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PSB FITNESS is a recreational and fitness center that offers an outdoor beach experience all year round. The goal is to help students to socialize, relieve stress, increase endorphins, stay fit and healthy while enjoying the beach the entire year. It provides a warm and welcoming environment for people to join a fun and active culture in a beach setting.

At PSB fitness, the ‘Fun in the Sun’ never ends! Be part of a community aiming to promote a fun environment providing physical and mental well-being activities for all. So come in, because summer is just around the corner!

It is a place offering a cozy environment to socialize with new people I


You do not have to wait for next summer to go to the beach. Yes, It’s true!  Because PSB fitness offers a variety of summer activities in a beach setting the entire year. Our members can enjoy outdoor team-based sports including beach volleyball, basketball, soccer, handball and frisbee.


PSB FITNESS offers the ultimate swim workout experience in a beach setting. Our members can have beach fun and save time, by giving their bodies full-body workout by a great swim workout. Swim workout is the best full-body exercise for building endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness.


Members can chit-chat while enjoying protein bars and drinks after work-out.


Our experts are available to offer the cheapest and affordable classes to help you achieve your fitness goals and engage you in group-based activities.


PSB Fitness is one and only to offer a unique beach setting at the fitness centre. The ‘Sun and Sand’ keeps summer the entire year for its loving members. It not only focuses on the well-being and fitness of members but cares about their privacy and socialization. Such a warming beach experience at surprisingly low rates can only be found at PSB fitness centre. It is the cheapest indoor beach gym in Mississauga, which is easily affordable for students.


Do you want to sign up online or meet us in person?  Your call!

We are only one click away from signing up.

To meet us in person, please walk-in to the welcome desk of Sheridan College in A Building. We will be happy to help you and get you started on your journey of fitness at the beach.


For our fun-loving customers, we are offering a 20% discount on our swimming classes for the first month. Members can collect points on the loyalty card for signing up for classes and purchasing snacks/drinks at PSB fitness. These points can be used for future purchases. Members can bring in more friends to participate in group activities and get 200 points towards their card. If you want to get a real experience before subscribing, we understand it. That is why we are offering you to get 3-day free pass to have fun at the beach gym and try swim workouts. Do not forget to follow and subscribe to our social media for cheap rates and exciting offers.


Indoor beach gym is conveniently close to getting your heart pumping ad burn calories in a variety of classes offered by us. We are located in Mississauga, close to Sheridan College and Square one mall. This location is easily accessible for all Sheridan students and the public.



7 AM- 7 PM

For any further information, please call at +1 905-845-9430 or consult with the information desk at Sheridan College.

How International Student Can Socialize in Mississauga?

How International Student Can Socialize in Mississauga

The world situation today has put businesses and individuals on their toes, fearing uncertainties, and challenges. So, you can’t predict or anticipate tomorrow’s restrictions and “new normal”. Therefore, planning has become extremely difficult. If making a pause in life for some people is not a big deal and can skip the yearly vacation or family gatherings. But, this pause might be detrimental to others’ future. There is a group of people who are somehow in society’s blindspot today – international students. How international student can socialize in Mississauga?

The silent challenge which international students face in 2020

Well, we often hear about occur difficulties among married people caused by the pandemic. The reason being is often relocating to the home office and spending an enormous time at home working side-by-side with your partner. Also, we also hear about those who are most vulnerable today, homeless and having no safe environment to protect themselves. Somewhere in the middle are international students. Unfortunately, facing extreme challenges impact their mental and physical health.



Well, according to Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada, there were 642,480 international students in Canada as of December 2019. More than half a million students are in a new country, many of them without family and friends in the new country. However, those who came in early 2020 have not had a chance to meet with their peers. They also couldn’t get familiar with the city they live in or the culture because they stayed home for the most part. Feeling lonely, isolated, and anxious from the new place is not a good way to start your college. So, if you feel this way, you might want to read to the end. This blog post will give you some great ideas. Then, you will know how international student can socialize in Mississauga.

Are you a naturally social person? If so, you feel energized just talking to people, it might be hard to cope with the pandemic’s isolation. And if chips and cookies aren’t helping either, look at these fun ways to get into a good mood, have fun and socialize.

How international student can socialize in Mississauga

PSB Fitness help you socialize through group exercises. Sounds like fun, eh?

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Register for the program “Fit, In Shape and Connected”

About the program

PSB Fitness is open at HMC and Davis Campus. There, you can find the unique workout program designed to help international students meet their peers. Have fun. Maintain good mental and physical health. Well, did you know that regular physical exercises have a significant effect on your mood, sleep, and self-esteem? 


Interestingly, an article by the US National Library of Medicine National Institute of Health shows that after physical exercise, a person feels happier and sleep better. So, experts say that this positively correlates with achieving higher grades at school. As a result, you feel rested. Also, you can stay focused for longer. Therefore, understanding this information, fitness experts from PSB Fitness created fantastic workout sessions. 


What to expect when you walk in?

You are no longer walking alone and shy into the fitness. Besides, we are here to help you get in shape. Have fun. you Enjoy college.

PSB Fitness staff greets students and supports them making sure that the sessions really help them integrate in Canada. Note, the Fitness follows strictly Covid-19 regulations to keep you safe.

Program details:

  • “Get to know me”– self-introduction of everyone
  • “Get social”– taking an Instagram story for PSB Fitness and exchanging profiles with others
  • “Sweat the stress”– cardio on a fast-paced music background
  • “Kick start your day”– quick 10 minutes of meditation to kick start your day

PSB Fitness locations

Fortunately, you can choose between HMC and Davis Campus. PSB Fitness is located on these two campuses only. Both locations are cleaned and maintained according to Ontario Covid-19 guidelines. Please, rest assured that you will be safe using them. The gyms are equipped with the latest cardio and weight lifting machines. Besides, the integrated technology allowing you to watch movies, track your progress, and personalize speed and intensity according to your goal. Moreover, PSB Fitness got you covered. You Just Show up and Have fun Training.

How a freshman can socialize during the pandemic in Mississauga?

Image by Irina L from Pixabay 

How other students feel about “Fit, In Shape and Connected”?

“Sadly, I used to be a shy person back home. Then, due to the pandemic, I felt super lonely, but after training at PSB Fitness and thanks to the program, things changed for me. So, I met new people and opened up towards others. Today, I feel more confident and part of a community. It’s a mixed feeling of acceptance and home”. – Lorena 

“Well, I personally think that there are various ways a freshman can socialize during the pandemic in Mississauga, but the best way is through fun activities. Surprisingly, when you do something as a team, the distance between people shrinks, and the awkwardness disappear, especially when you have PSB staff to support you.” – Penelope

How international student can socialize in Mississauga

Don’t miss the special offer

How a freshman can socialize during the pandemic in Mississauga?

How international student can socialize in Mississauga?

Today, PSB Fitness offers a chance to win a personalized meal plan by a nutritionist. In addition, according to your personal goal and desired body image, PSB fitness experts are there to help you get in shape. Please, register today via email. Get a chance to win. If you decide not to continue after the first session, you will get your money back. Lastly, please share “How international student can socialize in Mississauga” with other international students who might be interested. Interested in dancing?

Hence, check out Fitness Dance Troupe Mississauga for details.

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