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PSB’s AI-powered recruitment software uses advanced algorithms to automate and streamline various stages of the recruitment process, such as resume screening, candidate ranking, and scheduling interviews. By leveraging AI, this software can help companies save time and improve the quality of their hires, while also providing a better candidate experience process. Register today to know more about our recruitment software.

Transform Your Travel & Tourism Recruitment Process with PSB's AI-Powered Recruitment Software

As a travel and tourism industry professional, finding the right candidates to represent your brand can make all the difference. PSB’s AI-powered recruitment software can help you find top talent, streamline your hiring process, and save valuable time and resources. With features automated resume screening and candidate ranking, you’ll be able to quickly identify the most qualified applicants and make best decisions. Plus, our software is tailored to unique needs of travel and tourism industry, so you can rest assured that you’re getting a solution that meets your specific needs.

Looking for a recruitment solution that’s tailored to the unique needs of the travel and tourism industry? Our recruitment software is designed to help you find the best candidates for your business, whether you’re looking for front-line staff, hospitality professionals, or travel experts. With a user-friendly interface and exceptional customer support, you can rest assured that you’ll have everything to succeed.

Take your recruitment process to the next level with PSB’s AI-powered recruitment software! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to optimize your recruitment process and gain a competitive edge.

Look into the glimpse video about the Recruitment Software webinar!

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Unleash the AI tool with remote recruitment process.

Attend our webinar session on 5th March from 5pm – 7pm EST to explore the advanced AI technology used in our recruitment software, its ease of using and inputing technical aspects of specific recruitment roles. Register for webinar at Misssissauga if you want to reduce the recruitment process without compromising the hiring standards.

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User-Friendly Software For Remote Onboarding

User-Friendly Software For Remote Onboarding Makes Remote Recruitment Easier

PSB Recruit offers a user-friendly software for remote onboarding that offers all the steps in the remote onboarding process. From assessing applications to remote onboarding the selected candidates, PSB Recruit has all the bases covered! 


How can the remote recruitment process be made more efficient?
Is there a way to improve the remote onboarding process? 
What does a user-friendly software for remote onboarding offer to the organisations?

The Webinar will answer all these questions and more to give you an in-depth insight about the remote recruitment process, challenges companies might face, solutions to the problems etc on March 5th, 2023 at 10AM EST


A User-Friendly Software For Remote Onboarding is the promise but how user-friendly is it? What exactly does it do to simplify the remote onboarding process? How does the organisation benefit from using this software?

With the new normal of the world, similarly, adapting to remote work/hiring culture has become of utmost importance for companies.

Our speakers who are experienced and knowledgeable will provide you with insight on the remote work culture, the PSB Software and what it can offer.

Michael Scott, a manager with 20+ years of experience will be talking about how the software helps in each step of the hiring process to ensure the best candidates are selected.

Jan Levinson, one of the programmers of the software, will talk about how the software works, what makes it user-friendly and the complete interface.

Toby Flenderson, a HR Manager will be sharing his personal experience of using the software for managing his company’s hiring needs and the benefits that he thinks the software offers in remote onboarding.

manager who has used user friendly hr software for remote onboarding
Michael Scott, Manager
HR manager who has used user friendly hr software for remote onboarding
Toby Flenderson, HR Manager
programmer who has programmed the user friendly hr software for remote onboarding
Jan Levinson, Programmer

How Does A User-Friendly Software For Remote Onboarding Help?

Remote Onboarding is the process of onboarding an employee into the company virtually. Particularly with the pandemic and the new outlook of the work environment, remote roles are becoming more common and surely a feature that might last for the foreseeable future. 

Challenges Of Remote Onboarding

  1. Building Relationships- Firstly, new employees might find it difficult to get familiar with the company, the culture and their teammates when meeting with them virtually. 
  2. Navigating The Technology- Secondly, when someone is onboarded virtually, a lot of technical issues occur with the video conferencing, the online materials etc. 
  3. Lack Of Structure- Finally, with remote meetings and schedules, the flow of events is often unstructured and not planned out which can lead to difficulties. 

To face these challenges and overcome them, a user-friendly software for remote onboarding is needed and consequently PSB Recruit came up with the software that uses AI(Artificial Intelligence) and other methods like Sentiment Analysis which helps in making the overall process efficient!

Moreover, a HR professional using this software will not only be able to overcome the challenges but will be able to make the process more efficient and simpler. 
The easy to use interface of the software makes the navigation simpler and effective. Along with that, the pre-made onboarding materials provides a structure to the process that the HR and the candidate can follow. Furthermore, the planned activities and events helps the new candidates to break the ice and build a relationship with the employees in the company. 

PSB has researched and analyzed every problem that a HR and a candidate can face during the remote onboarding process and subsequently come up with a user-friendly software for remote onboarding that makes the entire process efficient and effective.  

