Why a standing adjustable ergonomic desk is the best option for office workers in Canada

Your desk is slowly killing you

As a result of sitting for long periods of time, the chance of getting many health conditions goes up. With a few simple changes, you can thus improve your posture and comfort throughout the day. An adjustable ergonomic desk in Canada is therefore a great option. It will instantly improve the health and wellbeing of office workers. Download PSB Office’s guide to ‘Computer Workstation Ergonomics’ to learn more.

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Benefits of an adjustable ergonomic desk

Computer Workstation Ergonomics Canada

Do you want to learn how you can make simple changes to your office’s workstations?  Our guide, “Computer Workstation Ergonomics” consequently offers practical solutions. The contents include facts such as position and height of furniture, correct posture, and the best number of movement breaks. With clear visuals and diagrams showing exact measures, all tips are therefore easy to apply. It also features the newest designs and technology in office furniture

In our guide, you will find information on:

·       Hand and wrist posture

·       Desk height

·       Chair height

·       Computer height

·       Lighting

·       Foot placement

·       Screen placement from eyes

·       Back support

·       Posture for sitting vs standing

·       Head position

Quality adjustable ergonomic products in Canada

 Since 1980, PSB Office has been a leader in producing high quality ergonomic office furniture. We were accordingly one of the first companies to use the concept of ergonomics. Our newest product, the PSB Desk, has won multiple design awards. Additionally, it has received amazing reviews from its users. Made in Canada with long-lasting materials, it is not only is sleek and stylish, but functional. The desk is built with new technology that as a result, provides the ability to adjust to the users desired height.

Risks of sitting for long periods of time firstly include obesity, but also poor mental health and musculoskeletal disorders. These are caused by staying in the same posture for too long, high screen time, and additionally having few chances to take breaks. Studies show that standing for periods of time can improve focus and productivity. Furthermore, standing desks have been shown to improve stress management abilities. They can also uplift the overall mood at work.

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Here is what some of our customers have to say about our ergonomic products:

“I immediately noticed a major shift in the happiness of our employees. Above all was the 20% increase in productivity we saw in the first month after purchasing these desks”

-Krista Chen, Procurement Manager from Google

“We would see such high turnover with our old office layout at work. Now that we have standing desks, I sit less during the day as a result. The back pain I used to have is gone as well!”

-Ally Reed, Call Centre Executive from Bell Canada

“I was glad to buy such high-quality furniture for our office. Not only do my employees rave about the design and ease of use, but they are more comfortable and focused during the day.”

-Michael Scholten, Buyer from Flipp

You are now one step closer to an adjustable ergonomic workstation

Learn tips on how to consequently change how you and your colleagues work. Read our guide to workplace ergonomics now!

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