Unparalleled Pet Marketing Agency

PSB Digital: An Unparalleled Pet Marketing Agency

Secure the future of your pet brand with our exceptional agency!

Unparalleled pet marketing agency
Unparalleled pet marketing agency

We know that the future of the pet industry is in the digital space, and we’re here to help you get there. Moreover, PSB Digital is an unparalleled pet marketing agency that not only understands this shift but also possesses extensive knowledge in a variety of digital marketing methods.

Additionally, our team stays abreast of the latest industry trends and insights, ensuring that your brand stays ahead of the curve. With our comprehensive approach coupled with a range of cutting-edge strategies, we’ll tailor a digital marketing solution that unquestionably maximizes your brand’s online presence and drives tangible results.

Services offered:

  • Social media marketing
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising
  • Content marketing
  • E-Mail Marketing

As a result, our cost-effective approach will certainly help you in order to solve the problem of not only limited marketing resources but also budget constraints.

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Unparalleled pet marketing agency

The future of the pet industry is in the digital space. By all means, having an effective digital platform and online presence will be equally important to the success of your pet brand.

PSB Digital is an unmatched pet marketing agency that has the unique benefit of cost-consciousness that will ultimately help you effectively manage your marketing budget and maximize your return on investment (ROI). Contact us today for a free consultation!

Unleash the Power of Digital Marketing: Your Key to Pet Industry Success

In an ever-evolving pet industry, the future certainly lies in the digital space. For this purpose, building a robust online platform coupled with establishing a strong online presence are equally important for the success of your pet brand.

Discover how our exclusive white paper, “Unleash the Power of Digital Marketing: Your Key to Pet Industry Success,” can revolutionize your marketing approach and subsequently propel your business to new heights.

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What’s most important in the white paper for you?

  • Firstly, get an embrace of the digital frontier.
  • Secondly, amplify your budget.
  • Thirdly, get a targeted audience engagement.
  • Fourthly, nurture brand loyalty.
  • Eventually, realize revenue growth in addition to improved ROI!

Download our free white paper now and by all means seize the digital advantage in the light of gaining long term success!

The Unparalleled Pet Marketing Agency can be as simple as us 🐾

Efficient SEO for pet retailers
Efficient SEO for pet retailers
PSB Digital

Firstly, our team has a wealth of experience and knowledge, which we apply to every client. We work with pet retailers in order to ensure that their brand presence is targeted and optimized for maximum reach in comparison to our competitors.

Secondly, at PSB Digital, we understand your business needs. By all means, we’re dedicated to developing customized digital marketing strategies that fit your brand, target audience and goals. Your success depends on it!  

Ultimately, we have helped many companies grow their business by not only providing them with comprehensive digital marketing strategies but also cost-effective and efficient services.

Our Leading Brands 🐾

Custom senior pet marketing mississauga
digital marketing for pet store startups
digital marketing for pet store startups
Client Testimonials 🐾
"Working with PSB Digital agency has been a game-changer for our pet retail business. It is important to realize their expertise in digital marketing strategies. For instance, in social media marketing, they helped us significantly improved our brand presence that ultimately helped us reach a wider audience. At the present time, the team at PSB Digital understands the unique needs of our industry and have provided us with tailored solutions that have truly yielded impressive results."
Jane Anderson
CEO of Pawsome Pets Supplies
"Undoubtedly, PSB Digital agency has been equally important in transforming our pet retail business. Firstly, their comprehensive digital marketing approach has brought remarkable success to our brand. Secondly, their strategic campaigns have brought a significant increase in qualified leads and conversions. Moreover, PSB Digital's team is highly knowledgeable. Ultimately, they have helped us optimize our marketing budget and achieve remarkable ROI."
Mark Thompson
Marketing Director of FurEver Friends
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White paper for unparalleled pet marketing agnecy

Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to revolutionize your pet marketing strategies. Without a doubt, take the leap towards unparalleled success by downloading our white paper today!

Moreover, in order to gain access to invaluable insights, expert analysis, and evident actionable strategies that will keep you steps ahead of your competition, the white paper is undoubtedly the best choice. Whether you’re a pet retailer, marketer, or enthusiast, this white paper is your ultimate key to unlocking the full potential of your business.

Therefore, click the button to download our white paper now and embark on a journey towards pet marketing excellence!

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Ergonomic Office desk Toronto

Ergonomic Office desk, Toronto .

Working Long hours now made easier. As PSB Office Desks are crafted with ergonomic design and vast array of customization.

This will help you organize your desk to your preference. Energize your workstation and enhance productivity with PSB hydraulic suspended ergonomic office desk.

