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Award Winning Hydraulic Desk Made Perfect for Everyone!

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PSBDesk is the ultimate hydraulic desk that is ergonomic and customizable, proudly made in Toronto.

Benefits of Power Free Pneumatic Desks

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Award Winning Design

PSB Office’s PSBDesk is designed by the owner, Sara Smith. Her designs have won many awards and, as a result, garnered many raving reviews. The PSBDesk brings back the core values of function, quality, and ergonomics that company prides itself on.

  • PSBDesk is customizable with a plethora of finishes and materials.
  • PSBDesk comes with many options of cable management systems.
  • PSBDesk is made from sustainable materials that are extremely durable.
  • PSBDesk is renowned because of its ergonomic and sleek design.
  • PSBDesk has a state-of-the-art hydraulic suspension system.

Benefits of PSBDesk

Ease of Use

PSB Office’s PSBDesk is a pneumatic desk with a highly tuned hydraulic suspension. So, this makes adjusting the height of the desk effortless. An electric adjustable desk will be slower to adjust because the electric motor only goes a certain speed. In addition, electric desks are also more bulky and heavy due to their motors and power supply. Furthermore, electric desks have the burden of requiring to be plugged in to be able to adjust the height; a severe problem, should the power go out.

Ergonomics and Health

It is no surprise that people are more productive when they are comfortable and feeling great. Which is why a height adjustable desk is growing in popularity, because some people would rather work while standing or adjust the table to a comfortable height. In addition, studies show that people burn more fat while standing; than while sitting down.

Sleekness and Unique Customizations

PSBDesk offers unparalleled customizability from the amount of colours and finishes we offer. One of the most unique features of the PSBDesk is the cable management system. For example, in an office setting where monitors, computers, printers, etc. are all wired to each other and to the power outlet, things can look a little messy. So, that is why a cable management system can help organize all that clutter and make your workspace nice and tidy. Cable management comes in all varieties. Whether it be a box to store the cables, or a cable hook placed at the back; PSBDesk allows for multiple kinds of cable management systems that can be retrofitted into the desk whenever you want.

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Testimonials for PSBDesk

“PSBDesk is an excellent desk. I recommend it to anyone. The hydraulic suspension is faster than an electric desk and smoother than any other adjustable desks I previously used. It’s light and sturdy.”

Richard Hastings, VP, The Thinking COmpany

Learn More about PSBDesk with our White Paper

  • Discover the various finishes we offer on our desks.
  • More on all the different cable management systems.
  • The various sizes our desks come in.
  • Our environment-friendly approach to recycled wood.
  • Receive special incentives in our White Paper.
hydraulic desk customizable ergonomic
Photo from Unsplash - TheStandingDesk

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Ergonomic Office desk Toronto

Ergonomic Office desk, Toronto .

Working Long hours now made easier. As PSB Office Desks are crafted with ergonomic design and vast array of customization.

This will help you organize your desk to your preference. Energize your workstation and enhance productivity with PSB hydraulic suspended ergonomic office desk.

Ergonomic office desk
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 Working or sitting too long brings uncalled issues like

 -back pain

 – obesity

 – bad posture

 – cardiovascular diseases and what else ?

We understand the office ergonomics because of 10 year of expertise in field of office ergonomics. We bring solution via our desk for all rising issue because of sitting too long. 

Also Check the video to learn more about how sitting has become a new smoking as it makes workstation unhealthy!

How does ergonomics improve productivity?

Ergonomics creates a well-designed workspace that promotes good posture.  Decreases exertion and eliminates awkward postures. It also decreases repetitive motions and improve reaches and heights. 

It also decreases the need for high-force activities.

All of these considerations create more productive employees. 

They are able to work faster and more efficiently while having a more positive outlook. By practicing ergonomics employees tend to make fewer errors. This leads them to have higher levels of energy.

 Employees that can enjoy an ergonomic office feel a greater sense of satisfaction. This makes them more engaged and productive. 

This results in higher morale and a better corporate culture.


