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Hire right person for the Right job

One Solution for all Recruiting Problems

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Hire right person for the right job has become way more easy with PSB HR recruitment software ,which will solve all the problems related to recruitment process. From beginning to ending the recruitment process consumes loads of time and efforts, but with the help of PSB recruit software companies can save their time as most of the work would handled by the software. From, finding a perfect fit for the job, to selecting the candidate with exact education or skills that a position demands everything can be done by just one PSB software. Therefore, Hire right person for the right job now with the help of PSB recruit.

Some of the benefits of using HR software for Hiring process

  • Save time and efforts

    – Management can save the time and effort by just simply using the PSB software. As, it will handle the initial step in the recruitment process, which basically includes finding  perfect fit for the job by selecting the candidate for the further steps. This step somehow become hectic task for people since a number of people apply for the same position. Therefore, using PSB software will save the time and efforts of the management ,and they can use the same time in other steps for excellent results. Thus, management can easily hire right person for the right job.  

  • Reduce paperwork-

    PSB recruit would help to reduce the paperwork as well, by storing all the data online. Thus, there is no need to store piles of papers as the software would save all the important data on it own.

  •  Hire right person for the right job and speed up the hiring process

    PSB software allows to speed up the recruitment process, by providing all the necessary information to the employer and the candidates. With the help of this. they can easily access the information from anywhere. Which,  helps everyone to save the time by collecting information easily and speed up the recruitment process.

“The recruitment process has become very easy, and all thanks to PSB Recruit software. The best and easy to use software in the market .Which is not only helpful for the HR department but for the overall management.

Sylvia jospeh,Hr manager , University of toronto.

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Introducing new Technology Hydraulic desk

Join our webinar to know about our innovative Psb desk (new technology hydraulic desk). Don’t miss this one-time opportunity

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DATE: Thursday, November 21 at 10 am

Introducing new technology Hydraulic desk

Webinar bring light upon .......

  •  How the Hydraulic Desk are beneficial for your health. 
  • How to use PSB desk.
  • What’s new and innovative we are bringing to the table.
  •  What are the key advantages of using Hydraulic Desk over conventional Desk.

Jannie Handerson

Operational Director of psb desk will give valuable insight on the benefit of using Hydraulic desk.

Featured Presenter

Dr. Watson Khabno

A psychotherapist provide you valuable knowledge about Bad effects of wrong siting posture on bones.

Words from our Directors.

“We are working really hard to give you best and comfortable experience which will improve your efficiency so don’t miss this interesting webinar .”

Operational Director (psb desk)



ON, Canada

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Benefits of Affordable Hydraulic PSBDesk.

Hydraulic PSBDesk
Hydraulic Affordable PSBDesk

Many features are included in the PSBDesk that we provide. A student benefits from it just as much as a professional or teacher does. Beyond comfort, the Desk has a lot more to offer. A flexible power outlet that is attached to the desk is among its features. A footrest that is particularly adaptable for a student is also included with the hydraulic desk. It gets exceedingly challenging for pupils to sit correctly and comfortably for a few hours straight as a result of how long they must spend stationary. The desk has an integrated footrest that may be used to improve posture and provide a place to put your feet on while you work. The desk also comes with a 10-year warranty and a variety of styles to select from. The desk features technology that allows the height to be modified following the comfort and height of an individual. The desk is relatively flexible, and it can be easily moved. It has a very long lifespan. The desk facilitates work because it is very comfortable for an individual. PSBDesk is a very affordable desk, making it easy for anyone to purchase. And, as we all know, greater comfort leads to greater satisfaction. This desk is relatively inexpensive and comes with a plethora of features that we have to offer an individual. The best feature of this desk is that it prevents muscle inactivity. It also provides a much better working environment. The desks are made of solid handcrafted wood and have a nice touch of style to them. We also provide a service in which a member of our staff is assigned to explain the features of the desk and how it works to the customer when it is delivered. In short, our desk is not only feature-rich but also affordable, and comfortable.

PSB Desks for Fashion Designers

Fashion Designer's Dream Desk by PSB

Ergonomics Desk

Having trouble adjusting your desk? Do you feel obligated to work according to your desk? Do you get back discomfort when working?

If you answered “Yes” to all of the questions, don’t worry since PSB has Smart Desk solutions to all of your difficulties. Sign up for the webinar to learn more.

Why go for Ergonomics Desk?

An ergonomic desk is intended to decrease the amount of time you spend sitting during the course of your workday. Rather than sitting for numerous hours at a time, elevate the level of your desk to work at standing height. Long durations of sitting can be damaging to your wellness, and the NHS recommends that individuals attempt to sit less during their day. Which is why these flexible workstations are commonly referred to as “sit stand” desks.

