Covid friendly gym Free Trial Towel Shower Service in Sheridan

PBS Fitness here At Sheridan College Active Covid-friendly gym with Free Trial Membership  privileges

What does PBS Fitness have to offer in Sheridan in terms of Free Trial Membership privileges?

Hi everyone, If you’re here that means you heard about the new active gym facility opening at Sheridan called PBS Fitness. A Covid-friendly gym with Free Trial Towel Shower Service at PBS Fitness Sheridan facilities.

Covid-friendly gym with shower and towel service

This page will focus on how PBS Fitness can be COVID-Friendly (anti-COVID), or deal with other related outbreak infections. PBS Fitness helps active young men and women concern with health conditions that apply to students, staff, faculties, and visitors with your motivational fitness when it comes to hygiene.

We know there are factors occurring that could affect a good workout especially things like COVID-19  or you being sweaty and uncomfortable that you need time to shower; or not today because I have things to do, that I don’t want to be smelly where I’m going; or don’t want to sweat too much because I forgot to be prepared to bring the necessities that deal with my personal hygiene, or bring protective items such mask, sanitizer to use against viruses and germs.

Don’t worry too much. Why, because PBS Fitness is here for you to change your mindset by providing and offering what’s convenient. This will reduce risk and make sure you have the motivational reasons to work out, also ensure and secure your maintaining fitness.

There Covid-Friendly & Hygienic Personal Necessities such as;

-Shirts and Shorts as a spare

-Shampoo and soap products

-Offer Sanitizer liquids and sprays as free service or product

-Protective disposable mask and gloves if forgot to bring one

-Fresh air ventilation with heating or cooling conditions depending on the temperature.  Also air filters.

-Something like an organic bag with a fresh deodorizing smell for your sweaty wet clothes so the uncomforting smell doesn’t stand out where ever you go before you get to your washing machine.

-Deodorizing Products such as deodorant sticks and sprays-available for hygiene in eliminating unwanted smell when leaving the gym.

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Stay Safe, Stay Motivated

The Covid friendly gym Free Trial Towel Shower Service in Sheridan as mentioned:

Specialty membership privileges: Shower

-Our specialty membership shower privileges to rinse down sweat and dirt in a close private shower providing privacy, available depending on the bargaining of your membership.

Specialty membership privileges: Towel

-And there the specialty towel service station which provides regular towels. Also, offer customary workout towels to wipe down sweat/ especially the salty sweat on your body. There steam wet with lemon as optional, cold wet, or dry regular and customary condition. Even stationed towel for wiping equipment when being used.

Key Message

The key message in PBS Fitness is to be young, stay active, stay safe, and be protected. Why, because what awaits you is a free-trial and giveaways of great experience to be hygienic, clean, refresh, and relax. So be ready, and prepared for engagement, in an active COVID-friendly environmental gym. And at the same time provide for your personal needs for motivational fitness.

Click this link on tips for having good healthy hygiene before, during, and after your workout: YouTube video: Post Workout Hygiene | How To Stay Healthy

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If you’re looking for a nearby gym for your conveniences to save distance or your concern with health conditions, and want to maintain your fitness. Come try out the PBS Fitness facility at Sheridan campuses at Davis in Brampton or the HMC Mississauga. Choose whichever one works for you. Take advantage of being in this active gym while in its free trial fitness period of one week. Overall be clean, safe, comfortable, and prepared so you can be active towards your fitness.

Thankyou for reading, please like or subscribe to this page. Follow our social media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Then you will show at the front desk of PBS Fitness at Sheridan either Davis or HMC to claim your free giveaway pack. This event will end after the three weeks period after PBS Fitness grand opening.

The giveaways will include a deodorant stick and shampoo for personal hygiene. Also additional sanitizer, mask, customize PBS fitness shirt, and customary workout towel in a drawstring bag.

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