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A webinar to learn about the benefits of ergonomic design at workplace

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Hydraulic desks’
effectiveness and quality offer the necessary physical support while working.
As a result, there are numerous issues, including back and spine comfort and
reduced stress.

Organizations who
place a high priority on ergonomics in the workplace will build a reputation
for looking out for their employees while also raising the standard of work,
the employee experience, and productivity levels. Organizations that are
willing to accomplish this will definitely stand out in terms of success and
business strategies.

The aspects that affect workplace design will be thoroughly covered in this webinar, along with tips on how to discover concefrs and make needed modifications.

The Benefits of Ergonomics at Workplace

Since 1980, PSB Office has been the first manufacturer of ergonomic products in Canada. The PSB office is the top option for the majority of Canadian customers due to its knowledge, quality, and functionality that complement the business environment. A high-end product called PSB Desk with hydraulic suspension has just been released. We consistently receive positive comments from our customers.


We offer a variety of features for our desk, including a flexible power outlet that is attached to it. The desk is also height-adjustable and foldable, making it easy to move about. In addition to its capabilities, the hydraulic desk is quite inexpensive, making it accessible to any school or business to purchase for its workers, students, or teachers. Additionally, customers can purchase award-winning designs from our company with a 10-year extended warranty. We will sell our goods on social media and create a website for the business so that everyone may buy it. Along with the specifications and designs, we also provide a service in which a member of our staff is assigned to walk the customer through the desk’s features and operation when it is delivered. You can enjoy this product at a very low cost and with different kinds of features, The desks provided by other businesses come at a high price and offer fewer features and designs.


The idea that buying furniture is an investment instead of an expense will be covered in the webinar. Ergonomics should be a top priority when buying any office furniture because musculoskeletal diseases have such a significant impact on staff absence and expense to British firms. The true cost of an average employee over the short, medium, and long terms will be examined in the webinar. Without delving into specific product demonstrations, the guest speaker will provide examples of how much ergonomic furniture will actually cost your company and how quickly you may expect to recoup your investment.

Workplace Ergonomics

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What Will Be Covered in our Online Webinar on Ergonomics and Body Posture

Our objective is to reduce risks in the work environment while boosting efficiency, general comfort, and staff morale. Consequently, we want to offer our expertise through
a free webinar. You will learn about the importance of ergonomics in this webinar, along with how to set up a workstation for maximum comfort, productivity, and health.

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Introducing new Technology Hydraulic desk

Join our webinar to know about our innovative Psb desk (new technology hydraulic desk). Don’t miss this one-time opportunity

Sign up for the webinar, limited seats available.

*First 500 people signing up for the webinar will get 15% off on the first purchase.

DATE: Thursday, November 21 at 10 am

Introducing new technology Hydraulic desk

Webinar bring light upon .......

  •  How the Hydraulic Desk are beneficial for your health. 
  • How to use PSB desk.
  • What’s new and innovative we are bringing to the table.
  •  What are the key advantages of using Hydraulic Desk over conventional Desk.

Jannie Handerson

Operational Director of psb desk will give valuable insight on the benefit of using Hydraulic desk.

Featured Presenter

Dr. Watson Khabno

A psychotherapist provide you valuable knowledge about Bad effects of wrong siting posture on bones.

Words from our Directors.

“We are working really hard to give you best and comfortable experience which will improve your efficiency so don’t miss this interesting webinar .”

Operational Director (psb desk)



ON, Canada

For more information log on to

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Benefits of Affordable Hydraulic PSBDesk.

Hydraulic PSBDesk
Hydraulic Affordable PSBDesk

Many features are included in the PSBDesk that we provide. A student benefits from it just as much as a professional or teacher does. Beyond comfort, the Desk has a lot more to offer. A flexible power outlet that is attached to the desk is among its features. A footrest that is particularly adaptable for a student is also included with the hydraulic desk. It gets exceedingly challenging for pupils to sit correctly and comfortably for a few hours straight as a result of how long they must spend stationary. The desk has an integrated footrest that may be used to improve posture and provide a place to put your feet on while you work. The desk also comes with a 10-year warranty and a variety of styles to select from. The desk features technology that allows the height to be modified following the comfort and height of an individual. The desk is relatively flexible, and it can be easily moved. It has a very long lifespan. The desk facilitates work because it is very comfortable for an individual. PSBDesk is a very affordable desk, making it easy for anyone to purchase. And, as we all know, greater comfort leads to greater satisfaction. This desk is relatively inexpensive and comes with a plethora of features that we have to offer an individual. The best feature of this desk is that it prevents muscle inactivity. It also provides a much better working environment. The desks are made of solid handcrafted wood and have a nice touch of style to them. We also provide a service in which a member of our staff is assigned to explain the features of the desk and how it works to the customer when it is delivered. In short, our desk is not only feature-rich but also affordable, and comfortable.