Ergonomic office desk
Picture credit - Hero images

 Working or sitting too long brings uncalled issues like

 -back pain

 – obesity

 – bad posture

 – cardiovascular diseases and what else ?

We understand the office ergonomics because of 10 year of expertise in field of office ergonomics. We bring solution via our desk for all rising issue because of sitting too long. 

Also Check the video to learn more about how sitting has become a new smoking as it makes workstation unhealthy!

How does ergonomics improve productivity?

Ergonomics creates a well-designed workspace that promotes good posture.  Decreases exertion and eliminates awkward postures. It also decreases repetitive motions and improve reaches and heights. 

It also decreases the need for high-force activities.

All of these considerations create more productive employees. 

They are able to work faster and more efficiently while having a more positive outlook. By practicing ergonomics employees tend to make fewer errors. This leads them to have higher levels of energy.

 Employees that can enjoy an ergonomic office feel a greater sense of satisfaction. This makes them more engaged and productive. 

This results in higher morale and a better corporate culture.


Product description

  • Manual desk with Table Top Size:1200-1800X650-850mm (47.2″-70.9″X25.6″-33.5″)
  • Detachable crank for saving space.
  • Hydraulic suspensions
  • Sleek design which blends into various modern interior designs.
  • Also Cable management space.
  • Adjustable height an width  chord.
  • Large width fits a variety of desktop shapes and sizes.
  • Choose your own desktop style including size, shape, material and color.
  • 4 adjustable feet level and adapt to most any floor surface.
  • Soft foam layer and mat which adapts to the contours of feet.
  • Ergo cushion relieving fatigue by 50%.


Benefits Sought

  1. Relief from poor posture, backpain, Joint pain and other fatigue – Keeping it ergonomic.  Raise and lower the desk as per the preference as it comes with hydraulic suspensions.

    Relax your arms and elbows as it comes with large surface area.

   Easily move from sitting to standing.

  Also helps to keep spine in proper shape as it can be adjusted to partially stand or sit position.

– puts spine in natural S curve shape allowing even distribution of pressure on lower body.

  Keeping upright posture and providing back support.

  Stretch easily from any position.


  1. Work Surface-   –        Monitor, keyboard tray and mouse can be placed as per the elbow movement and posture preference.

       Keep document holder, phone, and other accessories as well as it comes with large surface area.

       Holds capacity to carry load up to 200 pounds because of strong and good quality of materials used.

       Give your foot some rest as it comes with Ergonomic cushion .

–    Relive pain and fatigue.

       Cable management space.

  1. Price effective        Manual desk as par the same benefits and quality of electric desk Quotations available here.

  1. No Power     Unlike electric desks no power is used to operate the desk, a step to conserve energy and environment.

  1. Sleek and stylish design –  Select your own décor and size.

       Catalogue available for
ideas click – https://six.psbdigital.ca/

       Modern Décor available.

Trusted by leading brands

Facility Manager, James Frank - Feedback

“The website was easy to navigate and the product turned out to be very good. I trust the brand with quality and its finishing. 

I was dissatisfied with use of my earlier desk and then I got these manual desks. My back and employees thank me for the decision made. 

This manual desk is worth the price and overall the product is good fit for workstation”.

James frank, facility manager-TORONTO - it expertS


PSB Office is a family owned B2B office furniture company created in 1980 by Edward Smith. 

The company has deep roots in creating office furniture and accessories
that use
high quality materials and made in Canada. PSB Office desk made its name by being the first Canadian company to design and manufacture furniture that is Ergonomic. This was unheard of in the 1980’s. The expertise of quality and functionality are the core of the business.

With customized and sleek and stylish features energize your workstation with our manual desk. For further more information about the

       health benefits.

       product specification.

    customization catalogue.

– productivity enhancement in IT corporations and much more.

kindly click on the button below to begin your journey with us.

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Ergonomic Office Desk Ontario

An Ergonomic solution for your office desk needs.

Invest in employee wellness with PSBDesk. An ergonomic office desk designed in Ontario that helps end users STAND up against health dangers of sitting for long hours with limited movement. Download our “Ergonomic Desk guide” below to know more about our hydraulic desk.

workers working on a hydraulic office desk in Ontario

Watch this short video to know more about ergonomics with attention its value in the office

Ergonomics: A key element for increased health and productivity in your office

Investment in ergonomics for your office is certainly a great way to contribute to not only worker wellbeing but also productivity. Research has found out that successful application of ergonomics in the office in addition to proper participation from all employees can lead to many benefits. As per multiple studies, some of them are mentioned below. 

