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About Us

PSB Travel agency offers a moneyback guarantee if the terms and conditions are fulfilled. We have our offices at the Sheridan college campuses .Lets talk about the promise of moneyback by travel agency at Sheridan. Also if the customer is not happy by spending their money on the travel which we provided to them. Our company policy states that people who face any kind of issues regarding services offered in the package are eligible for moneyback. Please not that our terms and conditions apply. girl swinging

The Sheridan community and moneyback guarantee

Sheridan students and professors get a 100% moneyback even if they cancel their travel plans 12 hours prior to departure. Other customers must cancel at least 5 days before departure if they want a full moneyback. 75% of the total amount of money is money backed If the customer cancels 3 days prior to travel. 50% of the total money is money backed when the customer cancels one day prior to travel. PSB travel agency is truly customer friendly. It provides moneyback guarantee to our customers. If our travel agency does not provide expected services to customer our travel agency assures moneyback to our customers.


boarding pass cancelled due to covid 19
boarding pass cancelled due to covid 19


Our values as travel agency and moneyback

we are a true friend of our customers because we understand our customers.  Knowing that in pandemic times, we may have to cancel our travel plans. PSB travel agency understands that nobody wants to waste their money which is why we provide flexible options to our customers. Travel agents of our company understand that it is disappointing if the money we spent does not seem to have given the expected happiness out of the travel. As a result, we provide money-back guarantee to our customers. Knowing that our clients need a platform which they can trust before making travel plans and spending their hard-earned money. we are willing to help our customers at their one call.



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We provide value to our customers by assuring them that their money is in safe hands. Travellers should rate their travel experiences are worth the price that they pay. The company also understands that our travel plans may change. That’s why why we provide flexible travel plans as well as postponement and reschedule options to our customers. According to survey, less than 30% of travellers got travel refund during the pandemic. Other resources also state similar figures. we  promise to provide complete money back to our customers in case they change travel plans . we prioritise our customer’s satisfaction and happiness.


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location and services of our agency

PSB travel agency has physical offices at Sheridan campuses and online presence for global users. Sheridan community has special advantage as they can get complete moneyback even if they change their plans 12 hours before travel. We aim to provide your customers with a sense of security that their money is in safe hands. Accordingly, we provide adjustable and flexible travel packages to our Sheridan students as well as global customers.  These are the services of moneyback at travel agency Sheridan. We provide a variety of travel options to choose from along with secure and safe travel experience.










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Our travel agency provides additional consumer protection. This may not be available when booking with other travel agencies. A few of these protections include the compensation fund which is the moneyback guarantee . Travel complaint resolution, travel planning, customised packages and financial requirements for travel packages are also a part.

End Goal as a travel agency

We strive to provide best travel experience to our customers. But before that, we strive to provide best booking experience . Consequently  we provide travel complaint resolution services . All customers can directly speak to our customer service. customers can file an online complaint form to be eligible for moneyback.  Agency also give an invoice that is has descriptions of items. This is done so that our customers understand in detail what they are paying for. Also, The same invoice contains terms and conditions of booking/cancellation/ rescheduling etc. Customer hands over the same invoice while filing a complaint regarding a specific service. In the end, we respect the value of your money and promise moneyback.

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Travel Packages for Students – PSB Travel

PSB Travels for Sheridan Students

Customized Travel Packages for Students By PSB Travels

Who We Are?

PSB Travels is founded by two travel enthusiasts and former Sheridan students, Jessie and Matt to provide budget-friendly travel packages for college students.

The goal of starting this travel agency within Sheridan College is to provide students with unique, uncharted experiences. We provide exclusive travel packages for Sheridan students. The idea is simple, to make student’s life cheerful with customized packages made for them. Being former students, We know how important a short trip is or how a day tour can be refreshing and can help students to make new friends. When we were in the college, we wished if we had such travel agency or group travel offers from within the college that could help us to network and talk to other students and travel at the same time.

We strive to provide student-friendly travel packages that are affordable and easily customizable to meet student’s needs. All our packages are carefully planned by considering student’s schedules.

We provide many services for students and their families which are: 

  • Hotel Bookings
  • Car Rentals
  • Group Holiday Packages
  • One Day Trips
  • Professional Tour Guides
Why PSB Travels for students

Why PSB For Student’s Travel Packages?

PSB Travels offers great discounted rates and value added deals on car rentals, hotel bookings, and other personalized travel services. 

A tour service to give you a complete experience of the areas you visit, along with history and other information about the place. 

We take care and follow complete Covid-19 precautions and hygiene rules for you to be safe and secure.