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Your workplace with Ergonomics Since 1980

A game changer for your life


Productivity increases with the comfort. The aura in the company has a great impact on the performance of the employees. Desk from Ergonomics is the best partner to enhance the productivity of the employees.

How can we help

PSB office, since 1980, the first Canadian Ergonomics manufacturing company. The expertise, quality, and functionality that suit the corporate environment make the PSB office the first choice for most buyers in Canada. PSB Desk with the hydraulic suspension is launched, which is a premium product. Positive feedback we always get from our clients.

Long work without comfort may cause several health issues like lower back and spine pain, heart diseases, weight gain and obesity. Vascular problems If your lower legs and feet get tired, swollen, and achy, you could be experiencing blood and fluid pooling in those areas after a long period of sitting, says Britt H. Tonnessen, MD, a vascular surgeon. In the worst cases, you can develop deep vein thrombosis (DVT).  

Efficiency and quality of hydraulic desk provides physical support needed during the working time. Consequently, many problems like less stress and comfort to spine and back. 

Employers who prioritize ergonomics in the workplace will develop a reputation for taking care of their staff while also improving the caliber of work, employee experience, and productivity levels. Businesses that are willing to do this will probably emerge as the ones to watch in terms of success and business methods

The truth about Hydraulic Desk

Benefits for your body 

Trusted by leading brands

We believe in

*Proper sitting position

*Improve productivity

*Enhance comfort

A webinar for you and your employees

Why you can’t stop yourslef to this amazing product

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Ergonomic School Safe Desks Ontario

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How to Create an Engaging Learning Environment

Learn the benefits of using ergonomic school safe desks to transform classrooms into engaging and inclusive environments.

Looking for an ergonomic school safe desk in Ontario? Join us to learn more. PSB Office brings you an exclusive webinar hosted by CEO Sara Smith, which will be focused on the ergonomics within a classroom. 

ergonomic school safe desk ontario

Why are Ergonomic Desks Good for School?

PSBOffice is an award-winning Canadian company and pioneer in designing and manufacturing ergonomic furniture. This webinar is hosted by Sara Smith, the CEO of PSBOffice, to highlight the importance of using ergonomic desks to improve the quality of education for all students.

Currently, students sit in an uncomfortable position for prolonged periods of time reducing focus, resulting in learning hindrances. Another issue would be the early onset of back pain which worsens over time. Combatting this early is the key to stop issues from arising. There is a need to provide students a comfortable, safe, accessible, and efficient learning environment to preserve their health and well-beingTo resolve all those issues and learn about ergonomic school safe desks, learn from experts in the medical industry who are going to participate in our online seminar.

Some of the benefits and features of PSBDesk include a 360-degree adjustable top to fit the needs of any user, from usage to storage, and everything in between. The desk’s height is easily adjustable with one touch without disrupting fellow classmates as it has silent suspensionPSBDesk is unique and innovative while offering all the properties of an ergonomic desk to help influence the learning abilities of students so they can focus on what really matters, while making the classroom an inclusive learning environment for all. Watch this video to learn more.

Trusted by Many

"After having back issues from long time, my doctor recommended me to try an ergonomic desk. I was looking for a durable standing desk with unique design which will match my office theme without being heavy on the pocket. PSBOffice's desk seemed to have the best value with all those features. This desk is quite big and spacious and is easily adjustable. If anyone has to sit for long hours like me, needs to consider it. It can be raised up to stand and if you get tired you can easily lower it back down. The hydraulic suspension is quiet, smooth, and powerful. I started feeling a difference in my pain and my posture within a month. My work is more enjoyable, and I feel more energetic, and am able to focus more. I highly recommend this desk, it is a great product!"
Real estate agent

Save Your Spot Today!

To learn more about all the health benefits of using ergonomic school safe desks in detail from our experts in Ontario and gaining the insights about the impact of universal design within the classroom, sign up for our webinar today to reserve your spot!

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PSB Office’s Hydraulic Suspension desk

Adjustable desks matching your preferences

A must-have PSBOffice Hydraulic suspension desk for any home or business area, the electric standing desk by Progressive Desk features simple, streamlined designs, smooth movement, and accurate adjustability. Our lifting desks are made to provide you freedom of movement with only the push of a button thanks to their 3-stage linear motion design! Select a standing desk from our selection that is suitable for every setting and size.