Product description

  • Manual desk with Table Top Size:1200-1800X650-850mm (47.2″-70.9″X25.6″-33.5″)
  • Detachable crank for saving space.
  • Hydraulic suspensions
  • Sleek design which blends into various modern interior designs.
  • Also Cable management space.
  • Adjustable height an width  chord.
  • Large width fits a variety of desktop shapes and sizes.
  • Choose your own desktop style including size, shape, material and color.
  • 4 adjustable feet level and adapt to most any floor surface.
  • Soft foam layer and mat which adapts to the contours of feet.
  • Ergo cushion relieving fatigue by 50%.


Benefits Sought

  1. Relief from poor posture, backpain, Joint pain and other fatigue – Keeping it ergonomic.  Raise and lower the desk as per the preference as it comes with hydraulic suspensions.

    Relax your arms and elbows as it comes with large surface area.

   Easily move from sitting to standing.

  Also helps to keep spine in proper shape as it can be adjusted to partially stand or sit position.

– puts spine in natural S curve shape allowing even distribution of pressure on lower body.

  Keeping upright posture and providing back support.

  Stretch easily from any position.


  1. Work Surface-   –        Monitor, keyboard tray and mouse can be placed as per the elbow movement and posture preference.

       Keep document holder, phone, and other accessories as well as it comes with large surface area.

       Holds capacity to carry load up to 200 pounds because of strong and good quality of materials used.

       Give your foot some rest as it comes with Ergonomic cushion .

–    Relive pain and fatigue.

       Cable management space.

  1. Price effective        Manual desk as par the same benefits and quality of electric desk Quotations available here.

  1. No Power     Unlike electric desks no power is used to operate the desk, a step to conserve energy and environment.

  1. Sleek and stylish design –  Select your own décor and size.

       Catalogue available for
ideas click –

       Modern Décor available.

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Facility Manager, James Frank - Feedback

“The website was easy to navigate and the product turned out to be very good. I trust the brand with quality and its finishing. 

I was dissatisfied with use of my earlier desk and then I got these manual desks. My back and employees thank me for the decision made. 

This manual desk is worth the price and overall the product is good fit for workstation”.

James frank, facility manager-TORONTO - it expertS


PSB Office is a family owned B2B office furniture company created in 1980 by Edward Smith. 

The company has deep roots in creating office furniture and accessories
that use
high quality materials and made in Canada. PSB Office desk made its name by being the first Canadian company to design and manufacture furniture that is Ergonomic. This was unheard of in the 1980’s. The expertise of quality and functionality are the core of the business.

With customized and sleek and stylish features energize your workstation with our manual desk. For further more information about the

       health benefits.

       product specification.

    customization catalogue.

– productivity enhancement in IT corporations and much more.

kindly click on the button below to begin your journey with us.

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PSB Office Ergonomic Desks

Have you ever imagined to adjust your workplace according to your needs?

Psb office Ergonomics desks
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Finally, the PSB's whitepaper will clear all your queries and gives you proper insight to ergonomic world

Canada’s first company PSB Office Ergonomic Desks is in the market. Above all they give you better work experiences keeping your health as a priority. Moreover, The new desks are compatible with your work to increase efficiency. At this time join with PSB Office and be the first one to avail the new feelings on the work.

The benefits of Ergonomic Desks

Undoubtedly including the ergonomic to the workplace has many benefits :-

  • Reduces the back pain as it can be adjusted according to your comfortable posture
  • Increases the working capacity 
  • Helps to reduce extra weight
  • Increases employee engagement
  • Improves mental insight
  • Eliminates Hazards

Detailed insight into PSB Office Ergonomic Desks

PSB Office Ergonomic Desks are designed with sustainable and indestructible materials. In addition they offer customizable facilities to its customers.

  1.  Ergonomics desks are available in three sizes (42”*30”, 48”*30”, 60”*30”).
  2. The desks are designed in 19 different wooden colours which give you a wider choice to design your office.
  3. Hydraulic suspension and sensor can adjust the height of the desks with the user’s height.
  4. The desks are available in two models- Manual and Automatic

Trusted by leading brands

PSB Office ergonomic desks
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PSB Office Ergonomic Desks
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PSB Office Ergonomic Desks

Bring the PSB  ergonomic desks to your workplace as soon as possible. As a result, make your work comfortable and enjoyable

Try the new styles,colours and feelings with PSB ergonomic desks to shape your work and life. Definitely you will feel the change in the life.

