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Hi there and WELCOME to PSB TRAVEL!! We are so happy that you found us and are ready to book your next adventure with us!!

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About Us

PSB Travel was founded by two PSB graduates, Jessie and Matt. They know that young people especially students have a lot of stresses when it comes to school and finances. They also realize that while students are young, they want to explore as much of the world as possible. So why not develop a travel agency that offers budget-friendly travel deals exclusively for Sheridan students. That is why we chose to offer exclusive BOGO perks just for Sheridan students and alumni!

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Why Us

If you are a current or a recently graduated Sheridan student, look no further. We offer exclusive travel related BOGO perks just for you! If you are an outgoing and adventurous person who likes to have fun and explore new places but, on a budget, well we have the right stuff for you! We specialize in buy one get one travel type deals. To learn more about us and what we have in store for you, keep scrolling down and you might just be surprised!

BOGO PERKSletters that spell out BOGO


What’s more fun than travelling and exploring the world with your closest friends from school. If you travel with 1 friend, the second person will get 50% off their travel package a PSB travel BOGO exclusive perk. This can also apply to even number of groups, such as groups of 4, 6, 8, 10 or more.



When travelling tag us using #PSBBOGOTRAVEL on your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages and earn DOUBLE the credits that can be redeemed for your next PSB travels.


You can tag us using #PSBTRAVEL on your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages and you will earn credits for future BOGO free excursions.

Peace of Mind Travel – BOGO BENEFITS

SAFETY PERKSshuttle bus showing a bogo perks

We have you covered every step of the way and with the exclusive BOGO perks, students get FREE travel insurance when they book their first trip with us!

RELIABILITY PERKStour guide leading a group of student tourists bogo perks

We hire local and reliable tour guides for your travel tours, so you can trust that you are getting the most authentic experience there is. Additionally, we also offer our customers dependable transportation to and from airports and excursion places. Limited time BOGO offer guide and transport.

EXCLUSIVITY PERKSSheridan College logo attributed to students and alumni bogo perks

We are ONE-OF-A-KIND travel agency that offers exclusive BOGO perks just for Sheridan students and alumni. We are the only local student-focused travel agency group that puts their customers first and knows how and why they want to travel. Our BOGO perks allow students to travel on a budget and that’s what makes us exclusive.


Sheridan students if you want a one day trip, a weekend getaway or a week’s long vacation we got what you’re looking for!! BOGO DEALS!!

Local DestinationsCN Tower sheridan bogo perks

  • GTA-based (one day excursions)
  • What we offer: visit local museums (AGO, ROM), take part in CN Tower’s EdgeWalk, explore Ripley’s Aquarium and MORE!!
  • Outside GTA (more than one day trips)
  • Types of Activities: explore one of Canada’s Provincial Parks that include camping, hiking, canoeing, sailing, OR book the ultimate Ottawa tour where you can explore the city by bike or get a cultural tour visiting historical sites and Parliament


International Destinations UK parliament sheridan bogo perks

  • Canada
  • We offer a wide range of trips from Western Canada to Eastern Canada
  • Types of activities offered are based on the province you choose to travel to
  • Overseas
  • You can book at least 3-day travel trips to any overseas destinations of your choosing
  • Whether you want a cultural, food or action-packed tour, we got it all booked for you


Why spend time worrying when you can spend time travelling!!

Take advantage of our BOGO Perks – Exclusive for Sheridan Students and Alumni!!

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Sheridan PSB WorldWide Experience

Welcome to
PSB Travel’s
Guide to the world!

Nice to meet you. We’re Jessie & Matt, and this is the Sheridan PSB WorldWide Experience.

Founding of the unique Sheridan PSB WorldWide Experience.

There’s no better way to connect with people than experiencing their lives when you travel. Hence, here is Sheridan PSB Worldwide Experience only for you… Besides, no matter what culture or country you’re from or wherever you choose to travel, the one thing you and I have in common is that discovery and exploration are a huge part of our lives.

In fact, PSB Travel is where people travel for intercultural spirit to learn about authentic local cultures worldwide (or at least from the destinations we’ve personally visited). In short, Sheridan PSB Travel is about doing something you’re passionate about and learning and growing in that passion. So along with stimulating and exhilarating travel recommendations, our goal is also to inspire you to get out of your comfort zone, set goals, and pursue what you’re most passionate about.

