improve employees’ experience in their workplace.

For example, did you know that your employees’ posture should constantly change as they alternate tasks? This is very important because it stimulates blood flow and reduces the possibilities of injuries.

By reading this report, you will find “why’s” and “how’s” off how workstations might be affecting your employees’ health and productivity. Moreover, we also offer a set of easy-to-do stretches that your employees can do while taking a quick break whenever they’re feeling stiff. 

PSBDesk offers customizable levels of comfort with its innovative hydraulic desk structure and award-winning design that will improve your employees’ customer experience in any workspace in Canada.

Trusted by leading brands IN CANADA

Our clients' testimonials

“We provide workspaces to all types of indsustries and job roles across Canada and PSBDesk did not only allow us to customize the desks to adjust them to any setting we needed in our operation, but also provided the apropriate guidance on how to better implement the desks for our customers’ comfort.”


Happier, more comfortable employees?

Start learning how to improve your employee customer experience now! Hydraulic customizable desks are the future and Canadian employees are slowly starting to ask their employers for them.

hydraulic customizable desk happy employee

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Premium Customizable Ergonomic Desk

Why Ergonomics?

Comfort and Convenience: Ergonomics focuses on finding the optimal fit between a worker, their environment, and their tasks. Our goal is to provide the right desks to improve the working environment. As a result, employees can perform their tasks effectively and comfortably. Our ergonomic desks are designed to adapt to your changing needs.

Ergonomic Workplace

Would you like to learn how to set up your desk ergonomically to improve your workplace? Watch the video to find out!

Comfort and Convenience

All of us have been there: slumped over a computer, typing away, back aching, shoulders hunched, as the minutes go by. If you’ve ever been in this situation, you’ve likely wondered about the benefits of ergonomic desks. There is nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable at work. Sitting in the wrong position for long periods of time can cause lower back and muscle pain. We can improve this by investing in ergonomic products. Moreover, arranging our work environment to be more comfortable and safer for our employees. Making small changes and incorporating ergonomic desks into your office can have a huge impact.

Importance & Benefits of Ergonomic Workplace

Having a sedentary behavior at work can be harmful to your health. For example, sitting for long periods of time or laying in front of a computer screen all day. Studies have shown that people who spend most of their time sitting are more likely to develop obesity, cardiovascular disease, and musculoskeletal injuries. For instance, back pains, shoulder pains and repetitive strain injuries.

By reducing sitting time, ergonomic desks can prevent back problems and improve performance, concentration, and motivation. Most importantly, switching between sitting and standing throughout the day can prevent remaining in the same position for too long. This is especially helpful for people who don’t have a very healthy posture.

The purpose of this whitepaper is to discuss all the benefits of ergonomic desks and why they are essential for office layouts.

Standing while working increases productivity. Studies made by British Medical Journal showed that employees who normally had a sedentary work life and changed into a standing desk. Consequently, reported improved engagement in their work and had fewer muscular problems.

By adding height-adjustable desks to an office space. Accordingly, employees will be able to change their working position, increase mobility, and improve their circulation.

In addition, employees that used height-adjustable desks  experienced less stress and fatigue. As opposed to those who worked sitting all day.

To sum up, here are the benefits of ergonomic desks for employees and for the company:

Benefits for employees
An improved working environment.
Fewer muscular and chronic problems.
Better posture and reduces back pains.
Prevention of muscle inactivity.
Much more comfortable for working and higher employee satisfaction.

Benefits for the company
Increased performance and efficiency.
Increased motivation and job satisfaction.
Reduced absentees due to illness, aches, and pains.

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Trusted Partners

“The perfect desk”

PSB Desk has exceeded my expectations! Excellent product, top quality in every detail, easy order processing and delivery very quick. Highly recommend this product and company.

Robert Smith, Operations Director

Premium Customizable Ergonomic Desk

PSB Office cares about the interactions between people and their environment. Our award-winning design is based on the study of the human body and how to design to improve health and productivity. The result is a premium customizable ergonomic desk that meets the needs of the human body and of course the workplace.

Best of all, our PSB desks offers customizable features such as sit-stand desk workstations, monitor arms, monitor risers, and an assortment of ergonomic accessories.

Ergonomic Desk

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Ergonomic Office Desk Ontario

An Ergonomic solution for your office desk needs.

Invest in employee wellness with PSBDesk. An ergonomic office desk designed in Ontario that helps end users STAND up against health dangers of sitting for long hours with limited movement. Download our “Ergonomic Desk guide” below to know more about our hydraulic desk.

workers working on a hydraulic office desk in Ontario

Watch this short video to know more about ergonomics with attention its value in the office

Ergonomics: A key element for increased health and productivity in your office

Investment in ergonomics for your office is certainly a great way to contribute to not only worker wellbeing but also productivity. Research has found out that successful application of ergonomics in the office in addition to proper participation from all employees can lead to many benefits. As per multiple studies, some of them are mentioned below. 

– Improvement in physical and mental health of workers.
– Increased Productivity
– Decreased pains in the body as ergonomics keeps it safe at workplace.
– High quality of work.
– Increased employee motivation and engagement.
– When happier employees enjoy coming to work it helps fight high turnover rates by increasing job satisfaction levels.

PSBDesk: an ergonomic transformation for your office

Our Vision behind PSBDesk is to stick true to our core values of quality, functionality and ergonomics. As a result, we created an ergonomic office desk with sustainable materials in Ontario. The hydraulic desk enables a positive environment at your workplace by contributing to employee wellbeing. The height of the office desk can rise along with lower as per user preference, as a result, giving an option to sit or stand. In conclusion, our office desks help your employees avoid negative health implications caused by long hours of sitting.

The office desk supports better posture significantly, fighting back pain and wrist circulation. Coupled with mental health benefits such as good morale and focus, our office desk is indeed a great supplement to employee wellbeing. Studies have shown employee wellness as one of the reasons for an overall boost in mood and productivity.

Trusted by offices of leading companies

One of the many rave reviews we have received for our ergonomic office desk

Give your office desk the ergonomic boost it needs

Learn more about the finer details of our product at length including ways to easily implement our ergonomic desk at your workplace.

Coworkers happy using a hydraulic office desk in Ontario office

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