Remote Recruitment- An Overview



HR Manager who has used user friendly hr software for remote onboarding

“It all started with just a google search when I was looking for a solution to my problem. I needed help in handling the new remote hiring process. There couldn’t have been a better solution than the PSB Recruit Software. Right from application tracking all the way to remote onboarding, they help with everything!…”

Priya Harichander, HR Manager, Dunder Mifflin


To navigate this new path of remote recruitment and onboarding, knowledge about the field, the challenges that might have to be overcome and the potential solutions that can be implemented is important. Attend the Webinar on March 5th, 2023 at 10AM EST to learn more! 

AI remote recruiting for travel industry-Logo

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Recruitment Software Will Improve Your Business

LEVEL UP with Recruitment Software to Improve your Business!

Discover innovative and cutting edge technology!  Discover the Top 5 reasons why recruitment software is the way of the future.

Award winning entrepreneur, John Doe and Senior HR Manager, Jane Deer will be headlining this event. Trust us, you don’t want to miss out! 

PSB Recruit logo

Meet The Speakers :

View our honourable speaker’s credentials, experience and key webinar talking points! Learn recruitment software, improves business. 

John Doe

Award-Winning Entrepreneur
• Worked 3 years in R&D for recruitment software creation
• Experience in Sales, Marketing, Recruitment and Onboarding
• Find your ideal candidate
• Save time, money and resources with PSB Recruit
• Why Hiring and Onboarding Software is the future
• Learn how Recruitment Software Improves Business

Jane Deer

Senior Human Resources Management
• Talent Recruitment Tips
• Software "hacks" for Hiring and Onboarding
• PSB Recruit Experience - how it changed my life!
• How I achieved the highest performing team with recruitment software
• Implement PSB Recruit Software to improve my business

This webinar will include how to:

Improve your business with recruitment software

Forecasted employment skills trends in 2023

Learn about how recruitment  software makes you more competitive

Recruitment software is the wave of the future

Join a company trusted by 100,000+ successful businesses

Recruitment Software will Improve Business

Create your dream workforce today!

Trusted by leading brands

Client Testimonial by Al Mimosa, VP of I.T. Recruitment

“The knowledge and confidence I learned from the PSB Recruitment Software was drastically improved my business! It allowed me to save time, money and resources to recruit the perfect team. I would recommend this experience for everyone, everywhere.”

(Al Mimosa)
ROLE: Information Technology (I.T.) recruitment

LEVEL UP your business today!

  • PSB Recruitment Software improves Business!
  • Learn new skills
  • Confidence with PSB Recruit
  • Implement new recruitment software into your business today
  • Save time, money and resources
  • gain a competitive advantage
  • Hire the best possible team
  • Attract highly skilled and motivated candidates
  • “Future-Proof” your business
  • Feel confident implementing PSB recruitment software

Last chance to sign up and LEVEL UP your business with PSB Recruitment Software. 

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PSB Recruitment an ease for all

PSB Recruitment Software

Recruitment software, commonly known as an ATS, is a type of software designed to assist firms in streamlining their recruiting and hiring processes. It handles everything from advertising job positions to tracking applicant applications, arranging interviews, and extending employment offers.

“Hiring the wrong people is the fastest way to undermine a sustainable business”.

Director PSB recruitment

Jennifer Smith founded PSB Software, a family-owned Canadian software firm, in 2000. The company has a long history of developing software to help businesses with their operations, such as inventory software, financial operations software, and now its new recruiting software. Its headquarters are in downtown Toronto, and they sell to businesses all around the world.

Organizations may use recruitment software to minimize time-to-hire, enhance applicant experience, and make better recruiting decisions. While there are several recruiting software alternatives available, firms should carefully examine their needs and choose a solution that suits their expectations.

PSB Recruits invites IT professionals to participate in this informative conference. The seminar will give information on skilled tech recruiting predictions in 2023. It also intends to offer a simplified training procedure. We are also happy to have the greatest professional pioneers visit us as presenters, shedding light and views on the subject.

Some aspects of recruiting software include: 

1. Job posting and distribution: Enables firms to easily publish job opportunities on their website and job boards.

2. Applicant tracking: Maintains a consolidated database of all candidate applications and resumes.

3. Resume parsing: Extracts key information from resumes and populates applicant profiles automatically.

4. Recruiters may plan interviews and send reminders to prospects using the interview scheduling feature.

5. Collaboration and communication tools: Enables collaboration on applicant evaluation and facilitates communication between recruiters and hiring managers.

Detailed Information

 Digital Marketing increase website traffic and lead generation by combining pay-per-click (PPC) advertising with search engine optimization (SEO). Material marketing provide valuable and informative content, like as blog posts, eBooks, and webinars, to entice and retain potential customers. Social media marketing use social media sites like LinkedIn and Twitter to connect with potential clients and share your brand’s message. Email marketing builds and manage your email list of prospective clients, then send them customized emails.