Above all, our goal at PSB is to build an exciting worldwide social experience for our customers, where we can share our experiences and whatever lessons we pick up along the way. So this blog is for the explorers out there — the newbies, the first-timers, the lost and confused, the shy and socially awkward, the navigationally challenged, and those who can’t afford to make costly mistakes.

What makes Sheridan PSB WorldWide Experience click
is that we are relatable.

A group of friends that travelled with PSB and enjoyed their interpersonal experience.

Like most people, we’re casual travelers, not hardcore backpackers. We’re vacation-goers, not long-term nomads. We enjoy solo adventures, but we also love sightseeing with friends and family, and we believe that’s at the heart of a great worldwide social experience.

Our primary audience is composed mainly of 18-35 yo. Full-time employees who wish to take a break from work. They are budget-conscious, yes, but they are willing to spend hard-earned money on experiences that are worth it.

We’re not in the business of promoting the cheapest ways to travel. But we are on a journey to find the many ways to travel smart, to establish a worldwide social experience.

PSB travel loves to travel, and we are always on the lookout for new places to visit in addition to that, our community has a good group of friends worldwide who share our passion, so come with us and we can plan your trips, holidays, staycations, whatever you like, together, and let’s create your personalized worldwide social experience. We also enjoy meeting people from different walks of life, cultures, religions, and backgrounds organize regular meetups in various cities worldwide where you can get to know each other better and enjoy some great food and drinks!

Things Sheridan PSB WorldWide Social Experience does that you’d like!

1: Experience choices, choices & more choices.

  • Thanks to our global experience and around the international network of so many years, our vast array of travel destinations include both domestic and international destinations. So you don’t have to compromise on your choices.
  • Explore fascinating places around the world while establishing social connections with like-minded people to create incredible memories. That’s what we believe at Sheridan PSB WorldWide Social Experience.

2: Your worldwide travel experience, our local support.

  • With Sheridan PSB WorldWide Social Experience handles everything in every aspect of travel. Just look at the image below for clarity!
  • Experience cultural diversity, participate in fun adventures and activities, try out new cuisines, etc. 

A pictogram depicting the PSB 5 step Worldwide Social Experience. Fro Booking flights, to car rentals to local guides to travel insurance to recreation activities.


3: 🎶 It’s raining cash, Hallelujah 🎶 (or something like that)


  • PSB Travel lets you choose from lucrative group tour deals with great financing options. So you can have as much choice without worrying about pinching your pockets.
  • So you can travel despite financial constraints. ¯\(ツ)/¯

4: I’ll be there for you (all around the world)


  • In the Sheridan PSB WorldWide Social Experience, we promise you no matter what weather, terrain, or condition you’re in which is why you’ll always have constant support from the PSB Team to overcome any challenges.
  • Connect with the PSB experience team anytime for navigating pre-travel anxiety or other issues such as query resolution, refunds, change in plans, etc. 

If you want some more convincing why you should book with us, check these out


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PSB Sheridan Travel Tours: For Students, by Students

PSB Travel Logo airplane around globe

Why should you book a group travel trip with PSB Travel?


We are Jessie and Matt, and we have created PSB Travel to combine our love of business, travel, and meeting new people! We wanted to offer affordable travel experiences to students. Specifically, we cater to those who are keen to see the world, but don’t want to travel alone and would love to meet new people. Our aim is to provide amazing worldwide tours for students at Sheridan College. Consequently, this allows busy students or recent grads to save time and avoid stress of travel planning.

Photo of the founders of PSB Travel, and the tour guides: a young blonde woman smiling outside and young black man with a yellow jacket and backpack

We are both Sheridan PSB graduates, and consequently met through school. We have both gathered diverse experience in the travel industry, through work and additionally our own travel experiences.  Jesse has worked for 5 years as a flight attendant with Porter Airlines. Meanwhile, Matt is an experienced traveller, and has travelled to more than 40 countries. We are both undoubtedly devoted to finding the best deals to curate a personalized travel experience for what students are actually looking for in a trip!


