Work with PSB to release your pressure in a low-intensity exercise

Low-intensity exercise equipment and stress reliefs internal design at PSB.

Stories About the PSB Fitness at Mississauga

PSB Fitness is a young fitness center, now operating at onsite at in the HMC and Davis Campuses of Sheridan College. We are here to provide you as professional physical workout guide, besides gives a lot of attention to psychological needs of students and staffs. We aim to help you to improve the quality of live, release your pressure and better balance between your work and life.

Why PSB fitness? Because we cares about your stress, we can defiantly help you with that issues only by some low-intensity exercise. We understand that you are not only want to keep fit, but also want a motivation to do so. And understand that you feel stress sometimes, and feel tired. We have the solution.

Don’t miss out! We will often offer social activities at PSB and a free trial course, please subscribe us by visiting our website.


Stress relief exercise
Stress relief exercise with low-intensity


Why PSB Fitness?

Why PSB fitness? Well because PSB has many expertise and fitness lover. PSB fitness has two founders, both expertise and available at PSB to sharing their experience and knowledge. Our value proposition is to makes the body and mind feel light, and fully release when you working-out at PSB. We provide low-intensity exercise equipment and design with stress reliefs internal structure to better help us to reach the goals. Besides, we  have separate lounge specially for you and your friends to enjoy your time.

PSB aim to provide a safety environment for Sheridan students and staffs live and work at Mississauga. Let us to help you to improve your quality balance between work and life.


Always Feel Lonely and No Motivation to going out?

Are you still laying on your bed?

Do not want to going out?

Do not know who you can workout with?

Are you willing to change to a better lifestyle?

Come to PSB fitness Center, you are more than welcome to join us! We are young and all of us working and living at Mississauga, SO you are already one of us. Don’t wait! We are here for you, give yourself a try, come and exercises at PSB.

We offering professional guides to help you start on your fitness journey. OR we can help you to relax yourself after a heavy day by taking our courses. We can help you with your questions about fitness both online and in-person. And we always sharing workout tips and sharing member’s experience and stories to help people likes you. We would like to hear your questions and stories, and we are here to help you. Make some friends here, or bring your friends with you!

Follow us to learning more tips and stories, we are looking forward to having you on board!


fitness gym
Resources from The Future of Fitness



Expertise at gym? Come to share your stories.

We encouraged you to share your stories and hope you can get an incredible experience here!

Share your fitness experience with us, let us know what this changes you, and why you love it. Share your stories with us, there is one chance to win free trial every month. To share your emotions and motivations with us throughout the social media and don’t forget to @PSBfitness.

For more information about sharing your story or want contact with us, click here to visit our home page, and enjoy a free trial for the first sign up!



Looking for affordable beach fun time, workout, and socialization altogether? This cheapest indoor beach gym has got it all for you!




PSB FITNESS is a recreational and fitness center that offers an outdoor beach experience all year round. The goal is to help students to socialize, relieve stress, increase endorphins, stay fit and healthy while enjoying the beach the entire year. It provides a warm and welcoming environment for people to join a fun and active culture in a beach setting.

At PSB fitness, the ‘Fun in the Sun’ never ends! Be part of a community aiming to promote a fun environment providing physical and mental well-being activities for all. So come in, because summer is just around the corner!

It is a place offering a cozy environment to socialize with new people I


You do not have to wait for next summer to go to the beach. Yes, It’s true!  Because PSB fitness offers a variety of summer activities in a beach setting the entire year. Our members can enjoy outdoor team-based sports including beach volleyball, basketball, soccer, handball and frisbee.


PSB FITNESS offers the ultimate swim workout experience in a beach setting. Our members can have beach fun and save time, by giving their bodies full-body workout by a great swim workout. Swim workout is the best full-body exercise for building endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness.


Members can chit-chat while enjoying protein bars and drinks after work-out.


Our experts are available to offer the cheapest and affordable classes to help you achieve your fitness goals and engage you in group-based activities.


PSB Fitness is one and only to offer a unique beach setting at the fitness centre. The ‘Sun and Sand’ keeps summer the entire year for its loving members. It not only focuses on the well-being and fitness of members but cares about their privacy and socialization. Such a warming beach experience at surprisingly low rates can only be found at PSB fitness centre. It is the cheapest indoor beach gym in Mississauga, which is easily affordable for students.


Do you want to sign up online or meet us in person?  Your call!

We are only one click away from signing up.

To meet us in person, please walk-in to the welcome desk of Sheridan College in A Building. We will be happy to help you and get you started on your journey of fitness at the beach.


