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At Innovative Solutions Digital Agency, we’re driven to help realtors in need of the resources to build an online presence and diversify their marketing portfolio with the use of different digital marketing tactics such as developing a full annual marketing plan, curating a personal website, CRM tactics, and creating an overall online presence for the realtor to connect with possible target consumers. As we know, the real estate market is currently very saturated with many people trying to enter the industry. The current advertising standard in the industry is filled with people using the radio, flyers, billboards, and majority print advertising. We don’t want you to “fly with the flock” and be stuck in saturation with the rest of the competition, at Innovative Solutions Digital Agency, we thrive in helping you stand out against competitors by using the latest and greatest forms of digital marketing, keeping you up to date with all the latest trends of the digital advertising world.


Our Digital Marketing Team

Our team consists of many experienced & young digital marketers that are constantly updating their knowledge of the digital marketing world, whether its trends, new platforms, what’s hot & what’s not, who to follow, trends to avoid, etc. As a startup, with a smaller number of clients, this benefits you as our team will spend more time on your needs and keep up to date with you by scheduling regular check-in meetings to curate a specialized marketing plan for the week. This will keep your socials up to date and ensures that customers will be more attracted to following you and keeping up with posts by helping posts and stories stay engaging and interesting for potential clients.


With COVD-19, relators have come to a halt when it comes to advertising and selling homes as they find overall costs of advertising too high and see this pandemic as a hurdle when it comes to producing business. We want to get you over that hurdle and help you perform to the next level! This can be possible by creating unique solutions to overcome issues that the majority of Realtors face on a day-to-day basis. One big part of selling a home is the initial showing/open house and we understand that some consumers may feel uncomfortable with meeting people regardless of the protection and safety prevention used. This is why we want to introduce Virtual Reality tours! This is a great new solution for realtors to show a possible future home for their clients while ensuring utmost safety for the customer and their family.

Read the article below that explains the effects of COVID on the real estate market along with the benefits of virtual reality in the world of real estate:



The majority of the time, realtors and agents want to make a change in their online personas and feel helpless at times because they don’t know what to post and how to keep up with managing all of their different socials. Our team will personally meet up with you and create a personalized spreadsheet filled with the following, thus ensuring you the utmost organization and efficiency:

• Curated spreadsheet with all of your current clients
• Current socials and engagement numbers along with future goals
• Other services and clients that can help with the sale of your listings
• Future promotions that will be posted to your socials
• Your marketing plan for the month
• Many more services can be discussed after the initial meeting with our team


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Innovative solutions that change Digital Real Estate Services in Brampton


Innovative solutions that change Digital Real Estate Services in Brampton is the need of the hour. With the world going digital, the need and importance of online presence is grown more than the last decade. Therefore, to go with the ongoing trend of digital business, Innovative Solutions Agency is offering digital presence that will bring together the real estate agents (and brokers) and clients.
During this pandemic, most of the businesses are facing losses. But some of the businesses are still strong and profitable because they have joined the digital presence in addition of having better marketing tactics. Our agency will provide this same benefit to you.
We will provide such digital platforms that will help real estate agents to satisfy their clients in every sense.

Our goal.

The goal of our agency is to provide most important and effective services not only quality based but cost based also. We aim to provide every service that will attract more customers in addition with tracking the activities of whoever visited your website or app.
Our most important purpose is to help the agents in achieving their aims. For example: If their goal is to get 22% more customers then our agency will provide such solutions that will help to achieve those number of customers.

Special Digital Website feature for real estate agents.

We will offer them a website feature named My Home Tracker that is designed by our agency members. How it works: real estate agents have to add this in their website. This feature will help their clients to get new property alerts when sign up, they can share any property or home with their friends and family, and they can save any of their favorite homes to look at it later.
Above all, it is best for agents because they can track the activities of clients such as they will get to know who sign up, who saved which house or property (to provide further details or some discount) and sharing track (who shared and with which person). Is it not a great option of tracking everything?

Other topmost tools that our agency will offer to real estate agents or brokers to achieve success.

Virtual Tours:
Busy schedules and one appointment at one time may affect the client’s feelings. Therefore, our agency is providing this special feature of Virtual Tours where client can have a tour of their favorite dream house by sitting at home and ability to watch multiple houses at one time virtually.
Clients have to sign up and then can scroll down the list of properties where in each option they will get a chance to look at pictures and videos of every corner of the property and also an option of augmented reality home view (similar as provided by google maps augmented reality street view).

QR Codes:
If the client sees our sign during their walk or drive, and they want to have a look at the property over there. Then they simply need to scan the QR code (available at the sign) into their phone after that they can tour the property from their phone. Moreover, they will get all the image and videos related to that property.

Personalized Mobile App:
Personalized app will certainly provide the most important features such as:
1) Easy to use
2) Advanced searches
3) Save to favorite option
4) Search based on map (easily search based on any location)
5) No extra cost
6) Notification option.

Market Reports:
The agent will get the bi-weekly market report about the new homes, homes on sales in their area, locations, and most importantly about the amount of that property.
Moreover, the report will also cover the matching clients to these properties from the current list of clients.

Automated email drip system:
We will set up a custom automated email drip campaign for each lead source. It will help to follow up each lead type effectively.
For example: Sending individual e-blasts to the target audience will increase the engagement.

IDX real estate websites:
It is a highly optimized website that captures leads through property search and landing page. Moreover, it helps to increase the conversion rate. IDX website is most valuable tool because of the following reasons:
1. Mobile optimized
2. Custom landing pages
3. Fully editable pages
4. High return rates
5. Easy to use
6. Fully responsive
7. Search engine friendly
8. Built-in blog.

This is the most important and latest feature in the real estate industry because this feature will help the agent to refresh their list of properties. Meanwhile, agents can provide this app to their clients and they can mention of it on their website.
For instance, Whenever any user of this app takes a photo of a house they will instantly find the information of that house, price, and interior photos also.

Property valuation Tool:
It is an interesting tool for the clients because they can check the worth of their home by submitting their address. And they will get the valuation report but only after they sign up. But if they do not sign up, the address will be saved. In other words, all these addresses will be sent to the agent in the reports. In conclusion, this tool is a worth for the agents.

Innovative Solutions that change digital estate services in Brampton
Digital Services

Why you should buy our services?
First, the marketing tactics and dedication of our team will make you buy our services. Our marketing is especially based on Social Media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
Secondly, the advertising will be innovative as the name of the agency. The advertising tactics will attract everyone in the target audience.
Moreover, we have most important tools that will definitely direct you towards success. On the other hand you can have a connection with large number of customers.

We will provide you best solutions for the upcoming problems in real estate industry that will help you further continue your career without any disruptions through our innovative solutions that change digital real estate services in Brampton.