1.    We save you time  

We know how much goes into planning a trip. Besides the major activities like booking flights and accommodation, it’s important to have a general idea of what you want to do once you get there. Giving options on activities to do or places to eat are all things PSB Travel’s tours at Sheridan covers. All you need to do is decide what type of trip you want, and the destination of where you want to go from our list of amazing tours!

2.    We know the best places 

After many years of their own travel, PSB managers have found the best places to stay, eat and see so you don’t have to figure that out. Above all, we want you to make the most of your time. Making memories and having rewarding experiences that check all the items off your travel bucket list is certainly what our experiences are about! We are always happy to give personalized recommendations tailored specifically to your interests and needs.

3.    We are always here for support and to answer questions about our tours

All of our tour guides are very knowledgeable with lots of experience in the travel industry, and are happy to provide helpful tips, advice, or facts about where you are travelling!

4.    We help you travel without worry

Safety is paramount when travelling in an unfamiliar location, and staying with a group alleviates the worry of getting lost, scrambling to catch busses or trains and the increased stress you would faced if you were to travel alone. PSB Travel’s tour guides are there as a resource and friend throughout the whole experience, so all you have to do is relax and enjoy your trip!

5.    We save you money on your next vacation

Travelling with a group allows discounted rates that wouldn’t be available when travelling alone. PSB Travel is able to provide competitive rates of transportation and accommodation to make the overall trip much cheaper than if you were to travel without us.

6.    We make sure you have fun throughout the entire tour experience

PSB Travel agents know the best experiences, activities, shops, restaurants and/or bars in each city along their tours. We are sure to provide different options for different abilities and interests to keep everyone satisfied. Our tour guides also love to tell stories or play games during bus rides to the next locations and make the overall experience more enjoyable.


PSB Travel tours are made for Sheridan students with ranging levels of athletic abilities and interests. We bring together like-minded explorers and adventure-seekers, as well as those who want to experience a rich culture, social and party scene. Unlike what many would assume traditional tours are like with boring facts and busy locations, this is not us! We altogether provide worldwide social experiences, which you can learn more about here.

Graphic representing four types of trips PSB Travel offers through Sheridan. Ski or snowboard trip with image of people skiing on a mountain, backpacking with a man with a packpack in the desert, sightseeing with a girl taking a photo of the Eiffel Tower, and adventure with people kayaking.

Our trips are specifically meant for students, thus we have an age limit on our trips of aged 18-30. Our trips include food, accommodation, and fun travel experiences. In addition, they provide you with free time afterwards to explore on your own, shop, and eat out. We offer four main types of trips which include skiing and snowboarding, backpacking, sightseeing, and adventure. This allows you to accordingly choose the type of tour you are most interested in, tailored to your travel wants and needs.


Our PSB Sheridan Travel tours are all carefully planned. All destinations are places our tour guides specifically have been to and have gotten to know well. We keep our trips interesting and offer multiple ideas and activities to do in each location.

PSB Travel’s grand opening give-away contest

With the grand opening of PSB Travel, we are excited to be giving away a free 6-day trip to the Rockies, valued at $1600. On this trip, you get to explore the best of western Canada in Alberta and British Columbia. There will be stops in Banff, Jasper, Whistler and Vancouver. During the trip, accommodation will be hostels in each city with breakfast provided daily. You will therefore have the freedom to explore local spots for lunch and dinner. To learn more about our company, and see details about our upcoming contest, follow our Instagram!


Snapshot showing highlights of PSB Travel's Canadian West Coast Tour: Top left image shows Capilano Suspension Bridge, Top right shows the city of Vancouver with mountains in the background, bottom left shows Lake Louise with mountains and a clear blue lake, and bottom right show Whistler Zipline with someone ziplining through the mountains.

Day 1: Vancouver

Day 2: Vancouver

Day 3: Whistler

Day 4: Whistler and Jasper

  • Relaxing on beaches and hiking on local trails
  • Drive to Jasper, Alberta

Day 5: Jasper

Day 6: Banff

  • Explore or take a canoe ride on the azure waters of Lake Louise
  • Helicopter ride/ horseback riding

Contact us for more information about our trips, or to book an appointment at one of our locations at Sheridan HMC or Davis campuses!