For our fun-loving customers, we are offering a 20% discount on our swimming classes for the first month. Members can collect points on the loyalty card for signing up for classes and purchasing snacks/drinks at PSB fitness. These points can be used for future purchases. Members can bring in more friends to participate in group activities and get 200 points towards their card. If you want to get a real experience before subscribing, we understand it. That is why we are offering you to get 3-day free pass to have fun at the beach gym and try swim workouts. Do not forget to follow and subscribe to our social media for cheap rates and exciting offers.


Indoor beach gym is conveniently close to getting your heart pumping ad burn calories in a variety of classes offered by us. We are located in Mississauga, close to Sheridan College and Square one mall. This location is easily accessible for all Sheridan students and the public.



7 AM- 7 PM

For any further information, please call at +1 905-845-9430 or consult with the information desk at Sheridan College.

Mississauga’s First Ever Temperature-Controlled Indoor Beach Gym

About PSB Fitness: Sun & Sand 

Mississauga’s first ever temperature-controlled indoor beach gym. A friendly and welcoming one of a kind community spaces. A place for the community to join a fun and active culture in a beach setting. We focus on healthy living and building fun & engaging environment, where everyone feels welcome. Hoping to foster a strong sense of a cohesive community and inclusivity. Home to activities such as sports tournaments, fitness challenges, and community events.

Facilities available: Mississauga’s First Ever Temperature – Controlled Indoor Beach Gym

Indoor temperature-controlled rooms to resemble the climate like that of a tropical region. Featuring an indoor beach gym & volleyball court, sauna rooms, Olympic size pool, and a weight room.

Olympics Size Pool featured at PSB Fitness: Sun & Sand Indoor Beach Gym & Volleyball Court featured at PDB Fitness: Sun & Sand Sauna Room features at PSB Fitness: Sun & Sand

Additionally, we offer yoga and Pilates classes, held in our temperature-controlled beach setting rooms. Our on campus student run snack bar is always prepped with great healthy alternatives that make your workout worth it. We have personal trainers available to hire on a weekly basis. Our trainers are well trained and wholly dedicated to your well-being.

Why choose PSB Fitness: Sun & Sand?

We are home to Mississauga’s first ever temperature-controlled indoor beach gym. These temperature-controlled rooms are a great place to ‘sweat it out’. They are exceptional stress relivers and make the cold Canadian winters a lot more bearable. These one of a kind temperature-controlled rooms make being motivated to work out in the cold winter months much easier.

We are a student focused gym, a place dedicated to the community but also determined to give students the best possible facilities to be their best selves. Our student rates for the facilities we offer are quite affordable.

We make working out fun, focusing on one’s entire well-being and not just the physical aspect of it. Aside from the facilities offered by any fitness club we also host sports tournaments, fitness challenges, and community events.

Here at PSB Fitness, we’re not just a Fitness Club, we’re a part of the community. Located at the heart of the city, we consistently strive to be a community hot spot. We pride ourselves on our mission to always make it feel like you belong. Everyone is welcome at PSB Fitness: Sun & Sand.


Package Access Pricing
Sheridan Students
  • All Facilities not including personal training.
*Price included in Tuition

*Additional Charges for Personal Trainer Facilities.

Students (Other Universities & Colleges)
  • Indoor Volleyball Court
  • Weight Room
  • Pool & Sauna Facilities
  • Yoga & Pilates Classes
$20 / Month


Sheridan Staff
  • All Facilities not including personal training.
$25 / Month

*Additional Charges for Personal Trainer Facilities.

Bronze Member
  • Indoor Volleyball Court
  • Pool & Sauna Facilities
$25 / Month
Silver Member
  • Indoor Volleyball Court
  • Weight Room
  • Pool & Sauna Facilities
  • Yoga & Pilates Classes
$35 / Month
Gold Member
  • Indoor Volleyball Court
  • Weight Room
  • Pool & Sauna Facilities
  • Yoga & Pilates Classes
  • 2 Weekly personal training sessions
$50 / Month

Promotions & Additional Offerings

Free trial classes available.

30% off memberships for a period of three months if you get a friend to register.

Children (5-15) of Bronze, Silver & Gold Members can use the pool facilities during free swim sessions.

Sheridan Students & Staff get 2 complimentary personal training sessions of 2 hours each every 6 months.

All members including students get 2 guest passes per month.


