Marketing for Indie Games in Mississauga

If in the past, online games were considered addictive and deserving to be condemned in society. In today’s era, that point of view has completely changed. From the elderly to the children, from all professions, ages, and genders love to play games. In many countries, the gaming industry is an important and profitable industry. Therefore, the need to bring many new games to the market increased much more than in previous years. A lot of people have chosen to work as a game creator as a primary profession. However, the difficulties they encounter are many because it is not easy to advertise a game. Moreover, in Canada, especially in the GTA region, there are not many companies specializing in marketing for indie games in Mississauga, Brampton. So, we understand the challenges of being a game creator.

The problems

The most common challenges faced by a small game company are the relationships with key players in making its game widely available. Because it is a small company with few members in the organization, the relationships around the supply are very limited. Besides, the demand in the market changes continuously over time and consumers tend to change new ones constantly. Therefore, a game creator needs to come up with a lot of new ideas to create new games to meet the needs of the market.

In addition, they also have to solve difficulties from within the business in operating the organization. An organization has a few members so there will be a lot of work that each member has to complete and monitoring the results of the work is also difficult. And one of the most important problems they have is their limited budget. Since it is a small organization, they need to calculate the budget carefully and clearly planned for each item. So spending a lot of money on advertising is a very difficult decision for businesses.
Attract gaming developer.

We understand

Understanding the difficulties facing a small game company, our company has special strategies to address all of them. Our agency is a digital marketing company for indie games in Mississauga and the surrounding areas. With many years of experience in the game industry, we have special strategies to bring your enthusiastic products to customers most effectively. When working with us, you do not need to worry about exchanging information about the strategy. We have an exclusive patented intelligent system that includes a cloud system for storing and retrieving data. The system will automatically send new notices to customers quickly to update important information. Above all, we focus on a strategy until it’s done to avoid a split of attention towards the campaign.

With years of industry experience, we have a strong relationship with the major players in the industry. This allows us to reach them easily and get a lot of incentives when purchasing their services. This will keep our customers connected to the industry quickly and with maximum efficiency. The most important thing to benefit our customers is the strategies we devise. Our AI system will analyze the collected data and send the appropriate campaigns to potential customers. These campaigns include email marketing, content-based marketing and advertising campaigns that enable players to interact directly and preview the game.

In conclusion

With all of our competitive advantages and the efficiency you get back, we won’t take any payouts if you’re not satisfied with our strategies and services. Our goal is to bring the highest profit to our customers. Besides, we have many different payment methods depending on your current financial situation. We are confident of being one of the best about marketing for indie games in Mississauga and the surrounding area.

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Experienced digital marketing help in Oakville Tips!

Experienced digital marketing help in Oakville

Are you looking for help making your next digital campaign? are you looking for Experienced digital marketing help in Oakville or the GTA? well, look no further as we here at Digital Devils have had plenty of experience.  we’re a small digital marketing company working from a small game on Steam to a major company. This means we know the ins and outs of a major campaign and all of the aspects involved.  We thought it would be fun to go through and look at some of the best and worst digital campaigns we’ve ever seen in gaming. After you read this article call our number, email us, message us on social media, or visit our site! we bring you guaranteed results and can provide past examples.

Experienced digital marketing agency for a Steam game in Brampton

Worst campaigns: brought to you by Experienced digital marketing help in Oakville professionals

1. Dead Space 2

Firstly, Dead Space 2’s advertising campaign was made during the early days of the internet. it’s still fair to say you expect better from the company with their digital campaign. It includes lude and inappropriate ads that continued to push its edgy image and various tactics including putting “gross-out” images. It cultivated in their Moms hate Dead Space 2 commercial. Here, their digital advertising company behind Dead Space 2 failed to realize this tactic wouldn’t work as their market research failed to help them realize that their core audience of 19-34 females wouldn’t be appreciative of this depiction of women. For those who fell in their perceived target of teenage boys most of their parents chose to boycott the game. Avoid this by getting Experienced digital marketing help in Oakville today!

What could they have done better? the thoughts of Experienced digital marketing help in Oakville professionals

They need to focus on their target audience, vary their promotional material more, and do more market research before releasing their major campaigns.

2. No Man’s Sky

Secondly, No Man’s Sky was made by a small company run by a young CEO which meant that they weren’t experienced and forgot the cardinal rule of advertising. That saying is “under promise and over deliver” What they did instead was focus on a viral campaign focused on promising big. By claiming they would have 4K graphics, an unlimited vast landscape, and over 400 hours of story doomed the game upon launch when they didn’t have a single of their promise made and refused to post on social media in order to make their game “feel mysterious”. While they did live up to these promises they never recovered, and the game is still considered a major failure. This is something small companies don’t think of and with a simple search such as “Experienced digital marketing help in Oakville,” you can avoid this next mistake on your next game.

