Social media optimization to fuel your pet shop’s success !

Supercharge your pet shop’s success with comprehensive social media optimization strategies tailored to your needs!

Social media is the superpower that every business owns but navigating it and optimizing social media can be a huge challenge for non-marketers. At PSB Digital, we understand the challenges you face as a small business owner. Hence we craft unique strategies to achieve your social media optimization goals. Our value proposition is focused on offering a huge variety of marketing services which will help you achieve any marketing-related challenge at a competitive rate. Connect with us to unleash the superpower through social media optimization.

Social Media Optimization

Choose your business’s growth today, connect with us to learn more.


Why Social Media Optimization?

Strong Online Presence
Businesses need a strong online presence to remain competitive. Platforms on social media are known for their capacity to engage with large audiences. Also, businesses may create a strong online presence and express their brand’s values, offers, and messages to potential clients through social media optimization.

Increased Brand Awareness

Undoubtedly, the use of social media optimization is essential for raising awareness of the brand. Eventually businesses will reach a larger audience and expose their brand to potential customers who may not have known about it when they actively participate on social media platforms. Additionally, businesses may successfully increase brand awareness and create brand recognition by regularly publishing helpful information, connecting with followers, and utilizing social media advertising.

Better Understanding of customers

Social media networks offer insightful data about consumer behaviour, tastes, and views. Businesses may collect and analyze data, such as demographic data, consumer feedback, and engagement metrics, by improving social media platforms. These insights may assist companies in better comprehending their target market, spotting trends, and making defensible choices to customize their goods, services, and marketing plans to match client demands and expectations.

More Leads
Evidently, social media optimization can generate a steady stream of leads for businesses. By optimizing social media profiles and consistently sharing relevant and engaging content, businesses can attract and capture the interest of potential customers. Additionally, through social media advertising and targeted campaigns, businesses can reach specific demographics and drive traffic to their website or landing pages, increasing the chances of converting leads into customers.

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Here’s how PSB Digital can solve your pain points:

  1. Acquisition of New Customers:
    We understand the importance of attracting and retaining customers. Our expert team will develop tailored marketing campaigns that target your ideal audience, utilizing data-driven strategies to optimize your customer acquisition efforts. Say goodbye to struggling with acquiring new customers and hello to a steady stream of pet-loving patrons.
  2. Effective Social Media Management:
    Navigating the ever-evolving landscape of social media can be overwhelming. Our social media experts will create a cohesive and engaging online presence for your pet shop across various platforms. Additionally, we’ll develop compelling content, manage your accounts, and engage with your audience, ensuring that your brand shines and generates buzz within the pet community.
  3. Leveraging Digital Marketing Tools:
    Are you clueless about digital marketing tools? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. From search engine optimization (SEO) to pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, further we’ll guide you through digital marketing and implement the right tools to increase traffic, and conversions, and boost your online visibility.
  4. Budget-Friendly Solutions:
    Is budget stopping you from availing of digital marketing services? We understand the challenges of budget constraints, PSB Digital offers flexible packages tailored to your needs. Our goal is to provide you with cost-effective marketing solutions that deliver exceptional results, certainly ensuring a positive return on investment.

Ready to take the first step towards transforming your pet shop’s success? Click here to schedule a free consultation with one of our pet shop marketing specialists. They will assess your specific challenges and goals, providing personalized recommendations on how our services can drive your business forward.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your pet shop’s marketing strategy. Take action today and watch your business flourish with the help of PSB Digital.

PSB Digital

PSB Desk Ergonomics Work Station

PSB Desk Logo

PSB Desk Ergonomics Work Station

PSB Desk – Finest Ergonomics Solution for astir way of living

PSB Desk is introducing an Ergonomic desk. In other words, these are the standing adjustable heights table which has a lot of benefits. The table has been designed by keeping in mind the busy professional way of living. Also because the professionals are facing some healthy-related chronic problems, hence to solve all the issues and to evoke critical thinking PSBdesk is introducing Ergonomic Tables.

PSB office counters are made up of indestructible materials and are sustainable.  In addition, this will improve the work environment both at home and at the office. It will create better posture and prevent muscle inactivity. Do you know what the best part is ??? It will provide much more comfort to the professionals because they can adjust the height of the table. 

Talking about the mechanism of the table then it is highly functional which means one can adjust the height of the table manually or by using technology I.e. an App. The table is hydraulic and advanced in nature.