Hours of Operation: 

Days of the Week


Monday – Friday 6 am – 11 pm
Saturday & Sunday 8 am – 9 pm

The club will remained closed on Statutory Holidays


We are located in the heart of the City of Mississauga, in close proximity to Square One Shopping Centre. Our facility is adjacent to Sheridan College – Hazel McCallion Campus. Our central location makes PSB Fitness: Sun & Sand a prime community spot for both students and citizens of the City of Mississauga.

Address: 4180 Duke of York Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5B 0G5, Canada

Heart of the City of Mississauga - Prime Location

Contact Information & location

Phone: +1 905-845-9430

For more information you can visit us at Beach Fitness Socials, Mississauga, ON, Canada.

Sustainable sports specific training Mississauga

PSB Fitness

Welcome to PSB Sustainable Sports Specific Training in Mississauga!

sports specific training Mississauga

PSB Sports Specific Training in Mississauga

If you are a busy Sheridan student looking for a gym close to campus, PSB Fitness has got you covered.  With facilities at both Sheridan HMC in Mississauga and Davis in Brampton, it is easy to fit a workout in your busy schedule.  PSB Fitness is a sustainable sports specific training facility in Mississauga that is striving to change how gyms function.  At PSB Fitness, our experienced personal trainers have a great understanding on how to motivate and improve your workouts to help you be the most productive in our gym.  This means knowing your limits and pushing past them.  Moreover, our gyms are for anybody who needs to workout, from people who want to stay in shape to athletes, looking for sports specific training.  Additionally, we offer a large variety of top of the line workout equipment, for all types of gym goers.

Why is PSB for you?

PSB Fitness is a gym made convenient for busy students trying to balance work, school and staying healthy.  With our great location on campus at Sheridan Hazel McCallion in Mississauga and Davis in Brampton, it is simple for students to balance their daily activities.  With online and in-person instructions it makes it easy to be productive when working out, so you can focus on other things during the rest of your day.  Lastly, PSB is meant to help you get better at whatever you are doing, whether it is simply increasing your max weight in bench press or getting better at your fundamentals in baseball.  Whatever your goals may be PSB is ready to help.

What sports programs are offered?

Our trainers have a broad background of AAA and D1 sports careers and understand what it takes to get to the next level.  Particularly, we offer training in basketball, to improve specific strength and conditioning.  Baseball, for agility and several different types of strength from core to arm strength for all positions.  Lastly, football, where we work on explosive strength, conditioning and agility for several positions.


  • Sports specific training
    • Baseball agility and strength
    • Basketball conditioning and strength
    • Football agility, strength and explosiveness
  • Conditioning (Running, biking)
  • Crossfit (Metcon)
  • Everyday workouts


Monthly membership……………………$29.99

1 lesson programs…………………………$49.99

5 lesson programs…………………………$199.99

1 month programs…………………………$174.99

3 month programs…………………………$499.99

6 month programs…………………………$749.99


With the mass closures and the question of whether it is safe to return to the gym PSB Fitness is prepare to continue to help you reach your goals.  Our trainers are continuing to offer instructive video tutorials  that you can do at home or outside.  Additionally, you will be able to communicate one-on-one with our trainers to get you motivated and back at it.  It is still important to balance online lectures and time in the gym, with sports specific training videos for Sheridan students.  Covid-19 should not hold us back from continuing to better ourselves.

How we use sustainability in sports specific training in Mississauga

At PSB fitness are #1 priority is to protect our earth the best we can.  We also believe that sustainable practices should not effect our sports specific training or other workout.  In doing this we have set rules to minimize waste in our gym.  In further, this includes not selling or allowing plastic water bottles in our gym.  As well as not having a vending machine that creates more waste.  Alternatively, we will be including a free metal water bottle in memberships when you first sign up, to be used in our gym and anywhere else!  Moreover, PSB fitness will also have a snack bar in case you are hungry, with fresh baked protein snacks.    Furthermore, our facilities will take advantage of the sun by using skylights for beautiful natural lighting, using solar panels to power our building at night and in the darker months.

Sustainable sports specific training Mississauga

Other great PSB Fitness activities

Personalized Workout Routine Mississauga

Encouraging fitness training Mississauga/Brampton

Protein Smoothie Bar in Mississauga

Covid friendly gym Free Trial Towel Shower Service in Sheridan

Contact us


T: (905) 868-2442

For more information or issues contact us here


Sheridan College HMC Campus | Mississauga

Sheridan College Davis Campus | Brampton

Follow us on social media to get updates

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Track Fitness Progress and Goals HMC

Do you need a way to track fitness progress and goals?