Standing Desk Tips

Make your workspace your own

Flexibility in Design. To suit your style, mix & match our products! You can customize a standing hydraulic suspension desk to suit your needs by using any of our ergonomic workstations and accessories. To design a unique stand-up desk that is ideal for any setting, we provide a variety of tabletop options, frames, and accessories. Use the desk builder to create a stand-up desk that is specifically tailored to you.

Black Metal Body Desk with hydraulics

Adopt a Progressive Way of Life

Create an Environment that Gets You Moving
Make a change to a healthier workspace by switching to a height adjustable standing hydraulic suspension desk. Transform not just your workspace, but also your lifestyle by encouraging wider range of movements throughout your workday. When you buy an adjustable desk in Canada from Progressive Desk, you can be rest assured of the best ergonomic experience. Combine this with a quality, convenient and risk free purchase you can feel great about! 

Options for Businesses

Searching for the best standing desk solutions for your office but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, we have you covered! At Progressive Hydraulic suspension Desk we pride ourselves as a leading standing desk company with a team of design and engineering experts. These experts will help you select the right products for any office space and design. We have the inventory to meet your needs of furnishing your workplace, with the highest quality ergonomic desks in Canada! 

We are holding a Live webinar to provide more details about our desk to help our audience understand more about the desk and about its various feature and advantages.

To learn more , register yourselves to our Live Webinar Now!

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PSB Desk – Your Adjusting Buddy!

PSB Desk - Your Adjusting Buddy

Your office friend who will adjust to your needs! Introducing a hydraulic suspension desk with built-in Wi-fi and Bluetooth services.

PSB Hydraulic suspension desk provides built-in Wi-fi and Bluetooth option, so you can work easily from the office or home. It helps you work comfortably by adjusting height, hence reducing discomfort and pain. Now improve your productivity with your adjusting buddy!

Hydraulic Desk


Easy installation 

If you work for long hours in the office or from home and are tired of back pains, improper posture, and connectivity issues then I have a solution for you. PSB Office’s hydraulic desk provides height adjustable up to 185 centimeters. It has built-in Wi-fi and Bluetooth connections.

A study by the CDC found that an adjustable desk reduces upper back pain by 54% after four weeks. Once your adjustable desk is correctly set up, slouching over your workstation is eliminated. There is evidence that spending a lot of time sitting for eight hours or more at a desk is directly linked to an increase in health problems like obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, and poor mental health.

Leading a sedentary lifestyle is becoming a significant public health issue. Sedentary lifestyles appear to be increasingly widespread in many nations despite being linked to a range of chronic health conditions. The consequences of sedentary behavior such as sitting can be very injurious to health. Those, who spend most of their time and days sitting on a chair have a high risk of causing cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

PSB Desk is designed to suit the user in an effort to minimize discomfort and promote good health. PSB Ergonomic desk reduces harmful repetitive motions, and muscle strain while working in the office.

It also has a built-in drawer for added storage. PSB Desk is providing customized desk designs as per your preferences. PSB Desk will solve all the problems related to postures, health, connectivity issues, and most importantly productivity. 

Hydraulic Suspension Desk

Wifi Bluetooth Desk

Customer Testimonial

I bought PSB Hydraulic Desk from Brampton, and I have to tell you that it really is my best buddy. I adjust the height as pe my or my wife’s need. We both work from home, and at times, we lose internet connections. But PSB Desk always helps out. My wife and I do not fight for space because of the additional drawer. Love it!!

adam colby, web designer


Come! Join Us!

Register for the online WEbinar to know more about PSB Desk and PSB  Office Products. 

We Adjust According to your Needs. 

Hydraulic Desk

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Best Ergonomic Office Desk Mississauga


Optimizing your workplace: Beyond Ergonomics

By implementing ergonomic solutions, workers can become more productive and comfortable. Learn from the expert how to make your workplace productive collaborated with the best ergonomics office desk in Mississauga.

Emily Clarke : Director of Ergonomics Services: Ergonomics Centre, Toronto

Office desk best ergonomics Mississauga

Why PSB Desk?

What’s better than identifying ways of improving efficiency, productivity, and the performance of your employees to drive your business a success? Ergonomics plays a vital role in helping your employees to perform in a work-friendly environment that reduces health risks and fatigue. PSB Desk offers flexibility in every aspect of the table, from tops, legs, height, inclination, or size. With 360* control over every part of the hydraulic desk, our product’s limitless flexibility gives you exceptional ergonomics in the classroom like never before and this why PSB desk is the best ergonomic office desk in Mississauga. 