Sitting for too long can be harmful for your health and it can lead to:

1. Being overweight
2. Diabetes type 2
3. Elevated blood pressure (high blood pressure)
4. Back discomfort, shoulder pain, and repetitive strain injuries are examples of musculoskeletal injuries (RSI)

What are the benefits of Ergonomics Desks?

Students use their workstations to complete assignments, compose  documents, send emails, develop designs and execute other duties. Fortunately, there is a technique to keep them active and healthy even in a difficult setting. Colleges can influence how students work by investing in ergonomic tables such as standing desks. In short, standing tables are desks designed to be used while standing or sitting in a high chair.

PSB Office is a good spot to start looking for a standing desk. The desk features hydraulics that allow it to be adjusted to the user’s preference. Power strips and a USB port are included in for a better charging experience. Monitor stand that is movable, so that you don’t feel like stuck at one place and be productive throughout the day



Standing workstations with ergonomic designs help mitigate many of the above-mentioned harmful effects of sitting in fixed positions for extended periods of time. Fortunately, PSB OFFICE has height-adjustable workstations that may accommodate employees of various sizes. 



Unfortunately, many places do not provide enough room for students to take regular walking breaks. As a result, standing desks are a part of the answer. When looking for standing desks, you’ll find that even the smallest PSB Office desks have enough space in the corner for a potted plant or two and come with inbuilt power strips and USB ports for a better charging experience. Larger desks provide an employee with even more space to be efficient and joyful



From the correct sources, you can find several greener tastes in trendy ergonomic standing workstations. The carbon-negative flexible standing desk is fashioned from 10,854 recycled chopsticks and looks great.


Creative students are more likely to find innovative solutions to challenging challenges, which can improve efficiency and productivity. However, forcing students to sit for nearly the entire workday might stifle innovation. In Harvard Business Review, podcaster and health writer Patrick J. Skerrett discusses the benefits of standing at your work, saying, “I feel more aware while standing. And when I’m stuck on a problem or bored, I can just step away from my desk and pace.”


The more effectively you use ergonomics, the pleased your students will be. They will love coming to college more now than they did previously, and this will have an effect on people around them. You’ll notice an improvement in your personal happiness. When your college students are happy, their creativity levels will rise. The better they perform, the better your college performs. All of these things contribute to keeping everybody happy and secure.

What is an Ergonomics Desk?

And how it will help you make your life better!

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Student Testimony

I was reading the perks of a standing desk and opted to give this one a shot. However, I don’t believe I’ll need to explore any farther. This is strong enough to hold my huge monitor and keyboard, and there is an opening below that expands the overall room. I’m more active and less exhausted, with less headaches and an overall better, more enthusiastic mood. In terms of height, I am 5’7″ and it fits me perfectly.

Julia Bridge, fashion designing college student


What you can get out of the webinar:

  • Listen to experienced individuals who have been in the industry for more than 15 years.
  • Discover the advantages of ergonomic desks.
  • Learn how it aided others.
  • PSB Desks vs. Others
  • Hear firsthand from users of the desk.

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The Ergonomics design that maximizes productivity.

Getting more work done from your staff has always been a burden for businesses, but this is no longer the case when you have ergonomics desks installed in your offices. Employers miss out on potential when they think of ergonomics in terms of only a keyboard or a mouse. It is due to a failure to anticipate long-term objectives. Ergonomics is all about people and finding innovative ways to help each member of your team achieve, be, and do their best. It is about revitalizing culture and changing work habits with an investment that will pay for itself many times over. The PSB Ergonomics desk which is based in Mississauga will benefit you in following ways: - 1. Higher productivity levels 2. Increased employee engagement 3. Spend less on workers compensation

Things That you could benefit from PSB desk

Ergonomics, defined as the science of adapting a workplace to the demands of the user, seeks to promote efficiency and productivity while decreasing pain. Consider the height of your desk or the angle of your computer monitor. Consider whether your eyes are strained at the end of the day or whether typing causes pain in your wrists. Most industrial accidents may be avoided by modifying instruments to the user’s needs and emphasizing correct posture to decrease the effect of repetitive actions. The modern workplace’s usage of computers and fast changing technologies has substantially enhanced the requirement for ergonomics.

Ergonomics also considers the necessity for mobility throughout the day. Traditionally, office furniture has favored rigid, inflexible postures and limited mobility. A balance between sitting and standing, which may be facilitated by a height-adjustable desk, is, on the other hand, a proven approach to fight the impacts of sedentary office behavior. PSB adjustable desks are all ergonomic by design. They are designed to be intuitive and easily adapt to the user. Our goods are designed to encourage everyday movement and physical exercise. Anti-collision, electric dual motor, retractable measuring tape, and anti-slip wedge are some of the exceptional features that enable the architects to efficiently work according to their freedom.