The design of the table has been created by keeping the customer’s special requirements. PSBDesk is focusing to provide the most amazing and trustworthy experience to our buyers.  Moreover, the tables are highly efficient and provide the utmost comfort.


The answer to this question is Yes. The design of the table is sleek, and modern and has been designed keeping professionals in mind. It rides back pain. The main advantage is it helps to boost your mood and focus. Also, helps you in improving your posture. Let me also tell you one of the most important benefits which are standing burns more calories than sitting, even if you are simply standing. PSB Office workstations will help to reduce the amount of time spent sitting at work. PSBDesk table helps you to control the modifications and you will 100% want to make more modifications to get the best result. Talking about the pricing, it can be customized as per the quantity ordered

Trusted by leading brands

Customer Quotes

Loving the PSB Desk experience, easy to use table and classy in looks. Worth every penny spent on it !

Luke Doe, Business Analyst, Scotia Bank

Want to hear more about Ergonomics Table from
PSB Desk?

Let’s get you comfortable and advanced technology counter from PSB Desk.

I bet you will enjoy the product!

Solution to your Busy workStlye
Solution to your Busy workStlye

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PSB Travel Packages Mississauga


Want to explore various PSB Digital travel packages for your preferred destinations and travelling preferences? You got us.

We strive to provide you with memorable and comfortable trips. PSB Digital is a platform that provides travellers more than just a journey or destination but also an enriching social experience.

We offer interesting packages with great deals for students willing to travel with their groups or peers. Whether you want to book luxurious 5 star hotels , resorts or you are looking for hiking and camping  experiences with adventure activities, one day picnics, short trips or a 8-10 days trip, we will have it all planned for you. We also make sure you have the meals of your choice, whether you are a vegan, vegetarian or non- vegetarian.

Check out our latest updates on upcoming events and offers to get great deals on bookings on Travel Packages and win a chance to earn reward points.

We also provide reward points which later can be used for any future bookings or for shopping at partner brands.

We have flexible refunds and cancellations policies included in the PSB Digital Travel Packages.

You can book your trip online with us or visit our office at Sheridan College, HMC, Mississauga.

Explore the PSB Digital Travel Packages…

PSB Digital Travel Packages camping

PSB Digital Travel PackagesOneday trip
One Day Trip

PSB Digital Travel Packages Weekend Gateways
Weekend Gateways
PSB Digital group packages
Student Group Packages

PSB Digital Travel Packages domestic packages
Domestic Packages

PSB Digital Travel Packagesinternational
International Packages


We offer special discounts to students and alumni from Sheridan college, existing and alumni additional discounts on PSB Travel Packages for referring our agency to their peers, colleagues and relatives. . Click below if you are a Sheridan college student or an alumna.

PSB Digital Travel Packages sheridan

Explore Accommodation and Additional Services at PSB Digital

PSB Digital Travel Packages Accomodation

PSB Digital meals

PSB Digital car rentals
RV and Car Rentals

PSB Digital Travel Packages adventures
Adventure Activities

PSB Digital Travel Packages book flights
Book Flights

PSB Digital Travel Packages Travel Insurance
Travel Insurance

PSB Digital Travel PackagesLocal guide
Local Guide

With PSB Digital Travel Packages, despite budget constraints, you can travel through good financing options.

Click here to know more.

” Travel Now, Pay Later” for PSB Digital Travel Packages

Click on the links below know more about…

Reward Points

Refunds and Cancellations

Our Policies




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PSB Digital Travel Packages covid updates

PSB Travel Advisor

About Us

PSB Travels is fastest growing and dedicated to Offer travellers  extensive selection of hotel , flights ,travel services , hospitality, car rentals at competitive prices .  Years of experience added with creative tour packages,  rooms to meet every budget, activities of every kind and travel services to complement., along with thousands of satisfied clients have made us one of the leading and trusted company in Canada. Our philosophy stems of leaving no stone unturned – which makes us reputable in tour and travel circles. Our valuable suggestions by our experienced travel experts graces your amazing journey.

You can choose from

  • A wide range of holiday packages, hotel accommodation, domestic and international ticket bookings and car rentals at your fingertips .
  • Experienced travel experts well-furnished travel plans
  • Theme based and customised travel and holiday itineraries.
  • Exclusive travel tips just right for your perennial travel needs.