– Improvement in physical and mental health of workers.
– Increased Productivity
– Decreased pains in the body as ergonomics keeps it safe at workplace.
– High quality of work.
– Increased employee motivation and engagement.
– When happier employees enjoy coming to work it helps fight high turnover rates by increasing job satisfaction levels.

PSBDesk: an ergonomic transformation for your office

Our Vision behind PSBDesk is to stick true to our core values of quality, functionality and ergonomics. As a result, we created an ergonomic office desk with sustainable materials in Ontario. The hydraulic desk enables a positive environment at your workplace by contributing to employee wellbeing. The height of the office desk can rise along with lower as per user preference, as a result, giving an option to sit or stand. In conclusion, our office desks help your employees avoid negative health implications caused by long hours of sitting.

The office desk supports better posture significantly, fighting back pain and wrist circulation. Coupled with mental health benefits such as good morale and focus, our office desk is indeed a great supplement to employee wellbeing. Studies have shown employee wellness as one of the reasons for an overall boost in mood and productivity.

Trusted by offices of leading companies

One of the many rave reviews we have received for our ergonomic office desk

Give your office desk the ergonomic boost it needs

Learn more about the finer details of our product at length including ways to easily implement our ergonomic desk at your workplace.

Coworkers happy using a hydraulic office desk in Ontario office

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Digital Marketing Agency for coffee shops in Toronto

About Us

In an age where digital marketing is king, it’s important for businesses to stay up to date in order to stay relevant. Here at PSB Digital Marketing, we’re focused on improving, developing, and designing digital campaigns for your business. We can accomplish this by utilizing techniques such as SEO, using keywords, phrases, first page rankings as well as other approaches that will raise overall brand awareness, as well as increase meaningful traffic for your business. Our goal is to provide you with digital solutions that will help your business reach a larger audience. In conclusion, with our expertise, experience and dedicated team of marketing specialists, we can help you exceed your goals.

Marketing professionals


Why Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is very relevant in today’s world and it’s a broad term that is passed around a lot these days. If you would like to learn more and get a better understanding of it, please visit:


The digital age

Operating locally

Our team is located in the heart of Toronto and our focus is to help small businesses get exposure within the GTA.


The process

First, we’ll generate a complete analysis of your business from top to bottom and review digital activities.
Next, we’ll create a detailed digital roadmap together that will accomplish your business objectives and ambitions.
Then, we will help set an effective strategy that will fulfill the your plan and bring the best possible results.
Once the strategy is in place, we will monitor and keep up to date with the data with weekly reports.
Finally, we measure and evaluate the results and rinse and repeat.

What we do

  • Social Media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Google & Facebook ads
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Increase time spent on website
  • Increase number of unique visitors


Affordable pricing

We offer our clients with a wide variety of packages: Beginner, standard, premium and premium plus. Each one varies on components and features, depending on your business needs.If you’re hesitant about our bundles, we can offer you a free 30-day trial. And if you’re still unsure about our services, we also offer an in-depth, analysis of your business for free.

Well, what are you waiting for? Register online today and we’ll get you started!

If you would like to learn more about our marketing agency, please visit:


Multicultural Digital Marketing For Restaurants Near GTA

Welcome to PSB Digital, an elite full-service multicultural digital marketing for restaurants in GTA municipalities (Toronto, Mississauga, York Region, Peel Region, Halton Region, etc.). By working exclusively with clients from different cultures in the restaurant industry, our experienced marketing experts have in-depth knowledge of the challenges or opportunities facing restaurants of all shapes and sizes on a daily basis. PSB Digital offers comprehensive end-to-end marketing strategies that effectively increase sales, improve day-to-day operation and establish stronger online presence for your restaurant.

End-to-End Multicultural Digital Marketing For Restaurants

PSB Digital is the one-stop marketing agency that connects your restaurant with multicultural customers and accelerates sales growth. We acknowledge that each business is unique. Therefore, our dedicated team will work closely with you to develop and execute a fully customized online marketing plan that suits your own restaurant objectives and budget from start to finish. We strive to meet and exceed your expectations with our performance-driven digital marketing services.

Multicultural Digital Marketing Campaigns

Multicultural Digital Marketing For Restaurants In GTA

Visible minority groups in Canada make up approximately 96% of Canada population. Specifically in Toronto, visible minority groups are estimated to comprise 63% of the population. In other words, the ethnocultural diversity of Canada’s population is projected to continue increase in the future. Here at PSB Digital, we provide comprehensive multicultural digital marketing campaigns for all restaurants in GTA, no matter their heritage. Our marketing strategies are built upon your own specific target audience groups, whether they speak traditional or simplified Chinese, Punjabi, Urdu, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, French, Italian, Spanish, or Portuguese etc. Professional translation services are also available to meet your needs for sales brochures, collateral and other promotional materials that are essential for your frontline representatives.

