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About Us

PSB Travel agency offers a moneyback guarantee if the terms and conditions are fulfilled. We have our offices at the Sheridan college campuses .Lets talk about the promise of moneyback by travel agency at Sheridan. Also if the customer is not happy by spending their money on the travel which we provided to them. Our company policy states that people who face any kind of issues regarding services offered in the package are eligible for moneyback. Please not that our terms and conditions apply. girl swinging

The Sheridan community and moneyback guarantee

Sheridan students and professors get a 100% moneyback even if they cancel their travel plans 12 hours prior to departure. Other customers must cancel at least 5 days before departure if they want a full moneyback. 75% of the total amount of money is money backed If the customer cancels 3 days prior to travel. 50% of the total money is money backed when the customer cancels one day prior to travel. PSB travel agency is truly customer friendly. It provides moneyback guarantee to our customers. If our travel agency does not provide expected services to customer our travel agency assures moneyback to our customers.


boarding pass cancelled due to covid 19
boarding pass cancelled due to covid 19


Our values as travel agency and moneyback

we are a true friend of our customers because we understand our customers.  Knowing that in pandemic times, we may have to cancel our travel plans. PSB travel agency understands that nobody wants to waste their money which is why we provide flexible options to our customers. Travel agents of our company understand that it is disappointing if the money we spent does not seem to have given the expected happiness out of the travel. As a result, we provide money-back guarantee to our customers. Knowing that our clients need a platform which they can trust before making travel plans and spending their hard-earned money. we are willing to help our customers at their one call.



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We provide value to our customers by assuring them that their money is in safe hands. Travellers should rate their travel experiences are worth the price that they pay. The company also understands that our travel plans may change. That’s why why we provide flexible travel plans as well as postponement and reschedule options to our customers. According to survey, less than 30% of travellers got travel refund during the pandemic. Other resources also state similar figures. we  promise to provide complete money back to our customers in case they change travel plans . we prioritise our customer’s satisfaction and happiness.


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location and services of our agency

PSB travel agency has physical offices at Sheridan campuses and online presence for global users. Sheridan community has special advantage as they can get complete moneyback even if they change their plans 12 hours before travel. We aim to provide your customers with a sense of security that their money is in safe hands. Accordingly, we provide adjustable and flexible travel packages to our Sheridan students as well as global customers.  These are the services of moneyback at travel agency Sheridan. We provide a variety of travel options to choose from along with secure and safe travel experience.










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Our travel agency provides additional consumer protection. This may not be available when booking with other travel agencies. A few of these protections include the compensation fund which is the moneyback guarantee . Travel complaint resolution, travel planning, customised packages and financial requirements for travel packages are also a part.

End Goal as a travel agency

We strive to provide best travel experience to our customers. But before that, we strive to provide best booking experience . Consequently  we provide travel complaint resolution services . All customers can directly speak to our customer service. customers can file an online complaint form to be eligible for moneyback.  Agency also give an invoice that is has descriptions of items. This is done so that our customers understand in detail what they are paying for. Also, The same invoice contains terms and conditions of booking/cancellation/ rescheduling etc. Customer hands over the same invoice while filing a complaint regarding a specific service. In the end, we respect the value of your money and promise moneyback.

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