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Our marketing team will provide you with the tools to have your business standout in a crowded sector.  

Growth Is The Key At PSB!

Here at PSB Digital we offer multiple services and plans for our customers. From graphic design to video production to website design, we do it all. Oh and did we mention 24/7 service for any emergencies your business runs into.

PSB Digital offers the whole package to customers. We are your one stop shop for anything marketing.

Our full scale marketing team will walk you through the options on how to improve your pet shop with frequent in person meetings, quarterly reviews, digital marketing  1 on 1 for your business’ needs. 

Paw-Tastic Marketing Solutions

PSB Digital’s driving focus is to provide quality customer service for pet stores to rise above the competition. Our full scale, 24/7 team is here to serve you and your pet store. With email campaigns sent out by our software system weekly and graphic design team, your pet store will be at the top of minds in you community. We will provide your team with a full marketing strategy after our initial consultation. This will go over how to cater to your audience such as developing a mobile app for customers to purchase your products from. 

     How can my pet shop benefit from PSB Digital Team?

Our marketing team has access to all digital platforms your audience would be using and continue to keep up to date on what new social media platforms are on the market. As of March 2022, PSB Digital will analyze data from Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok.

In addition, we will be tracking customer retention, SEOs, USPs, along with Google Analytics to further our strategy.

How do you increase traffic flow in your pet shop?

Hosting events at your pet shop is a great way to gain new customers and keep returning customers happy. In order to attack customers into the store put out banners outside of the store and the nearest entrance into the parking lot of your establishment. By having visuals at the front and entrances it will attack new customers to see what deals you have. On the banners you will have any new products or announce sales. Furthermore, hosting events for the sales will be a fun and engaging environment for your customers.

What can we do internally at our pet shop?

Research has shown when having knowledge and engaging employees, customers are more likely purchase and have a higher customer retention rate.

Make sure that your customer is top of mind with everything you do. Care about the business and the marketing will follow suit. Your customers will know if you only care about profits. If you care about your customers your profits will increase.

In order to attract the right customers, find out your target audience’s income. This can be through Google search websites to show income with geographical location and demographic. Having your audience’s income will then enable you to price effective. If your pet shop has premium products and will need to charge a higher price, look to targeting Oakville residents as historically Oakville residents have higher disposable income to spend on their pets.

If you want to learn more about how to increase your customer retention, optimizing your google search, and how to develop awareness of your brand, check out our free digital white paper copy now!

Client Testimonial

“We were lost on how to increase our SEOs and social media marketing. PSB Digital was able to give us solutions to solve all of our problems and help us feel more confident as a business with having them on our team.”

- Bark Pet Shoppe

Kick Start Your Marketing Journey 

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Our full scale graphics and digital marketing team is ready to assist you in everything marketing related to your pet shop. We want to hear from you, contact us at: 

P: 123-456-7890


A: 1515 Rebecca St, Oakville, ON L6L 5G8 

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The Dog Whisper

The Dog Whisper

Puppy to Adult dog training: Here at The Dog Whisper we help all dogs and their families to achieve their perfect relationship to make it comfortable for everyone. We have professional dog training services for all levels of dog obedience. We are one the many Pet stores with dog training in Mississauga, in store.

Spend $50 or more and get your first hour of dog training with you and your dog for FREE!

"Pets are for life. Your K9 companion is a pet first, family second."

About Us

The Dog Whisper’s strives to help you improve your relationship with your dog through our intensive training programs. Our program starts with an evaluation as every dog is different and may require a different approach. Help your K9 live a happy life. We believe an obedient dog is a happy dog!