The new PSB Fitness is now open at HMC and Davis locations at Sheridan College. It will feature the ability to track fitness progress and goals at HMC and Davis. This gym will go beyond the average treadmill and weight equipment. Instead, it will feature a Virtual Reality experience with the ability to immerse yourself into an alternate universe. In addition, the use of artificial intelligence to integrate activities like basic exercises, yoga, and training programs while being in any landscape in the world! To illustrate, think about your ultimate dream vacation. Next, think about where in the world that landscape is. Now, next time you come to PSB Fitness, you can go to that dream location while working out! Not to mention, tracking your fitness progress and goals along the way. 

What we see:                                                  What you see:   

fitness progress and goalsWhat the customer sees when working out while using virtual reality

Going beyond exercising, every premium member will have their own personal virtual reality account! This will have the ability to track fitness progress and goals in HMC and Davis campuses. Here is what this account can do:

How we track your fitness progress and goals:

Upon entering the gym, our virtual reality professionals will set up your personal account through your Sheridan One Card. Next, we will use artificial intelligence technology to perform a full body scan. By stepping into our scanning room, we will use a series of pictures and videos to capture your body structure. After about 1 minute you will get your result! Check out what the process looks like here

What your results mean:

After your full body scan, our trained fitness expert will go through the results with you. During the scan we will take various body measurements such as:

  • Body fat percentage
  • Muscle percentages
  • Body weight
  • Waist, leg, and arm size
  • 3D body scan

After that, these results will be explained to you and what they mean. Above all, you can use this to track your personal progress and goals. Common goals and progress we often see include training for running. Overall, if this is an activity you want to improve on, our trained fitness expert will recommend goals for you! This is an example of what your personal account will look like:

fitness tracking shows progress and goals

This incudes, a weekly log of your body mass index. Additionally, ways to improve your fitness journey and a time frame. Lastly, you can record how you feel each week. This can help to track mood changes which can help the technology better adapt to your needs.

Benefits of a personal account:

In conclusion, this account will give you the ability to keep a log of your personal fitness progress. This progress will match up with corresponding goals. In addition, you can update your account by weekly scans of your body. By doing this, our artificial intelligence will automatically log your progress and update you on what to do differently and to keep doing! Above all, we want you to experience progress in your personal fitness journey, whether it’s big or small! 

How to Join:

PSB Fitness basic membership is included in your student fees for the semester. However, the premium membership that uses our virtual reality technology, is $30 a month. In addition to this service the premium membership will also feature:

Following this, PSB Fitness offers a free one week trial for our premium membership, which you can use before you opt out of Student Fees. Likewise, just let our fitness expert know you want to redeem your one week free trial! Our fitness expert would love to help you out to finally achieve your fitness goals! 

Want to know more? Check out our social media’s:





Protein Smoothie Bar in Mississauga

Looking for the best protein smoothie bar in Mississauga?

protein smoothie bar in mississauga

If you’ve clicked this page, then it means that you are looking for the best protein smoothie bar in Mississauga. You have come to the right place because at PSB fitness HMC, we have one of the best protein smoothie bars. Whether you’re just about to work out or just finished working out, our bar is always open and ready to accommodate your protein needing muscles.

protein smoothie bar in mississauga

At PSB Fitness, we happily provide you with great protein filled beverages located inside the HMC campus. At our protein smoothie bar, you are not limited to a menu. You can create, customize and innovate your own protein stuffed drinks. For example, you like peanut butter and vanilla protein? You can combine the 2 and add other fruits and make the ultimate shake of your desire.

Our protein smoothie bar is perfect for students on the go who don’t have time to eat multiple meals a day so they replace them with protein shakes. At PSB Fitness we want students to be as comfortable as possible. As a result of that, our protein smoothie bar consists of a lounge area where students can socialize and get work done.

What Do We Offer in Our Protein Smoothie Bar?

At our protein smoothie bar, we offer a variety of protein beverages that are catered to your needs. A lot of our items from our menu come and go based off the response we receive from our gym members. Our sizes range from small, medium and large. Prices vary depending on what goes inside the protein shake so we charge by the ounce. The most popular beverages are;

  • Chocolate Stuffed Protein Shake
  • Snow Vanilla Protein Shake
  • Birthday Cake Protein Shake

protein smoothie bar in mississaugaprotein smoothie bar in mississauga

Along with our beverages, our gym protein bar also serves freshly baked protein bars because who doesn’t like a good protein snack? This allows the average student to get their protein fix in so they can continue their busy lifestyle while staying in shape.

