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I bet your wondering what digital marketing agency in Mississauga has a social truck? Well, your in luck…

PSB Digital Marketing Agency is a new start-up business located in the heart of Mississauga and our mission it to provide small businesses with innovative digital marketing products and services.  Our agency is full of passionate fitness professionals with a strong background in digital marketing.   Our expertise and innovation puts us on-top of the competitors while providing our clients with top of the line service. Now, I bet your wondering what is a Social Truck? Well, your at the right place, do not stop reading here.

Now, I bet your wondering what is a Social Truck? Well, your at the right place, do not stop reading here.

Social Truck provides 3-Hour On-Demand Social Media Take-over

digital social marketingDigital agencies typically work remotely to deliver promising digital marketing results, but have you heard of a digital marketing agency that works physically inside your business too? PSB’s marketing agency essentially takes over clients social media platforms for a duration of 3 hours . We drive to the business location with a truck full of equipment ready to shoot quality videos and professional content. Our professionals will go live on Instagram filming themselves inside the store showing and promoting the latest products while communicating with the viewers. The live-videos are great for announcing in-store and online specials like “take 15% your first order” or daily giveaways to the viewers. This is an opportunity for your target audience to be apart of your brands social community.  Finally, our digital agency makes sure that all social content is consistently appropriate, fun, engaging and effective.

This 3 hour takeover is also helpful on busy, stressful days in the store because we are able to answer any questions or concerns from the viewers on social and physically inside the sore. Viewers listening or tuning into the live on Instagram can communicate with us through the live stream chat box or direct messages. This is intended to limit the amount of customers calling the store asking questions or wanting more information.  During our stay we are also available to assist employees with any digital related issues or concerns. We will also be shooting professional product photos and videos for your companies website and social platforms. Ultimately, our social truck is here to help small businesses increase sales revenue and customer engagement, while staying on-top of competitors.

Why You Will Benefit From Our Social Truck

Now that you know about our social truck service, you are probably wondering why this is necessary or useful for your business? PSB Digital Marketing Agency is here to support Business Managers and key employees that are faced with everyday challenges to ensure business runs smoothly.

Finding the time to stay innovative, create brand awareness and staying engaged with new and existing customers can be tough. Your business will benefit because we save you time, provide the essential resources and expertise. Our high-end equipment, experienced marketers and innovative techniques produce quality social content. Our social truck is very relevant, social media is how many small businesses survive and compete. It is evident that having powerful social media presence and engagement as a small business is a must.

We not only assist customers on social media but also ones who are present in the store.  This is an opportunity to help store associates manage their everyday tasks without being distracted. Our team is also available to help staff members with any needs pertaining to our digital strategies and technology.

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose PSB Digital Marketing Agency

PSB Digital is not your average digital marketing agency…

  1. We have solutions for the daily challenges key people in your business face
  2. We offer many unique products and services you wont find anywhere else
  3. Because there is a low risk and high reward
  4. Our agency goes above and beyond for our customers
  5. Because our team is passionate and professional
choose this agencyMore Unique Products/Services at PSB Digital

If you thought our digital social truck was cool what if I told you we have more unique products and services?

Check out our free audits that does a SEO scan to let you know where your business stands on the search engines.  Now that you know how important social media is, we also match your company with suitable influencers.  We also work on initiatives to produce eco-friendly products to become a more eco-friendly agency. 

And lastly, we know how important your businesses ROI is, so check out our unbeatable ROI.

Don’t hesitate, schedule a free consultation with us today at (416-111-6666) or email us at


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