Things that you can expect after installing PSB hydraulic desk: –

  • Improved mental Insight
  • Decreased pains
  • Higher quality work
  • Encourages safety
  • Improved physical health

How ergonomics design benefits you?

Understand how small design changes in your workspace can benefit your health in the long term

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User Reviews of PSB desk

“PSB ergonomics desk are furniture specialist, this place isn’t big but they have quite a bit of new office furniture. I was just window shopping but after talking to the staff, I found out that they have a ton of options. Jeremy was super helpful! He really knew his stuff and all the prices by heart. Even the little things. Answered all my questions competently! Great place.”

Christina Fernandes, VP, JAckpine architecture

Women stressed while working

Investment that pays a dividend to you for a long time!
Sign up now to learn more about the PSB desk and obtain a detailed document about PSB ergonomics desk

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Make your life comfortable with PSB Desks!

Make your life comfortable with PSB Desks!

The adjustable desk height function creates a comfortable and adaptable working environment, improving job efficiency and increasing the company’s total production which makes your life comfortable with PSB Desks! Hydraulic ergonomic workstations help to reduce back discomfort and correct poor posture. 

PSB Office offers an adjustable  hydraulic desk that can be adjusted easily as per our height and body posture. Not only this, but It also gives us flexibility and comfortable working space, which can help increase students’ efficiency and productivity at high school. Desks with several levels of customization allow students to focus and concentrate on their projects and maximum effectiveness.

  • A more favorable working environment.
  • An atmosphere that is more favorable for work.
  • Back problems are decreased with better posture.
  • keeping your muscles active.
  • A great deal cozier for working.
  • Greater contentment results from increased comfort.

We offer goods...

Why go Hydraulic ?
Make your life comfortable with PSB Desks!

Hydraulic desks are great for a workplace since they are so adjustable. Due to their variety of sizes, they are appropriate for both limited sections and large workplaces. If you have a huge extra space set aside to use as your home office, you might require a larger hydraulic desk.


Standing workstations can also help with several sorts of pain that young adults commonly experience, like back pain. Because poor posture frequently causes chronic discomfort, using a standing desk can be quite useful. They help to reduce the strain that prolonged sitting has on the students’ bones and joints.

Aside from their health advantages, height-adjustable workstations are thought to boost employees’ productivity. The Stand Up to Work study found that after a year, 65% of workers with height-adjustable desks reported higher productivity levels as well as improved focus.

Additionally, research indicates..

Comparing sitting and standing, standing burnt 0.15 more calories per minute. A 143-pound person would burn 54 more calories per day if they stood for six hours each day as opposed to sitting. Standing also stimulates the muscles, which reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes, according to study.

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Watch this video !

All the health advantages of standing desks at work are provided in this video. Learn more about the health advantages of hydraulic desks at your place of employment. 

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Experience Healthy Learning With PSB Desk

Experience Healthy Learning with PSB Desk

Learning just got easy with our  updated PSBDesk catalogue. Experience healthy learning with PSB Desk and get an easy access to learning services with classroom ergonomic furniture. Its highly customizable feature has more to offer than just ergonomic seating and adjustable heights.

Experience Healthy Learning with PSB Desk
Students using ergonomic desks in schools.

Why Choose Ergonomic Furniture?

The human body wasn’t really designed to be seated. Not having enough support when you sit can cause stress to your body which can lead to things like muscular fatigue, circulation problems, and even spinal injuries over time. Ergonomic sitting offers the support your health needs, as well as the comfort you need to be productive.

Hearing of PSBDesk by now gives a hit to our catalogue as it is now one of our most popular items. It’s time to experience healthy learning with PSB Desk. PSB Desk is specifically designed for the modern classroom. It gives students a space that is conducive for learning and helps improve their engagement.

Keep reading to learn more about its features and how it can benefit your learning environment.

Will ergonomic desk revolutionize the classrooms?

This is the question that many concerned parents and teaching faculties asks. People often ask additional questions like “Will the desk serve its purpose or will it just become an object for amusement for students”.  The simple answer to this question will be YES. They concluded that classrooms need ergonomic desks after research. Students face a lot of health and mental issues in their school life. Sitting in the same posture for long hours can affect health and cause issues like back pain. Sitting idle and staring at the board can cause unrest in the student which leads to loss of focus and attention. All of these issues can lead to behavioral problems such as ADHD. Ergonomic desk is one stop solution to resolve all of these issues 

Watch this short video to gain a better understanding of the usage of standing desks in classrooms.

Why PSB Desk?