Easy customized options, so that you can STOP PLANNING AND START DISCOVERING! 

We understand the travel needs of students and their families because we are a student-run travel business. So, you do all of the saving while PSB performs the planning. You’ll have more money to discover and explore places if you spend less. 

Vacations are meant to make memories!  And a well planned itinerary  makes a vacation for a lifetime. Students are always busy with their studies and jobs while parents are busy with their work. To ease this and to bring life into your lives, we have come with short trips that can help you relax, be stress-free and have some time with each-other.

Do you want to go on a hike and make new friends? Try the ones here, which provide stunning views of the surrounding mountains and winding paths through steep valleys and woods. The cherry on top is, of course, the delectable local cuisine and superb lodging deep within the woods.

Choose an adventure heavy trip, best suited for those craving an adrenaline rush, and try your hand at offbeat activities like camping, kayaking, parasailing, and more.

So, what are you waiting for? Explore these fantastic holiday ideas and plan your next VOYAGE.


We are located in Mississauga, Ontario within the Sheridan College Campuses – David Campus and HMC Campus

Use #YoungWildAndFree on social media accounts to Win Exciting Prizes and Offers

Sheridan PSB WorldWide Experience

Welcome to
PSB Travel’s
Guide to the world!

Nice to meet you. We’re Jessie & Matt, and this is the Sheridan PSB WorldWide Experience.

Founding of the unique Sheridan PSB WorldWide Experience.

There’s no better way to connect with people than experiencing their lives when you travel. Hence, here is Sheridan PSB Worldwide Experience only for you… Besides, no matter what culture or country you’re from or wherever you choose to travel, the one thing you and I have in common is that discovery and exploration are a huge part of our lives.

In fact, PSB Travel is where people travel for intercultural spirit to learn about authentic local cultures worldwide (or at least from the destinations we’ve personally visited). In short, Sheridan PSB Travel is about doing something you’re passionate about and learning and growing in that passion. So along with stimulating and exhilarating travel recommendations, our goal is also to inspire you to get out of your comfort zone, set goals, and pursue what you’re most passionate about.

Above all, our goal at PSB is to build an exciting worldwide social experience for our customers, where we can share our experiences and whatever lessons we pick up along the way. So this blog is for the explorers out there — the newbies, the first-timers, the lost and confused, the shy and socially awkward, the navigationally challenged, and those who can’t afford to make costly mistakes.

What makes Sheridan PSB WorldWide Experience click
is that we are relatable.

A group of friends that travelled with PSB and enjoyed their interpersonal experience.

Like most people, we’re casual travelers, not hardcore backpackers. We’re vacation-goers, not long-term nomads. We enjoy solo adventures, but we also love sightseeing with friends and family, and we believe that’s at the heart of a great worldwide social experience.

Our primary audience is composed mainly of 18-35 yo. Full-time employees who wish to take a break from work. They are budget-conscious, yes, but they are willing to spend hard-earned money on experiences that are worth it.

We’re not in the business of promoting the cheapest ways to travel. But we are on a journey to find the many ways to travel smart, to establish a worldwide social experience.

PSB travel loves to travel, and we are always on the lookout for new places to visit in addition to that, our community has a good group of friends worldwide who share our passion, so come with us and we can plan your trips, holidays, staycations, whatever you like, together, and let’s create your personalized worldwide social experience. We also enjoy meeting people from different walks of life, cultures, religions, and backgrounds organize regular meetups in various cities worldwide where you can get to know each other better and enjoy some great food and drinks!

Things Sheridan PSB WorldWide Social Experience does that you’d like!

1: Experience choices, choices & more choices.

  • Thanks to our global experience and around the international network of so many years, our vast array of travel destinations include both domestic and international destinations. So you don’t have to compromise on your choices.
  • Explore fascinating places around the world while establishing social connections with like-minded people to create incredible memories. That’s what we believe at Sheridan PSB WorldWide Social Experience.

2: Your worldwide travel experience, our local support.

  • With Sheridan PSB WorldWide Social Experience handles everything in every aspect of travel. Just look at the image below for clarity!
  • Experience cultural diversity, participate in fun adventures and activities, try out new cuisines, etc. 

A pictogram depicting the PSB 5 step Worldwide Social Experience. Fro Booking flights, to car rentals to local guides to travel insurance to recreation activities.