Membership Privileges

As a member, you will have access to the gym and protein bar. However, if you come to the gym 4 times a week, you will be eligible for a free protein beverage of your choice every week. That is a treat for the dedicated students who are serious about staying healthy and maintaining a good physique.

Are you nervous to start the gym? Head over here for some tips and tricks to prepare you for the gym.

Click here to learn about our Covid friendly free trial.

Key Message

We are one of the best protein smoothie bars in Mississauga catering to Sheridan students located at the HMC campus. PSB Fitness and its protein smoothie bar offer an amazing gym with loads of equipment and a lounge for students to hang out and enjoy their protein shakes.

This gym is perfect for individuals who are looking for a gym that is close and caters to their lifestyle. If you attend HMC and work in or around Mississauga, PSB fitness is the perfect location for you. In between classes and work, you can always stop by the gym and get a quick work out in. After your workout, you are always welcome to visit the protein smoothie bar and enjoy a beverage/protein snack. While you enjoy your beverage, you are welcome to go to the lounge area and use your laptop to do your work. The lounge area is also great for group meetings.

For more information, please check out our Instagram, Twitter & Facebook pages. What are you waiting for? Sign up here.

Click here to learn about how we are using renewable energy and how we are better for the environment.

Click here to learn about the various equipment we use.

protein smoothie bar in mississauga

Testimonials For PSB Fitness & the Protein Smoothie Bar

“I live a very busy lifestyle trying to juggle work and school. I love going to the gym and sometimes I don’t have enough time to commute back and forth. PSB Fitness has solved that problem by opening a gym at the HMC campus because I am able to go to class, work out and then go to work right after without stressing. The protein smoothie bar has especially helped me because usually after working out, I go straight to the smoothie bar, grab a drink and hang out at the lounge and finish up some school work.”

“PSB fitness has catered to my lifestyle in a positive manner. It’s affordable and doesn’t break the bank like other gyms. I walk in confident that the equipment is in working order. The protein smoothie gym is an added bonus because I enjoy the treating myself to one post workout. The birthday cake shake is to die for”


Covid friendly gym Free Trial Towel Shower Service in Sheridan

PBS Fitness here At Sheridan College Active Covid-friendly gym with Free Trial Membership  privileges

What does PBS Fitness have to offer in Sheridan in terms of Free Trial Membership privileges?

Hi everyone, If you’re here that means you heard about the new active gym facility opening at Sheridan called PBS Fitness. A Covid-friendly gym with Free Trial Towel Shower Service at PBS Fitness Sheridan facilities.

Covid-friendly gym with shower and towel service

This page will focus on how PBS Fitness can be COVID-Friendly (anti-COVID), or deal with other related outbreak infections. PBS Fitness helps active young men and women concern with health conditions that apply to students, staff, faculties, and visitors with your motivational fitness when it comes to hygiene.

We know there are factors occurring that could affect a good workout especially things like COVID-19  or you being sweaty and uncomfortable that you need time to shower; or not today because I have things to do, that I don’t want to be smelly where I’m going; or don’t want to sweat too much because I forgot to be prepared to bring the necessities that deal with my personal hygiene, or bring protective items such mask, sanitizer to use against viruses and germs.

Don’t worry too much. Why, because PBS Fitness is here for you to change your mindset by providing and offering what’s convenient. This will reduce risk and make sure you have the motivational reasons to work out, also ensure and secure your maintaining fitness.

There Covid-Friendly & Hygienic Personal Necessities such as;

-Shirts and Shorts as a spare

-Shampoo and soap products

-Offer Sanitizer liquids and sprays as free service or product

-Protective disposable mask and gloves if forgot to bring one

-Fresh air ventilation with heating or cooling conditions depending on the temperature.  Also air filters.

-Something like an organic bag with a fresh deodorizing smell for your sweaty wet clothes so the uncomforting smell doesn’t stand out where ever you go before you get to your washing machine.

-Deodorizing Products such as deodorant sticks and sprays-available for hygiene in eliminating unwanted smell when leaving the gym.

<img src="sanitize cleaning.png" alt="Covid friendly gym with shower and towel service at PBS facilities">

Stay Safe, Stay Motivated

The Covid friendly gym Free Trial Towel Shower Service in Sheridan as mentioned:

Specialty membership privileges: Shower

-Our specialty membership shower privileges to rinse down sweat and dirt in a close private shower providing privacy, available depending on the bargaining of your membership.

Specialty membership privileges: Towel

-And there the specialty towel service station which provides regular towels. Also, offer customary workout towels to wipe down sweat/ especially the salty sweat on your body. There steam wet with lemon as optional, cold wet, or dry regular and customary condition. Even stationed towel for wiping equipment when being used.