Influencer marketing collaborate with recruiter-related influencers to sell your goods and broaden your audience. Event marketing attend relevant trade exhibitions and conferences to meet new clients and promote your company.

The usage of blockchain technology aids in the security of all vital data used in hiring and assures the protection of sensitive information. Our program includes cutting-edge technology and features like Al-based matching and candidate tracking. The user-friendly layout and convenience of use allow you to see everything in one window. Excellent connections and relationships with prominent job boards and HR systems.

Applicant Tracking System

"Famous Quote"

  1. “A modern recruiter is one who is targeted, builds relationships and knows how to not only find candidates but also get them to respond!”

-Stacy Donovan Zapar

Finally, if you want to enhance your organization’s employment process, recruitment software might be a useful tool. Recruitment software may help you save time and enhance the effectiveness of your recruiting operations by automating processes such as advertising job vacancies, evaluating applicants, and arranging interviews.If you want to understand more about recruiting software, I recommend that you look into several options and compare their features and advantages. Several recruiting software companies provide free samples or demonstrations, allowing you to test the program before purchasing it.Investing in recruiting tools may assist you in attracting top personnel, decreasing time-to-hire, and ultimately driving company success. Therefore don’t be afraid to look into your possibilities and locate the recruiting software that’s perfect for your company.

ATS for quality candidates

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HR software streamline automate workflow​

Embrace with: HR software streamline automate workflow

HR software streamline automate workflow. This software helps in sustainability in an adaptation of technology – saves paperwork. Better productivity and higher earnings influence the adaptation of software of minimal budget in the improvement of increasing workplace morale.

HR software streamline automate workflow


HR Software streamline automate workflow

HR software helps the corporate world as it is continuously evolving, and HR departments must be able to adapt rapidly in order to remain competitive. Yet, how can HR departments design themselves to be agile and adaptable to growing circumstances?

 PSB software holds the key to the solution. HR departments uses the HR software to automate procedures, measure workforce insights, train staff more efficiently, and strictly adhere with changing regulatory obligations. Using HR software streamline automate workflow.This allows organizations to respond promptly to shifting conditions in the department, and other variables influencing company performance. As a result, PSB is the only HR software streamline automate workflow.


HR software streamline automate workflow
Play Video about HR software streamline automate workflow


Our webinar will focus at how PSB software help institutions organize HR department so that it can adapt to shifting of demands efficiently. We’ll talk about how PSB software can help you streamline operations, get factual data on workforce data, manage employees more efficiently, stay consistent with changing rules, and increase interaction and teamwork. 

Our representatives will share their knowledge on how HR software may help your company remain on the leading edge and transform your HR department to be more adaptable and open to changing demands. Join us as we demonstrate how you can use HR software to develop a more productive and agile institution.


HR Software streamline automate workflow

  1. HR process streamlined to decrease manual labor.

  2. Deliver real-time workforce analytics data.

  3. Improved Talent Mangaement

  4. Maintain compliance with ever-changing regulatory standards.

  5. Increase communication and collaboration within the organization

Don’t pass up your chance to learn how HR software can help a business remain ahead of the competition. Join our webinar now to learn how to restructure your HR department with PSB HR software


Maximize HR Potential with HR software streamline management automate workflow Ontario

Experience how PSB SOFTWARE can level up your HR workflow

HR software streamline automate workflow

  • PSB HR software can automate the candidate experience, making it quicker and more efficient. Colleges use one system to announce job vacancies, maintain candidate data, and connect with contenders.

  • PSB HR software can simplify the onboarding process, minimizing the need for paper forms and tedious data entry. This lowers mistakes and allows new staff to get working smoothly.

  • PSB HR software may assist institutions in tracking and managing staff performance. Setting objectives, measuring progress, and offering feedback are all part of this. In addition, the system may provide reports and analytics to assist institutions in making data-driven choices.

Check out to see our other online feeds for more information
Follow this link, to know more up and coming stories of HR in workplace.

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"Direct quote" from our testimonials about PSB Software

PSB's customizable workflows and powerful reporting tools enable you to tailor the software to your unique needs and goals.

Register now to know more!

Colleges frequently fail to optimize HR operations to a level that enables them to progress and they frequently lag behind than large organizations in this respect. While concentrating on improved efficiency is necessary, attaining a substantial boost in productivity would almost certainly necessitate a fundamental adjustment in the HR operating paradigm. And this is where PSB software comes to be your rescuer. 


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Accessible and Inclusive Recruitment

Improve Accessibility and Inclusivity using Hiring Software

Live Webinar

Thursday, February 23, 2023

10:30 AM (EST)/ 4:30 PM (BST)

Are you looking for simple ways to achieve accessibility and inclusivity in your recruitment task?