3: 🎶 It’s raining cash, Hallelujah 🎶 (or something like that)


  • PSB Travel lets you choose from lucrative group tour deals with great financing options. So you can have as much choice without worrying about pinching your pockets.
  • So you can travel despite financial constraints. ¯\(ツ)/¯

4: I’ll be there for you (all around the world)


  • In the Sheridan PSB WorldWide Social Experience, we promise you no matter what weather, terrain, or condition you’re in which is why you’ll always have constant support from the PSB Team to overcome any challenges.
  • Connect with the PSB experience team anytime for navigating pre-travel anxiety or other issues such as query resolution, refunds, change in plans, etc. 

If you want some more convincing why you should book with us, check these out


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Covid friendly gym Free Trial Towel Shower Service in Sheridan

PBS Fitness here At Sheridan College Active Covid-friendly gym with Free Trial Membership  privileges

What does PBS Fitness have to offer in Sheridan in terms of Free Trial Membership privileges?

Hi everyone, If you’re here that means you heard about the new active gym facility opening at Sheridan called PBS Fitness. A Covid-friendly gym with Free Trial Towel Shower Service at PBS Fitness Sheridan facilities.

Covid-friendly gym with shower and towel service

This page will focus on how PBS Fitness can be COVID-Friendly (anti-COVID), or deal with other related outbreak infections. PBS Fitness helps active young men and women concern with health conditions that apply to students, staff, faculties, and visitors with your motivational fitness when it comes to hygiene.

We know there are factors occurring that could affect a good workout especially things like COVID-19  or you being sweaty and uncomfortable that you need time to shower; or not today because I have things to do, that I don’t want to be smelly where I’m going; or don’t want to sweat too much because I forgot to be prepared to bring the necessities that deal with my personal hygiene, or bring protective items such mask, sanitizer to use against viruses and germs.

Don’t worry too much. Why, because PBS Fitness is here for you to change your mindset by providing and offering what’s convenient. This will reduce risk and make sure you have the motivational reasons to work out, also ensure and secure your maintaining fitness.

There Covid-Friendly & Hygienic Personal Necessities such as;

-Shirts and Shorts as a spare

-Shampoo and soap products

-Offer Sanitizer liquids and sprays as free service or product

-Protective disposable mask and gloves if forgot to bring one

-Fresh air ventilation with heating or cooling conditions depending on the temperature.  Also air filters.

-Something like an organic bag with a fresh deodorizing smell for your sweaty wet clothes so the uncomforting smell doesn’t stand out where ever you go before you get to your washing machine.

-Deodorizing Products such as deodorant sticks and sprays-available for hygiene in eliminating unwanted smell when leaving the gym.

<img src="sanitize cleaning.png" alt="Covid friendly gym with shower and towel service at PBS facilities">

Stay Safe, Stay Motivated

The Covid friendly gym Free Trial Towel Shower Service in Sheridan as mentioned:

Specialty membership privileges: Shower

-Our specialty membership shower privileges to rinse down sweat and dirt in a close private shower providing privacy, available depending on the bargaining of your membership.

Specialty membership privileges: Towel

-And there the specialty towel service station which provides regular towels. Also, offer customary workout towels to wipe down sweat/ especially the salty sweat on your body. There steam wet with lemon as optional, cold wet, or dry regular and customary condition. Even stationed towel for wiping equipment when being used.

Key Message

The key message in PBS Fitness is to be young, stay active, stay safe, and be protected. Why, because what awaits you is a free-trial and giveaways of great experience to be hygienic, clean, refresh, and relax. So be ready, and prepared for engagement, in an active COVID-friendly environmental gym. And at the same time provide for your personal needs for motivational fitness.

Click this link on tips for having good healthy hygiene before, during, and after your workout: YouTube video: Post Workout Hygiene | How To Stay Healthy

<img src="protective workout.png" alt="Covid friendly gym with shower and towel service at PBS facilities">

If you’re looking for a nearby gym for your conveniences to save distance or your concern with health conditions, and want to maintain your fitness. Come try out the PBS Fitness facility at Sheridan campuses at Davis in Brampton or the HMC Mississauga. Choose whichever one works for you. Take advantage of being in this active gym while in its free trial fitness period of one week. Overall be clean, safe, comfortable, and prepared so you can be active towards your fitness.

Thankyou for reading, please like or subscribe to this page. Follow our social media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Then you will show at the front desk of PBS Fitness at Sheridan either Davis or HMC to claim your free giveaway pack. This event will end after the three weeks period after PBS Fitness grand opening.

The giveaways will include a deodorant stick and shampoo for personal hygiene. Also additional sanitizer, mask, customize PBS fitness shirt, and customary workout towel in a drawstring bag.

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