Key Message

The key message in PBS Fitness is to be young, stay active, stay safe, and be protected. Why, because what awaits you is a free-trial and giveaways of great experience to be hygienic, clean, refresh, and relax. So be ready, and prepared for engagement, in an active COVID-friendly environmental gym. And at the same time provide for your personal needs for motivational fitness.

Click this link on tips for having good healthy hygiene before, during, and after your workout: YouTube video: Post Workout Hygiene | How To Stay Healthy

<img src="protective workout.png" alt="Covid friendly gym with shower and towel service at PBS facilities">

If you’re looking for a nearby gym for your conveniences to save distance or your concern with health conditions, and want to maintain your fitness. Come try out the PBS Fitness facility at Sheridan campuses at Davis in Brampton or the HMC Mississauga. Choose whichever one works for you. Take advantage of being in this active gym while in its free trial fitness period of one week. Overall be clean, safe, comfortable, and prepared so you can be active towards your fitness.

Thankyou for reading, please like or subscribe to this page. Follow our social media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Then you will show at the front desk of PBS Fitness at Sheridan either Davis or HMC to claim your free giveaway pack. This event will end after the three weeks period after PBS Fitness grand opening.

The giveaways will include a deodorant stick and shampoo for personal hygiene. Also additional sanitizer, mask, customize PBS fitness shirt, and customary workout towel in a drawstring bag.

Check out these interesting related links on more information about PBS Fitness at Sheridan college.

Protein Smoothie Bar in Mississauga

Sustainable sports specific training Mississauga

Personalized Workout Routine Mississauga

Encouraging fitness training Mississauga/Brampton

PSB Fitness and Table Tennis at Sheridan College

PSB Fitness and Table Tennis at Sheridan College

PSB Fitness is founded by Jessie and Matt, who are a Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer, respectively.  We have athletic training classes for Table Tennis and and Fitness workouts. If you are a student in Mississauga, Brampton or Oakville, we have multiple different classes for you!

PSB Fitness Progeam Student Atheltics

PSB Fitness and Table Tennis at Sheridan College

Programs and Classes

  • Kickboxing Classes
  • High Intensive Training (HIT) Classes
  • Group Workouts
  • Table Tennis Training

If you are a student who wants to stay active and who is starting to workout and need a place to start. We have the right program for you. Each Class lasts for 30 minutes, that provide different workout routines depending on which class is available.

Our employees will always be on site and involved in your workouts to help with your form, and training. We are here to help you take another step forward and change the way you workout.

We focus on trying and learning new things. With Covid-19, we have the perfect indoor activity for you. Table Tennis! You can try out our special Table Tennis Classes for no extra chargers for both new and advanced players to hone their skills and have fun. For being a 2 or 4 person sport you can get lots of exercise out of this sport once you start to have fun with it.

Student and Athletics Expansion | HMC | Sheridan College

PSB Fitness is run by Fitness instructors and Personal trainers who want to help you find the time during your life as a student to stay healthy, active and have fun. We focus on making working out fun and not just a routine you have to follow weekly. We encourage to spend your free time at our table tennis center to relax and have fun after your workout.

About our Membership

At PSB Fitness we offer our own workout machines that come with your membership card after signing up. You can also download the PSB Fitness app or use the machines in the gym to keep track of your workout routines and your personal workout records by logging in with your membership.

Completing online workouts will track the number of calories burned for members, records form/posture, and recommends certain foods to be consumed for after the workouts.

We also offer a rewards with our membership for both employees and customers. You earn points by doing your workouts, group classes and beating your own personal workout records during your time at the gym.

Table Tennis

How to Sign up for PSB Fitness

You sign up by either from the front desk at any PSB Fitness and Table Tennis at Sheridan College location, or sign up online here through our website or app.

As a first time member you will have the first month free trail as a PSB Member to visit and try all of our classes and services.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by e-mail or give us a call and we will help you.

Where can you find us?

We have two Fitness Centers one located in Mississauga at the Hazel McCallion Campus and the other in Brampton in the Davis Campus of Sheridan College. You are allowed to visit any location that is most convenient for you.

PSB Fitness and Table Tennis at Sheridan College

PSB Fitness and Table Tennis at Sheridan College, provides multiple different classes that will encourage you to keep working out either by yourself or in a group. We also have a Table Tennis center for both new and returning players to hone their skills and have fun. Make sure you follow us on our social media platforms. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more updates on our classes, training tips, tournaments and more, or e-mail us.

