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PSB Recruit Workshop-
One Stop Solution

PSB Recruit Software is a comprehensive software solution designed to help organizations and recruitment agencies manage their operations more efficiently. Our software provides features that enable you to streamline your recruitment processes, reduce manual data entry, and improve your overall productivity.

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Streamline your recruitment process with PSB Recruit Software.

PSB Recruit Software webinar! 

This webinar is designed to provide you with an overview of our software solution and the benefits it can offer your organization.

PSB Recruit Software is a comprehensive platform that streamlines your recruitment processes, saves you time, and improves your overall productivity.

This webinar begins in-


During this webinar, we will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to PSB and our mission
  • Overview of the recruitment process
  • Types of jobs and industries we specialize in
  • Tips for success in the recruitment process

Hiring process made easy with PSB Software.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from experienced professionals.


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Unlock the full potential of your organization with PSB Recruit Software.

We hope that this webinar will provide you with a better understanding of PSB Recruit Software and the ways in which it can benefit your recruitment agency. Whether you’re a small agency or a large enterprise, our software is designed to help you optimize your recruitment process and achieve greater success.

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Fintech hiring bias and AI

Fintech Hiring Bias and AI Matching

Learn about how to tackle unconscious bias while hiring using AI Matching

PSB Recruit™ is conducting its webinar to educate professionals in the Insurance industry. Register for our webinar to catch our speakers talking about Fintech AI hiring bias. 



About The Speakers

fintech hiring bias and ai

Fintech hiring bias and AI 

ROBERT CODY is an experienced HR FinTech recruiter who has worked in the industry for 8 years. He possesses a strong understanding of the HR tech landscape and the specific skills and qualifications required for different roles in the industry. Beck is skilled at sourcing and attracting top talent in the field and has a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities in HR tech.

Fintech hiring bias and AI 

NAOMI LEILANI is an experienced HR fintech industry and AI expert who has a unique blend of skills and expertise in both areas. She has extensive experience in recruitment for the fintech industry and a deep understanding of the specific skills and qualifications required for different roles in the industry. Additionally, Beck is knowledgeable about AI technologies and their applications in HR, including AI matching, predictive analytics, and natural language processing.

fintech hiring bias and ai

How can AI Matching and Bias-Free Recruiting in the FinTech Industry Improve the Candidate Hiring Process?

The boom of Fintech hiring bias and AI Matching

The HR FinTech industry has seen a rapid evolution in recent years, with the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in the recruitment process. AI matching has become a critical tool for recruiters and hiring managers to identify the most qualified candidates for a job opening. However, with this new technology comes the responsibility to ensure that hiring processes remain bias-free. In this webinar, we will discuss the importance of AI matching and bias-free recruiting in the HR FinTech industry.

What is AI Matching? 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) matching is a technology that has revolutionized the recruitment process. With the use of machine learning algorithms, AI matching enables recruiters to quickly and accurately match job seekers with the most suitable positions. This process has become a critical tool for recruiters and hiring managers in the HR industry.

What are some advantages of AI Matching?

One of the biggest advantages of AI matching is its ability to reduce bias in the recruitment process. Bias is a significant problem in the hiring process, with hiring managers often being influenced by their own biases, consciously or unconsciously, when evaluating candidates. This can result in talented candidates being overlooked due to factors such as race, gender, age, or other personal characteristics that are irrelevant to the job.

Fintech hiring bias and AI

AI matching helps reduce bias by removing human judgment from the initial screening process. The technology uses objective criteria to evaluate candidates and determine which ones are the best match for a particular job. This means that candidates are evaluated based solely on their skills and qualifications, not their personal characteristics. As a result, the recruitment process becomes more transparent, fair, and objective.

Fintech hiring bias and AI webinar topics include:

  • How AI matching technology can improve efficiency by quickly analyzing large volumes of resumes and job applications to identify the most qualified candidates.

  • AI matching can help reduce turnover rates, as candidates who are a good fit for the job are more likely to stay with the company for a more extended period.

  • By using AI matching and bias-free recruiting, HR teams can provide a better candidate experience, as candidates are evaluated based solely on their skills and qualifications. This can help improve the employer brand and attract more qualified candidates in the future.

