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Real Estate is always evolving, and 2021 has introduced even more fierce competition among realtors. About a Decade ago, for Real Estate, online marketing was not preferred. Due to Coronavirus pandemic, now we have social media connecting property sellers and buyers. Real Estate Agencies have to stay on top of every Digital Marketing trend to generate leads and connect with their clients. Here are some latest Digital Marketing strategies we will help Realtors set up, that will prove to be most useful in 2021.These Digital Marketing Strategies are not only easy to implement but will also help you survive the cutthroat competition in the Real Estate world.

Here are some of the Digital Marketing services that Innovative Solutions Agency would provide to realtors:

3D Tours for real estate marketing

1. Virtual Tours & 3D Tours:

Working from home and getting things down from home is the new normal. In 2021, more buyers would find it safer to view properties from their own safe space. Therefore, it’s a must for Realtors to have virtual tours available for their buyers. Also, 3D walkouts like Zillow become really important and convenient for Realtors.

2. Mobile Friendly Real Estate Websites:

48% of customers say that they will stop buying services from companies who do not have a user-friendly website. For many prospects and customers your website will be your first impression. Thus, websites should be available to view in the same format on mobile phones, allowing your clients to find every information they would need. Websites help reach customers, provide credibility, generate leads and display your listings. Here are some references for your website.

3. AI Marketing Automation options:

Chatbots help you retain your leads. You should enable an automatic feature on your website that keeps you clients engaged. These automations not only help you reply to your leads 24/7 but also answer their questions as soon as position. Here are apps to help you get started.

Email Marketing for real estate4. Email Marketing:

Even though we communicate to clients using texts, website or in person, Email Marketing is a must and a good way to remind your clients that you care about them. Send your clients special offers, discounts and personalized emails on special occasions. Increases awareness and can be easily tracked using Email Marketing metrics.

Social Media Networks5. Social Media Marketing:

77% of realtors actively use social media for real estate in some way, shape or form. Social media enables clients all around the world to access your listings and gain information.As face to face interactions decrease, it’s more important for real estate agents to have an online presence.

“Our strategies will not only help you reach more people but also collect more leads and close more deals. This is how you can achieve growth in Real Estate Industry”.

Also, Why choose Innovative Solutions Agency?

  • We handle everything, YES EVERYTHING!!
  • Long Term Planning
  • Cost effective and Budget friendly methods specifically based on your needs, for instance –
    • Subscription based or financial plan based
    • Project or Hourly based SEO pricing

“Our digital marketing agency delivers performance for real estate agents”

Digital marketing in the real estate industry is a must, and at Innovative Solutions we can develop and implement digital marketing strategies that attract quality leads and sell more properties for your company.

If you want to Learn more about our Business or not sure what you want for your next campaign? Feel free to reach out to us.


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