Features of the PSB Hydraulic Desk

Our PSB Desk is the “Desk that works for you”:

360* Control Like Never Before In A Hydraulic Desk-

The desk provides range of options, giving you the chance to completely personalize it. 
It blends in well with your classroom architecture without making a huge deal in the design.
It boasts minimalist design that is sleek, uncomplicated, robust, and long-lasting.


Premium Ergonomics For Premium Flexibility-As students spend countless hours listening to lectures with their backs arched, posture and back problems develop early. When it comes to youngsters, there is no one size fits all because of the differences in their heights and workstation needs. By bringing top-notch ergonomics directly to the classroom, PSBDesk aims to eradicate posture problems at a young age.

PSB Desk provides all-round flexibility:

  • Customization 
  • Height adjustment
  • Laminate customization 
  • Incline adjustment
Office desk best ergonomics Mississauga

Importance and Benefits of Ergonomics at Workplace

Did You Know Ergonomics?

Reduces cost:

  • 59% average reduction of Musculoskeletal Disorders
  • 65% average reduction in incidence rate
  • 75% reduction in lost workdays
  • 53% reduction in restricted days
  • 68% reduction in worker’s compensation costs
  • 39% reduction in cost per claim
  • 43% decrease in labor cost.

Improves employee engagement:

  • 48% average reduction in employee turnover
  • 58% average reduction in employee absenteeism.

Creates a safety culture: The use of ergonomics demonstrates your business’ dedication to safety and health as essential values. The culmination of the previous four ergonomics advantages is a more robust safety culture for your business.

Develop quality: 

  • 67% average reduction in scrap/errors

Our Trusted Partners


Office desk best ergonomics Mississauga

“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) do research on office ergonomics. The objective is to eradicate problems, lessen stress, and lessen injuries brought on by repetition, excessive muscle activity, and poor posture. In order to accommodate physical capabilities and constraints, PSB Hydraulic Desk is the best. After replacing our office desk with PSB Hydraulic desk our employees work more productively than ever before and most importantly less complaints”

Jeramy Lambton- Director National Institute For Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)

Register Now

Sign up now to receive a free interior design consultation with free customization opportunity on your first PSB Desk bulk order.

Office desk best ergonomics Mississauga

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Customizable Hydraulic Desk Toronto

Award Winning Hydraulic Desk Made Perfect for Everyone!

woman using hydraulic desk customizable ergonomic
Photo from Unsplash - TheStandingDesk

PSBDesk is the ultimate hydraulic desk that is ergonomic and customizable, proudly made in Toronto.

Benefits of Power Free Pneumatic Desks

YouTube Video By The Standing Desk.

Award Winning Design

PSB Office’s PSBDesk is designed by the owner, Sara Smith. Her designs have won many awards and, as a result, garnered many raving reviews. The PSBDesk brings back the core values of function, quality, and ergonomics that company prides itself on.

  • PSBDesk is customizable with a plethora of finishes and materials.
  • PSBDesk comes with many options of cable management systems.
  • PSBDesk is made from sustainable materials that are extremely durable.
  • PSBDesk is renowned because of its ergonomic and sleek design.
  • PSBDesk has a state-of-the-art hydraulic suspension system.

Benefits of PSBDesk

Ease of Use

PSB Office’s PSBDesk is a pneumatic desk with a highly tuned hydraulic suspension. So, this makes adjusting the height of the desk effortless. An electric adjustable desk will be slower to adjust because the electric motor only goes a certain speed. In addition, electric desks are also more bulky and heavy due to their motors and power supply. Furthermore, electric desks have the burden of requiring to be plugged in to be able to adjust the height; a severe problem, should the power go out.

Ergonomics and Health

It is no surprise that people are more productive when they are comfortable and feeling great. Which is why a height adjustable desk is growing in popularity, because some people would rather work while standing or adjust the table to a comfortable height. In addition, studies show that people burn more fat while standing; than while sitting down.

Sleekness and Unique Customizations

PSBDesk offers unparalleled customizability from the amount of colours and finishes we offer. One of the most unique features of the PSBDesk is the cable management system. For example, in an office setting where monitors, computers, printers, etc. are all wired to each other and to the power outlet, things can look a little messy. So, that is why a cable management system can help organize all that clutter and make your workspace nice and tidy. Cable management comes in all varieties. Whether it be a box to store the cables, or a cable hook placed at the back; PSBDesk allows for multiple kinds of cable management systems that can be retrofitted into the desk whenever you want.