                     FLIGHTS                                          HOTELS

 Discover Canada

Experience endless destinations to explore for both adventure and relaxation. Choose amongst one of  the most well-travelled destinations within Canada . Winter may be the best time of year to explore. Shimmering, snow-covered mountains to wander  cosy fires to gather beside. You can also discover cities filled with entertainment, culture and cuisine – and spas to pamper yourself completely.

Customised Holidays – (Starting 100$ including meals and Cab)

Tailor-made holidays for you! Tell us what you want and we will design it for you or explore our special packages.


Quebec Walking & Hiking Tour,Idyllic Quebec City & Historic French Canada (starting from 200$ including meals and Cab)

Whistler Walking & Hiking Tour – Weekend GetawayVancouver, Sunshine Coast (starting from 200$ including meals and Cab)

Group Tour Packages and Weekend Gateways specially for Family and Friends. (starting from 150$ including meals and Cab)

Discover the World

                                    Maldives                                                                              Australia   

                                       Singapore                                                                    Istanbul


Explore your favourite International Destination  starting from  500$ and many more exciting deals.


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Worried about what digitalization means for your company? Need assistance creating a marketing plan to cater to your needs and attract new clients? Well look no further. PSB Digital offers a variety of courses and promotional plans to its clients to assist them with a unique plan just for them! Sign up here to know more!

What Is Your Brand

Why Your Brand Matters Most 

Your Job Is To Grow Your Business.
So Is Ours.

PSB Digital comes with professional web design and digital marketing growth strategies that benefit your brand. This team is focused on getting your brand to the next level.We specialize in professional digital marketing, website development and creating a marketing plan that caters only to you and your clients. PSB Digital only believes in providing the best services possible both locally and internationally 

How A Simple Marketing Plan Can Change Everything For You

  • PSB Digital can increase interactivity with brand loyals and brand switchers, we want to gain the trust of your market and audience, and enhance your future prospects. There are so many new ways to promote your brand creatively that PSB Digital can come up with the perfect plan for your company. 

Why Digital Marketing Should Be your Main Focus:

  • Digital Marketing is Measurable
  • It’s easier to tweak per your audience and taste
  • It’s more cost- effective than traditional marketing
  • You can create multiple marketing plans for multiple targets

Take advantage now of social media’s tactics by allowing us to post targeted ads to an audience of your choice based on a set of demographics. As a team, we focus on Unique Selling Propositions and Search Engine Optimization for your website. 

Trusted by leading brands

Ren's Pets (A Satisfied Client) Testimonials

“During the first surge of COVID, our company realized that we needed an online marketing plan to gain traction with our online audience. Our confusion started there. Being fairly new to this digital world, we asked this fresh young group to assist us in creating the perfect marketing plan that suits our needs. We couldn’t have asked for a better team to work with our brand and ensure optimization (SEO).”


Let Us Do The Work For You.

This Brand Strategy Marketing agency is willing to do all the work for you. Our business is to ensure our clients are always satisfied with the results. Our digital marketing plan is like no other. Come Talk To Us Today. 

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Pet Shop Marketing Firm in Oakville

Your Pet Store
Digital Marketing Firm in Oakville

Our marketing team will provide you with the tools to have your business standout in a crowded sector.  

Growth Is The Key At PSB!

Here at PSB Digital we offer multiple services and plans for our customers. From graphic design to video production to website design, we do it all. Oh and did we mention 24/7 service for any emergencies your business runs into.

PSB Digital offers the whole package to customers. We are your one stop shop for anything marketing.

Our full scale marketing team will walk you through the options on how to improve your pet shop with frequent in person meetings, quarterly reviews, digital marketing  1 on 1 for your business’ needs. 

Paw-Tastic Marketing Solutions

PSB Digital’s driving focus is to provide quality customer service for pet stores to rise above the competition. Our full scale, 24/7 team is here to serve you and your pet store. With email campaigns sent out by our software system weekly and graphic design team, your pet store will be at the top of minds in you community. We will provide your team with a full marketing strategy after our initial consultation. This will go over how to cater to your audience such as developing a mobile app for customers to purchase your products from. 

     How can my pet shop benefit from PSB Digital Team?

Our marketing team has access to all digital platforms your audience would be using and continue to keep up to date on what new social media platforms are on the market. As of March 2022, PSB Digital will analyze data from Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok.