Tele: 416 565 7598


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Are you ready to embark on a fitness journey? Are you ready to make new friends? Do you like cute puppies? And finally, do you like to have fun? Are you looking for cheap beginner puppy yoga classes at the Sheridan College Mississauga campus? If you’ve answered YES to all these questions, look no further! PupFitness has got you covered!

About Yoga

Originating in India, yoga has been around for centuries and has been used as an exercise to improve both physical and mental wellbeing. There are many different types, ranging from spiritual to meditative to fitness (hot yoga). From improving flexibility to reducing anxiety, practicing yoga has a range of health benefits. Because of this, it is not surprise that an increasing number of people are doing yoga in all parts of the world. According to the International Yoga Federation, 300 million people around the world practice yoga today (Yogi Times). Although the yoga statistics show that women are more involved in this ancient practice than men, yoga is suitable for all genders and ages.

What Are the Benefits of Puppy Yoga?

PupFitness combines the health benefits of yoga with the added bonus of being accompanied by cute puppies! We understand during these difficult times, finding ways to de-stress have become more important than ever. Studies have proven that just 10 minutes with a dog can significantly impact your mood by reducing stress levels.

If you’re curious, here’s a video to learn more:

Top Reasons to Try Puppy Yoga

There are so many reasons to enjoy yoga with a furry companion, but here we’ve highlighted the top reasons you should get into your leggings, pack your mat, and give it a go:

  • Fitness: Yoga is amazing for the body and mind, and puppy yoga can be a great way to get into fitness in a fun, lighthearted, and un-intimidating environment.
  • Mental wellbeing: Whether you enjoy yoga or not, being around puppies is sure to increase your happiness and make you feel warm and content.
  • Meeting people: Is there any better ice breaker than having a puppy steal your sock or fall asleep on your mat during puppy yoga? It’s a great way to meet a community of like-minded pup lovers just like you and, who knows, form lasting friendships!
  • Puppy wellbeing: Puppies love cuddles too, and puppy yoga is a great opportunity for them to get out of their normal environment and meet new people.

Why should I take classes at PupFitness?

Dog yoga can be an amazing way to work out, make friends and feel balanced and content. Given the popularity of yoga in Canada, it’s no surprise that Canadians already love puppy yoga. With so many opportunities to enjoy yoga with a puppy all around you, there’s no better time to get involved.

At the affordable price of just $30 for a 1 hour puppy yoga session, we provide convenient access to our locations across all three Sheridan College Campus locations (Brampton – Davis, Mississauga – HMC, Oakville – Trafalgar). We are outfitted with modern equipment and a clean and organized space to work out. All of our instructors are certified and have the skills, knowledge, and experience to cater to yoga students of all levels! In addition, we have a limited-time offer of 10% off the first class for new members (use code 10OFFYOGA at checkout).

New to yoga? Not to worry! At PupFitness we have certified yoga instructors that can help guide you throughout the entire lesson and provide additional clarification if needed. You can find a list of yoga essentials here.

But don’t take it from us! Here is what some of our current members have to say about PupFitness:

“I always had trouble committing to the gym. It was always a chore forcing myself to go and when I’d get there, I’d get bored easily and not feel satisfied. I started doing puppy yoga with PupFitness and it was a complete game changer. I am able to achieve my fitness goals because the instructors are super nice and knowledgeable, as well as cuddle with cute pups! This is a must try for everyone and I highly recommend doing this with friends or family!” – Helen R.

“I am an international student from Ukraine and when I came to Canada, it was hard for me to make friends, especially with the language barrier. I felt really lonely and I think that also had a negative impact on my mental health. I came across PupFitness and it’s honestly so much fun. They offer cheap beginner puppy yoga classes at the Sheridan College Mississauga campus and I’ve been able to make so many new friends and I’m really happy after each class. I love how affordable each class is too.” – Alexandra L.

Okay… How do I sign up?

You can sign up by going to the front desk at any of our locations, online by clicking here, or reach us through our contact info below.

Our Response to COVID-19

We take the safety and well-being of our staff members, current members, and community very seriously. We are following government restrictions closely. Some additional measures we have taken include:

  • A reservation for a 1h time slot must be made in advance using our online booking system
  • Prior to every visit you must complete a health attestation
  • Physical distancing (2m) is to be adhered for the duration of the workout session
  • Masks will be required at all times while in the exercise rooms
  • Wash hands or use sanitizer upon entering the facility and when leaving

Follow us on our socials for behind-the-scenes sneak peeks and prize giveaways!