SEO and Google Ads 

Our marketing experts have extensive experiences in providing immediate, consistent visibility in search engine results and developing cost-effective Google Ads. We help boost traffic, quality leads and sales for your restaurant. We conduct thorough research to identify optimal keywords as well as provide professional website design that help bringing your restaurant website to the top of the search results.

All-in-one POS Integration

In addition, our all-in-one POS integration software allows restaurants to manage day-to-day operation more effectively. This is a powerful tool to manage customer orders, daily sales, online reviews, inventories, employees and also to gain 360º view of customers through CRM platform. The set up process is simple and fast, and the information is accessible from any device anytime. Monthly reports of sales, customers data can be generated easily just with one click. That allows restaurants to utilize collected data to build stronger relationship with customers.

Digital Marketing – Social Media Management For Restaurants

Our social media management service covers your social media presence from A-Z, from beautiful content creation to engaging comment and message replies, optimize social media profiles and everything in between. We provide in house content creation and editorial calendars that engages your target audiences with trendy and interactive contents. Food photography service and training is also available. We facilitate courteous and responsive interactions between the restaurant with customer feedback to limit and address negative comments. Our marketing team will help establish strong digital presence for your restaurant on various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok.

Industry Insights 

We also provide insights from experts in the food industry for our clients. That helps you understand your target audience, the opportunities and challenges your restaurant faced with and how to overcome them. Moreover, we also conduct competitive intelligence to provide strategic insights for our clients. The combined knowledge helps our clients develop the right product offering that meets customers’ needs at the right time.

How It Works

In order to drive results, we thoroughly analyze your restaurant current situation, marketing needs. Next, we conduct extensive market research about consumer and industry insights; analyze competition to identify the challenges and opportunities your restaurant faced with. We also provide you with accumulated results and data analytics from our customer base. This demonstrates how value can be unlocked and generate higher rate of prospect conversion into customers for restaurants. Finally, we develop a seamless strategy that will expose you to the right audience at the right place. Our 24/7 customer support service is always available to assist whenever you need.

Let us walk you through at each stage of the whole process to increase sales and establish strong online presence! Schedule a FREE virtual consultation today!

Covid-19 revival ideas for Toronto restaurants

We are here to help the restaurant owners to bring in more revenue through our six Covid-19 revival ideas for Toronto restaurants. Read more to learn how to thrive your restaurants!

multicultural restaurants need help with Covid-19 revival ideas for Toronto restaurants
dine-in service is not available in a Toronto restaurant due to Covid-19.

Covid-19 revival ideas for Toronto restaurants

These ideas are designed for restaurant owners in Toronto. There are two phases for Covid-19 revival ideas for Toronto restaurants:
• To prepare for the reopen
• To form the future direction

Phase 1: To prepare for the reopen

Restaurants should prioritize a solid preparation for their revive. In this phase, the focus will be on the operation, customer relationship, and new customer liking.

1. To have up to date operation

When the government eases the Covid-19 restrictions, restaurants need to build a strategic plan to reopen. Importantly, their operation plan must follow the Covid-19 standard practices and safety guidelines by the government. Therefore, the restaurants must perform hygiene and safety procedures to provide a safe environment for their employees and customers.

Additionally, Covid-19 has changed restaurant operations. Restaurant owners need to adapt to these changes and enhance their efficiency. The return of on-premise dining service has an impact on the adjustment of operating and training process. Restaurants need to be novel to correspond their new demands with the supplies. This could be the share of facilities or labor with other food establishments.

2. Customer relationship reestablishment and make use of personalization

Covid-19 has also changed the way customers behave. They are more likely to make their own food or order online after the pandemic. These behaviors are seemed to be continued after the pandemic. Thus, restaurants need to create personalized approaches to enhance dine-in incentives for the customers.

Now, it is time to bring CRM to the table. Restaurants need to take customer acquisition and customer retention into account. Each CRM program is catered to each customer segment. It is important to use CRM to retent current customers, loyal members. For instance, personalized messages or emails could be used as an effective retention strategy. Restaurants can send out updated notifications such as the schedule or reassurance of dine-in service. CRM also allows restaurants to reestablish relationships with ex-customers who have switched to the competitors or cooked their food at home. They can offer price incentives or personalized promotions. Lastly, CRM helps restaurants to acquire potential customers. However, restaurants need to pay closer attention to their marketing expenses for acquisition to achieve a return on investment.

