Indoor Beach Gym: Relieve Stress with Summer Activities!

Indoor Beach Gym

Welcome to PSB’s Indoor Beach and Fitness Gym!

Relieve Stress with Indoor Beach Summer Activities

 Indoor Beach and Fitness Gym Summer Activities to Relieve Stress

Welcome to PSB Mississauga: Indoor Beach and Fitness Gym that provides Summer Activities to Relieve Stress! Our goal is to promote a friendly environment filled with fun activities and socialization to help ease your way into studies and enjoy some time for yourself.


At PSB fitness, the “Fun in the Sun” never ends! Mississauga’s Indoor Beach and Fitness Gym filled with summer activities to relieve stress! We promote a happy environment surrounded by physical and mental well-being for all. Come in, summer is just around the corner!


Where are we?

PSB FITNESS is an indoor beach and fitness gym for college students in Mississauga Ontario. We are close to Sheridan College HMC campus to help students juggle the college-personal life and have access to the gym easily and avoid extra transportation costs. Students are able to attend gym classes after classes, exams, or even just socializing with others when needed.

What is our goal?

The theme “Fun in the Sun” provokes a sensation for students to enjoy summer all-year-long and inspires students to stay active even during the cold winters. The goal for PSB’s indoor fitness gym is to help students socialize and build connections with others by joining fitness classes, summer activities, and enjoying the warm atmosphere with some cooling drinks and snacks that are healthy and promote a healthy lifestyle.

What are we and what do we do?

 Indoor Beach and Fitness Gym Summer Activities to Relieve Stress          Indoor Beach and Fitness Gym Summer Activities to Relieve Stress

Students love our indoor beach gym! Our gym gives students a slice-of-life when looking for an outdoor beach experience. The gym also offers group activities that are enjoyable in the summer, such as volleyball, beach ball,  tanning, and more. We also help students establish their fitness goals and inspires fitness activities and sand workouts. Students can socialize in a friendly environment by meeting new students and enjoying healthy snacks and cold drinks, such as lemonade, protein shakes, and flavoured ice cones to help students have energy during or post workout!

 Indoor Beach and Fitness Gym Summer Activities to Relieve Stress

             Live Stress Free; have a lemonade!         


Want to look good for graduation day?

Our gym’s personal trainers are there to support your fitness goals and help you achieve them. These trainers are professionals who offer advice and plans for students who are limited on time. These students can ask for advice from a trainer and set goals that meet their needs and requirements. The following article provides you with tricks to living a healthy lifestyle and methods to reduce stress:


Membership Pricing:

The gym is made for students who work part-time or have no income. As a result, our gym is  targeted as a low-priced gym membership to help students keep their active lifestyle and enjoy the outdoors when needed. The gym aims to help students de-stress and focuses on mental health, therefore, the membership are affordable for students and can provides students the opportunity to become part of an active community that helps them collaborate with others.

The membership price is $15 per month and can be included in tuition with (Opting In) during enrolment. After graduation, students can keep their memberships as long as they were graduates from Sheridan at the discounted price of $20 per month.

We also offer loyalty programs that help promote our diverse community and provides students with exclusives, such as free months, discounts, and win a week for a friend! The program works as follows:

  1. Students scan their cards upon their visit 1 visit=10 points
  2. Once students reach 10000 points, they are able to win an exclusive reward as mentioned above.
  3. Students can redeem these points by signing into our website.

Students who are unsure about our gym can also have free trials by signing up for the first time and will win a week free trial as a “Welcome” gift.


Convinced Yet?

Our Mississauga Indoor Beach and Fitness Gym provides Summer Activities to Relieve Stress; therefore, students can collaborate with others through fitness classes, summer activities, and snacking!

Socializing with others

What are you waiting for?

Begin your journey with us and enjoy long-lasting days of your favourite season.


Summer is Always Around the Corner






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