You can also shoot us a message at:

Want to speak to us directly? Give us a call at (905) 897-9622


Want to try something different? These fitness classes might also be of interest to you:

Want to Learn The Business Side Of Arts

Creative Industry Management program, developed by Sheridan College.

A person is working on Futuristic technology
an artist shows future technology

Master the business side of the Creative Industries

In Sheridan college, Creative Industries Management which is newly introduced particular eight-month program. You can graduate as a boss who becomes business visionaries in articulations of the human experience. With a perception of the board, financing and exhibiting you’ll be set up for a calling in film, TV, PC games to say the very least.


Do you want to be a Creative Industry Management Professional?

Sheridan College offers, if you have an academic or master establishment in Arts and want to develop your organizational skills, activity and business aptitudes, Creative Industry Management is the program for you. CIM can help you with starting a new business, giving you the data and a genuine edge to control you down the method for big business.




What will you learn at Sheridan college?

Sheridan acknowledges the best way to deal with learning is by finding a decent pace getting things moving. At this moment, be familiar with capable work process shapes in film, TV, development, and gaming. You’ll make sense of how to organize with creatives and the media. Working with teachers, understudies, and industry specialists, you’ll see there’s no absence of hands-on learning possible results.

Image result for sheridan college mississauga
Sheridan college’s Mississauga campus, where all business studies conduct, which is in the heart of Mississauga, and one of the best colleges in Canada.

It is an Ontario College Graduate Certificate

  • Full-time
  • 1 yr (2 semesters)
  • Program code: PCRIM


Opportunities you can find

Creative Industries in Canada and worldwide have a deficiency of individuals. It is hard to find professionals, who have technical as well as Image result for creative industry images freeBusiness knowledge. As film, activity and gaming businesses keep on developing, more openings for work are relied upon to open.

After the course you can work as :

  • Advertising and promotional administration for media
  • Management Administration for a production company
  • Management Administration for game developers
  • Project Management for media events and festivals
  • Social Media Supervision for film, television, and media
  • VFX Production Manager
  • Social Media Marketer for Creative Industry
  • Production Coordinator
  • Creative Industry Management Consultant
  • Business Development Manager for the Creative Industry


Learning Outcomes

The graduated class has constantly displayed the ability to:

  • Develop a long-expand plan that meets the imperative and operational goals of the relationship just as production(s).
  • Use basic and assistant research to perceive new possibilities and to assess the reasonableness of the innovative endeavor.
  • Make a thorough elevating plan to pass on against predefined targets.
  • Apply adventure the officials’ models in the orchestrating of all sections of headway, preproduction, creation, after creation and scattering of innovative work.
  • Lead people and gatherings in course of action with various leveled recommended strategies and the goals of the errand.
  • Make fundamental spending that breaks down foreseen wages and arranged expenses using focal budgetary and accounting norms.
  • Apply convincing created, spoken, and visual social capacities to fulfill the explanation and requirements of the group.
  • Model an activity and advancement demeanor as far as possible inside an affiliation.
  • Handling business and negotiation with the clients.
  • Budgeting, Scheduling, time-management, creative team handling skills improvement.



Creative, innovative learning is at the core of all of Sheridan’s courses. Here are the courses you’ll take in this program.

BUSM 54578 Creative Industries Environment 3
FINA 51593 Creative Industries Budgeting 3
MKTG 58661 Audience Development 3
LAWS 50333 Entertainment Law & Negotiation 3
HRMT 58907 Managing People in the Arts 4
MGMT 58727 Production 1: Development 4
Total: 20
FINA 54593 Funding Creative Works 3
MKTG 56228 Digital Audience Development 3
BUSM 53762 The Creative Enterprise 3
MGMT 56007 Strategic Arts Management 3
HRMT 58437 Leadership and Influence 4
MGMT 51813 Production 2: Planning 7
Total: 23


Program Fees

Please visit :


For Admission

Program Eligibility

Postsecondary recognition propelled certificate or degree in any order, or proportional (paid work full or low maintenance, extra-curricular exercises or network inclusion).


Determination Process for Applicants

Possibility of the program is chosen based on scholarly accomplishment and the assessment of a Letter of Intent, which incorporates volunteer/work experience that shows their association in the inventive businesses or creation.

Postsecondary transcripts, showing courses finished to-date, must be submitted at the hour of use.

Candidates who don’t meet the affirmation necessities for this program will be evaluated and exhorted exclusively and might be considered for other, related projects.

English Language Proficiency

All candidates whose first language isn’t English must meet Sheridan’s English capability necessities.