In addition, we will be tracking customer retention, SEOs, USPs, along with Google Analytics to further our strategy.

How do you increase traffic flow in your pet shop?

Hosting events at your pet shop is a great way to gain new customers and keep returning customers happy. In order to attack customers into the store put out banners outside of the store and the nearest entrance into the parking lot of your establishment. By having visuals at the front and entrances it will attack new customers to see what deals you have. On the banners you will have any new products or announce sales. Furthermore, hosting events for the sales will be a fun and engaging environment for your customers.

What can we do internally at our pet shop?

Research has shown when having knowledge and engaging employees, customers are more likely purchase and have a higher customer retention rate.

Make sure that your customer is top of mind with everything you do. Care about the business and the marketing will follow suit. Your customers will know if you only care about profits. If you care about your customers your profits will increase.

In order to attract the right customers, find out your target audience’s income. This can be through Google search websites to show income with geographical location and demographic. Having your audience’s income will then enable you to price effective. If your pet shop has premium products and will need to charge a higher price, look to targeting Oakville residents as historically Oakville residents have higher disposable income to spend on their pets.

If you want to learn more about how to increase your customer retention, optimizing your google search, and how to develop awareness of your brand, check out our free digital white paper copy now!

Client Testimonial

“We were lost on how to increase our SEOs and social media marketing. PSB Digital was able to give us solutions to solve all of our problems and help us feel more confident as a business with having them on our team.”

- Bark Pet Shoppe

Kick Start Your Marketing Journey 

Digital Marketing Firms Of Oakville Wants To Hear From You

Our full scale graphics and digital marketing team is ready to assist you in everything marketing related to your pet shop. We want to hear from you, contact us at: 

P: 123-456-7890


A: 1515 Rebecca St, Oakville, ON L6L 5G8 

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Event Marketing is Changing Pet Shops In Mississauga

How Event Marketing Is Changing The Pet Shop Industry In Mississauga

Event marketing is giving new meaning to promotions and customer connections in pet shops across Mississauga. By successfully planning, hosting and executing events for your customers in-person and online you can attract and keep your loyal customers feeling connected to your business. 

Event Marketing for Pet Shops Mississauga

What Is Event Marketing For Pet Shops?

Event marketing for pet shops is all about creating an experience that allows a company to directly connect with customers, new and old. It also creates a sense of community around a brand as customers can interact with one another. No company is too small to benefit from event marketing, even smaller events have the same impact and results. Companies can even host events online, which still helps increase customer interaction and brand loyalty.

Because of this new surge, event marketing for pet shops in Mississauga is becoming more and more common. This means that it is essential to understand event marketing and how you can utilize it within your business. However, don’t worry we have got you covered! If you want to know more about event marketing and what it can do for your business click below for more information.

How Can You Use Event Marketing For Your Pet Shop?

Now that we know what event marketing can do, let’s see how you can use it.🐶

Hosting events are great opportunities to connect with your customers and engage them into your brand. These events can connect owners, pets and employees. This trust allows the customer to feel more comfortable asking for advice and buying recommended items. This relationship is also essential to increase customer loyalty and positive word of mouth. Events can also be used to connect other businesses and support nonprofit commitments. A key thing to know for creating a successful event is that it is essential to create an experience even virtually. This allows your customers to interact with your products but also have fun. This fun feeling will transfer over to your brand and ensure customers feel positively and confident about you. By fully understanding your customers you can plan and execute any events you would like.

As a pet store you have a ton of advantages to use for creating events online or in store. Two of the events PSB has helped to facilitate in the last year can be seen below:

  1. PSB hosted an in-person dog carnival with activities and booths. These booths included pet food tasting and toy testing where each brand had their own booth. Then customers can bring their pets to taste test which foods they like the best and find their favourite toy. This event was designed to trial new product brands and test which stock was favourable. The carnival also had booths from local businesses with pet related products. This created a community and network of businesses while testing products.   
  2. PSB hosted an online event through their partnership with Hopin. It was a panel event with experts in pet care and pet training who answered questions and spoke about their experiences. Guests could attend and watch the panel on the virtual mainstage. Or they could attend the extra sessions where virtual groups were held and ran by community experts. There was a cats group, small dogs, big dogs, puppies, elderly animals, small pets, exotic pets, aquatic pets, reptiles, and more. Guests could pop into any session and chat with others and get connected. They could also attend the marketplace section which had virtual booths guests could visit to learn about leading brands and shop online. This event created a massive community online and engaged not only businesses but all pet parents.