What We Offer

All Your Pet Needs
Your one stop shop for any pet essentials you may need, including food, toys and other supplies!
Click Here
Training Options
We offer a variety of training options from obedience training at home or with a group. Every dog is different and has different needs. Find out what your dog needs and come in for an evaluation today!
Click Here
Doggy Daycare
Bring your dog in for a Doggy playdate while you run your errands! Dogs can interact and socialize with each other within a safe environment.
Click Here
Mobile Booking
Use our mobile app to book, keep track or reschedule your appointments at your earliest convenience!
Click Here

The Dog Whisper shop is pet store that specializes in dog training. We want to help families live comfortably with their pet. We train dogs from new puppies to adult dogs. We also provide families with tips and tricks that they can use to help them live a better life with their pets. Our product can help solve our customers problem by providing them an easy way for them to access dog training at a low cost. Our store provides in store training tips every time you come and shop with us. Our store provides our customers services when they are busy and are always out. We can take care of your pet while you are busy during the day while giving your dog the opportunities to socialize with other dogs.

Trusted by leading brands

Closing Call to Action

Call today and book your first dog socializing session for free.

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Trying to grow your Local Pet Store? Try Digital Marketing!

Trying to grow your local pet store?

Trying to find out how to display your unique style for your Pet Store? We can help! Through our Digital marketing campaign we can help grow your business beyond your pets wildest dreams! Click below to check out PSB Digitals’ White Paper to find out more about how we strive to grow your business in Mississauga!

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What's PSB Digitals Guarantee?

At PSB digital we strive to find the most unique and tailored methodology to approach your business. Our low-cost, high-quality service will help us progress with you to create something you will be proud of by fabricating your imagination to reality! Want to know more about what we do? Check out our White paper to see the list of services that are right for you! Where we show our current strategies, which will help you choose the right path towards your business!


PSB Digital's Campaign, is it worth it?

Here at PSB digital we are committed to our clients’ ideas and try to bring their imaginations to reality. We provide services that will help increase traffic to your business with the use of Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Website landing page, social media influencing, and as well as YouTube videos. We are proud of our work and always aim for the highest quality towards your business needs. Have questions? You can ask us directly or look at our frequently asked questions below! 

Frequently asked questions

Who is PSB Digital marketing?

We are a new digital marketing agency founded in Mississauga, with a huge passion for cliental success and pets. We use our passion to create a unique environment between us and our customers to find the right path for them. It’s our guarantee to not leave until you’re satisfied with the work. 

Why PSB Digital Marketing?

Why not! We are a young, fresh-minded, and patient group that aims for your success. We provide a passion for your work that might not be found anywhere else, whilst providing the same services as the competition! You will be managing your costs while achieving maximum quality! You will be gaining a unique service tailored for you and make you our number one priority! We also provide a step-by-step analysis and inform you of how what, and why we are implementing changes to your website. As a result, this helps us create an environment for our clients to be comfortable with us and give you full decision-making power. 

What services does PSB Digital marketing provide?

PSB digital marketing starts off with an interview with our clients to have a full understanding of the picture they’re trying to paint. With this information, we add our professional opinion and build upon the clients’ ideas. Secondly, we then start organizing our ideas in order to achieve the clients’ wishes. We build a target persona for our clients, whilst providing them a landing webpage for their website, which includes Google Ads. We also provide Facebook advertisements to achieve engagement from our local community and reach our specific target audience. We then provide a YouTube instructional video for your business to also have an additional exposure source. Most importantly, throughout the entire campaign, the team dedicates its efforts to maximize efficiency by providing tailored keywords to distinguish you from the competition. To allow your website to distinguish and stand out from the millions of google searches!

How do we ensure success?

We provide full analytical data with the use of Google Analytics. Where we can see different elements that allow us to analyze and choose the right path for the business. We provide the data to our clients and propose a strategy to utilize or improve upon our current strategies. Here at PSB digital, we assure our clients with results that increase traffic for the business. 

Trusted by leading brands

Client Testominal

“Our time with PSB digital was quick, but never forgotten. They provided us with our new website, social media accounts, with an easy-to-use system for us to edit whenever is needed. They listened to our needs and wants and created something beyond our imagination! Thank you PSB Digital!”

Big Al's Aquarium

Still uncertain?

Checked our White paper and are still uncertain? Give us a call! Our agents are always ready to help and answer any questions you might have! Click the button below to get in direct contact with one of our agents!

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