Trusted by leading brands

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Testimonials for PSBDesk

“PSBDesk is an excellent desk. I recommend it to anyone. The hydraulic suspension is faster than an electric desk and smoother than any other adjustable desks I previously used. It’s light and sturdy.”

Richard Hastings, VP, The Thinking COmpany

Learn More about PSBDesk with our White Paper

  • Discover the various finishes we offer on our desks.
  • More on all the different cable management systems.
  • The various sizes our desks come in.
  • Our environment-friendly approach to recycled wood.
  • Receive special incentives in our White Paper.
hydraulic desk customizable ergonomic
Photo from Unsplash - TheStandingDesk

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Ergonomic Sit Stand Desk.

PSBDesk Ergonomic sit stand desk

PSBDesk Ergonomic sit stand deskThe ergonomic sit stand desk is a desk that is designed to be user-friendly. During the design stage of PSBDesk comfort, safety, durability, efficacy, and efficiency are all priorities. Not only will all these help save time, and effort. It will also reduce the money spent on replacing furniture in the long run.  Our desk provides a range of health benefits while improving workplace best practices.

Sit Stand Ergonomic Desk

Switch Between Sitting and Standing regularly.

There’s no denying that sitting for long periods is detrimental to your health. That does not, however, imply that you should stand the entire day.

Lower back pain has been linked to standing jobs such as bank tellers and production line workers, according to research. Long periods of inactivity are thought to harm your leg muscles, tendons, and other connective tissue, and may even lead to varicose veins. Fortunately, this can be avoided by just sitting and standing alternately.

A 1:1 or 2:1 ratio of sitting to standing time appears to be best for comfort and energy levels while having no negative impact on productivity. That means you should stand for 1 hour for every 1 to 2 hours you sit in your office. Every 30 to 60 minutes, alternate between sitting and standing.


Our whitepaper, go through the following topics in detail:

What is the best approach to maintaining PSBDesk in terms of functionality and durability?.

PSBDesk’s operating and assembly procedures are also another topic of interest.

Designing and safety measures considered during there manufacturing process of  PSBDesk were discussed extensively.

The benefits of PSBDesk to both the user and the workplace ergonomically are also another topic discussed in the whitepaper.

To get the complete details about the functionality, quality, ergonomics, and indestructible nature of PSBDesk.


The material and design method used in making the Desk. This is what makes PSBDesk Indestructible, giving it a longer than average life span, compared to every other desk out there. And these help save money in the long run. 

Additionally, PSBDesk makes use of some specific safety features, functionality, and mechanism (hydraulic suspension) to make the desk. Making it easier to operate, increasing ergonomics, and improving user productivity. Effectiveness and improved health of the user is another positive result of using PSBDesk. All these results in an ergonomically designed work environment. To see a video of the benefits of utilizing a Sit-Stand Ergonomic desk, CLICK HERE

Also, PSBDesk saves time and effort requested for assembly and adjusting. As it can be put together in three steps and can be controlled with the push of a bottom. Our brand’s main values are functionality, quality, and ergonomics. 

A Desk might suffer from a variety of minor issues. Legs may come free, a knob may crack, or a piece may completely break off. As a result of the material utilized, some desks are known to produce strange squeaks and creaking sounds over time. If the material is inexpensive or appears to shatter under stress on day one, it’s likely to be destroyed by day 500. PSBdesk, on the other hand, is made up of materials that are indestructible, long-lasting, and affordable. In the long run, providing you with the best in terms of quality and pricing.

See our top brands by CLICKING HERE

Trusted by leading brands


Learn everything you need to know about PsbDesk’s ergonomic Sit Stand desk: Functionality: Ease of assembling and adjusting, which help saves time and effort.

Controls: These are vital, but the fewer and more intuitive the controls are, the better for the user. Ergonomic standards for desks and worksurfaces are included in the whitepaper. They go over the bare minimums for a seated workstation, as well as the bare minimums for standing work. Different heights are advised depending on the type of work to be done at a standing workstation. PSBDesk Ergonomic was designed with safety and industrial-grade reliability in mind.

Quality: high-quality standard as a result of several factors put in place during the design and fabrication stage.

Ergonomics: this desk was created to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of employees and students by enabling them to sit and stand occasionally without affecting their performance at work, or school and their overall health.

Cost-Effectiveness: The indestructible nature of PSBDesk makes it very cost-effective by reducing the among of changes required within a set period of years compared to another desk.

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