These events were facilitated and designed for each companies’ goals. Company 1 wanted to improve their product sales and increase brand trials for new products. Company 2 wanted to engage their customers again during the pandemic. Each aspect, step, and design of these events was created between PSB and the company as a dual partnership. PSB facilitates events that support company goals and better customer connections. As well these events can offer many benefits for your company like brand trial, networking and community outreach. These connections are essential in marketing nowadays especially in the pet industry where community and trust is everything.

Want To Know More?

The key to creating successful events is planning and understanding your customers and goals. PSB helps support and facilitate these conversations with personalized consultations and campaigns for each company no matter how small. Our event marketing expert services can help you create successful events that help bring in new customers and help you connect more with your current customers online and in-person. We work with you to help guide and understand what you and your market want. You can learn more about us and how event marketing can be used to better your business in our white paper linked below.

Event Marketing for Pet Shops Mississauga

Contact Us

905 123 456

PSB Digital 309 Rathburn Rd W, Mississauga, ON L5B 4C1

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Crowdsourcing for Home Décor Businesses

Do you want to receive specialized help with marketing your home décor business in Mississauga? That is to say, What if you could improve your marketing efforts without the stress of hiring a whole marketing team? In need of a campaign idea or advertisement, yet don’t know where to start? With our team of professionals we make crowdsourcing for home décor Businesses in Mississauga easy.

Focus on the home décor aspect of your company, leave the marketing to us!

What is Crowdsourcing?

Crowdsourcing is a way to produce marketing ideas through collaborative brainstorming. This helps companies generate unique marketing ideas with a greater diversity of thinking. Crowdsourcing is the one of the best ways to go when marketing for Home Décor Businesses.

PSB Digital crowdsources a variety of different freelancers that specialize in the home décor industry including:
-Graphic Designers

In addition, we work closely with your home décor business to ensure your business goals are met.

Get marketing help from the home décor industry’s best!

men and women sitting at a table working on their Macbooks together

How does it all work?

1. The home décor business owner visits PSB Digital crowdsourcing website
2. The client is prompted to fill out a form explaining where they require specialized help: budget, timelines, etc.
3. Our team matches over 1,000 different specialized freelancers to the job
4. The various freelancers work on the project individually and submit their proposals to client
5. The client chooses that best proposal that fits their company’s goals
6. PSB Digital crowdsourcing will follow up with the home décor client to ensure their satisfaction

An appealing attribute that PSB Digital crowdsourcing offers to home décor businesses is that the client does not pay a dime until they are fully satisfied with the work. In other words, the client can make changes as many times as necessary until they are content with the final product.

Why Should I Use Crowdsourcing for my Business?

Crowdsourcing is beneficial for home décor businesses because:

• Generates unique marketing ideas
-Client will receive a variety of work from freelancers who specialize in the home décor industry
-Freelancers will create the customized ads and the client may choose which they prefer out from a diverse selection of choices

• Saves your company money and time
-Instead of spending time and money looking to hire marketing employees, clients can count on crowdsourcing to help achieve their marketing goals

• Customized to meet your company’s goals
-We work directly with the client to ensure they are meeting your expectations and ROI

• Offers a greater diversity of proposed concepts
-If the company solely relies on their marketing manager their marketing ideas may not be as unique
-Crowdsourcing involves over 1,000 different people collectively brainstorming to come up with the best solution for your home décor business

• Provides fast and effective problem solving
-Can be completed in a shorter time span, rather than hiring a marketing manager
-Our options allow clients to choose the timeline for their project
-Projects can be completed in less than one week if necessary

• Maximizes marketing ROI
-Effective advertisements will help increase sales, interactions, and views for the company

• Helps freelancers add to their portfolio
-By using our crowdsourcing for home décor businesses in Mississauga service, you are helping millions of freelancers gain experience and add to their portfolio

screen showing marketing reports

Crowdsourcing for Home Décor Businesses in Action

PSB Digital Crowdsourcing spoke with Stella Olsen, the owner of All That Décor, one of the first companies to utilize our crowdsourcing service for home décor businesses.

Ms. Olsen approached us looking for help to create an advertisement for her upcoming promotional giveaway. Firstly, she explained that she is currently the only employee at her company and doesn’t have time to focus on marketing. She further described that she required an advertisement that matched her company’s unique aesthetic, while also creating brand awareness. Finally, she stated that she needed the advertisement completed within one week, with an overall budget of $2,000.

