With the current pandemic going on and many people with plans on moving or interested in buying property during these times while staying safe there have been many precautions in the real estate industry. Some of these precautions that have been taken included wearing masks for viewings, sanitization of every surface that is being touched and strict schedules with long waits to view a house. These things make the process of buying a house not so smooth and makes the process stressful on the clients who are looking and especially on first time buyers who are young and are not sure how to navigate through this whole process.

Here at Innovative Solutions Agency we are starting a service where you will be able to have a tour of your dream house from the comfort of your own home or at one of our offices where it will allow you to have virtual tours of multiple houses and properties in a safe sanitary environment that will eliminate the travel times, sanitizations processes of these houses and finally give you a new way to explore these houses on your own time and save time.

How does it work?
Our team goes into these houses and gets photos of every part of the phone leaving no part untouched along with a video of places where home owners may want to see such as beneath cabinets, behind walls etc. Furthermore, pictures of high-risk areas that are usually problems will be highlighted and displayed for the clients with our recommendations. These options will allow our clients to access our house database on their own timing so there’s no need for the long wait times and scheduling weeks ahead just to see a house you may not purchase. Another feature we have with our agencies is if you are walking by or driving by and see our sign and there’s no agent on location and you still want to take a look in the house there will be a QR code you can scan on your phone and be able to take a tour of the home on mobile.

Our marketing will be based around social media especially Instagram, Google and YouTube where we can reach the audience that we are targeting and the ads will be innovative and more than just an ad you look at. Some examples of this would be polls, video ads that utilize the gyroscope in your phone that lets you look around the scenery in these interactive videos to give a sample of our technology. Google ads will be displayed on the sidebars with keywords such as VR in order to capture the attention of potential clients that are looking for an alternate way of viewing houses during these times.

Why you should be part of our team?
Innovative Solutions Agency is a startup young company that has a lot of young adults that are eager to make purchasing houses easier for everybody while offering a new experience while also being safe during these times. Our values are customer oriented and technology oriented.

Innovative Solutions Agency is looking for young real estate brokers that have an interest in technology and are heavily customer oriented.


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