For more information about PSB Office Ergonomic Desks

Customer Reviews

Read More
“The PSBDesk has made it easier and more convenient for me and the employees of our company to work for hours at a stretch without straining our body. This has visibly increased the company’s efficiency. It is just astounding how a desk can help a company so much in increasing productivity. 2 thumbs up for PSBDesk and Sara!” VIRGIL ABLOH, PRESIDENT, JUMPMAN23 MARKETING
Read More
“We are so glad about our decision to install PSBDesk at our offices in Ontario. Our teams used to suffer from all kinds of posture-related issues due to long working hours sitting. It has only been 4 months and we have noticed our teams be more active and lively in the workplace.

Excellent office computer desk in Canada from PSB Office

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Do you want to know about the popular computer desks for office work? Welcome to “PSB Office”!

The new computer desk for office works in Canada is here. For the computer office work desk and for the professional’s study table is very important to be safe. PSB Office developed excellent office computer tables for work! DEVELOP a new partnership with a strong office furniture brand for using new computer desks today. Also, the brand introduces a new premier table – PSBDesk, that is built with hydraulic suspension. In addition, it INCREASES SAFETY standards at work and REDUCES COST.


PSBDesk is computer desk office works
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Something, that you need to know about the new computer desk for office work!

Consultants are ready to help everyone to learn more about computer office desks and the brand. In addition, experienced consultants aim to support customers in their decision about the right choice as well as help them gain new experiences with computer desks for office work. As well as introduce a new product – computer table PSBDesk for office work.

PSBDesk is a computer desk for office work, which can solve many problems in a business environment. Moreover, with high-end computer office desks, it will be easier to achieve any work goals.

Also, the PSB Office is focused on the benefits of ergonomics for employees in the workplace. In addition to this, the brand concentrates on the health benefits of computer office ergonomic desks.

Apart from this, the PSB Office computer desks are the only in the market that has the durability offered by virtually indestructible material. It is combined with the comfort and flexibility of hydraulic suspension. Furthermore, PSB Office focuses on workplace safety in the office.

Get your information today. Learn more about “Computer Workstation Ergonomics” now.


Dozens of research articles summarized the current state of the literature in this video. EXPLORE MORE

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computer desk office works

Our story is about a computer office desk for work.

PSB Office is a family-owned furniture company created in 1980 by Edward Smith. The head office is in downtown Toronto, Ontario. The company has deep roots in creating office furniture and accessories that use high-quality materials. For example, office and home desks. Further, all products are made in Canada. Additionally, the brand sells computer desks for office work to corporate offices all over the world.

Too, the brand is focused on the benefits of ergonomics for employees in the workplace. Mainly, a brand directed on the health benefits of ergonomic desks. 

Equally important, the unique points of PSBDesk:

1. First of all, use indestructible material. A computer office desk for work can last way longer than any other available in the market.

2. Second, hydraulic suspension and sensor. Can adjust the height of the office desk with respect to the user’s height.

3. Lastly, sustainability of computer PSBDesk.

4. The company has won many design awards for its new desk and has received rave reviews from users.

In addition to the above, all important information about the product is available on the website of the brand. Secondly, everyone can learn more about the service from  “Computer Workstation Ergonomics”. A link is provided at the end of this page.

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computer desk office works
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Then, Our Mission:PSB Office is pursuing to specialize in making the best healthy office desks in Canada to exceed customer expectations. As we have designed and manufactured work desks that are ergonomic for over 40 years. Then, we focus on preparing the best computer furniture for customers and making it universally accessible and healthy for any work environment.”

Equally, Our Vision: “Of course, in the next 5 years, PSB Office seeks to open new modern factors in Peel Region. Also, to improve fast delivery in the GTA. Equally, successful cooperation with business partners and loyal customers.”


Looking for a new computer desk alternative?

Then make the work environment safer and better with PSB Office.

Get “Computer Workstation Ergonomics” now

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