PSB Digital Crowdsourcing took all of the requirements into consideration and began sourcing the most suitable freelancers for the project. With over 150 freelancers interested in the project for All That Décor the turnout was flawless. It only took 4 days for our freelancers to create exactly what Ms. Olsen was looking for.

“PSB Digital Crowdsourcing was a dream to work with. Their website made it easy for me to explain exactly what I needed to help my marketing efforts. I really like how they provided a diverse variety of advertisements to choose from in the end. In addition, I respect how the service is simultaneously helping freelance artists add to their portfolio and gain experience. As a business owner, I’m happy to say that I have saved over $5,000 by crowdsourcing with PSB Digital. Above all, the company offers a service like none other.”

-Stella Olsen, crowdsourcing user and owner of All that Décor

Crowdsourcing for Home Décor Businesses
Crowdsourcing for Home Décor Businesses

Other Services Offered

PSB Digital Marketing Agency offers a variety of other marketing services for your home décor company. For instance, a virtual showroom, Do-It-Yourself Playground, and Online Virtual Assistance. Visit our website and fill out our questionnaire to see which is right for your company and learn more about how these services can help improve your marketing efforts.

White Paper is here

Online Virtual Showroom In Mississauga

Online Virtual Showroom Mississauga. Advantages Of Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency - Reach First Inc.

Is your business looking to take its showroom to the next level? Then an Online Virtual Showroom in Mississauga might be the exact upgrade your looking for!

Find out how an online virtual showroom in Mississauga can help your business reach a different level by bringing a rich experience to your customers. It all starts with our PSB Digital Marketing Agency.

What is PSB Digital?

7 Free Training Resources for Digital Marketing Agencies | WordStream

PSB Digital is a marketing agency located in Mississauga that specializes in the Home Décor industry. We are a team of digital marketers that take your personal business to the next level. Our team consists of digital marketers that have previous experience with other home décor businesses to help them establish a stronger digital presence. Above all, PSB Digital Marketing Agency offers many different unique ways that can help your home décor business. Our digital program includes online virtual showroom, virtual assistant, and DIY virtual playground. The focus for our agency is to develop your home décor business with our AI technology and enable your brand to stand out in the market compared to other competitors. The first step in our plan is implementing a online virtual showroom for your home décor business.

What is Online Virtual Showroom?

Virtual Interior Design, Virtual Showroom, Showroom Visualizer

Virtual showrooms are the new trend in the business world, many new businesses are starting to understand that there are two ways to buy products that offer two completely different experiences. In other words, customers can buy products both offline and online and have different experiences each time. Virtual showrooms are a 360 immersive space that allows the business a 3D product display and a rich brand experience. Above all, the online virtual showroom is a digital environment that has 3D product replicas along with detailed product information. This is a virtual staged environment where customers can mix and match their favorite items.

How Does Virtual Showroom Work For A Business?

Virtual showroom is an excellent tool for your business that allows the brand to develop on many levels:

  • Gather & Analyze data
  • Plan the current and future inventory for the store
  • Create additional touchpoints that include animations to interact with customers
  • Create full customized virtual environment

Why Should A Customer Use A Virtual Showroom?

There are many things that a customer can do in a virtual showroom:

  • Try on products in a real space
  • Measure actual size of the product to see if it fits in their desired location
  • View marketing information on products that include sales and discounts
  • Buy products virtually by engaging in sales and promotions

Walmart's 3D Virtual Showroom Aims to Furnish College Dorms | Fortune

Benefits Of A Online Virtual Showroom

Virtual showroom is the future of digital business, this tool takes both business and customer experience to the next level in various ways:

  • Provide shopping assistance through virtual assistants
  • Reduce costs for showroom maintenance and facility space
  • Create additional interactions & touchpoints with your products
  • Explain information in a virtual way
  • Differentiate the market

Price Of A Online Virtual Showroom For Your Business

What's the price? How Much Does it Cost? How to answer this question.

First, cost of the service varies depending on what is included in the available package. Clients will be available to pick what sections of the digital marketing consulting services they specifically need for their business. The price range for our marketing services are within $2000-$10000 and customers can pick between the 4 packages we have to offer (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum).