3. Menu modification to new customer likings

Restaurant owners need to proactively see the changes in consumer likings. On-premise dining has been replaced with the value of purchases and off-premise dining experience. However, the good news for the restaurant owners, consumers are still ready to go back to some of their routines although they still have health concerns. Restaurants need to revise their menu and highlight their signature dishes as well as adjust prices to keep up with the new competition.

4. Maximize service offers

The sales of takeout and delivery might decrease after the pandemic. However, a part of these sales would last for the foreseeable future. For this opportunity, restaurants should improve their service offers such as delivery and pick-up. Due to the high commission fees, restaurants need to control and adjust their margin. Thus, to be more cost-effective, restaurants need to maximize the efficiency of pickup.

Phase 2: To form the future direction

Restaurants need to see they reopen as an opportunity to thrive back. This means the restaurants need to be innovative in their comeback to revive stronger and more successful. Therefore, The owners should shape the future direction for their restaurants. They need to take restaurant redesign and digital transformation into account.

5. Restaurant redesign

After the pandemic, restaurants need to reshape themselves to become stronger. The redesign can be the transformation of the restaurant’s layout. For example, add more take-out options such as pickup or drive-thru. The transformation needs to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency among the zones. Additionally, technology helps to increase efficiency and empower contact-free services. The restaurant should consider automation such as self-serve kiosks and robotic labors. These technologies help restaurants to increase their productivity. They also allow contactless solutions for customers.

6. Digital transformation

Customer experience has transformed into the digital world. Nowadays, it is easier for restaurants to engage with their audiences online. They also can present unique experiences and make use of customization and personalization. As a result, digital engagement can be used to leverage loyalty levels among current and potential customers. Thus, the deeper restaurants dig into personalization, the more they win their customers’ hearts.

Still feel struggle to apply Covid-19 revival ideas for Toronto restaurants?

If you need more helps, we are here to provide you with in-depth insights and advice from our multicultural Food and Beverage industry experts from different cultures. Please email us at PSB Consultant Agency.

Importantly, we provide multicultural marketing campaigns for customers from different cultures. We can help you to bring in more sales to your door. We can help you to survive through Covid-19 and thrive stronger after the pandemic. Learn more!

What a time to celebrate Black History!

Black History Month 2020!

As February arrived, I was more excited than usual — the reason you may ask?  With the stress of school, work and defining who I am through the trials of adulthood, Black History Month was approaching us to remind me to be proud, to feel unified and to keep being my very best. Between the shows, events and discussions surrounding BHM, there was a lot to explore online and locally. I want to take you on a magical journey of my Black History Month!


I kicked off the Black History Month with seeing ads for one of the newest documentaries on Netflix. They’ve Got To Have Us was my introduction to Black History Month. This mini-series focuses on the importance of Black Cinema. The angle was how different actors and directors contribute to the success of Black Hollywood.

There are great influential figures such as Spike Lee to Barry Jenkins and Harry Belafonte to John Boyega. One generation after the other continues to play crucial roles in opening up paths to make movies like Get Out, Black Panther and many more accessible and possible to be made.




Within this time, I also noticed that the City of Toronto is hosting their 25th annual KUUMBA Black History Celebration. This is held at Harbourfront Centre and has a unique variety of events and showcases that cater to the history of the black community.

Major exhibitions consist of:

Colin Kaepernick – Know Your Rights Camp Public Art Installation

A showcase that outlines the basic rights of a human through the perspective of major black known figures.

Ekow Nimako – Building Black: AMORPHIA

This showcase has eight new artworks comprised of over 50,000 Lego.


Nightly skates with popularized DJs throughout the city.

Other amazing events and shows have been playing throughout the month of February to work alongside the KUUMBA’s 25th year of running.

There are two events that will kick off the Black history celebrations for this month! Sofar Sounds will be hosting a black history month show that will highlight local artist. Sofar Sound is a music organization that hosts surprise events throughout Toronto. Tickets are $20 per person and it will definitely provide a great experience. For these events, you don’t know where the show is located until the day before and you have no idea who will be performing until the night of.

Alongside this event, there will also be TD’s Black Diamond Ball. This is a black tie affair that connects influencers of all industries together to combat inequalities and make new connections. This will be held at the Fairmont Royal York and tickets fluctuate between $105 – $250.

Black History Month has been an amazing refresher for me and has allowed me to take a step back and relook at my culture and feel pride. 

How do you take the time to revisit your culture and grow within it?