What could they have done better? the thoughts of Experienced digital marketing help in Oakville professionals

They should have promised less and taken more time to work on their game which would’ve allowed them a longer lifetime value from their customers.

3. Xbox One
Thirdly, focusing now on failed console launches which is much more similar to that of say a small Steam game. What Xbox did here was turn against their hardcore niche audience of Xbox loyalists by boosting their prices and constantly battling with fans on their social media pages who complained about the price and lack of features and made a major selling point in their digital campaign as the fact that they were forcing the Kinect on their customers (rather than offering it separately) and focused too hard on targeting the masses rather than their core audience resulting in major losses and a major overhaul in company executives.

What could they have done better? the thoughts of Experienced digital marketing help in Oakville professionals

They should’ve separated their products and treated their customers better by focusing on keeping them happy.

4. Wii-U
Fourthly, Wii-U’s digital campaign was the polar opposite of the Wii. They didn’t hit their niche precisely and making the mystery of their console an addition to the hype. This hype failed as they sold the least amount since their original console. The mistakes made here were that the Wi-U didn’t define their audience effectively trying to reach everyone. They also didn’t properly define exactly what their console did with their advertising online. They focused on abstract marketing tactics never really working like previous Nintendo campaigns have. If you want to avoid missing your niche, simply search “Experienced digital marketing help in Oakville” and find tons of qualified candidates such as ourselves and reach the upper echelon of indie gaming.

What could they have done better?

They focused on innovation for so long that they failed to realize that they had a long-time core audience that stuck with them. They should’ve done more targeting and research to realize this.

5. PS3
Finally, Sony’s PS3 campaign is known among gaming fans as one of the all-time worst. If you feel like you could have a bad campaign and are looking for experienced digital marketing help in Oakville or the GTA Area come to us. causing them major losses with a campaign that focused on the high price, obscure Asian themed commercials, and a digital campaign during the beginning of social media where they tried using Facebook to market to their audience causing them to lack a real idea for their product and leaving customers bewildered on why they should pay so much for such a lackluster product.

What could they have done better?

They could’ve focused on making their Promos more friendly for audiences outside of Asia and focused on creating more content for their younger audience.

Best Campaigns: brought to you by Experienced digital marketing help in Oakville professionals

6. Halo 3
Our favorite campaign is Halo 3 was the Xbox 360’s first major entry for the franchise which meant Microsoft knew they had to get the digital campaign right as another bad campaign after the original for the 360 was lackluster at best as showcased earlier in our article. With this campaign, Microsoft and their digital marketing team complied a mix of online forums, social media, and effective/to the point influencer-based marketing to make a popular campaign that had them sell more copies of the game than Xbox had sold consoles for their first year with the 360

7. GTA V
In this section, we want to say how greatly Rockstar was able to use it posting a mysterious link to a GTA V webpage on their Twitter account with a few short trailers showing off the story mode keeping the gameplay a secret. They followed this up by having viral influencer posts and reviews that put the game over a billion in sales. The game created a great digital campaign that involves users sharing using the GTA V director’s mode. It’s one of many tools available on the online mode that allows them to consistently make digital marketing.

Experienced digital marketing help in Oakville Bonus Fact #1

We worked on this game!

8. Black Ops 2
Black Ops 2 is the biggest Call of Duty, Treyarch, and Activision game of all time. It’s a bonafide classic among casual and hardcore gamers. BO2 was able to reach these heights by creating fun and engaging live-action first-person comedy trailers. They followed players on zombie and multiplayer modes. By using major influencers such as reaction channels to watch and hype their trailers to gain their target teenaged demographic. They used a great digital marketing company giving them ideas such as creating prequel content including a short film. For any and all Experienced digital marketing help in Oakville.

Experienced digital marketing help in Oakville Bonus Fact #2

9. Wii Sports
Similarly, Nintendo excellently used celebrities such as Mike Tyson and Miguel Cabrera. Wii took advantage of these successful trends to create its own new niche.  They created the “healthy gamer” who only uses gaming for health-based reasons creating a great USP for their company going forward!

Experienced digital marketing help in Oakville Bonus Fact #3

We had done preliminary work in creating digital material for their social pages.

10. Angry Birds
In this section, we talk about Angry Birds, a legend of mobile releases. Angry Birds used simplicity, iconography, and easily memorable characters. This pushes their fun child’s game in a huge franchise all with digital marketing ONLY. Yes, this is why we think this is the greatest campaign of all time as this game has 1,000,000,000 downloads. Angry Birds used tweets and fun digital shorts on their YouTube page which gives the birds a character. They used the game of the week function they made their small game into the pioneer of digital marketing.