With the help of our modernized PSB Desk you can accurately identify which desks are appropriate for using for students of various ages and heights.

Experience Healthy Learning with PSB Desk
PSB Desk functioning with different body postures

Comfortable and Collaborative Work Environment


The modern classroom is more than just a place to gather knowledge and instruction. It is also a place where people may learn, grow, play, discover, and explore. PSBDesk can contribute to the creation of an atmosphere in which students can experience healthy learning by feeling comfortable, connecting and working with one another. Their straightened focus makes them accomplish complex situations and finish tasks as individuals. The height-adjustable desk allows students of all ages to satisfy their high physical activity levels and enable a natural connection with the educational context.

Experience Healthy Learning with PSB Desk
Students actively participating in class

Customizable To Fit The Needs

Experience Healthy Learning with PSB Desk
The desk is adjusted as per the needs of teacher and student

Adaptive desks, such as the PSB Desks, are made with ergonomics in mind. This makes students safer and more comfortable. Students can also experience healthy leaning as they are free to move their legs. The desk can be set to the optimum height for each individual. This is not just for those in wheelchairs. The desk can be easily customized to fit the needs of students. For example, it can be easily modified to add more space for their work or to use it as a storage unit.

Focus Driven Design

The absence of adjustable classroom furniture can cause hindrance to a student’s healthy learning. PSBDesk, a highly ergonomic and focus-driven design, can have an opposite impact enhancing the kids’ attention span along with their vigilance. Furthermore, it provides wheelchair users and students with other special needs access to the same resources as their peers, eliminating the discomfort and humiliation of being different. This little step toward equality may boost students’ identity and improve their general attitude toward learning, providing them with the confidence they need to participate in class and succeed.

Experience Healthy Learning with PSB Desk
Students and teachers in harmony

Healthy Choice of Institutions

Experience Healthy Learning with PSB Desk

Long durations of sitting have an effect on posture and raise the risk of ailments such as heart disease and diabetes. Students can experience healthy learning with the PSBDesk powered classrooms as they will be able to alter and adjust their working position, boost mobility, and improve their circulation. Those who adopted ergonomic workstations were able to be less stressed and less fatigued than those who worked in old workstations. Therefore, height-adjustable desks are terrific. These chairs are adjustable so that children can sit or stand. They can also rotate between the two.

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Hear Directly From Our Trusted Customers

Here For You : From Start to End

Looking for a specific ergonomic desk? Interested in tailoring a solution to your specific requirements? Or are you simply curious about what we have to offer? Contact us, You can have a desk that is made for you and your specific needs. With this desk, the future of learning is in your hands.

To explore PSB Desk further click here

Hurry Up and sign up for the webinar to gain more knowledge about Hydraulic Desk. Click on the button below to register.

Experience Healthy Learning with PSB Desk

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Connect With Us

PSB flexible inclining desk in Toronto

Flexible PSB Desks

             The new PSB Desk is designed in such a way to provide you a better seating experience. 

                 It is now available with an inclining option only in Toronto. 

The new PSB Desk is made to provide you a proper back support and to maintain posture. It is perfect for those who have a longer seating duration.

Find out more about the benefits of this desk by clicking on the link below.

Why PSB Desk?

Due to busy hours at work and long schedules for the whole week, it is important to maintain correct posture while remain seated for a long period of time.

To solve this problem, we at PSB office have invented a desk which is ideal for anyone who is going through a tough schedule for the day.

We understand our customer requirements and needs and thus designed a perfect desk for long term use. It is perfectly designed and created by specialists after reviewing it regularly. Our aim is to provide the best experience anyone can have after seating on this desk.

We assure you that you are going to recommend our  flexible inclining desk to your friends and relatives after checking it out on our PSB Desk studio which is open in nearby malls in Toronto. 

PSB Desk is the latest version of desk in the city and comes with many benefits. It can be very useful for colleges and universities as students have long seating duration. PSB Desk is designed also for professors to give them proper back support. There are so many benefits of choosing PSB Desk and here are some of them:

1)     PSB Desk has noise free adjustable desk height and legs.

2)     It has smooth incline option.

3)     Comes with premium ergonomics.

4)     PSB desk has phone and wire slot, so the desk always looks clean.

5)     It has scratch resistant technology.

The major benefit that PSB Desk has is the back support to students and professors who are using the desk for a prolonged period. It does not harm their health and maintains a good posture.

Also, it comes with a 15-year scratch warranty so that you don’t have to worry for an extended period of time.

Since we know education institutions need to use their budget wisely on their furniture, we provide PSB Desk at a very reasonable price.

More additional benefits of PSB Desk is that it comes with 360 degrees control like never before in a hydraulic desk

This is all about PSB Desks. For more assistance, click the subscription button.

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