On the top of that our agency also offers a 15-day free trial for your business to test out the virtual showroom and see how it works for your brand.

In addition, our digital marketing agency will offer the lowest price in the market and we will negotiate the price to fit your business needs.

Like what you read on Virtual Showrooms? Register now with PSB Digital Marketing Agency to start building your Online Virtual Showroom Today!

Please feel free to leave a comment and share if you enjoyed this blog.

Click Here to visit our home page for more information to get in touch with us. You can also call us at (647)-444-1111 or email at

If you would like to learn more about Online Virtual Showrooms in Mississauga  & PSB Digital Marketing Agency  please visit:


Multicultural Digital Marketing For Restaurants Near GTA

Welcome to PSB Digital, an elite full-service multicultural digital marketing for restaurants in GTA municipalities (Toronto, Mississauga, York Region, Peel Region, Halton Region, etc.). By working exclusively with clients from different cultures in the restaurant industry, our experienced marketing experts have in-depth knowledge of the challenges or opportunities facing restaurants of all shapes and sizes on a daily basis. PSB Digital offers comprehensive end-to-end marketing strategies that effectively increase sales, improve day-to-day operation and establish stronger online presence for your restaurant.

End-to-End Multicultural Digital Marketing For Restaurants

PSB Digital is the one-stop marketing agency that connects your restaurant with multicultural customers and accelerates sales growth. We acknowledge that each business is unique. Therefore, our dedicated team will work closely with you to develop and execute a fully customized online marketing plan that suits your own restaurant objectives and budget from start to finish. We strive to meet and exceed your expectations with our performance-driven digital marketing services.

Multicultural Digital Marketing Campaigns

Multicultural Digital Marketing For Restaurants In GTA

Visible minority groups in Canada make up approximately 96% of Canada population. Specifically in Toronto, visible minority groups are estimated to comprise 63% of the population. In other words, the ethnocultural diversity of Canada’s population is projected to continue increase in the future. Here at PSB Digital, we provide comprehensive multicultural digital marketing campaigns for all restaurants in GTA, no matter their heritage. Our marketing strategies are built upon your own specific target audience groups, whether they speak traditional or simplified Chinese, Punjabi, Urdu, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, French, Italian, Spanish, or Portuguese etc. Professional translation services are also available to meet your needs for sales brochures, collateral and other promotional materials that are essential for your frontline representatives.

SEO and Google Ads 

Our marketing experts have extensive experiences in providing immediate, consistent visibility in search engine results and developing cost-effective Google Ads. We help boost traffic, quality leads and sales for your restaurant. We conduct thorough research to identify optimal keywords as well as provide professional website design that help bringing your restaurant website to the top of the search results.

All-in-one POS Integration

In addition, our all-in-one POS integration software allows restaurants to manage day-to-day operation more effectively. This is a powerful tool to manage customer orders, daily sales, online reviews, inventories, employees and also to gain 360º view of customers through CRM platform. The set up process is simple and fast, and the information is accessible from any device anytime. Monthly reports of sales, customers data can be generated easily just with one click. That allows restaurants to utilize collected data to build stronger relationship with customers.

Digital Marketing – Social Media Management For Restaurants

Our social media management service covers your social media presence from A-Z, from beautiful content creation to engaging comment and message replies, optimize social media profiles and everything in between. We provide in house content creation and editorial calendars that engages your target audiences with trendy and interactive contents. Food photography service and training is also available. We facilitate courteous and responsive interactions between the restaurant with customer feedback to limit and address negative comments. Our marketing team will help establish strong digital presence for your restaurant on various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok.

Industry Insights 

We also provide insights from experts in the food industry for our clients. That helps you understand your target audience, the opportunities and challenges your restaurant faced with and how to overcome them. Moreover, we also conduct competitive intelligence to provide strategic insights for our clients. The combined knowledge helps our clients develop the right product offering that meets customers’ needs at the right time.

How It Works

In order to drive results, we thoroughly analyze your restaurant current situation, marketing needs. Next, we conduct extensive market research about consumer and industry insights; analyze competition to identify the challenges and opportunities your restaurant faced with. We also provide you with accumulated results and data analytics from our customer base. This demonstrates how value can be unlocked and generate higher rate of prospect conversion into customers for restaurants. Finally, we develop a seamless strategy that will expose you to the right audience at the right place. Our 24/7 customer support service is always available to assist whenever you need.

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