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What Is AI In Marketing?

Let’s be honest, there are two things that first come to mind when we think of AI, Siri and the end of the world. What if we said its not that simple, or scary. AI stands for Artificial Intelligence, essentially it is utilizing tech to work for you in a similar way a human would. This is usually utilized by businesses through the use of 24/7 chatbots available to assist customers whenever necessary. AI can also be used to track trends and sort data making marketing efforts both untestable and impactful. Recently there has been a rise in the use of AI to scan the surroundings and utilize augmented reality to put promotional materials directly into consumers lives. Choosing the right AI tools for your company is key to bringing your brand to the future.

Our Use Of AI

 Customer Service Chatbot

Utilizing a chat bot on your website is ideal for making customer service available 24/7. Chatbots allow standard level customer service requests to be processed without tying up staff. More complex requests will be filed or redirected to the necessary solution. At PSB Digital we offer a highly refined chatbot. Our bot is trained to respond in a natural manor rather than stiff robotic responses. If the bot encounters a problem beyond it’s capabilities, it will provided a list of resources based on chat history rather than just providing a default message. Our bot has the added benefit of learning from chats to better improve responses in the future. To utilize our chatbot is simple, we set-up the chatbot plug-in on your website and program it to utilize your webpage and resources. Once the chatbot has been made live, you are ready to go.

 Tracking Marketing Efforts

AI software is one of the most helpful tools in tracking marketing efforts. Looking at a sheet full of data can be a confusing headache to understand. AI can simplify and make sense of data for you. By running detailed analysis and comparing against current trends, AI can provide valuable insight into marketing efforts. We used cloud based data banks to provide you with full access to current marketing stats so that there is full transparency in our efforts and you can make informed decision on how to progress. Forget the days of sorting through numbers for hours, with our AI powered marketing tools you will have valuable data at a moments notice tracked in real-time.

 Rim Visualizer

Our augmented reality rim visualizer as a game changer in the automotive marketing industry and exclusive to us. Through the use of AI potential customers can scan a photo of their vehicle and see what different pairs of rim would look like before purchasing. This increases the likelihood of customer satisfaction as they have already seen what the end result will look like. Below is an example of a VW Golf with factory rims and then a pair of aftermarket rims.

Available as a website plug-in exclusively offered by PSB Digital, this AI tool provides an entirely unique experience to your customers. Customers will see the entire line of compatible rims you offer for their vehicle. By allowing them to scroll through and actually see the rims on their vehicle customers have a greater sense of confidence in their purchase and may be opt to spend more. AI can be intimidating but when properly utilized it will make your life easier and modernize your brand.


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Automotive influencer wheel marketing Mississauga

Welcome to PSB Digital media marketing, the one stop shop for all automotive influencer and wheel marketing in Mississauga.


We focus on delivering the best in-house marketing and media content at a fair price, backed by hundreds of satisfied clients and a host of popular automotive influencers such as TheStraightPipes , DonutMedia , Hotrodscotts , TheSmokingTire and more!


Who Are We?


PSB Digital is an automotive based Digital marketing agency with a passion for the automotive industry. we are an automotive influencer and wheel marketing agency in Mississauga. We have helped countless aftermarket automotive wheel and accessory manufacturers get their products onto the markets and in the hands of the consumers. Many of those Automotive wheel companies are from right here in Mississauga. We work closely with local automotive influencers to bring your product into the light of the market.

PSB Digital was birthed in Mississauga, Ontario as a small marketing agency working with physical location as well as online automotive stores promoting their products. We now focus on helping grow local and international companies. This digital marketing agency from Mississauga is an all encompassing service with a flat fee service that works with popular sociBrixton Wheels on Sale | Tires & Rims | City of Toronto | Kijijial media influencers. We also generate all original content in-house. PSB Digital works alongside events such as the Canadian International Auto show and host a yearly car show called Round and Round.


How We Can Help You


PSB Digital media marketing aims to provide automotive wheel and accessory brands with original as well as exciting content. We deliver trendy and relevant marketing services to keep up with the times. PSB targets current automotive trends as well as current top influencers and consumer habits.  We also work to optimize social media and web design to work seamlessly across all devices, including smartphones.

Our services now include an AI designed webpage to showcase your product. This is a 3D emulator that shows your product on the customer cars online. PSB Digital works hard to get your product promoted online via SEO and SEM efforts. This is done in person with massive automotive events and collaborations with other brands as well. We work very close with automotive influencers from social media and YouTube to promote your products and services. This will be paired with affiliate marketing links to ensure your products and services are promoted to a passionate crowd.


Why Choose PSB Digital?

Current Automotive Client


There are many reasons a company should come to PSB Digital for help. We have found that there are so many brands with great products that just don’t know how to market them. Some tactics may be daunting which is why we recommend our professional help in many cases. Influencer is among the most difficult but most effective way to reach a target market effectively and efficiently. This can be tough as securing contracts without our help is nearly impossible as well as working at events such as the Toronto International Auto show and car meets are very effective in promoting wheels. We work with flexible hours, low cost payment plans and flat rate fees which ensures it is affordable for all many different budgets. This is why it is important to choose an automotive influencer and wheel marketing agency in Mississauga.


Want To Learn More?


Interested in learning more about our services and past client experiences? The following are a list of links to the website with a host of automotive influencers we partner with. There are also examples of automotive wheel companies that have been long time clients.

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