  • Traditional hiring processes can be time-consuming and costly. By using AI matching technology, HR teams can reduce the time and resources required to review and screen job applications, resulting in significant cost savings for the organization.

  • In the HR FinTech industry, AI matching and bias-free recruiting are critical to ensuring that the recruitment process remains fair and objective for all candidates.

Overall, AI matching and bias-free recruiting in the FinTech industry can significantly improve the candidate hiring process by increasing efficiency, objectivity, and diversity, reducing turnover, providing a better candidate experience, and generating cost savings.




As a FinTech company, we were struggling to find the right talent to fit our unique needs. The traditional recruitment process was time-consuming and often led to hiring bias, which resulted in a less diverse workforce. However, after implementing PSB Recruit, we have seen a significant improvement in our recruitment process. The AI matching technology has allowed us to quickly and accurately identify the most suitable candidates for each job, while the customizable interface has made it easy for us to navigate the software to our unique needs. Additionally, the integrated onboarding/offboarding feature has streamlined our HR process, resulting in a more efficient and productive workflow.

Fintech AI hiring bias

“As an HR professional, I have had the pleasure of using PSB Recruit in our organization for several months now, and I can confidently say that it has transformed our hiring process. The AI matching technology is incredibly accurate, and the customizable interface makes it easy to use and navigate.”


Revolutionize your HR processes with PSB Recruit!

Join us for our upcoming webinar on “Fintech Hiring Bias and AI Matching” to learn more about how our innovative software can help you achieve top-quality human resource service without any bias. Register now to secure your spot and take the first step towards transforming your hiring process!

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PSB software webinar

All about PSB software

All recruiting problems, one solution-PSB webinar

The purpose of this PSB recruiting software webinar is to educate attendees about the features, benefits, and advantages of PSB software. The executive director, Ava Jansen, will lead this webinar. She will address every query the audience has regarding the software’s functioning. If you want to find an answer to your recruiting issues, this is the place to go. The speaker, Ava Jansen has abundant knowledge about the field and PSB software as well. She can show the audience how the software works and the productivity of the software upon request. The webinar will also feature our existing customers using this software to add on to the information and to share their experience with it.



PSB software made my work a lot easier.

Fantastic software. My staff can easily learn how to use and train on the PSB software application. The searching and adding capabilities are superb. Anybody searching for a recruiting tracking solution should check out this application, in my opinion. The customer service is fantastic as well!

John Snow
Manager, hr department

Limited audience

One webinar to answer all your questions about PSB software and to understand all about it. This webinar will address all the recruiting problems faced by HR departments and businesses and show the world that there is a common solution for all these problems which is PSB recruiting software. To know more about it click on the link below and enroll yourself before you loose that opportunity.

PSB recruiting software webinar

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PSB Recruit Software Workshop

PSB Recruit Software Workshop 2023:
Data with ease

B2B: The new software solution to make recruitment easy.

In 2023 the growth is dynamic and nothing should stop your organization from it. We bring you the best software solution to create an ideal team to enhance the growth of your organization.

Join us to get an introduction to a software that will measure and analyze recruitment data to improve your hiring process.

To learn more about it!

Introduction to PSB recruitment software –

In this Interactive session, you will learn about how PSB Recruitment software will help you achieve the following:

Streamlining the recruitment process

Applicant tracking

Resume parsing and searching

Collaboration and communication

Reporting and analytics

Security and compliance

Implementation and support

Integration with other tools

Discover potential ways to improve your organization's overall performance.

Your organizations outcome and performance highly depends on the team you have on board. PSB software is a platform which will help you build your dream team. We provide information on variety of recruitment related topics to improve your hiring process and attract top talent. This software will give an in-dept knowledge on how to measure and analyze recruitment data. 

Best and latest Recruitment technology

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“I have been using PSB software for years. I was excited for the new launch of PSB Recruitment software and they never failed to impress me. This software has made the recruitment process so easy and fast. It has combined all the tools you need for recruitment under one roof.”

Nichole ParKar - Founder and CEO of Coco cosmetics

Learn more to grow and build your dream team

PSB software helps you find diverse and competitive candidates. Don’t miss out on this informative webinar. You are just one click away from learning about how a software can take care of your entire hiring process and build your dream team.

Integrated HR software for colleges in Mississauga

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