Hiring Software for Accessibility and Inclusivity 

Accessibility and inclusivity in hiring process.


One of the speakers in the webinar to discuss how to apply diversity, inclusivity, and equity in the hiring process.

Paulin Wanda Dean

Author of Disability, Inclusivity, Equity, & Diversity – a fictitious best-selling book that discusses the rights and benefits of people with disabilities. She identifies herself as a person with disabilities.

The current CEO of NODE (a non-profit organization for businesses who seek employees with disabilities. Accessibility and inclusivity.

Paul Walter Dewey

Chief Executive Officer of NODE (Network in Ontario for Disability Employment) – it is fictitious province-wide non-profit organization of businesses for job seekers with disability. He is identified as part of the people with disabilities.

The brand ambassador for PSB Recruit who will discuss the revolutionary all-in-one HR management features of the software to discuss accessibility and inclusivity.

Robert Scott

Corporate Ambassador of PSB Recruit™ - he will introduce the software during the webinar proper with his broad knowledge of PSB Recruit™.

According to Statistics Canada, 22% of the Canadian population has a disability. As time passes, companies embrace diversity and inclusivity by looking at the workforce from a revolutionary perspective. The ever-evolving hiring process has opened opportunities for the world’s largest minority group –people with disabilities to showcase their talents in different fields, such as the insurance industry. The introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) in the recruitment process and even in applicant tracking systems (ATS) has impacted the ways of talent acquisition, good and bad. The good side of integrating AI for companies is that the process has been expedited. On the other hand, the major disadvantage is the biased and robotic approach to the process. Hiring software is available to improve inclusivity and accessibility in the recruitment process as well.

Job Bank- Government of Canada published some easy guides to creating a more accessible human resource management in your company:

Integrate Inclusivity in the Workplace

Disability is diversity; it comes in many forms, discernible and invisible. It makes a huge difference in using respectful language and taking training for disability awareness. An inclusive workplace policy can be simple by posting concrete guidelines on the company website. Finding and removing barriers, such as assessing the workplace and whether accessibility for people with disabilities is considered in the physical environment, can contribute to more productivity. Ensure that stereotypes and misconceptions are addressed as well.

Offer Accommodations and be Knowledgeable About It

Employers must offer accommodations to people with disabilities in their workplaces as the Canadian Human Rights Commission requires. The company rules and regulations should lessen discrimination and offer equal rights to people with disabilities when participating in the workplace. Often, non-complex changes and workplace improvement, including flexible work schedules and tasks and proper workplace equipment, can optimize equal opportunity among employees.

Hire Talents with Disabilities

Prospective candidates must know employers are interested in people with disabilities to send their applications to job postings. This lets the talents know that the company is inclusive. The simple and comprehensible language will also encourage candidates with disabilities to apply. Reaching out to publicly funded local organizations can help a company find the best talent in community support.

Initiate Inclusive Interviews

Provide options to candidates for a remote or online interview. If the interview cannot be done remotely, but in person, clear instructions regarding accessible transportation or parking spaces and accessibility features of the building or establishment must be conveyed to the interviewee. Adjustments must be made to provide accommodation to the applicant with a disability. In an interview, the perceived limitations should not be the focus but the ability of the person to perform the job based on their skill set. An open-minded approach should prevail over personal bias to create a welcoming environment in an interview. Assumptions about a person’s disability and limitations should likewise be avoided.

Consider Onboarding and Retention Among Employees with Disabilities

It is important to get support from a local community partner for consultation. The job description, benefits, safety procedures, and company policies shall be oriented to new employees in an accessible format. Co-workers and supervisors must know the needs of employees with disabilities. Ensure that issues regarding performance and disability shall be differentiated. Openness in the workplace, such as accepting and evaluating suggestions from employees, can make them more productive. Persons with disabilities can communicate their strengths and limitations with their managers so that they can perform their job more effectively.

There are more ways to create inclusivity and equity in the workplace.

The digital age has provided tested solutions to get the best candidates, such as AI matching. Recruitment software can perform human resource management solutions for companies to improve accessibility and inclusivity. PSB Recruit™ is a leading hiring software tried and tested by major players in the insurance industry. Aside from the integration of AI features, the candidate-focused application and human-involvement features allow companies to simplify the candidate selection process. These features can benefit companies in hiring highly-qualified people with disabilities.

Hiring Software for Accessibility and Inclusivity. Hiring Software for Accessibility and Inclusivity

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Revolutionize Recruitment Process Today.

You can join the revolutionary recruitment process to promote accessibility, diversity, inclusivity, and equity for your company.

PSB Recruit is the all-in-one hiring software to revolutionize your HR management.

Hiring Software for Accessibility and Inclusivity

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