Examples in our content:

For those skeptics who still don’t believe in us, here’s proof we have experience and can help you today! here’re some of our examples of successful campaigns and how you can be the next member to join this list!

Example #1: Zingo Numbers Game Boom Campaign

ThinkFun Zingo, Board Games - Amazon Canada

Pictured here is Zingo, a creation of the company ThinkFun who needed help creating a digital small version of their game. We knew that in order to promote this game we needed to utilize a boom campaign where we do the following:

  1. Get in contact with mid-level influencers, streamers, and E-gamers such as XQC, Penguinz0, and ProZD who focus on family-friendly and board game-related content
  2. Give them an early launch version of the game to tactically play and comment about with further unique codes being given to their fans to give the game word of mouth credibility
  3. After a month of small teasers and further word of mouth promotion we release the game to see the company get an increase of 115% on their previous game release to mobile with a different company, a new pre-sale record of 12,500 more than their previous campaign, and a 62% increase in gamers under 18

Example #2: Viking Clan: Call of Vahalla and female gamers

Viking Clan: Call of Valhalla by KANO/APPS

Here’s an example of how we utilized both early access, cross-platform releasing, and promotion targeted towards the girl gamer to create a great indie campaign.

  1. Get in contact with large companies such as Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo to put the game in their stores
  2. Put the game in early access on console and exclusive Steam keys for E-sports players such as Scarlett, Mystic, and Lily Mau who’re well known female E-sports players
  3. Create female marketing ads that allow the company to get a large boost in sales from the unattained audience
  4. As a result of these tactics, this company saw a 55% increase in overall sales, a 65% increase in DLC sales, and a reported 58% female audience

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Multilingual Digital Marketing for Steam Game Developers near GTA

Looking to build a brand that is known for its engaging and entertaining games? Are you a small game developer who isn’t seeing much growth in sales? At PSB Digital, we offer multilingual digital marketing for Steam game developers near the GTA.

As a digital agency, we take pride in offering services that are accessible wherever you are. We have extensive experience creating digital campaigns that are designed to help game developers see massive growth in the popularity of their games. Below are some areas that we specialize in:

Multilingual Digital Marketing for Steam Game Developers near GTA

PSB Digital is made up of experienced professionals who come from a variety of different backgrounds. We have created several digital marketing campaigns in different languages, including English, French, Chinese, Spanish, Korean, etc. PSB Digital promotes games across several digital channels in a variety of languages to appeal to a greater audience. We optimize translations for each of our promotional tactics to allow brands to expand their reach and truly engage with gamers all over the world.

Multilingual Digital Marketing

Acquiring Sponsorships

In the past, we have been able to acquire major sponsors for our clients. These sponsors fund large-scale projects that will help your brand grow. Previously, we have organized several online and offline events to help gaming communities connect with each other with the help of sponsors. For example, funding obtained from sponsors can be directly used as a cash prize pool for online tournaments of the game being promoted. This is a proven method to increase awareness for the game as well as lead to direct and immediate sales.

Sponsorships are also a very effective way of reaching large influencers in the gaming industry. Our digital campaigns in the past have included collaborations with streamers such as Ninja, Pewdiepie, etc. who have led to a massive increase in sales. Using our connections with brands inside and outside of the gaming industry, we have been able to bring on global brands such as Pepsi, Disney, and EA to play a major role in our digital marketing campaigns.

Influencer promoting multilingual games wearing clothing featuring lots of sponsors

Developing Strategies to Implement DLCs

Our agency has extensive experience assisting in the development and promotion of DLCs (Downloadable Content) for game developers. Implementing DLCs into a digital campaign builds up excitement within the gaming community in anticipation of its release. In the past, the promotion of DLCs has led to a direct increase in sales of the game itself. Furthermore, these DLCs will also be promoted in several different languages. We take pride in the multilingual digital marketing services that we offer for Steam game developers near the GTA and strive to make our clients’ games available globally.

Additionally, we have previously introduced Steam keys for Steam game developers to help promote DLCs. These Steam keys offer exclusive in-game content that influencers are able to give to the community. This helps build engagement with the community.

Example of a character pass DLC as part of a multilingual digital marketing campaign

Fortunately, PSB Digital’s services don’t end here. Offering multilingual digital marketing for Steam game developers near GTA is only a fraction of what our agency can do for you. Head over to our social media sites to learn more about our agency’s offerings!
Any questions can be sent directly through e-mail here. Alternatively, you can visit our Instagram page.

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